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Captain Britan

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The balance has shifted and heroes need more power to answer the change. The Gods of Old have awoken and have begun to choose their Champions for the coming war.

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Captain Britain
For those of you who don't Know Captain Britain is a Marvel Comics character and Hp and all of his buddies belong to Rowling.


Harry nodded as he listened to the spirit of Dumbledore; he finally understood what he had to do now. He was about to turn around and head back to the fight when a blast of fog came hurtling down toward them, the two figures were blinded for a moment, the mist began to thin out and the scene had changed with the mist he and the headmaster were no longer standing on the train platform but were now back in the clearing in the middle of the Forbidden Forest though a ring of stones now surrounded them. Looking toward Dumbledore Harry noted that the former headmaster appeared to be just as confused as he was about what was happening.

"Well done Harry Potter," a voice boomed out at him. The pair turned and found themselves facing a pair of giant ghostly figures that were disturbingly familiar. Harry studied them for a moment before realizing that his guess was probably correct he had seen both of them as chocolate cards enough to know who he was facing. "Merlin and Ravenclaw?" He questioned, unsure what it was that was going on now.

The man chuckled at that, "It is actually Merlyn," he corrected the young wizard, "and this is my daughter Roma Guardian of the Omniverse." The tall regal woman nodded to the boy. "Now as to why we are here," Merlyn said with an anticipatory glint in his eyes. "I have an offer to give you boy. Even with your ability to conquer death for the most part now that you have become the Master of the Hollows, you still lack the knowledge and skill in how to battle with your Dark Lord."

Harry nodded in agreement all of the most powerful hexes, jinxes, and curses he knew were things that Voldemort could cast with a thought and a flick of his wrist. "What are you offering?" The wizard questioned warily.

"Become this world's Captain Britain," Roma finally said, "be the magical defender of this realm with the power that come s from this you will have the ability to challenge this wizard in combat."

"And how long is Harry going to be required to be in your service?" Dumbledore questioned, as he eyed the two. "Harry may not wish to become involved in fight after fight."

"True that is why it is his choice," Merlyn said in agreement, "to save the world from Tom Riddle and those like him or to try and challenge Voldermort as he is should he win he without our aide he will be free from fate and prophecy should he accept our help though he will become a true warrior. He must be the one decide what is best not only for himself though but for his world. Now be silent shade and let the young one decide what path his course is to take on his own without either of us interfering." Merlyn waved his hand and the headmaster began mouthing words uselessly. The two ancient beings turned away from the spirit without concern and waited for the boy to make his choice.

Harry sighed as he looked first to Dumbledore then to the pair of unknowns, his mind thought of all of those that he would need to protect Hermione, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, the rest of the Weasley brothers, the remants of his Quidditch team, Hagrid, McGonagall, Flitwick, Pompfrey, Sprout, Neville, Luna, Kingsley, the Dursley's, the Malfoy's and all of the rest of the people that Voldemort threatened. Merlyn was right about the fact that even with his mastery over death he had no training and would never beat Voldermort as he was. Hadn't he proved just that when the Gryffindor team outplayed the Slytherian team in his second year? Despite the Malfoy money having paid for the very best brooms they had won because they were better trained team. No, skill and ability were just as important if not more so than the raw power that a person could use.

He looked over at Dumbledore, "Sorry Professor, he said with a sad smile. Dumbledore looked sadly at the boy and nodded taking a step back from the boy as he approached the two powerful beings. Harry swallowed before looking at the pair. "I accept," he told them.

"Very well then, choose now the Sword of Might or the Amulet of Right." Merlyn said as two golden items appeared before Harry on one side was a sword with a golden hilt and seemed to have more power in it than even the Sword of Gryffindor had on the other side was a golden necklace with rubies in it.

"I need to win this fight not drag it out with more obscure magic's," Harry said as he gripped the sword.

"So be it," Roma said as the Amulet disappeared in a flash and the sword glowed for a moment the energies bathing Harry in light when the light faded. Harry looked down and saw that he was now broader and more muscular all over he was wearing a bright red body hugging outfit with a Golden Lion splashed across the chest, he wore black boots that came up to his knees, a mask that covered his face the top half red while the bottom half was blue it was opened at the top to let his hair free, in his hand he carried a staff like golden weapon. "Nice," Harry said as he examined himself.

"And what shall we call this defender?" Merlyn asked his daughter who was studying the newest member to her soldiers.

"I have no name that need be filled;" the woman told her father, "let him choose his own name."

"Agreed, choose what the Captain Britain Corps shall call you now Harry Potter, Lion Heart Knight of Avalon."

"Um how about Gryffindor?" Harry asked them uncertainly, naming things was not exactly something he was good at that was more the twins thing than his."

