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Chapter 3

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Marvel owns the mutated world while the Stargate reality (can't use universe) is owned by MGM. Too bad for me I don't own stock in either of those so I can't claim ownership.


Dr. Weir sighed in relief as she saw the gate open and Magneto step through behind him came two cases with the required bombs. "Do tell Dr. McKay and his team that I come bringing gifts." The mutant said cheerfully, as soldiers rushed forward with carts so that they could get going.

Weir smiled at Magneto. "I suppose congratulations are in order, I honestly thought that it would take much longer than that to get them to work together with us." She admitted to him.

"I can be most persuasive when I have to be." Magneto returned to the woman with a small knowing smile as he walked with her. "Has there been any change in our situation?"

"I'm afraid not, the Wraith are still wandering around the base and we still have yet to see any sign of the help that we were promised."

"I surely hope it comes before we are all conveniently killed." Magneto returned. "Charles did not give up his freedom just so that we could end up being killed fighting in another galaxy far, far away." He mocked. "No matter what the politicians of Earth thought when they first came up with this little plan of theirs to do away with people that they didn't want to deal with. Perhaps you should ask yourself if this is Atlantis or Australia."

"I'll see what I can do to keep us all alive," Weir promised him. "If worse comes to worse I will order the evacuation though."

"I suppose that it is the best that we can get all things considered," Magneto said as he was led outside. He nodded to the various mutants that were absorbing solar energy so that they would be at full power when the next attack came. "How goes the interior hunt?"

"Your two hunters are keeping the Wraith on their toes. It seems that they're at least partially immune to some of their mental distractions as well." An impressed John Sheppard commented from nearby.

Magneto nodded his thanks to the soldier. "Probably all of the mental conditioning and brainwashing that they went through makes it somewhat harder to enter their minds." He theorized.

"Brainwashing?" A horrified Weir questioned him.

"Yes brainwashing," Magneto agreed. "I cannot be positive, but I am fairly sure that the two of them at the very least fought in both World Wars and possibly a few other wars before then as well. No one knows their true ages, not even them those that learned of their unique skills and abilities turned them into powerful weapons and killers. Did you think that the metal in Wolverine's body was natural?"

"When you have a man that can turn into metal I wasn't sure." Weir admitted, "but the way you're talking, the government did that to him."

"It is his story to tell, little of it that he knows." Magneto said shaking his head in sorrow over what had happened to the mutant. He may hate him as an enemy, but he was sorry to hear of all that had happened to him. He at least remembered all those that he had lost, Logan didn't have that luxury though.

"I don't suppose that you'd be willing to tell me just how it is that you all came to be here?" Weir said as they walked. "If your such a threat then how did they manage to capture you?"

Magneto turned to look at her humorlessly. "Simple my dear they hit us with a time honored manner in battle."

"And this was?" Weir asked with interest.

"Betrayal", Magneto returned to her. "They held Xavier and convinced the leaders of the X-Men that they would release him after all of the fighting was done."

"And they managed to beat you and then took them out while you were all tired." Weir said in understanding.

"Yes, Wolverine almost didn't join in on the fight, but because his 'children' were going to help he set aside his distrust of the whole situation and joined them in captivity. The man can be extremely obtuse at times, but his loyalty is not something that I will ever question." The mutant said with a hint of admiration.

"I just don't understand how they thought sending you here was the right thing to do. I thought for sure that there would have been people that would have stopped it on Earth."

"Many tried to stop our forced deportation, particularly at the SGC. Dr. Daniel Jackson and General O'Neill were both extremely vocal about their disagreement with the policey. I must admit to be somewhat surprised when several of the older and more experienced soldiers all seemed to know Logan. Some seemed to fear him while others respected him as a soldier it was interesting to see. I fear that they will transfer the General soon though so that they will not have to worry about his interference in their new deportation policy."

"How did they manage this though? I mean Atlantis is covered under several different countries."

"All of which voted to deport their mutants to this far away land where no one was likely to ever hear from them again." Magneto returned. "We are an unwanted people for the most part just as the Japanese were like the Blacks and the Hispanics. As the new minority we are now the new threats against what a normal person is"

"Its still wrong, and I will do my best to get you your rights returned. Atlantis is supposed to be voluntary." The indignant Expedition leader explained to the mutant leader.

"So it was, and now it has own indentured servants for the new world." Magneto said sadly, "and the skill that most of us have is our ability to fight and survive. Skill that we all have or we'd have all died long ago. That skill is now being used to buy us a place in the New Galaxy."

