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Blade is a Marvel Comics character, the Morrigan are Irish War Gods, and the rest are BTVS characters.


Angel the infamous vampire with a soul once known as Angelus, the vampire with an angelic face, the heir of Aurlies, member of the Scourge of Europe. For being only two hundred years old that was quiet a record. Many supernatural creatures took four or five hundred years to acquire the same type of reputation that he had. The fact that most of his reputation had been earned in the first hundred years was even more amazing. The only one to have come close to the reputation that Angelus had would be Spike his grand childe who had become the Slayer of Slayers. The dark haired vampire currently had a duffle bag over his shoulder with the handful of odds and ends that he had managed to save from his home. Wolfram & Hart’s demon sorcerer had destroyed his home and nearly destroyed his friends before he had managed to stop him. Everything was different than it had been a week ago. It was hard to believe that technically after everything that had happened that he could probably consider it all to be a draw.

Wolfram and Hart had lost one of their more powerful demon sorcerer’s, the scroll with all of the prophecies about him, and finally there was his personal favorite of Lindsay and his loss of an arm. Angel actually felt kind of good about that last one. On the other hand though Angel had lost his home and offices to the explosion, and the Oracles were dead. Wolfram and Hart had managed to recover whatever it was that they had summoned by sacrificing a group of vampires. Angel had managed to save his team, recover the prophecy scroll, and kill the demon. He would have to wait to see what would come next though he doubted that it was all over. Whatever was in that cage had something to do with him he was sure of it. He doubted that a scroll with his prophecy on it was going to be summoning something for Buffy to fight. He didn’t know how to go about figuring out just what it was tough or how he was supposed to stop it.

The vampire sighed before he turned and looked toward the east. He could feel the sun rising and with its rising meant that it was time for him to retreat back to Cordy’s place. It wouldn’t do for him to be caught out in the sun after all of this. As he turned he noticed a blanket of fall rolling in and fast. Something was using powerful magic and it was heading right for him. As he smelled the air hoping that he would be able to get an idea of what he was facing he was surprised as he sensed a bit of Ireland his homeland in the air. He wondered what would bring his homeland to him. A loud cawing sound seemed to echo off of the street. Looking into the fog, he saw a dark shape flying at him. The wings were moving up and down and he realized he was staring at a bird. He waited as the black bird flew toward him. As it got closer he recognized it as a crow and wondered what it wanted. The bird came nearer and then seemed to pick up speed and Angel had to dive to the side as it dive bombed him its talons nicking his scalp. The bird wheeled around and Angel prepared himself for its next pass. He was a little surprised when he watched the bird split into three different birds.

“I really don’t have time for this.” The vampire complained as he eyed the trio of dark feathered birds. His eyes roamed around looking for a way out of this mess. There off to the side was a sewer entrance. If he could make it to that and get in there he would be safe and then he could either wait them out until nightfall or he could wait for them to come down to him where they would lose the advantage of flight since the tunnels would box them in and he could easily run alongside of the walls if he needed to. He dove for the entrance only for the birds to block him from entering. Angel nervously looked where the rays of the sun were heading toward him. He moved forward and the birds moved to intercept him. He drew a stake from his jacket and threw it at the birds while charging forward. The crow managed to dodge the sharpened projectile and fly at him. Angel held his arms over his face as the birds began clawing and pecking at him. With no choice but to bear it Angel made his way toward the hatch. He vaguly noted that the birds had stopped as he reached the entrance and pulled. He was shocked as he found that the sewer lid was to heavy for him to lift. Either the explosion had welded it shut or something was holding it down. He turned to glare at the three birds that were now watching him. He let his inner demon out and snarled in defiance as he put all of his strength into lifting the lid. He ignored the rising sun as he began bunching all of his muscles he had for one final try with a roar he lifted the lid and pushed it to the side he looked at the crows with a snarl only to notice he was covered in sunlight but was not burning.

“How?” Angel questioned as he let the demon down as he looked around him in awe as he felt the sun upon his face yet still did not burn. This was supposed to be impossible yet here he was standing in the light of the morning sun.

“Well done champion.” An accented voice behind congratulated him.

The unknown and unexpected voice caused the vampire to spin around dropping the sewer lid as he fell into a defensive crouch in the shadows of the buildings. He noticed three women in ancient chain mail armor that hugged their figures stood before him. Angel looked at the figures carefully as he tried to figure out just who he was dealing with. The three were like no one that he knew of off the top of his head though for some reason he was reminded of the furies. “Who are you?” He questioned nervously as he felt their power.

“We are Badb, Macha and Nemain.” The three echoed as they spoke making the vampire frown as he listened. The frown turned to nervousness as he recognized the names.

“No way,” he returned as he looked the three over shaking his head in disbelief at the claim that the three had just given him. “You can’t be the Morrigan. He argued at them as he placed the names. “They were a story or a myth that my father used to tell me of the old ways. There is no way that you can be the Triple Goddess of War. He declared as he stared at them defiantly.

