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Hold Eachother High

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Chapterr Noine Tehn xD

Sorry if it is short D:

Been bag packing for 8 hours in Asda .-.

Not fun.

- xxFLWxx

Aura :

I was absolutly scared. At first i was excited, now i am honestly plain terrifyed. I guess it has set in that i now know not all of us will make it. Anyone could die. Tanner, Emily, Hozzie, Aven, Melissa, Dana, Moikey, Mikey, Frank, Frankie, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, Ray, Raymond, Jet Star, Gee, Party Poison and even myself.

"Okay we are here, we are in the centre of Battery City, BLI Headquarters itself" Kobra Kid announced rolling down the window so we could get a view of it. It was massive. The tower has tall and was surronded with smaller yet big buildings. I swallowed the lump in my throat and we all got out.

"Wow" Moikey breathed taking it in himself. Frankie stood wide eyed taking it in, in all it's glory, well more like evil.

"Huge isn't it?" Kobra asked.

"Absolutly humungous!" I shouted. Wideyed.

"Well look here comes the rest now!" Tanner smiled at the site of the car.

"Hopefully my idea worked" Mikey crossed his fingers

"What idea?" Me and Melissa asked.

"He put Emily and Dana in the car together" Frank laughed

"NEVER AGAIN!" Hozzie was absolutly fuming kicking the door shut.

"DONT SLAM THE DOOR!" Fun Ghoul told her off.

"FUCK UP!" KObra Kid and Mikey shouted.

"Sorry" Fun Ghoul and Hozzie whispered walking over.

"So how was it?" Mikey asked

"Your the bitch!" Emily screamed at Dana.

"Your the fucking whore who just hates me for attention!" Dana defended herself. I was glad i wasn't put with them. Mikey was only trying to improve their relationship but clearly it was a failure.

"That's how it was" Hozzie sighed.

"I was only-"

"I know, i want them to be friends as well you aint the only one, but at least you attempted" Hozzie gave a warm smile which Mikey returned.

"The army is here!" Aven and Frankie shouted. I turned around and there they were. The red headed killjoy and the black haired serial killer followed by a over a thousand soldiers, prepared for death, ready for sacrifice. We all smiled and they approached us.

"Ready guys?" Party Poison asked quietly. I am shocked due to the noise coming from everyone else that BLI hadn't noticed we were out here.

"Question, how many draculoids is there for us to destroy?" Tanner asked curiously.

"That we don't know" Kobra Kid answered her. She nodded her head.

"Killjoys!" Party Poison shouted. Me, Hozzie and Dana pointed our Ray Guns.

"Sweet Revengers?" Gee laughed Melissa, Emily and Aven pointed their rifles

"Finally me Black Parade soldiers?" Ray shouted. The army raised their arms and so did Tanner.

"Let's go then!" Party Poison announced walking away. Followed by everyone else. Me, Melissa, Tanner, Aven, Emily, Hozzie and Dana linked hands together giving eachother brave smiles and we all raised our hands still linked and dropped them down.

We will hold eachother high as this could be the last adventure we take together. We were inseperable but thick tensions lay between some of us *Cough Emily and Dana. But still we were a family. We ran in and didn't expect what lay infront of us.

A complete and udder Blood Bath.
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