Weir grimaced as she listened to the mutant because deep down a part of her couldn't help but agree with the way that he saw their homeworld. There was also a part of her now wishing that the ZPM had never been found.


Wolverine smirked as he dropped off of a banister exchanging blows with the Wraith that he had tackled. His claws sliced through the chest ripping several pieces of the alien apart. He then planted his foot into the gut and pushed watching as the Wraith was given a bit more momentum as he slammed into the ground. He chuckled a bit as he heard what sounded like the spinal column breaking from the landing.

"Not bad Runt," Sabertooth said as dropped another Wraith with a slashed throat to the ground. A group of soldiers looked nervously at the pair that had so causally dispensed death to the invading force.

"So, are there any more?" Wolverine asked into the radio as he struck a match then lit the cigar he had.

"There shouldn't be, but I would recommend that we continue patrolling." Sheppard said over the radios.

The others nodded their agreement. Sabertooth rolled his eyes at the order. "I'll be in the mess hall if anyone needs me, hopefully Blob hasn't decided to eat everything yet." Wolverine chuckled at this and several people had to nod their heads in agreement as they considered the large mutant that had taken to patrolling the larger hallways.


The leaders were all tiredly watching over the various people that were supposed to be leaving when the report came in about the incoming force of attackers. "I believe that is the cue for myself and the Acolytes." Magneto said, as he gave a regal bow towards the group. "Stay safe Dr. Weir, you and I have much to do afterwards for mutants rights."

"I'll do my best," the woman assured the man. As the various mutants lifted off in their own unique ways the expedition leader was impressed at the numerous methods of flight that these people seemed to have. "We need to hurry, at best they'll only buy us a few minutes before they are forced back toward us."

"Yer right lass, but there ain't much we can do other than take our positions and wait for em." Banshee reminded her patiently. "If'n we'd been allowed to bring Forge along we'd a probably ad energy weapons to fire at dem by now though."

"Who is this Forge?"

"Another mutant with the ability to build jest bout anything. The government wouldn't allow im tah go wit us though because oh his potential." Banshee explained as he watched the sensors that indicated Magneto and his team disappear as they went out of range. The bombs from earlier were still playing havoc with their sensors he noted.

"Remember my friends that this is a day that mutants show their worth against the enemy." Magneto told the assembled mutants of his air force. "Our duty here is to do our best to slow them down and then retreat when we can no longer do so. Cannonball you shall lead our attack force in this battle. You are the hardest for them to hit and are likely to cause the most damage as you fly through their ranks. The rest of us shall do our part as well."

"Yes sir," Sam Guthrie the teen better known as Cannonball said as he looked at the incoming Darts as he stood on a magnetic platform. The boy was tall and blonde with hard muscles from working the mines near his home and fighting for mutant rights. Taking a deep breath the boy ran off the platform and activated his powers and he shot forward while a near unbreakable force field. The others waited a moment before spreading out and tailing after him the various mutant felt deep within them as they prepared to attack those with no long range attacks looked down the barrels of the weapons that they were carrying. They waited a moment and then saw several explosions as Cannonball ripped through three different Darts.

"He is through, fire." Magneto commanded as he began ripping various craft apart with his mind as bits and pieces of metal ripped from their crafts and sliced through other craft.

The attack force was caught off guard as their attack was being slowed down by various attacks by enemy that shouldn't even be up there. Angel smirked as he aimed the rifle he had been loaned toward the force and began firing it at the craft. The bullets were explosive rounds and each shot seemed to punch a small hole into the sides of the craft. The winged mutant smiled as his shots actually managed to send a couple of ships to spiral out of control. With his eyes he was easily one of the best snipers that the Earth had ever seen.

Sunfire, Thunderbird, and Sunspot worked together to create several attacks one with raw solar energy, another with superheated plasma, while the other used fire. The combined assaults managed to blow small holes in the incoming lines as the darts roared past them.

Rogue had fired from two missile launchers that she had borrowed for the attack and then thrown each of the weapons through an approaching dart. She had then homed in on one of the craft grabbed it and had thrown it back toward the incoming fleet. The young woman wiped sweat out of her face as she saw the numerous fighters still coming. There seemed to be no end to the forces being sent against them, despite the ambush that they had thrown at them.

