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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman belongs to D.C BTVS belongs to Joss


Buffy Summers looked emotionlessly at A.D.A.M as she tore out his power core. The Slayer was not about to let this monster roam through the world any longer than she had to. She chanted the spell and sent the power core to another dimension. She then watched as the triborg took a couple of hesitant steps trying to steady itself before falling to the ground. Its robot eye stopped glowing and the other eye was now lifeless. The Slayer then fell to the ground on her hands and knees as she felt all of the extra power in her body leave her. The blonde coughed a minute as her body began returning to the level of power that it normally housed itself at. She couldn’t believe that she had managed to survive all of the power that had been coursing through her. She had thought near the end that the power would overwhelm her and that she would fry from all the power.

The Slayer was interrupted from her figuring things out when a mocking clapping sound was heard. Turning her head the slayer noted a woman wearing a red dress stepping out of a room off to the side. “That was almost impressive.” The woman said as she came into view.

“Yeah, well I didn’t see you trying to stop him.” Buffy returned to the woman.

“Please, like I would need to do something as pointless as that?” The woman returned to her. “Do you know what that would do to my nails? Besides I am less than impressed that you were only able to keep that up for a few minutes before falling down.”

“So what do you want?” Buffy asked warily as she looked the woman over. If she wasn’t impressed by the enjoining spell then it was likely she was a lot more powerful than any of them would like to think about. If it took more than a super slayer to impress her then she could be in some major league trouble. She wasn’t sure what all she could do right now.

“Actually that’s kind of interesting.” The blonde returned to her with a deadly smile that sent a shiver down the slayer’s back. “You see, there are these monks that stole my key and it’s the only way that I have on getting home. I happen to know how some of those crazy monks think. I know that if I went after them they would just find a way to hide it with one of the various champions that are on this pathetic little mudball. So I got to thinking that it just might be easier if I were to just destroy all of the so called champions before I went after my key. And once I get my key I’ll just go on home, and there won't be anyone trying to stop me from doing it either if I take out the heroes. As the most successful slayer in years you might be one of the ones that they try and send it to. So in order to find a way to get my key I need to deal with you, the slayer in LA and with the vampire with a soul before I head for other areas. After that is done I go and get my key from the monks that stole it. Once that’s done I can leave this wreck ball of a planet forever. Say goodbye rat hole dimension and hello to the one that I am the goddess of.”

"A goddess huh?” Buffy said disbelievingly as she looked the woman over. The look in her eyes reminded her of the one that was in Drusilla’s. “And you just plan on killing me because I might be given this key thingy of yours that some monks stole from you? Whatever happened to finders keepers, or possession being nine tenths of the law?” She questioned the woman wondering if she was being serious.

"Of course I’m going to kill you honey. Its just better this way." The woman said. “It’s not like you or this dimension are even all that important anyways.”

"Hope you don’t mind if I take exception to that your worshipfulness." Buffy said as she pulled her fist back and threw a punch at the woman. The slayer winced at the jarring affect that hitting the woman had on her hand.

Where her fist connected it jerked the woman’s head back but that was all as she watched the amused woman turn her head back to face her. "You hit me!" The woman said in surprise, seeming more annoyed that she had struck her than anything else. It also didn’t seem like the woman had really felt the blow either. The woman backhanded the slayer into the wall.

Buffy gasped as she felt herself slam into the wall. She felt blood trickling down the side of her face where her nails had sliced her cheek open and she had either bruised or cracked ribs where she had slammed into the wall. All of that from just an annoyed swipe of her hand. The slayer realized that she just might be in more trouble than she had originally thought as she looked down at her throbbing hand. She hadn't broken anything but she might have jammed her arm. Buffy climbed to her feet and did a running kick aiming for the softer stomach area. The woman managed to catch the foot and then swung sending Buffy crashing into another wall.

"You don’t really think that you have a chance in this do you?" Glory asked as she lifted the small blonde by the back of her shirt. Buffy squirmed a bit and slipped out of the white long sleeved shirt she had been wearing over a spaghetti strap shirt. She then slammed both of her legs into the woman finally knocking her back. As Buffy climbed to her feet she saw a blur and suddenly she felt herself being hit from all sides. She held her sides for a moment as she fell and saw the blur slow down and turn into Glory. She stood over the Slayer and raised her fist to finish her off.

