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Bill Weasley scratched the side of his face grimacing as he felt the scar tissue and stubble. The scars were a result from the war with Voldemort. The infamous werewolf Fenrir Greyback had scratched him up while in his human form. The wounds had given him weakened benefits of the werewolf but nothing more. He now had the slightly better senses and stamina that most werewolves had. He hated the feel of the scars on his face sometimes but knew that he had no right to complain about them. There were others that had gotten far worse than a few scratches on their face. His family were prime examples of that. One brother dead another shattered at the loss of said brother, Ginny was also lost though she seemed to be feeling the loss of George more than the loss of her boyfriend. She also had night terrors of her time stuck in Hogwarts and from when she had been possessed. Then there was his dad, the man might not talk about it but they all saw the blood that some days leaked out of the wounds that he had gotten from Voldemort’s bloody snake. The magic of the poison was still in the scars. Finally there was his youngest brother Ron. The fiery tempered young man was a broken shell of himself with his best friend dead and the other member of the trio having disappeared. It was figured a sympathizer had found the young muggle born witch. The loss of the pair though had made him lost. Harry and Hermione had given Ron a direction in his life without them he was like a drifting ship. Everyone had thought that harry would win the war for them. Voldemort was supposed to fall to the young wizard. Everyone thought that he was the next Dumbledore or Flamel. Instead some unknown calling himself Gryffindor had done it. Ron had told them that Harry had made it possible for Voldemort to die but had never explained what he meant saying the fewer that knew the fewer Dark Lords that would come back to haunt them if the knowledge ever became public.

The eldest of the Weasley children had only been to glad to return to Egypt at the request of his old curse breaking mentor. An old Egyptian temple had been found by his mentor and he had summoned all of his best and brightest students to help him open the temple up. The goblins had been a bit put out with him, but it seemed that had more to do with the fact that Ron was his brother. It had something to do with a pureblood vault, a sword, and a dragon. He never had been able to get the tale out of the goblins or Ron. So here he was back in Egypt preparing to enter a Temple.

“Well lads, this will be interesting.” The man said with his heavy accent as they all took one final look upward at the mighty temple. “Let’s get started then.” The others nodded as they eyed each other nervously there were curse breakers, ward setters, ward breakers, Rune Layers, Herbologist, Healers, a Magical Creatures and Squib treasure hunter trained. Combined they were one of the most skilled treasure hunting teams ever created. The man had trained them all to be some of the best in their fields. As one the ward breakers and curse breakers began slicing through the defenses around the building. The group moved slowly but surely as they sliced through all of the various defenses that had been placed. In the weeks that that they had they spent the first three days just getting through the front doors and it was two weeks later that they found the chamber that would change their lives.

It was one of the centermost chambers and as they walked in they noted all of the gold underfoot. As they waved their wands they saw something that very few magical beings had ever seen resting its head on the floor. “Is that a Pendragon?” Bill questioned in awe as he looked at a golden dragon with giant wings sleeping before them. He remembered Charlie telling him a bit about these creatures and just how rare they were. He just wished he remembered more about them right now.

“That it is.” One of their Magical Creature experts said in awe. “Their scales are actually worth more than Goblin gold.” The wizard said.

“What’s an British Isle dragon doing in a temple in the Egyptian dessert though?” Someone asked.

“This one must have been brought over as an egg to act as guardian for the temple.” The wizard returned. “There are only a handful of these beasts still alive and this one is in hibernation. They’re supposed to be amongst the fiercest and most intelligent of dragons ever. According to Legends Merlin allowed Arthur to ride on his pet Pendragon when it was younger. Rumor has it that the same dragon’s scales were melted down and formed a special suit of golden armor for Arthur. They’re supposed to be the King of the Dragons, the only dragons that have a chance of beating a full grown Basilisk in a straight up fight. Some legends say that they can take a killing curse and survive their hides are supposed to be that powerful. This beast alone could finance and justify the expenses of this trip.” The man said with a grin. “If we could get it to shed soon we would be able to pay the goblins off.”

While everyone else was discussing the beast and its worth Bill was looking around. His time of surviving the war made him a bit more cautious and wanting to secure the room first before deciding it was safe. Off to one side stood a small stand and on it rested a golden cape. On a nearby table rested gloves, boots, belt, and on another table beneath a protective case stood a golden helmet. If he had to guess he would say that they were all made from Pendragon hide and the helmet from the horns. Before he could call anyone over a loud roar was heard and several Anubites crawled out of the shadows. The creatures were human shaped the difference though was that they had the heads of jackals and were nearly seven feet tall. The creatures were gifted with enhanced speed, strength, agility, senses and could jump some thirty feet. They were some of the most dangerous killers in Egypt As they came closer to the worried wizards a part of the wall seemed to come to life as several golems rose from the gold and headed toward them. A part of the wall slid to the side and a mummy stepped out into view.

The mummy seemed to be the leader as it shambled forward. “Ah wizards, at last you are here.” The creature said. “I wondered how long it would take you to find my home.” The creature raised its arms and wrappings sprang from its arms and wrapped all around a wizard. “Give me your strength, your magic, your knowledge.” It hissed out at the tied wizard. The bound wizard glowed for a moment and the glow moved up the wrappings and toward the mummy. “Yes,” the creature said seeming to grow before their eyes. It released the wizard and all that was left was a withered husk of a person.

“Anthony!” Someone shouted in surprise as they looked at what had been an Italian wizard but was now a husk.

Everyone responded by firing various spells out at the creatures. The mummy moved faster than they had thought possible as it dodged two spells and wrapped another wizard in its grip. The transfer happened again killing the wizard. The others scattered determined to make it more difficult for the monster to suck their lives and magic away from them.

