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Chapter 2

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Marvel owns the mutated world while the Stargate reality (can't use universe) is owned by MGM. Too bad for me I don't own stock in either of those so I can't claim ownership.


Alarms began ringing as the incoming Dart fighters were located on the sensors finally. The Colonel was taking the various reports from the command central. "Sir they're coming in hot and fast, we won't be able to launch fighters in time." A soldier informed them. "Dr. Mckay was right, the sensors were blind till they're practically on top of us."

"Don't launch the ships then," the colonel ordered

Banshee nodded his head in agreement as he activated his radio. "Acolytes, stand down lads, we won't be using ye just yet, they got to close to us this time around. Switch to yer secondary positions." The colonel looked like he wanted to object, but kept his mouth shut as he oversaw the human defenses with Banshee acting for the mutants.

Soldiers took their positions in preparation for defense of the mighty Ancient city. Scattered amongst the marines were the mutants who were preparing for the upcoming fight. "Here they come!" someone shouted as the flares were fired, and men could see and hear the incoming fighter craft. That was all that any of them needed as the sky above them erupted into a war zone, as explosions ripped through the small fighters. Alongside of the visible rounds from the rail guns red, green, and yellow beams of energy lanced out from the base and began finding their marks.

"Sir, the darts are starting to perform kamikaze run!" A voice echoed crackled over the radios. A moment later there was a shuddering that was felt throughout the base and the main lights went out.

"What happened?" Weir demanded.

"Primary systems are down," one of the techs answered.

The trio of Weir, Banshee, and the colonel soon found themselves outside watching the beautiful yet deadly night time battle scene.

The grounded Acolytes had formed a loose circle around the primary tower and were releasing their own attacks. Banshee watched proudly, as his daughter sent a sonic scream that tore through one of the incoming darts.

The colonel nodded as he watched his defenses along with mutant powers hold the incoming forces off. He saw a giant fire dragon chasing a whole group of fighters shooting jets of flames at them. As much as he hated to admit it, the mutants were being extremely helpful in helping to hold off the invaders.

Magneto turned away from what he had been doing, and was now doing his best to watch the incoming craft and catch them before they managed to slam into anymore key areas. The odd craft were very interesting as they were organic yet had hides that were like steel. The closest that he had ever found to these things was the transformed organic steel hide of the mutant Colossus. Even so the it required a bit more concentration to grab onto the incoming Darts. Normally he could have held twenty or thirty of the craft if they had been made of metal, but because of their odd composition he was having to work harder. As the darts neared the central tower, he grabbed them in an invisible hand and crushed them. This defense allowed many of the other shooters to turn away from defending the central command area and focus on the other fighters that were flying high overhead. Even with this though they were still seeing a number of the craft slip through their net. Without any shields they were unable to keep the city completely safe from the incoming ships.

"One of our guns has gone dark," the colonel noted tapping his head piece. "Farrell," the Colonel called out, "report." The colonel frowned at a lack of answer. "We need people there now." He ordered.

"Colonel this is Ford, I'm near their position and on my way." The voice of the young LT crackled over the radio.

"Rogue, get me and Kitty over there now!" Wolverine ordered the girl with a streak in his hair. The girl nodded as she wrapped one arm around a girl's waist and caught his outstretched arm in her other arm and lifted off.

"Not without me Runt," the large blonde man known as Sabertooth said as leaped off the balcony and grabbed onto Wolverine's leg as they were moving. The young woman bobbed for a moment before shooting forward towards the gun nest.

Ford arrived at the same time as the group of mutants did and he watched as the two men each took up positions to begin reloading the rail gun while the small girl in blue slid into the seat of the gun. Not seeing much choice he moved off to the side and began firing on the various darts flying around with his rifle.

The trio of leaders nodded as they saw the gun emplacement began firing again. They then watched as incoming craft began making another kamikaze run. Banshee pushed the colonel and Weir to the side as he opened his mouth and let loose with an ear piercing wail possibly even more powerful than his daughter's that shattered the two incoming craft. Magneto raised his hand and the bit of metal that would have gone through him froze and shot back into the air taking down four more darts. After that they saw the Ancient defenses finally come online and the drones began helping them rip through the darts. A few moments later the remaining darts turned and fled.

"Iceman, do what ye can about those fires around the city." Banshee ordered. "I'll send someone to fly ye to the more obvious ones. Pyro, de same for ye lad, the two of ya should be abe to deal with this."

"Yes sir," two voices responded.

"Should I not be helping in this as well?" A tall black woman questioned.

"No Storm, I want tah hold ye back for now, ye'll be one of our backups if things get to bad. If they know that we can control the weather though, they may try and anticipate what we do next."