As the blow was about to hit her, the blonde braced herself and closed her eyes to accept the blow. When nothing happened she slowly opened her eyes and saw that the woman’s fist was hovering a few centimeters front of her face. She could actually feel the fist against her eyelash as she blinked. She leaned her head back in surprise. She scooted away from the fist before looking around the room. She saw what looked like an old man, or at least he had long white hair and a beard. He had a body that looked like that of a wrestler or body builder. Not that she spent anytime watching guys workout at the gym because that would be wrong.

“You were doing impressive little Slayer,” the figure informed her, “however, despite all that you were still about to lose. And once you lose you die in this fight.”

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that wasn’t really much with the whole holding back or anything.” The Slayer returned as she slowly climbed back up to her feet. She noticed that woman was blurring slightly, and seemed to be moving in slow motion. “So ah who are you now?”

“I am Zeus, King of the Greek Pantheon.” The man said proudly.

“And I’m sure the Greek panthers are all very happy for you.” The Slayer said warily, wondering briefly if she had just traded one powerful crazy person for another. “Oh wait, you mean the king of the god’s right?” She asked as his name penetrated her mind.

“As I said, I am Zeus King of the Gods, and I have a proposition for you little Slayer. We give you the power to fight this thing and we get to claim you as our Champion for this World.”

“Uh huh, and what do you get out of having me work as your personal little Champion?” The blonde asked slightly disbelieving that the God would just offer her power without some strings attached to it. “Besides I already have a deal with the Powers that Be in case you forgot.”

The God chuckled a bit. “I see that the blonde act is indeed just that, an act. The beauty of Aphrodite combined with the wisdom of Athena serves you well youngling. I can make this deal because certain rules were broken allowing me to interfere. Had she waited some time then I would not have been able to help you.”

“So, what are the strings, and what are the powers that you’re talking about anyways?” She asked, her voice colored with curiosity. Now that she knew that there was a reason that he was doing this now.

The God nodded his head in understanding. “The power I offer you is a great power.” The God promised her. “You have a companion that loves the comics as I understand correct?”

“Yeah, Xander likes his comics and his twinkies.” The blonde said in agreement. “What’s that got to do with anything though?” She questioned not understanding.

Zeus ignored the questions as he continued on. “Have you ever heard of a hero called Wonder Woman then?”

Buffy frowned for a minute. “Wait, she’s the one that flies around with the shiny rope and wears the flag bathing suit right?” The Slayer questioned curiously.

“Yes indeed she is.” Zeus said with a chuckle at the description. “I can give you the power of the Wonder Woman, little Slayer. I can make you stronger and faster than you can imagine, I can make you nearly invulnerable; give you the power of flight and a host of other powers.” Zeus promised her with a knowing grin. “You will be more than a match for this Hell Goddess that you’re fighting right now.” He said, nodding to the slow moving Glory that was turning around.

“What’s the catch?” Buffy asked curiously, as her eyes drifted between the two powerful beings. Zeus had more raw power it seemed, yet Glory was the one that had been using her as a punching bag. Why he didn’t just stop her she didn’t know.

“If I give you this power though Slayer, then you will no longer be bound to the hellmouth. Instead the world will be you’re responsibility. It shall be your duty to go and deal with the monsters that haunt the world throughout it all. For too long have we Gods been forced to stand aside and watch as the world falls apart young Slayer. We have decided no more though we shall allow it. No more shall we watch. We will give you the power to defend all parts of the world. The Council of Godheads has awoken from our long rest. We have spoken together, and already we have begun choosing our new Champions. The world shall be protected as it once was.”

“And the catch?” Buffy said nervously, as she listened to the Olympian and his offer. It all sounded so good, too good to be true without there being some sort of cost.

“You must agree to release the dark Slayer to take your place here while you go throughout the world and take on new duties and responsibilities.” The Olympian informed her.

“Like I said there’s the catch.” Buffy said crossing her arms and staring defiantly at the God. “I can’t do that, the price is too high. I don’t trust Faith to do right by everyone else. If I did that I don’t know what could happen.”

Zeus frowned at the young woman annoyance his eyes flashing with lighting. “I see very well then. I shall come once more if you change your mind. While I cannot fight your battle for you maybe the fact that you are now prepared for her will help you do battle.”

“Maybe,” Buffy said as she sidestepped out of the way of the slow moving figure and slammed her fist into her. As the two connected they rejoined with regular flow of time as the woman was sent tumbling forward.