Sauron screamed as he landed on the front of one dart and smashed his fist through the cockpit canopy. "So you like to drain life force do you? Let me show you how it's done." The large creature hissed down at the startled Wraith pilot. He then reached down and yanked the pilot out of its seat and began draining him of his energy. The dinosaur shaped creature then dropped the lifeless figure back into its seat before flying towards another dart to repeat its feeding process.

Polaris and Magneto flew alongside of each other and ripped through the various fighter lines crushing several darts at once despite what they were doing though they were all being slowly pushed back.

"Magneto ya need to head back," Banshee's voice said to to the Master of Magnetism over the radio. "If ye don't, then yer going to be over run, and they're going to start shooting back pretty soon. Ye bought the techs an extra hour or so as it is. If ye get back here now, we can reinforce the protections on the city giving an extra layer of protection." Magneto paused as he watched Siryen slip behind a group of Darts, and screamed destroying the engines of three more fighters. While they were struggling to regain control Rogue grabbed a fighter in either hand and tossed them at more fighters. "Once they decide to start shooting back at us this entire thing could blow up in our faces." The other mutant reminded the group leader as Mimic shot past him firing ice spikes and shooting optic blasts toward the Darts. Better ta pull out while yer ahead. Sides our spotters say that there's another wave coming in soon."

"Very well," Magneto touched the communicator he wore. "Acolytes, fall back and regroup at the city. We've managed to stop this wave, we won't have surprise on our side if we stay out here though." The various flyers arced away from the remaining fighters and headed back towards the city to set up another defensive line.

"Magneto ah can do more damage above the city than I can inside it." Cannonball said. "Besides with my force field I'm nearly invulnerable."

Magneto sighed knowing just what the Southern boy was asking of him. "Very well, do what you can Cannonball."

"Yes sir," the boy said as he pulled away from the retuning group. Several energy bolts rained down from the sky as a new strike force appeared. Thunderbird, Sunfire, and Mimic were all struck and knocked out.

The mutants responded to the attack with Magneto crushing the attackers while the others rescued their fallen companions. "Polaris, shield them. I shall try and slow them down." Magneto growled as he focused on fighters in the middle of the formation and ripped them apart.

"Magneto, return to the city there's nothin else fer ye to do." Banshee's voice tersely ordered over the radio. "If ya want ta make em regret fighting us let us all help. Get in here though before the next wave oh those tings comes though."

"Very well," the mutants reformed and managed to make it back to Atlantis. As they landed, Polaris fell to the ground unconscious from the strain of holding her shields up against the attacks. After ensuring that the mutants were being taken to sickbay a weary Magneto headed toward the control center. There was still much to do before he was finished. He hoped that the Dr. was willing to ignore whatever prejudices he probably had and would treat As he walked in he saw the anxious looks of Weir and Banshee as he joined them.

"The fighters are getting closer we won't be able to keep them away from the base much longer." One of the people watching the computer screens warned. "Even with everything that the Acolytes managed, they were still no match for the sheer numbers that were thrown against them. From our reports though it gave us an extra hour though as they weren't expecting us to have any kind of serious air support."

"Leave them to me." Magneto said as he concentrated, and small bits of metal began forming into small plating that came between the city and the incoming fighters the plates seemed to shatter and tore through the various fighter craft with ease. He was distracted as he heard that the Major was going to have to fly the Puddle-jumper into one of the Hive command ships. He was busy here though and Lorna was unconscious, the protection that he had planned to offer up to the human was now unavailable. "I wish I had been able to go with you Major, it would have been an honor to protect you."

John Sheppard saw that Magneto was manipulating various plates of metal outside he didn't have a choice he was going to have to do this job alone. "Yeah, same to you." Nodding toward the mutant he slid down a set of steps giving nods towards Weir and a few other people as he passed them on the way to the jumper bay.

"The fighting is getting bad, we need to hold them off from getting close to the base and since the rail guns are nearly out of ammo as well we need another way of stopping them." Someone said, as they nervously watched the incoming blips on the screen.

"That will be my job," Storm said from where she was standing. "I have been adjusting myself to this planet's atmospheric conditions, and I am now ready." As she spoke her eyes turned white and everyone looked outside as clouds began to form and lighting started flashing. "Is Major Sheppard away from the city?"

"Confirmed," Dr. Weir choked out, as she hunched over some instruments. "Major Sheppard is away."

"Very well then," the woman said as she stepped out onto the balcony and they watched as a wind seemed to push her hair into the air and lighting seemed to fly all over her body.