Merlyn shook his head at the lack of imagination the newest member had when coming up with a name. He knew the boy had more potential, he had seen him use it in combat enough. "As you wish it, now go Gryffindor, and do battle with those that threaten the realm you know your way away from this realm. Shade now you may speak."

Dumbledore whistled a few notes of a jaunty kids tune out and nodded to the two before turning to the young man he had trained. "Well, I must say Harry that this is a bit of a surprise but I suppose that it was meant to be."

"Maybe professor," Harry replied uncomfortably as he slid the staff onto his back in a blue harness. "I know you disagreed with this," he said waving to himself, "but I think it had to be done sir."

"Very well Harry what's done is done, now go and do your duty now," the headmaster told his favorite student the two hugged briefly and then Harry disappeared from the realm of the dead and reappeared with Mrs. Malfoy standing over him with a cocky Voldemort in the background giving off all sorts of orders to the Death Eaters. He felt his giant friend carry him away and listened to Hogwarts as all of its defenders cried out to see their champion being carried by the games keeper. Harry waited though, he knew he just had to wait and then he would know when to strike he watched as Neville chopped Nagini down and then he was forgotten while the battle raged on.

Harry Potter stood up and walked over to where the dead body of Nagini lay. He looked over the body dispassionately before standing up, 'it was time' he thought as he summoned the new power in him. He blinked and he was once again clad in the costume of Gryffindor, of the Captain Britain Corps. He drew the staff weapon from his back and then turned toward the castle the staff glowed for a moment and then he leaped into the air and found himself hovering in the air. Grinning Gryffindor flew into one of the tower windows. He then began walking down the stairs. His first encounter was with three Death Eaters who all fired reducto curses at him. He drew his staff and watched with a grin as the deadly bright red beams bounced off the energy shield he was making. The group of Death Eaters moved to the side as the figure strode forward, one tried a killing curse and Gryffindor blocked the spell with a blast of energy. Gryffindor sped forward faster than any of the Death Eaters could follow and grabbed the one who had fired at him by the throat and effortlessly lifted him over his head with one hand. "Where is Voldemort?" The masked figure growled out angrily.

"The Dark Lord is in the Great Hall," the Death Eater gasped out clawing at the arm that held him.

"Good," Gryffindor then tossed the figure at his companions knocking them all down the stairs. Gryffindor held his weapon in a tight grip at his side as he began to stalk down the stairs heading toward the double doors to the Great Hall as he came upon the doors he could hear the sound of spell fire from the other side he gripped the staff tightly in both hands and slammed it into the crack where the two giant doors met. The doors flew from their hinges and skittered across the floor knocking several duelers from both sides down. Everyone stopped to stare at the newcomer wondering who they were going to fight for.

"Voldemort," the new arrival said.

The scaled face man turned away from the group of magic users that he had been battling to observe this new opponent, he was tall and strong looking the weapon he carried seemed to thrum with hidden power. "Who are you?" The dark lord questioned.

"I am to be your judgment," the masked man said coldly, "as an enemy to the rightful rulers of magical Britain I have been commanded to finish you off."

Voldemort threw his head back and laughed at the fool in front of him. "You may have more power and experience than the Potter brat, but you will still fall down before me like he did."

"I doubt it Voldemort," the figure said, "come on show me what you have got. He commanded gesturing the wizard toward him.

"Very well." Voldemort growled as he fired a killing curse toward the newest wannabe hero of the people . The figure almost casually jumped to the side firing an energy bolt out of the staff he carried. The Dark Lord raised a shield that blocked the unknown spell and stumbled back as the destructive force pushed him back. The wizard glared as the figure then grabbed one of the house table benches in one arm and threw it at the wizard who blasted it away only to be forced to erect a shield as plates that had been sitting on the table were flung like discs at him.

Voldemort glared from behind the shield he had created, "you are wasting both of our time, pure physical power is not going to be enough to defeat me, particularly not while I have the Death Stick," he gloated raising the white wand in the air triumphantly.

"You think that thing is really going to help you?" The red clad figure questioned as he held his staff up and ready.

"Yes I do," the wizard said as he waved his wand and all of the broken plates rose into the air and formed into a single giant plate Voldermort then began spinning the disk and flung it toward his opponent laughing as the heavy disk slammed into the torso of the figure sending him and the plate crashing into the wall.

"Is there no one else that can truly challenge Voldemort!" The wizard questioned, as he raised his wand and sent a powerful slicing curse that caught some unknown wizard in the arm.

"You're not done with me yet Voldemort," the figure growled as it pushed the broken pieces of the plate off of him. The figure limped slightly as it strode forward preparing to go again. All of those watching couldn't believe what they were seeing the man's bright red costume was nearly destroyed after that last hit his pants had large slashes in the legs and the shirt was nearly completely gone leaving him mainly with just his sleeves and gloves yet not only did he continue coming he seemed like he was barely hurt.