Glory glared at her angrily. “You’re going to pay for that slayer.” She snarled. Stepping forward she backhanded the slayer. Buffy let out a huff of air as the blow picked her up and tossed her into the wall. Buffy felt the side of her face and winced she was fairly sure that her cheekbone or jaw had just been broke. As Buffy tried climbing to her feet the woman in a red dress picked her up by her shirt. The woman shook the young woman around a couple of times before throwing her through the doorway that she had bordered up to keep her and Adam in. The Slayer looked behind her and saw that her shocked friends were climbing to their feet. Looking up behind them they saw Riley follow the Slayer a moment later before the unknown blonde woman. The Scoobies looked behind them as they saw Spike and Graham come out from the other way. The pair noticed the unknown woman and charged at her. The hell goddess moved quickly. She slammed her fist into Spikes chest ripping his heart out. She smirked at the group as she withdrew her bloodied hand yanking the vampires heart out.

“Bugger,” Spike said before he dusted. Graham fired his gun at the woman and they all watched as the woman moved out of the way of the stream of bullets. She then appeared behind the soldier and grabbed him from behind. She lifted him up and seemed to be considering what she should do with her before a casual twitch snapped his neck and she let him drop to the ground. Giles was next as he tried to tackle the woman while Buffy looked for a weapon. The hellgod glared at the man. “Hey, hands off the bod.” She said as she backhanded him into the wall. The Watcher coughed a bit from where he laid. The woman towered over him delivered several sharp kick to his ribs. The Watcher gasped in agony as he felt the ribs snap like twigs.

Xander, Riley, Willow, and Buffy body slammed her and pushed into the main room. The hellgod pushed the scoobies away until only Riley was left. She grabbed him by the face and slammed downward. The scoobies all winced as they saw the skull shatter beneath her hand. Moving faster than any of them could follow the woman came up behind Xander and sliced her nails into his flesh. The construction worker collapsed as the damage was done to his spine. Willow and Buffy were the only ones left. The Slayer moved forward only for the hell god to move around and disable the witch in training by tossing her into the pit where the demons were. The witch screamed in pain as her arms were pierced as she fell onto the spikes of another demon.

“Now that all of your friends are out of the way lets finish this." Glory said with an insane smile gracing her lips.

Buffy looked at the scattered trail of her broken friends that the hell goddess had left. As it was her friends might not survive. The Goddess had decimated them all with ease. If she didn’t think of a way to stop her then they would all be dead. Unfortunately there was only one way for her to stop the crazy woman. Either take the deal or her friends died. Casting one final look at them she called out. “Fine Zeus, I accept your offer. I’ll even help get Faith out of Jail myself if I have to.” Electricity filled the air as what looked like small lightning bolts began to surround the slayer and lights exploded around her. While the energy cage formed around her the ground began to move under her feet. It worked its way upward slowly incasing her body in Earth. Soon she was covered in the substance making it seem as if she had become a statue. Willow and Xander could only watch helplessly as their friend appeared to be transformed into a statue. They watched as the lighting bolts began to change colors and strike the statue seeming to remake it into a new image.

“Get out of my way.” Glory snarled as demons and soldiers attacked her. She reached out and grabbed two of them throwing them away from her. The hell god approached the energy cage. Reaching out her hand to grab one of the bolts she was suddenly blasted away as the energy reacted to her. The hell god had a look of fury on her face as she rose to her feet. A cracking sound could be heard and those watching could see glowing cracks start to appear along the statue. The lightning bolts glowed brighter as they fed more power into the statue. With a large crack the stone shattered off of the figure incased inside. The hell god turned to regard her opponent. Her clothes had been replaced with what looked like Greek armor. She was dressed in dark red leather one piece dress with a golden chest plate in the shape of an eagle, a blue leather skirt with silver studs in the shape of stars. On her waist she wore a golden belt with a glowing golden rope. She wore heavy red metal boots that came up to her knees and silver bracers that covered most of her forearms. Atop her head was a golden tiara with a red gem in the middle of it. The young woman’s clothes were not the only thing to change though. Her body had as well. The short girl had grown a couple of inches while incased in stone. Her once bleach blonde hair had changed to an all natural blonde. Her once petite figure was now also a marvel as she now had carefully sculpted muscles all over her body. The new Champion of the Greek Pantheon nodded toward the hell goddess and charged.