"I suggest we set the shields on lighting absorption," Beast advised, "we will gain some defensive power from her as well."

"Indeed, I shall keep them going for as long as possible." Storm called out to the group. Several people nodded as they began flipping switches to allow that to happen. As they quickly began to adjust the shields as lightning bolts fell from the sky and tore through fighters they hit the shields and reinforced them.

"Incredible," Rodney said from a doorway, as he watched the precision that the woman commanded the weather with. Small tornadoes and twisters rose up out of the sky and began circling Atlantis creating yet another defensive ring for the humans and mutants to use as they guarded the city and its gate. Everyone watched in shock and awe as the Darts seemed to be ripped apart by the violent weather.

Everyone was pulled away from what they were watching as alarms began going off. "Sir, there are still fighters that are managing to slip through the shield and land." The man watching the monitors said, as he pointed to several new life sign readings moving through the towers of the image of the city.

"How is that possible?" Weir questioned turning to see the dots pushing through their defenses and into the city. "The shields are up, that shouldn't be possible."

"Probably because they're not the primary shields and are in fact a lot weaker than real shields." Rodney explained to the people. "I was actually afraid something like this might happen when I first heard the idea, but since it offered us some protection I figured it was better than no shields at all. Think about it Elizabeth, the shields are normally powered by a ZPM module, these shields are being powered by something as simple as lighting. There really isn't much comparison to the two different power sources. They're probably shooting their way through, and when the shields weaken in that one area they slip through and into the city." He finished off with a theory he had on the shields.

"They're unloading all sorts of enemy soldiers throughout the city." The man watching the sensors continued, as he pointed to several new life form signs that were now moving throughout the city. "We're being overwhelmed here."

"That's what we're here for." Wolverine noted, as he and Sabertooth began making their way toward the elevators. "We'll deal with the pest problem that we got going here, the rest of you just deal with those problems." He added pointing toward the fighters that were flying overhead. "Mystique, Banshee, start deploying mutants as ya feel are needed."

The two mutant leaders nodded as the supposed foot soldier rushed out of the doors with his greatest enemy to kill alien invaders that were appearing all over the place.


Shadowcat held a pair of large daggers in her hands as she eyed the incoming fighters flipping the blades a few times she beckoned them onward. "Show me what you got." She told the grey and blue skinned aliens as she began to slowly walk toward them a blade in either hand. Several shots fired, and Shadowcat merely phased out of the way when one came to close to hitting her or she merely dodged as she strolled closer and closer to the incoming force. Once she was up close she smiled as her blades came up and she was twirling around with her blades. Slicing, jabbing, stabbing, and slashing through her enemy. She was phasing parts of her body and blades solid for small moments before returning to the phased state that allowed energy weapons and blows to pass through her as if she was nothing more than a ghost. The Wraith were dumbfounded as they tried to hit this figure that looked like nothing more than a girl as it sliced through them with ease.


Nightcrawler had found himself in a large room with several of the Wraith warriors. In truth a person would be hard pressed who looked more frightening and inhuman as Nightcrawler possessed fine blue-black fur covering his body, two fingers with an opposable thumb on each hand and only two toes, each longer than a normal human being's, on each foot and a third toe-like projection on his heel, as well as pronounced, fang-like canine teeth, yellow eyes, pointed ears, and a 31⁄2-foot-long prehensile pointed tail with an arrow head like tip. In his hands were two swords he had managed to purloin off of a couple of the marines. Moving with the grace of the circus acrobat that he had once been he bounced all over the ceiling and the Wraith responded by firing their weapons at him as they tried to bring him down. When one bolt came uncomfortably close he disappeared in a cloud of smoke and brimstone, making a large BAMF sound. He reappeared amidst the group of invaders and set to work his blades zipping in and out as he sliced through the limbs of the invaders leaping upward he flipped over another skewered it then threw his blades at another wraith. The blades flew true and sunk into the chest of the alien. Another explosion and Nightcrawler appeared in another cloud of smoke and yanked the blades out of the chest.

The demonic looking mutant let his shoulders sag as he looked around the room at the death he had committed here. "I shall say prayers for your souls this night as I ask for forgiveness for all that I have done here." The German figure promised the fallen figures before he disappeared with another loud BAMF. Unfortunately there was still more blood to be shed before this day was over.