"Who are you?" The wizard hissed in annoyance.

"Me? You can call me Gryffindor." The figure said as he set himself up to continue the fight.

The wizard glared and tried to force his way into the mind of the figure before him yet was held back somehow. He could catch some of the surface thoughts that were there but not enough to know anything of his opponent. The thoughts were familiar though, in fact they were very close to the way that Potter's had worked after all of the years he easily noticed the similarity of the thought patterns. "So, the heir of Gryffindor dares to show himself to me after all this time." Voldemort mocked the fighter.

"Didn't say I was the heir of Gryffindor, just that you can call me Gryffindor." The figures quipped before dropping to the ground beneath a purple flame curse Voldemort sent his way. While he was on the ground he pointed the staff at the wizard and fired an energy beam. Voldemort waved his hand and discarded shield floated between him and the beam.

Snarling the wizard then sent a crucio out at his opponent and grinned as it connected. The sound of the pain filled cries were music to his ears. "What's the matter, nothing left to say?" The wizard sneered as he let the curse go for a moment as he watched the figure try and climb back to his feet. Voldemort summoned the golden staff like weapon to him and examined it for a moment before turning back to the figure firing another crutacias. "Did you truly think that you could merely walk in here and defeat me? I who have bested Dumbledore, and Potter? Beat me, the one who has taken more steps to keep myself away from death than anyone else?" He let the spell up to see how the so called hero would react.

"That was the plan," the figure admitted through pain filled gasps as he slowly forced himself back up onto his feet.

Voldermort stared in surprise at the figure returning to his feet few beings could rise again after being hit twice by that spell in a matter of moments. "Most impressive, had you served me you would have gone far, but you made your choice and now you shall suffer for it." He raised his wand again and fired a killing curse at the figure.

Groaning Gryffindor rolled out of the way of the blast and stumbled back to his feet. "Gryffindor catch!" A voice called out, turning the hero fumbled for the tossed weapon looking dumbly at the blonde wizard with various wounds on him and down at the sword of Gryffindor. Pulling himself up the figure saw the Dark Lord waiting for him to come at him. Shrugging the figure charged holding the sword up high.

Voldemort laughed as he watched him come at him and fired a reducto spell at his attacker. Gryffindor moved with a speed none would have believed possible as he blocked the spell sending it upward and into the ceiling causing some rubble to fall. Gryffindor blocked two more spells before he fired a fire whip at his enemy. Gryffindor raised the sword and strained as the whip wrapped around the broadsword. The two were in a struggle of will and strength as neither wanted to give up their hold on the ancient blade.

"Expellermius!" Hermione Granger cried hitting the snake skinned wizard the dark Lord stumbled, but didn't lose his grip on the elder wand but he did lose the golden staff.

"You'll regret that little mudblood." Voldermort promised her.

Hermione ignored the threat as she caught the weapon and tossed it toward Gryffindor who snagged the weapon out of the air one handed. "Thanks Mione," the figure mumbled causing the bushy haired witch's eyes to widen in recognition. Gryffindor then brought his staff down on the flame whip causing a small flash of light that destroyed the whip.

Voldemort growled as he was once again countered he couldn't understand it as the master of the Death Stick victory should have been his yet still this unknown figure managed to stand up to him. He sent a series of spells at this Gryffindor and muttered angrily as he watched as the hero became a small tornado casually knocking the spells skyward.

"Give up you can't win," Gryffindor said when he was only ten feet away from Voldemort, "if you continue like this you'll bring Hogwarts down as well."

"So be it, if I cannot have Hogwarts then none shall!" The wizard informed the rival, he then drew his elm and phoenix feather wand and aimed both of the wands at Gryffindor two large balls of green energy glowed from the tips of the wands. "Avada Kedavra!" He shouted, as he let two powerful bursts of magic the size of quaffles fly toward the battered figure.

Shaking his head Gryffindor crossed the sword and golden staff stopping the two deadly beams from hitting him, some of the energy made its way around the two weapons and he could feel the power of the spells burning away the remnants of his uniform gloves, and his mask.

Voldemort finally let up and stopped and stared in disbelief at what he saw, there standing there in a weakened state was his foe. Weak, beaten and battered, but he was impossibly still standing. "Impossible," he muttered.

"Really? Cause now I'm thinking it's my turn Voldemort." Gryffindor returned at him. He had lowered the weapons so that they now rested at either side as he gathered his energy.

"Potter," Voldemort snarled softly as he recognized the features that were visible. The bottom half of the mask was mostly gone but only the top of one side had completely burned away showing a green eye that was the same pale green as the two spells that he had just used.