She moved in and delivered several blows to the woman’s body this time as she connected they didn’t damage her own hands and instead sent her opponent flying around the room. Glory stumbled back to her feet and began moving at super speed again. Buffy saw the blows coming this time and managed to block the blows. She then slammed her own hand into the woman’s face sending her flying into the electric fence. She slammed into the gate getting a nasty shock as the blonde triedshocking the Hell god who merely shrugged it off as if it was nothing as she climbed back to her feet. Her dress now had some burn marks on it but she was still in the fight. Reaching out the hell god yanked a heavy metal pipe up and threw it at her revitalized opponent. The armored figure knocked the incoming missile off course with her bracer before moving forward. The two figures slammed into each other and began trading blows. Buffy was the more skilled fighter but Glory was more used to fighting beings at high level of speeds and having strength levels that could be measured in the tons. Her experience was giving her an edge as she slammed the Greek Champion through one wall. Buffy grunted as she climbed to her feet only to be met by a foot that smacked her in the face. Grinning Glory leaned down picked up the hero and threw her back the way that she had come. A tumbling Slayer landed near Xander.

Buffy looked at her friend who was hurt and in pain before climbing back to her feet. As Glory sped over to repeat her attack Buffy stopped the leg and then flipped the hell goddess over knocking her to the ground. Now that Buffy was back on her feet she eyed the woman carefully before she lashed out striking out at her, knocking the hell goddess s hard as she could. The taunting from both of them had long since stopped as they were now completely focused on beating each other.

Glory snarled as she lifted a large computer terminal with one hand and threw it. Buffy ducked beneath the shot and did a flying tackle that brought Glory down. As she straddled her she began raining down more blows before a back hand sent her flying away. The two were both back on their feet and eyeing each other. Glory made the first move and rushed Buffy and slammed both her hands into the young woman by sending her flying again.

Buffy climbed to her feet wondering how much more of this she could take. The longer this went the less likely it was that she could win. Glory simply had to many tricks. Her hand strayed to the rop at her side and she suddenly knew what it could do. This lasso was a combination of Wonder Woman’s and Wonder Girl’s Golden Lasso’s which meant it was more than just unbreakable. Palming the rope she leaped at the woman. She kneed her in the stomach and then an uppercut to the face dazed her. While she was weakened she tied her up. The rope was unbreakable and there was no way that the Hell God could manage to get out of those bindings. It was time to finish this though as she doubted that Glory would leave now that she had been beaten. Focusing on her rope she allowed the power of the rope to flow and watched as lighting streamed through the rope and began pouring its power into Glory. The woman screamed once before falling.

Buffy stopped and hobbled over to check her over as she got close she loosened the rope and that was when Glory struck the Hell God had merely been playing possum. She reached out and snagged the rope and wrapped it around Buffy’s throat and smirked at her. Buffy knocked her head back catching her in the face knocking the goddess off of her. Buffy then moved toward her and grabbed her from behind with a twist she broke the woman’s neck.

As the Hell Goddess fell, Buffy sighed with relief. Xander clapped weakly from where he was lying on the ground. Neither of them even noticed as the figure changed into that of a man. “Buffster, I can now die happy a happy man.” He told her with a weak grin. “You’ve managed to combine a Wonder Woman costume and Xena armor and wear it.” He joked at her.

Buffy smiled at her friend blushing slightly as she realized how revealing the armor actually was. "Yeah well glad I could make you happy." She told him. She then walked over to her friend and tied him onto a makeshift stretcher Giles and Willow each on their own. The blonde looked sadly at the remains of what had been Graham and Riley both men had died needlessly. She made sure the group was secured before she shakily took off hauling her friends towards the elevator shaft. Once she pulled them out of the building she managed to secure them to a truck and drove them out toward the hospital. Once there she took them to the emergency room.

She then waited through the next 24 hours as the doctors worked over her friends. With Willow they couldn’t do much. During the fight her friend had landed on a demon with several poison covered spines. The poison had entered through her nervous system. This meant that she had extremely twitchy hands that would occasionally spasm from time to time. The redhead probably wouldn’t ever speed hack or perform complex spells ever again without any help. Giles had most of his rib cage shattered and would likely spend anywhere from the next year to three years recovering from his injuries and that was if he was lucky. They thought that they had managed to remove the fragments from anything vital as well. Buffy made a mental note to call some of Giles magic friends to make sure his body healed right. Finally there was Xander who actually might have come through with the least amount of injury. They had been forced to operate on his spine and had somehow managed to repair some of the damage that the Hell Goddess had done to him. He would always tire easily and have a permanent heavy limp but at least he would be able to walk again. Buffy couldn’t help but think of the skateboard that Xander used to own and how he would probably never do anything like that again. His recovery was listed at a year to six months.