"A most sensible plan." Magneto said, while the colonel grudgingly nodded his head in agreement.

"Alright, let's get a damage report and start from there." The colonel said, turning away from the others. They gathered as they listened to reports and began planning for the next attack. When Major Sheppard suggested taking the Hive ships themselves out they all turned to Rodney, Zelenka, and Beast for a possible method of hurting the large Wraith command ships.

"If they cannot come up with any suitable plans I can magnetically launch a ship and leave the ship and head back down to the planet." Magneto informed them.

"And just what are you going to do for oxygen?" McKay snarked as he watched the man casually speak of doing things he would never get the chance to. "Unless you're telling me that your abilities allow you to continue to breathe without those sorts of things?"

Considering the man had just chewed the colonel out in an even snarkier voice over the fact that it was always the scientist that had to save the day. Despite what the army liked to believe.

The mutant merely smirked in return at the man. "I intend to use my ability to manipulate magnetic fields to seal enough oxygen into a bubble and go back down to Earth." He explained to the man. "Unless of course, you could think of a better way that is?" He challenged McKay.

"Fine, so if we can't come up with a safe way to control a jumper we have the living magnet man that can." Rodney snapped tiredly.

When the Major suggested the location of a Nuke the various mutants frowned. "How much damage do you think that we could do as opposed to a nuke?" Cyclops questioned.

"Nowhere near as quickly or as efficiently as any type of warhead is likely too." Magneto admitted to the group. "None of us has the right type of destructive power to do that if need be."

"Then the Genai may be our only option for a quick destructive option." John told the assembled Atlantis defenders. "They wanted to test their weapon, this will give them the chance."

They were interrupted from their planning as Teyla was trying to force her way past the guards. Magneto flicked his hands and each of the men was jerked away from the dark skinned Athosian beauty.

"What's the matter?" Weir questioned the village leader.

"The Wraith, they are in Atlantis." The woman explained.

"Good, it will give Sabertooth and Wolverine something to do without trying to kill each other." Magneto said. "Mystique, send your X-Factor out for a walk."

The blue woman nodded toward her leader. "You heard him, you two have fun." The woman said, not even bothering to turn and face the pair. The two feral mutants that had somehow been hidden in the corners nodded their heads in acceptance. "The dogs are loosed." The woman said with a smile.

The pair leaped from the balcony and landed on the floor of the gateroom before Teyla. "Which way Frail?" Sabertooth questioned her.

"I do not know I only know that they are in the city." The woman explained.

"We'll head for the lower levels where we can do the most damage." Wolverine said as the two mutants rushed out of the doors. Everyone watched the men as they disappeared.

"Prepare the rest of our forces to find them, we don't have time to wait on those two to do their thing." The Colonel told the others. "There are possibly thirty of those things out there, and I don't want any of them left by the time of the next attack."

"Careful what you say Colonel, one of them is the ultimate animal, and the other is the best at what he does." Mystique informed the human with a deadly and knowing smirk. "Despite there being only two of them, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they were able to find and kill more of them than anyone else. There's a reason the government made them into the ultimate killing machines that they are."

Everyone nodded as they began to split up into hunting groups. Magneto remained behind to watch the communications along with Weir and a few others. When the message from the Genai came and Weir offered her services he quickly broke in before the colonel could agree.

"Colonel, I know that you are desperate at the moment, but sacrificing your top ambassador is not the way to get weaponry." He chided the human. "If these Genai are as good at holding a grudge as it is believed, then sending Weir is a bad move. Particularly, since she neglected to tell you that said person has to go unarmed."

"What?" The colonel growled angrily. "That would have been nice to know beforehand doctor."

"Face it colonel you need someone to deliver the message and deal, and you want it done from a position of strength."

"We don't have any strength though." Weir argued with the two men.

"That's where you're wrong Dr. Weir. Magneto, I know you're a silver tongued devil that knows how to flex your muscles when you need to. Can you get the job done?"

"Consider the weapons already in our hands Colonel." The mutant returned, before cutting the communicator off. The man then turned to face the Expedition leader. "I will not risk you while there is a chance that you can save Charles, Dr. Weir." The man informed her tightly. "If I were to let you go, there's a chance that you might not make it back and retrieve him. That is not an option that I can consider or chance."

"Very well, but please try and talk it out before you threaten them." Weir said.

"I shall endeavor to try yours and Charles methods first, but I will not hesitate if they decide to draw their weapons on me." The mutant lifted himself off the balcony and headed towards the gate. "Dial it," he ordered the technicians. After a nod from Weir the gate started spinning to the Genai base that they knew of.