“And as you well know Champion, the stories of old have a nasty habit of being based on reality or coming true. Are you yourself not a being of stories meant to cause children to obey when they are told to?” The three women questioned with a smile as they all continued to talk as one.

“But the Morrigan?” Angel asked still trying to wrap his head around that. “If you’re real then how come I’ve never heard o you appearing to someone before?” He questioned them as he began slipping into his old accent.

“Would ye prefer that we converse in Gaelic little Champion?” They questioned him with amusement.

The vampire realized that they were who they claimed and nodded his head to the gods of his homeland. “What do you want?” Angel questioned deciding that he might as well listen to what it was that these beings wanted. He doubted that it was anything good for him though.

“Angel, the vampire once known as Angelus. We have come to set you on your new path.”

“Thanks, but I already have the scroll it should be enough to get me started on the path I’m on now.” The vampire replied hoping that they were either here to replace the Oracles or that they were simply late in the party of directing him in what to do. Sure Wes hadn’t gotten everything on the scroll translated but he was working on it.

The Morrigan smiled at the vampire in amusement. “The balance was altered vampire. The change has forced many of the Elders of the Council of Gods to awaken from their long slumbers to help the balance. In doing so, 10,000 years of prophecy has been destroyed. The scroll that you fought so hard for means nothing now as everything that was written means nothing anymore. The rise of the First, the miracle child, the beast shall not open the portal, and the flower shall not bring its ways.” The triad explained to the vampire as they looked and saw what would have been in the world.

“Fine then, if you know what’s going to happen why don’t you tell me then?” Angel growled at the three with annoyance.

“Your destiny has changed vampire, and you must change with it. We have chosen you to be one of our champions. You shall be a champion for your land.” The trio explained to him.

“And that changes things for me how?” Angel questioned them dryly. “I thought I was already a Champion, just one that worked for the Powers.”

“The Powers are only allowed to work with the Chosen One. None other are they allowed to direct, that is to be their punishment for allowing the world to change as it has.” The Morrigan returned at him. You will find that while we force less onto our Champions we are also more willing to reward those that are beneath us.

“Yeah and what do I get out of following you?” Angel questioned them. “A new prophecy, or maybe a reset on everything that I’ve done?

Hardly vampire we have chosen to increase your power instead your duty to that which is good has shown that you are worthy of this power. The Powers denied you what they could have given you. We are not so.

“And what kind of power would that be?” Angel asked them.

“Unto you we give to you one of the gifts that you have fought for. We give unto you your soul bound now it shall be bound now shall it stay. Angelus shall be no more.” Angel stared at them in disbelief even as he felt his entire body glow as their will was worked throughout his form. “Our next gift unto you is the increase of your powers. As many other champions have received. We have taken your powers from the being known as Blade.” Angel frowned not knowing what they were talking about before he gasped as air began flooding his lungs. Air and a heartbeat suddenly began rushing through him. “You are now a Damphir, you have all of the powers and strengths and knowledge of the one known as Blade added unto your own.”

Angel nodded as he felt his head fill with knowledge of another life. Blade had been blessed with a vampire speed and strength the ability to sense mystical items and the ability to walk whenever he felt like it. Added onto his own powers it made him capable of fighting a vampire many years his senior. As it was he could probably now go toe to toe with an Ancient vampire and win. He looked down at his hands smiling as he realized that he was now a Day-Walker. He looked up at the rising sun and stepped fully into its light. The Morrigan smiled at the former vampire as he greeted and accepted his new ability. “What now?” He questioned them not believeing that they wouldn’t have orders for him.

“Rid this city of its monsters then move onto the next one. No more shall you be bound by the concept of your city you shall destroy the primary demon and vampire problems that each city has and move on. By staying in one place you have become complacent warrior. Others shall rise to defend the place that is their home.”

Angel nodded his head in reluctant acceptance. He had come out to L.A to be away from Buffy but close enough that he could come to her aide if she needed him. Now that his soul was permanent and he could walk out into the sun he was bound by his new life to leave her even farther behind than before.

“Fine, let’s get this started then.” Angel said gruffly. “Can I hurt Wolfram and Hart before I go though?”

“Of course you can, it shall give the next champion time to learn and train.” The group echoed. “Know this though, those that you consider your team and family have their own paths now. Their tasks shall lead them back to where the fight began for them.”

“The hellmouth.” Angel noted getting agreeing nods from the warrior women.

“They have chosen their path to stay true to the Powers, this means to defend the hellmouth they shall go.”

Angel nodded. “Alright, lets go and kill some demons then.” The Damphir said as he marched toward his car.