A giant of a man that looked like the butt of every fat joke sneered as he saw the incoming aliens that had entered the dining hall. "You want to get into it, then let's go." The large fat man said as he pounded his hands together. He was the Blob, the unmovable man. He held a table in one hand that acted as a shield and was hurling whatever he could find at the attackers. The objects when thrown by a regular man would have hurt the fact that this man had super strength made it all the more difficult as items thrown tended to be heavier than three grown men could lift and the Wraith were dodging the large man as he tried to bury them under heavy equipment. Their Wraith stunners were hitting the behemoth but were mainly slowing the man down rather than downing him. Still the combined attacks were taking their toll on him. The only problem though was that many more Wraith would fall before they managed to stop the Unmovable object.


Quicksilver rushed around the base helping out as many people as he could. Moving faster than the any eye could follow, he added several punches to the bodies that barely even noticed him sometimes stopping with a lone Wraith to take their stunner to beat them with it. With how big the city was, he also had so many levels to run through and inspect without having to worry. He skidded to a stop as he saw a large group of Wraith holding a hall.

The Wraith saw a tall young man with white hair a lean build and aristocratic face dressed in a streamlined blue and green bodysuit. They raised their weapons and began firing at him. Many of the shots went wide but when one seemed close to hitting him the figure blurred and was suddenly by the other wall. Shaking their heads the Wraith resumed firing now aiming for the right side of the hall only for the figure to blur again and the white haired man was now on the other side of the hallway.

"Pathetic, your hardly worth my time," the son of Magneto said arrogantly sneering as he raised his hands and began spinning them in a circular motion at super speed creating two small tornadoes aimed at the invaders and knocking them farther down the hall and into the walls. In this way, twenty Wraith were dealt with in less than a minute while their enemy watched dispassionately.

Quicksilver then sped off in a blur of white and blue to see if there were any other attackers or if he would need to check another level.


Several Wraith snarled as they uselessly fired at a humanoid creature that seemed to be made completely of bands of steel. The large figure was nearly 7 feet tall, and was slowly but surely stomping toward them. The stunners seemed to bounce off its metallic hide as if they were nothing as it moved ever closer. One Wraith had picked up a fallen P-90 and sent a hail of bullets towards the figure the bullets seemed to have even less affect though than the stunners which occasionally caused the metal thing before them to pause in it attacks as it refocused on them.

Colossus impassively grabbed the weapons of the front group and crushed them around the hands of the shooters. He then began tossing the various creatures around the room, while he was not killing any of them he was knocking them out or slamming them into the ground. One Wraith jumped onto his back and placed its hand on the chest of mutant and tried to drain the energy from the person. Unfortunately the energy could not be caught as it could not break through the armored hide of the steel figure.

"Are you done yet comrade?" The large Russian questioned, as he pulled the Wraith off of his back and held it in the air by the waist before slamming it into the ground knocking it out. "You now are." He said as he took several steel bars and bent them around the unconscious bodies. He sighed as he realized some of the fallen figures were very likely to be dead. He stomped out of the room to look for more enemy his footsteps reverberating through the metal floors.


The Wraith on the balcony were unsure how to fight the two figures that they were up against. Rather than fight the ones in front or behind them as most of the soldiers did these two bounced all around striking at them from afar and close up. The two figures that were battling each wore a large coat that covered them, but that is where the similarities ended. One was a male with a long brown coat red hair and red eyes. The other was a young female in a bright yellow jacket with matching gloves and pink sunglasses that covered her eyes.

"Come one, come all, for a Jubilee Fourth of July Special." The girl said, as she pointed her hands at the Wraith and fired multi colored pyro kinetic charges at the aliens forcing them farther and farther away from the attack that did everything from minor stinging sensations to severe burns.

"Dat be de way to do it cherie." The other figure said in a heavy French like accent as he drove his staff into the gut of another enemy. "You have to excuse Gambit if he no be using cards, but he don't know when he'll get more." The figure said as he flung glowing bits of scrap at the group of aliens behind the one he was fighting and smirked when the scrap exploded. "Yes dis Ragin Cajun know how to fight non mon ami?" He questioned his opponent as he knocked him to the ground his staff slammig into its face.

"Less chit chat more fighting Gambit," the girl shot off at her companion.

"But of course cherie, Gambit can be doing that." The figure returned.