Bill fell into the case that had held the golden objects and knocked the down he looked at the fallen garments carelessly and would have continued on if a stray spell hadn’t struck the helmet. The blast of magical power made the helmet’s eyes slots glow. It rose into the air and spun slowly as if taking everything in. “Greetings young one, it appears that you are in some trouble.” It noted to the redhead who snorted at the helmet.

“You could say that.” Bill said as he saw a familiar glow of yet another wizard falling to the mummy.

“I can help you man of Order. Allow me to rejoin the world. Take up the raiment’s of the Egyptians. Let the old ones share their power with you.”

“And what would I get out of this deal?” Bill asked warily. He was doubtful that the deal would help him. He remembered his father often saying never to try anything that you didn’t know where its brain was. He also knew from all of his dealings with the goblins that good deals rarely came around and that when you were pressured was always the worst time to take a deal.

“I would enhance your mystical powers, and give you other abilities.” The helmet said. “With these abilities you would be able to stop the madness that happens here. You would be one of the champions that the Gods of Egypt call forth. Know though that if you choose to accept that you will forever be charged with guarding the world. It is not a light duty that you could take.”

Bill flinched as another purple glow happened. He didn’t have a choice he could either do this or die. He only had one thing to check. “Is this going to disrupt my marriage?” He asked as he thought of the young woman back at Shell Cottage waiting for his return.

The helm regarded him for a moment. “It could,” it replied to him honestly. “You will have other duties now along with what you do now. It could change how you live. The Gods of Egypt will not ask you to sacrifice your life together so that you can do their will though. It will mean that she will have to accept this part of you as well.”

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Bill said hoping he wasn’t making a mistake. The helm glowed for a moment before it rose and settled itself on his head a white flash of light erupted from them and then settled. Bill looked down at his clothes and noticed that he was now wearing a blue tunic and pants with the golden gloves, boots, and belt on him. “Can it be red?” He asked the helm showing it the soft Gryffindor red that he had grown up knowing.

“I suppose.” The helm said the clothes shifted and he was now dressed in red and gold.

“Perfect,” Bill said as he examined his clothes. He looked up as the Anubites and mummy walked around a corner. He noticed that the mummy was dropping his latest victim and by the robes he knew that his mentor was now dead. Here goes nothing the young wizard though as he brought his hands up and blasted the Anubites away.

The mummy merely watched as the unknown destroyed the Anubites. “Impressive young one you have managed to destroy my followers. Who are you that wears the raiment’s of a high Mage though?”

“You can call me Fate.” The figure returned as the helm fed him a name as he crossed his arms and glared at the mummy. “You have fed now creature, return to your slumber and trouble the world no more.” He commanded.

“Ah but I cannot.” The mummy said with a leering grin. “You see, from those that I fed on I have learned of all that has transpired while I slept. The wards that have bound me here are no more and if I need to I can now disable any of the remaining wards that hold me here.” It held a hand up and magical energy seemed to crackle around in its hand. “I am a slave to these walls no longer. I shall be free and I shall return the old kingdom back to its glory. There have to be others like me that will rise once I have shown myself.”

“Your days are over ancient one.” Fate returned. “I will stop you if I have to.”

“Please don’t make me laugh. I have the combined strength of over ten wizards flowing through me and you think with the aid of a few trinkets you can stand against me?” The wrappings sprang from its arms and wrapped around the red and gold figure. “Yes feed me. “

Bill grimaced as he felt the power in him being fed off of by this parasite. He had tried this the easy way now it was time to do this the hard way it seemed. He gathered the magic in him and pushed outward creating a dome styled shield around him another push and the wrappings were broken. He hovered about ten feet off the ground and stared at the mummy. You have forced my hand creature. He lowered himself to the ground and punched it as hard as he could he watched as the mummy was tossed into a wall by his punch.

“If that is the way that you wish to do it.” The mummy spat as it raised its hands and talons sprouted from his finger nails. Fate waited as the feral mummy lunged at him. The creature sending enchanted claws at him while Fate returned with super powered blows. The mummy slashed and managed to catch him in the chest drawing blood spinning the monster slammed his talons into his back but watched in disbelief as his claws snapped when he hit. “How?” He hissed.

“Pendragon cape.” The figure returned as he backhanded his attacker in another wall. “Its’ time to finish this he said as he raised his hands he began firing magical energy at the mummy.

Not about to give up the monster snarled and returned fire with its stolen magic. The two stalemated for a moment and then with an extra surge of magical power slammed his spell fire into the mummy. Fate observed the fallen creature before raising his hand and fiendfyre surrounded the creature within minutes the flames had destroyed the monster. The Anubites all backed away as Fate gathered the bodies of the fallen and the handful of survivors.

They had come as a team of twenty and now counting Bill there were only six wizards left. “I have done my duty and stopped him.” He said bowing to the group. “Perhaps next time you will research a bit more.” He told the group. He looked down sadly at the fallen figure of his mentor before he stepped into a portal.

He reappeared out of sight on the other side of the room and removed the helm. Once the helm was removed his clothes returned to what they had been before. He looked himself over for a moment in amazement before he placed the helm in his pack. Had he chosen just a little sooner then there was a good chance that more of them would have survived the encounter. He then moved forward to join the others who all greeted him sadly. The group then gathered the bodies of their friends and then headed out. Bill wondered what this change meant and who it was that he should tell. Only time would tell just what it was that he would do for now. He needed to learn how to use these new abilities though before he ended up hurting himself.
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