Angel arrived before the tall building and checked his weapons. He had several gun loaded with hollow tipped rounds. While most of the rounds probably wouldn’t kill anything they would hurt vampires and lesser demons pretty badly and do unknown damage to anything else. High demon would probably be unaffected but he would work with what he had. Striding in he began. He ignored the various alarms and walked through the defenses that came up. As guards moved to intercepts him they were met with fists and feet as they were disabled. Angel strode right up into the main area of special operations with a smile he pulled his jacket back and drew the two guns and began firing. The bullets tore through demon and human alike Angel didn’t make any distinction as he walked through the rooms. Up and down hallways he went delivering death and destruction to all he found. He made his way to the top offices and found the way being blocked by two large demons.

“Move,” he commanded even as he fired into the demons. He watched as the bullets seemed to bounce off of the demons scaly hides.

“Not quite as easy as you thought that it would be I presume?” Holland Manners questioned as the doors of his office opened allowing him to watch the entire fight. “I’m not sure how you managed to slip in the front doors but I’m sure that we’ll figure it out sooner or later. Maybe you found a leftover piece of the gem of Amara.” The man mused looking the figure over hopefully as if he would give him the answer to the questions he had. Somehow the dark clad figure had slipped in and killed off multiple clients and lawyers. What’s more the vampire detection wards still hadn’t registered that they were being attacked by a vampire. The system seemed to be fading in and out as if it sensed him and then it didn’t. It was only because a member of the security squad had recognized Angel from a previous visit that they knew he was coming. “This is hardly your usual operating style Angel maybe you can tell us what caused you to change your methods.” The man noted good naturedly refusing to believe that he was in any danger from the person before him. “It would be nice to know just what it is that sets you off. Or is this about everything that’s happened in the past few days?”

“This won’t take long.” Angel said ignoring the questions as he brought his weapons up and emptied the guns into the faces of the demons. The creatures growled now that they had been blinded by the weapons fire. While they were recovering Angel tossed his jacket to the side and drew a pair of large daggers from his back. Moving forward he engaged the pair he brought his blades up and caught the axes that they were using. Smirking the vampire pushed upward spun away and threw the blades grinning as the two blades slammed into the skulls of demons slicing right through the brains. The vampire knelt down and withdrew the blades and turned to look at the human before him.

Holland still refusing to accept the threat Angel now presented ushered him into his office. “So what can we do for you Angel? Lilah and Lindsay are both working out of the office today. I guess that means that I’ll have to be the one to deal with you.”

“I wasn’t really interested in them today anyways.” Angel returned to the man. They were more your public faces anyways.” They were interrupted as a pair of smaller demons slammed into Angel knocking him to the ground. Angel roared in response as he struggled against the creatures in a surge of power that Holland hadn’t known he was capable of he tossed the demons through the window. He panted for a moment standing there in the open window. “See something interesting?” He questioned as he looked at the man who was staring at him in shock as he ignored the sunlight that was streaming into the offices.

“How?” The man questioned as he stared at the vampire.

“Didn’t you hear about the change from your bosses?” The former vampire asked in amusement glad to be the one to know more than the law firm for a change.

“No I guess not, I don’t suppose that you want to tell me about it?” The man asked hopefully.

“Not happening.” Angel said as he pulled a clip out of his jacket pocket and reloaded his gun. “I have got to tell you I like this new way of taking out the bad guys though it has certain advantages.” He said as he leveled the gun at the man. “With you and your offices gone Wolfram and Hart will be spending a long time rebuilding.” Angel explained to the man. “By the time they get everything back up and running again the new hero should be ready for you.”

“I suppose this is where you tell me that you’ll see me in hell then?” Holland asked worriedly as he glanced at the gun. This was not the Angel that they knew this was an entirely different being and it worried him. He was not the one in control like he had first thought instead Angel really was the one that was in control.

“Possibly,” Angel replied as he squeezed the trigger putting a bullet into the man’s chest. The head of special operations fell to the ground scattering all the papers on his desk. Angel smirked as he took a zippo out of his jacket clicked it on and tossed it toward the small wet bar. He waited a moment until he was sure that it lit. He then walked toward an elevator and headed down. He entered a parking garage and went work. Soon all of the various cars were set up he only had to rig one of the cars and the fuel depot down there for everything to be ready a timer. After all that was done he walked out from the underground garage and watched the building. An explosion leaped out from the side of the building and he watched as the building leaned to the side before toppling to the ground.

Angel turned and headed for his car he left the top down and smiled a bit as he saw Kate getting out of her car. She looked at him in disbelief before glancing at the sun then back at him. She looked like she was about to make her way over to him and find out what it was that he was doing but he merely started his car up and placed some old Beatles music into the player and took off. There were other towns with vampire problems. Maybe he would hit Vegas or some other town with a demon population. He kind of liked this instead of reacting to the darkness he would take the fight to them. He would have to be sure that he thanked the Morrigan if he ever saw them again for changing things like that. The only bad part would be the loss of his team but for what he had planned a team might not be all that much help right now.
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