Buffy visited with them all for a few minutes the heavy meds that they were all under meant that the visits were short. She looked over at her mom whom had come when she heard that they were all lying in the hospital. She wondered what the woman would say when she learned that the amount of power it would take to make her lie in a hospital bed now. Then again she doubted her mom wanted to hear how she had to leave or that she was pretty much an immortal now though.

She walked out to get some coffee her first one where she wouldn’t be worrying about her friends being alive or dead when she walked back into the room. Her relief left her as she saw four soldiers making their way toward her. Considering all the trouble that the military had given her recently she really didn’t want to deal with them now. The four men appeared to be packed for bear and were coming straight at her though.

“Miss Summers,” one of them said, “the government would like to ask you some questions. You are to surrender yourself at once. Failure to comply with this order will result in our having to use forced to take you into custody and treat you as a hostile.”

“Yeah, so please make the smart choice.” One of the soldiers said with a cocky grin as he looked at the former slayer.

"And just who in particular is it that wants to talk with me?" Buffy questioned warily.

"The colonel just wants to ask you some questions. There is also the fact that you may have stolen government property and research that enhanced your already considerable abilities."

"What, he’s taking credit for my abilities?" Buffy fumed in annoyance. "He and the government had nothing to do with any of my powers or abilities and there is no way that I am coming with you just so you can poke and prod me either.”

The soldier seemed to shrug at this. "Have it your way Miss Summers. Our orders are to bring you in dead or alive." He informed her as they all raised their weapons at her.

"This is your last chance to surrender yourself Miss Summers.” One of them growled while people began disappearing into other rooms out of the line of gun fire.

“No thanks.” Buffy returned to him.

“Very well then, fire!” All four men opened fire on the slayer with their assault rifles. The Greek Champion responded by raising her arms and then began moving at speeds she had never known she could move at. As bullets whizzed all around her, the ones that would have hit her ended up bouncing off of her bracers. For several minutes this went on until each man’s rifle emptied and they stared in shock as the saw the unharmed young woman was unharmed. Her bracers weren’t even damaged despite the damage shots that they had taken.

“Take her.” The lead soldier commanded leading the group into attack. Buffy ducked the stock of a rifle and delivered a punch that bent him over while he was down her knee rose up and slammed into his face. She spun on her heel and delivered a kick to the next one to charge at her. The next two came at her at the same time from either side, their rifles with bayonets attached. The blonde leaned back and let the weapons pass by her. She reached up and grabbed the weapon barrels and jerked the guns out of the hands of their owners. She then slammed the weapons into the chests of the soldiers sending them flying into opposite walls. The soldiers all groaned in pain as they lay on the ground.

“At least you’re already at the hospital.” The young woman offered the group with a smile as she watched the various medical people come out from hiding to check on the downed men. The super powered girl headed for the nearest exit knowing that she had to get out now while she could. Sooner or later her not so favorite colonel would send more people in after her.

As she walked out the doors she was surprised as she saw around fifty men with assault rifles standing at the ready with their guns focused on her. She blinked a bit as the various laser sights covered her head and torso. Several small spotlights from jeeps focused on her and a large one from a helicopter pinned her. “That’s far enough Summers.” The colonel shouted from a megaphone from the helicopter. A stealth helicopter swung around from the other side of the building flashing its lights on her as well. She could distantly hear the sound of jeeps and running boots as the men stationed on the other side of the hospital moved to join them.

As the blonde watched the group her mind began filling with information about the various weapons and capabilities that each of them had. It seemed that Zeus hadn’t told her everything that she could do. She thought as she now knew how they worked instead of just doing it without knowing. A definite improvement over the old slayer package she thought.

"You’re surrounded Summers give yourself up. You’re too valuable to the country for us to just let you go and do your own thing. Adam may not have worked out like we hoped but you might. Now stand down before we’re forced to hurt you."

"So not happening Colonel." Buffy returned at him. "By the way you have a funny way of saying thanks for saving our asses." She shot off angrily. "I’ll be sure to remember it." The blonde then shot into the air past the colonel and all of the others and took off leaving only a streak of red, blue and gold behind her. The blonde was furious as she took off.

As the Greek Champion calmed down she took notice that she had managed to reach LA in a matter of minutes. She landed on the ground and looked around two figures stood waiting for her as she landed. "How ya doing kid?" Whistler greeted her as she came before them.

“Whistler,” Buffy greeted coolly. “What are you doing here?”