A figure laughed as he walked amongst the Wraith. "Don't you rejects get it ye?t I am Unus the Untouchable nothing you have can affect me!" The man declared to the Wraith. "Nothing can harm me like this." Several Wraith lunged forward their hands extended to feed off the figure as none of their weapons seemed to work, but an invisible force field stopped then allowing the laughing man to fire the gun he had into the heads of the enemy.


Sauron laughed at the irony of the fact that he was more like the Wraith that he was fighting than he was like the humans and mutants that he was trying to defend. If it wasn't for the fact that he was slightly worried about what Magneto might do to him he might have been tempted to join forces with the creatures. He was obviously the more powerful since he had the abilty to convert the life force he drained into energy that he could fire into the opposing force. He fired an energy beam from either hand watching two more enemy fall to the ground.


Wolverine found himself back to back with Sabertooth again, this was actually starting to get annoying for the mutant. "This entire city is under attack and somehow the two of us ended up fighting back to back?" The clawed mutant grumbled.

The larger figure didn't look any happier over who he was fighting with as he licked some blood off his claws. "Ya know Runt, making sure that you stay alive is hardly my idea of a good a good time ya know?" He grumbled as he grabbed a staff then rammed it through the gut of a Wraith.

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. You'll make sure I stay live if for no other reason than to make sure that I die at your hands." Wolverine shot back at his partner. "Can we get back to these guys though?" He questioned as he sliced downward leaving along trail of blood on the face of a Wraith while the claw of his other hand sliced through a hand.

The two mutants surged forward with an animal intensity that the Wraith found themselves unprepared for as claws of adamantium sliced through them alongside of the natural claws. The two figures moved with a speed and grace that baffled the Wraith as the pair seemed to hack and slash through their numbers with ease. The Wraith that had long been the most dangerous predators in this galaxy had met creatures that were much deadlier than they had ever thought of being.


Despite all the victories that the mutants and even the soldiers were having against their opponents for every group that they managed to take down two or three more groups were beamed down to other parts of the city. Had it not been for Storm and Magneto they would have been overrun long ago. As it was though, they were having trouble holding their own against the insane numbers that they were up against.

A weary Shadowcat was huffing and puffing as she saw two new groups of Wraith appear. The girl grimaced as she hefted her blades not sure how much longer that she could hold out against these guys.


Blob groaned as the combined effect of ten Wraith stunner weapons finally brought him to his knees. The large man weakly threw the table he had been using as a shield and watched it scramble several Wraith he then fell to the ground unconscious.

Colossus howled in pain as he had been pushed into a power station and now his metal body was working against him as energy surged throughout his organic steel body.


A werewolf like figure better known as Wolfsbane fell to the ground alongside of a bow legged mutant that went by the name of Toad. The Wraith chuckled a bit at the downed figures before moving on. They would study these interesting creatures later once they had taken the rest of the city. If there were more of them they would make interesting runners and there was also the chance of finding whatever planet that they had come from.


All over the base everyone was being slowly overrun. "Avalanche prepare yourself, it may be time to show them what your power is." Magneto commanded toward the mutant who nodded his head in understanding as he rolled his shoulders in anticipation. While that was going on Weir and McKay armed the bases self-destruct sequences for the city.

"Cyclops, ah need you to pull back from fighting wit de fighters dere are so many oh them in the base that we're going to need yer help there." Banshee informed the leader of the shooters. "As it is, we're just about ready tah leave."

"Understood," Cyclops returned as he began to redirect his fire towards the Wraith that were on balcony's. Red blasts of energy swiftly took them out followed by various other attacks of fire, ice, heat, and sound that erupted from various points in the city.

The group of defenders were all distracted, as they heard the voice of Major Sheppard telling them that the Daedalus had arrived and had somehow managed to save him from blowing himself up on the hive ship. The group were even more relieved though as the ZPM was beamed down along with some soldiers. A relieved Rodney began checking the Ancient device over babbling about the Daedalus. The head scientists then began reprograming various systems as they prepared to plug the ZPM module into the city.

"We shall have to time this down to the last minute." Beast told the various people from where he was working on regulating the power supply on the shields and the absorption technique. "We have to bring down my post so that your post can activate, since a ZPM shield is much better than a lighting charged shield we need to prepare for it."

"Yes, yes, I know all this already." Rodney said impatiently, waving the blue furred figure off as unimportant as he grabbed the case holding the ZPM. "You just make sure that you keep those inferior shields stay up as long as possible." He snarked as he walked down the steps and seeing the two marines that were going to be his guards. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this, this is my security escort?" He questioned incredulously of a nearby Weir. "Come on, couldn't I have at the very least have gotten one of the mutants?" He whined as he looked the woman over. "I mean we are only talking about the very survival of the station by getting this ZPM in you know." He added somewhat hopefully.