"Got it in one Voldemort," Gryffindor nodded, "but now it's my turn." Raising the weapons back up he re-crossed them and Voldemort backed away as he saw the weapons begin shine with unknown power the staff sparkled as if reflecting all light while the blade and gems of the sword of Gryffindor began to glow. The wizard fearfully raised a shield with the both of the wands. "Using my own wand like that Voldemort?" Gryffindor mocked then threw both weapons at the wizard. Everyone watched as the staff went through first slicing through the twin shields knocking the elm wand away it was followed by the sword of Gryffindor which sliced through Voldemort's forearm and then continued on striking the wizard in the chest.

The wizard gasped as he sank to the floor the wound while serious was one that he would be able to shake off if he had long enough. He looked up as he watched Potter stand over him drawing the mighty blade out of his chest and arm. "Goodbye Voldemort," the figure said as he sliced the head of the monster off. He watched silently as the body fell, it caught fire as it destroyed itself till nothing but ashes were left of it. He picked up the Elder wand glanced at it and sighed before sliding into a slot that had appeared in the staff, he then slowly and painfully picked the sword and staff up which felt like giant weights before rising. He surveyed the crowd and sighed; Death Eaters, students, Order Members, and regular witches and wizards were all over the place. He raised the weapons to chest height and pointed them in either direction. "Drop them." He ordered coldly. The Death Eaters fearfully dropped their wands, not wanting to deal with the being that had defeated their master. He watched as the wizards and witches gathered the fallen wands he then looked around the crowd sadly for a moment before raising his staff in the air and flying out of the room through a hole that lead outside. He had done as he had been prophesized, now though he had a duty to fulfill. He landed a few feet away from the main gate and with a gesture the sword, staff, and what was left of his costume disappeared all that was left was a bone weary Harry Potter clutching the elder wand.


Harry groaned as he opened his eyes to find a familiar pair of chocolate orbs watching him. "Hi," Hermione greeted him.

"Hey, Harry mumbled, "how'd you find me?"

"I knew that you would want to get away from all of the people," she answered shrugging.

"Thanks," he mumbled, "so now what?"

"Now you have to decide on who to tell about your survival Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall said, as she and Madame Pompfrey strode into the room. "Mrs. Granger thought that you might wish to remain unknown for all that you did. It's not everyone that can defeat You-Know-Who, she thought you might want to decide how to deal with the fame that would come from this."

Harry looked at her in disbelief, "you think that I want to deal with all of the crowds? No offense Professor but that's not the way that I want to live. Besides there are other reason that people need to believe that I'm dead or at least gone."

"Does that include the Weasley's Harry?" Hermione questioned him cautiously.

Harry looked torn for a moment before nodding reluctantly. "I love the Weasley's like they were my family, but I can't let them or Hagrid know no matter how much I would like to tell them they can't keep a secret."

"Very well Mr. Potter, we shall keep word of your survival and your other secret safe then." McGonagall said nodding her face showing some slight disappointment. "Poppy here tells me that along with your host of unknown abilities that you have now gained the ability to heal faster and that in three days even she will have to release you despite all of the damage that you took during that battle."

"Thanks for agreeing professor," Harry said he then had to deal with the host of questions from Poppy who was checking all of his vitals. He waited till that was done before turning to Hermione. "I hope this doesn't cause problems with you and Ron."

"I doubt it will, it might be difficult at first but then again I do plan on keeping in contact with him while I go and fetch my parents it will be good practice."

"Want some company? I may need to get away for a while anyways." Harry offered his friend.

"That would be nice, and it should be rather peaceful trip as well."

"Good," Harry said, "cause afterwards I'm going to have to get to work stopping Dark Wizards and creatures is now my job."


"That power I have Hermione, it wasn't a one-time thing, and it came with a price." Harry nervously explained to the witch. "I have to defend England from all types of magical attacks from now on I'm the 'Defender of the Realm.'" Hermione nodded in understanding by the set of her face she didn't like it but she understood.

"Well, it looks like we have our next adventure all set up when we get back then." Hermione said.

"Yeah I guess so, but you don't have to come with me on this one." Harry told her not wanting her to think that she had to do this.

"Stop right there Harry James Potter, I've stuck with you this far don't think I'm about to leave you now. We have a whole new stage of our lives starting. You're a new type of hero and once I learn enough I will be by your side fighting off the evils alongside of you."


"No Harry, this is not up to discussion." The witch said stubbornly, "I have gone through hell for you before and I will do it again."

"Thanks Mione, as soon as I'm strong enough then we need to leave."

"Very well that gives me time to prepare then." The witch said, her mind already moving at lighting speed to think of all that she would need to do.
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