“New assignment actually kid.” The balance demon explained to her. "My new job is to work with the current slayer and since that means helping her out of this mess then that’s what I got to do. After that I’m to report to Sunnydale and act as her connection to the bosses. All of the rules have been changed and they’re having to work to put everything in balance that they can.”

Buffy nodded at the demon as she turned to the other figure. “And you are?” She questioned. The figure was lithe and good looking and felt familiar somehow.

“Hermes,” the figure returned at her. “Your speed and flight were my blessings. I’m also the messenger of Zeus, so we’ll probably see each other from time to time. I’m here to make sure that you and the Powers follow through right now though. We know that you’re tempted to stay but it’s too dangerous. You saw what they tried to do to you earlier today.” He reminded her. “If you hadn’t left they probably would have turned you into a science experiment and had some of those chips of theirs implanted in you.”

Buffy nodded and shivered her understanding. She then turned as she saw Faith walk out of the gates of jail. The young woman looked uncertain as she looked around at where she was. Sighing Buffy raised her hand and gestured her over. Faith took a look at the trio and took an uncertain step back before swallowing, squaring her shoulders, and walking right up to them.

“B,” Faith greeted with false bravo that didn’t reach the rest of her face. “Nice clothes.” She complimented with a bit of envy as she noted the leather and armor the other girl wore. She would have gone with all black personally but this was Buffy who liked to pretend that she was something that she wasn’t. "See you finally decided to get that growth spurt." She wondered how that happened as Buffy was now as tall as she was and her figure seemed to be just as full as hers was as well. It was a real odd change and she couldn't wait to hear how it had all happened.

“Faith,” Buffy greeted with a strained smile.

“So why am I out?” The brunette questioned. “I had Wolfram and Hart and good lawyers overturning anything and everything that there was to get me out of that mess.” She said jerking her thumb at the prison.

“Rules have been changed, and as a Champion you have to be moved.” Buffy explained before either of the others gave some long winded speech about what was happening. She knew that the Slayer would prefer a simple as explanation as possible. “Someone broke a lot of the rules so now everything has to be put in differently. Because of the rule change though I got bumped up by the Greek Gods and that means you got to head for Sunnyhell.”

“Okay.” Faith said a little unsure. “Do the others know about all of this?”

“They’re all in the hospital and are probably stuck in research from now on.” Buffy informed her. “Giles and Xander are in the hospital and Willow has nerve damage. They can explain it to you later. If you want a team you’re going to have to make your own.” Buffy informed her. “Whistler here says that it’s his job to go with you and act like your connection to the Powers. Be careful with him though he likes to talk in riddles.”

“And where are you and hunky going?” Faith asked as she eyed the other figure with B.

“Away.” Buffy returned to her.

“Training,” Hermes said, “her powers have increased massively, and she has to be retrained before she’s ready to do anything right now. She has the knowledge of what to do she just needs the experience to balance her out.”

“Take care of each other.” Buffy told her. The dark haired Slayer nodded and looked over at Whistler who was fishing out a pair of keys. She turned back to say something but saw a sight she hadn’t been prepared for. There was Buffy and her new boy flying away. Buffy nowhere near as steady, but getting better. She used her hearing to listen in on what they were saying.

“I don’t know why it’s so hard now. I did this earlier.” The former slayer whined out.

“Yes, but that was when you were reacting to a hundred soldiers and two helicopters on your tail.” The other figure told her. There was some more grumbling but it was soon to soft for Faith to hear.

“Hey kid lets go.” Whistler said as he pulled up in an old Dodge Charger. “We got to get back to Sunnyhell, and unless you want to explain why you’re with me to Angel we need to get on the road. And let me tell you with Angel you never know how he’s going to react. Besides he has his own new path to follow anyways.”

Faith nodded and slid through the open window. “What?” She asked him. “I always wanted to do that.” She defended herself.

“Whatever Slayer, but you’re not painting her orange, welding the doors shut, or replacing the horn.” Whistler informed her.

“Slayer?” Faith asked in surprise.

“That’s right kid you’re the Slayer now. Blondie has other things to do now.” Faith nodded and leaned back wondering what all it really did mean for her and how her life would be now. Would she be out of the blonde’s shadow or would she make her own. Her thoughts stayed on this as they passed out of the city and onto the highway. Well that and how to convince Whistler to let her paint the car black and soup up the engine. She also needed to find her a guy to deal with her H&H. There were some things that even she didn’t get into.


I used the designs for the armor based off Xena’s armor and a picture I found online at for the way I described the armor. 
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