"So nice to see that our efforts are bein appreciated." Banshee said dryly as he continued to direct the various mutants around the base. "Havok, lad, there's a new group oh life signs that have appeared on the floor above ye."

"Understood I'm on my way." A voice returned.

"Come on, can't one of the guys with claws or the one made out of metal be my escort?" The Canadian scientist whined to the group.

"Well we are spread a little bit thin right now." Weir reminded him. "We're shorthanded as it is with three different teams not responding."

"Fine," Rodney grumbled, "you two protect me with your lives." He told the pair as he headed off with the two guards following him.

"He is a most unique being." Magneto said, as he grabbed a passing Dart out of the air and added it to the defensive wall that he was creating.

"That he is," Weir agreed as she watched the man leave with his guards.

"Look on the bright side, it's likely that they won't send any more fighters down for a few minutes at least other than the ones already out there this could give us the time we need to counter the ones inside the city."

"Then let's get to work." Weir said as she began helping with the redeployment of the city defenders.

Zelenka, Storm, and Beast stood at the ready waiting for the signal from Rodney for them to switch over from the lighting based shield to the primary city shield. The group waited nervously for word of Rodney and the shield. They were all a bit surprised as Storm collapsed.

"Orro," Beast cried as he caught the woman in his arms.

"Couldn't hold it," the woman said weakly before going unconscious. Everyone looked outside as the lighting storm and twisters faded away leaving clear skies for the wraith attack craft.

"Um Elizabeth, we got some bad news." The voice of John Sheppard came over the radios.

"Yes we see it John." The woman returned, staring at the screen showing the incoming wave of fighters set to ram themselves into the city. With the loss of the other hive ship the Darts were determined to at the very least bring the city down. She quickly switched communication channels. "Rodney, you got forty seconds to get those shields up. The weather controller has just fainted from exhaustion.

"What?" Rodney said in shock and disbelief. He began muttering as he began working.

"Magneto can you do anything?" Cyclops questioned his counterpart.

"I might catch a few. and even stop them with the metal plates I've been using defensively but other than that not much I too am near the end of my abilities." The mutant admitted as he began firing the metal plates in the general direction of the incoming fighters while others began firing various attacks. Pyro even created a wall of flames that would hopefully slow them down.

"20 seconds Rodney," Weir reported.

"Snap! Try it now," Rodney returned in a mix of desperation and hope. A moment later the shields hummed to life and slowly surrounded the city. They then watched as hundreds of fighters heedlessly slammed into the shield that had rose to intercept them.

"Add that in with the destruction of the hive ships and I'd say all we got ta worry about are the Wraith inside the city for the moment." Banshee said in relief. "Wolverine and Sabertooth will probably be having a contest with each other, and everyone else by the end oh this to see who had the most kills." The Irish mutant said tiredly.


Major John Sheppard sagged tiredly against the wall as he looked at all of the various people that were sitting there waiting for people to do their thing. The Wraith had been stopped this time thanks to the mutants and humans working together. He couldn't help but wonder how badly they would have been hit had they been attacked without the aid of the mutants and their abilities. There was no doubt in his mind that they would have been hard pressed. It also brought the question about what made a mutant a mutant though. From what he understood mutants were supposed to be people with something extra in their genes or something like that it was something that he didn't understand or care about. If he needed someone to understand it he would get Weir, Rodney, and Carson to learn about it while he did something else. Still if what he understood about mutants was right, it made him wonder if a person like himself would be classified as a mutant? His genes had a little something extra, didn't that technically make him a mutant? The thought that there were so many people that would hate him for his ability to just turn Ancient tech on and off was a bit disturbing and made him wonder where his thoughts should be on the mutant matter.

The fact that Magneto talked so well made things interesting to as a lot of what he said made sense to the Major. He had been accepted by most of the mutants as having a fairly passive ability and had often been brought in to discuss various things with people when arguments were erupting from the various points of view. Add in his having to act as a mediator with Weir and some of the people that thought that the mutants should be off loaded onto another planet and locked out wasn't helping matters much either. Groaning he climbed to his feet as he had other things to do now. He had to check on Ford, and then who knows what.
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