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Chapter 4

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Marvel owns the mutated world while the Stargate reality (can't use universe) is owned by MGM. Too bad for me I don't own stock in either of those so I can't claim ownership.

This has been a fun and interesting run, unfortunately this is all I had planned when I first started. I may or may not come back with a sequel to this judging by the hits it's a pretty popular little thing. We'll just have to wait to see where the wind blows my muse. To think this started out as a little less that 3,000 words in my Backburner files.


Magneto, Cyclops, Banshee, and Mystique listened along with everyone else in the briefing room as the scientist explained that they were going to be dealing with an even larger fleet in less than two days. A fleet made up of twelve Hive Ships. It had taken all of their energy to destroy three. They all knew that their chances of surviving twelve was next to none though. As the plan to strike back at the enemy fleet was considered Cyclops decided to add in his voice. "There aren't very many mutants that can fight in space. Unless you have a window made of ruby quartz I sure can't. Magneto, Storm, and Polaris may be our only combat effective people in those conditions and they're all in various levels of exhaustion.

"I think that for this attack you should stay on the planet and regain your energy actually." Weir suggested to the mutants. "Allow us to try and do our part in this and hopefully we can stop any of this from getting any worse." The mutants reluctantly nodded, but knew that they had to few mutants that could do anything to help.

"Very well, we shall prepare ourselves then if you are not successful in forcing them away." Magneto said with a tired nod.

"Hopefully you won't have to do anything else, a number of your people were already wounded by the Wraith as it was." Weir returned.

"Charles would be happy to see your easy acceptance of mutants." Magneto observed to Weir. "Perhaps the problem is not that there are no humans willing to accept mutants, but that all of the accepting ones have been placed within your Stargate program and there is no more decent humans on Earth. He would also be proud of the mutants for fighting for the survival of the people here." The mutants all rose, while the humans went about planning their attack.


A mist slipped under a door and reformed into that of the woman known as Amelia Voght. On the other side of the door she found Magneto resting. "Magneto, I thought you might find it interesting that Lt. Ford has awoken and is showing abilities."

At hearing this Magneto lifted his head to look at the woman with interest. "Abilities?" He questioned her with interest.

"Yes, it seems that part of the feeding process from the Wraith is to increase the strength and other physical abilities of a person and he was overdosed with this enzyme." The woman said as she pulled the copy of the medical file out and handed it to the man. "He is probably as strong as Wolverine at the moment with his other senses at similar levels. Whether or not he has a healing factor is still unknown, but he is at the very least going through drugs at an increased rate."

"This is all very interesting," Magneto said, "I shall send Mystique to observe the boy. If the change is permanent then I want to acquire as much of the Wraith enzyme as possible."

"Understood," the woman returned as she disappeared into her mist form and then headed into the air vent and was gone.

Magneto rose from his chambers and considered what he had learned. This information was very fascinating, and might prove to be something to help mutant kind into being accepted. He would wait, watch, and observe the boy to see what he would do now that he had power. The psychological report suggested it might be affecting his judgment, but he would withhold his judgment on that.


After Lt. Ford managed to steal the last of the Wraith enzyme and Dr. Carson had rushed out a nurse walked around the corner and shifted into the form of Mystique. "Now this is interesting." The woman said as she listened for the sound of anyone else. "Eric should find this most intriguing, and should allow for the next step of his observations on the boy's progress." She had to make sure that he did not see her at all.


Unaware of the subterfuge that Magneto had going, the leaders were all together to discuss their options against the fleet of enemy ships that had managed to block the Asgard transporters taking away their best weapon against the Wraith and were even now raining down an orbital bombardment in the hopes that they might. "Myself, Polaris, and Storm might be able to take out one ship." Magneto said, "but there are ten ships in all, and there is no way that we would be able to that much damage."

"Is there any way that you could cause a chain reaction explosion?" The Colonel questioned hopefully. "Maybe we can do that."

"At best we might get two more ship, and there is no guarantee on that."

"Manipulating solar winds and cosmic storm energy is also much more stressful and I am far from being back at a hundred percent." Storm said from her seat.

Plans were suggested and discarded until John came up with one to trick the Wraith into believing that they had destroyed themselves. When Teyla suggested using her mental connection the others nodded.

"We can have Psylocke help with that by helping her block any thoughts or memories of what we're really planning on doing." Cyclops suggested getting agreeing nods from the mutants.

As they were preparing everything Magneto watched silently as Dr, Carson informed Weir and Sheppard of Lt. Ford. Grabbing his own communicator he began talking to his hunter. "Sabertooth, I need you to do something for me. Something tht you'll like. I need you to keep Wolverine busy for a few minutes."

Sabertooth chuckled in return. "You got it boss, he and I will be busy doing our own thing."

He listened as Teyla and Psylocke initiate contact between themselves and the Wraith. The purple haired telepath acting as guardian to the other woman's thoughts, as she broadcast them at their enemy hoping that they would take the bait. They all waited with bated breath as the orbital bombardment trickled down to nothing.

Magneto saw Polaris entering from the opposite room moments later. "Good there you are," McKay said as he saw the two magnetic users. "It's time for you to do your thing on the city."

The two mutants nodded as they stood back to back and raised their hands over their heads and fired an intense burst of magnetic energy. A weak electromagnetic shield took place over the city. With it in place McKay was able to turn the shield off and activate the cloak much sooner than he would have otherwise have been able to. A flash of light from the nuke a moment later and the two mutants pushed all of their power into keeping the shield up as a hesitant McKay shut the shield down and activated the cloak from the jumper. The mutants would be able to absorb a couple of shots if the Wraith decided to resume firing on the base which would hopefully give them the time that they needed to reactivate the shield.

They all turned as the stargate activated and then watched as Lt. Ford stole one of the Jumpers. The boy could probably have chosen a better time for the base itself, but other than that it was alright. The only problem Magneto had was that he would not be able to continue to get reports on the boy's progress as he had hoped. Still with the information that they had managed to get there was sure to be much to learn. They didn't have the time to go after the soldier, but if they needed to they could try at a later time.

Everyone sat and waited and then breathed with relief as the sensors read that the Wraith were gone.

Weir looked at the assembled people with relief. "Congratulations everyone, by working together, human, mutant, and Athosian we managed to survive this attack. It just goes to show what all our people can do when they unite themselves and work together as one." She declared over the radios that everyone had been nervously listening to.

Magneto smiled, as he listened to the cheers come from the various people throughout the base. They had all managed so much in living through the past few days. They had somehow survived the impossible. "Ah Charles, if only you were here to see this. Your dream actually has some life to it here." He mused to himself. He then turned his head to look at the stargate. They had many enemies beyond the gate, and they would need to build from this. The Wraith and the Genai were out there and he was sure that there were other enemies just waiting to crush them.

He would lead the mutant people through this time though, and if they were lucky in time Charles would join them as they did their best to change the path that fate had chosen for them. If the humans decided to push them back even in this galaxy then he would be ready to deal with them if he had to. Already he was working on making allies with those that did not fit into the worldview that the humans of Earth had. These people with the Wraith and Ancient Gene, he figured that they were either cousins or something else. The Wraith gland was also interesting, and if he could figure a way to make the changes that they performed permanent then he would be that much closer to finding a way to unite all of their people. The politicians may have forced them here, and they may try to force them out of the very city of Atlantis. In time they would learn of their mistake in trying to continuously force them back though. Last time they had the help of the X-Men, next time he wasn't so sure that they would be so helpful. Whether the threat came from this galaxy or from their galaxy of origin they would stand up to the threat.
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