Magneto walked through the stargate and came out to see a pair of soldiers with guns pointed at him. He allowed the humans to bind him and blindfold him as they then quickly moved underground. The Master of Magnetism smirked as he sensed all the metal around him. It seemed that the bunkers that protected these humans from their Wraith enemies made them extremely easy to battle. He wondered how long it would take him to clear the place of the flatscans and allow mutants to move in. it was a tempting idea and one he might use later on. The X-Men would be against it though, so he would at the least need a secondary place to house people. At least until he came up with a decent excuse that is. If he was lucky, maybe the Genai would try and destroy the mutants giving him the excuse he needed to destroy them.

The mutant leader was brought out of his thoughts as the man that was the mouthpiece finally began to speak. "I don't know you, nor do you wear the traditional uniforms from Atlantis. How do we know that you're really from Atlantis?" The man demanded of him.

"I assure you that I am indeed from Atlantis," Magneto returned, "and I must ask that you not insinuate that I might not be telling the truth about where I am from again."

"You seem to be under the impression that you are the one in control of the situation here." The figure said arrogantly. "You are in no condition to be making demands of the Genai."

"We are trying to make a deal for weapons," Magneto returned as he tried to reign in his temper. "In exchange for your prototypes, we deliver C4 to you so that you can continue as you are. Along with that you get the chance to know how effective your weapons are without the threat of the Wraith becoming aware of you and your levels of technology. If you ignore this chance then you are a fool."

"For someone that wants something from us you're not exactly working on being polite are you?" The man shot at him.

"I have been more than patient, but the time for patience for fools is now over. You either get something for this or you cannot, but make up your mind I have other things to do than to sit around here and listen while you try and make yourselves feel better after getting humiliated the last few times that our people met." Magneto returned to him. "So either give the answer to this, or I shall leave as I have no time for these games that you are playing to make yourselves feel better."

"I don't know why your so confidant," the man said and Magneto heard the familiar click of a type of gun. He shook his head at that. With a twitch of his finger the steel chair he had been pushed into had sliced his bonds away. The man that held a gun on him was staring at him shock as he calmly stood up.

"Now then, are you ready to be reasonable?" The Master of Magnetism questioned as if talking to a naughty child. He held his hand up and the gun that was pointed at him was thrust into the air and began twirling around as it slowly came apart. Magneto snorted as he finished disassembling the weapon. "Shoddy workmanship," he informed the man as he let the pieces clatter to the ground. "Now then, are we trading for those weapons or am I going to have to simply take them?"

"Soldiers get in here!" The man barked.

Several soldiers rushed in at that. Magneto cocked a condensing eyebrow at the man. "Do you really think that they're going to help?" He questioned the man as he noted they trained their guns on him. With a wave of his hand the steel floor beneath the men's feet shot upward and wrapped the men up in metal wire. "I have had a rather bad month, what with going through a Stargate and being thrust into a war that I had nothing to do with. My patience in dealing with petty power hungry fools is at an all-time low right now." As he spoke the various weapons flew from the hands of the soldiers and remolded themselves into a statue of a bald headed man sitting in a chair with wheels.

"Now then, do we get you help willingly or not?" The mutant questioned as the statue shifted and turned into a variety of deadly blades that were now aimed at the commanding officer.

The man glared at the Atlantis representative as he turned a political victory into a farce. "What are you?" He questioned in a mixture of fear and awe at what he had seen the man do.

"That is really none of your concern," Magneto returned to the Genai officer. "Now, do we have a deal or do I need to find someone else who has the intelligence to make a good deal?" The blades shifted again this time into several thin circular saws that were spinning around dangerously near the officer.

"Very well, we will trade." The man finally agreed in defeat.

"Splendid," Magneto said as the blades fell to the ground and the metal encasing the men seemed to melt off of his prisoners. "Shall we go and find them then, or would you like another showing of my power?"

"They are being prepared for transportation even as we speak." The man spat at the mutant.

"That is good news I shall inform Atlantis while you are dealing with that." The mutant said.

"Do you require a guide?" The man questioned nervously.

"Only if he can keep up with me." Magneto returned, as he left the room already retracing his steps. He had been able to follow the path so easily thanks to the metal plating. The guide struggled to keep up with the armored figure with a billowing cape.

The Genai commander fumed as he watched the figure disappear he would make sure that the other members of the Council knew all about this unknown power that the man from Atlantis had used. They would find a way to counter this insult and attack and make them rue the day that they challenged them. No one made the Genai look like fools and got away with it. This man would rue the day that he had opposed the power of the Genai.
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