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Chapter 3, What self esteem, what troubled thoughts, what a catch I am.

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2 weeks is long enough, forget Patrick Stump, patron saint guy and get on with your cat collecting already.

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A/N- Last reminder everybody, as this is chapter 3, there is a prologue before chapter 1. I only have one story so I think you lovely people can figure out which link it is, yea? Awesome, on with the story then. : )


"Lucy," Patrick said back to me,"I like it. Especially more than 'The girl in yellow'." He laughed lightly and went back to the food on his plate.

I smiled and returned to my own food. He was so different. Different from any guy I ever met. He really could have taken advantage of last night, he could have been horrible and I would have never known. Instead, he did what few would have and actually took the high road. I had to repay him somehow, I would find someway, but first I had a question.

"I," My voice faltered once more, I coughed and ignored my beet red face,"sorry. I, uh, well I was wondering if I could ask you something?" I took a quick sip of the orange juice sitting in my glass, hoping my throat would clear up.

"Yea, of course. Anything you want." He was so calm and sure, my nerves began to settle slightly. It felt so nice to hear that rather then the nervousness he had shown before. It made me feel more comfortable, considering the situation.

"I recognize you, I think anyway. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you... I'm sorry I feel so odd asking you this." I pause for a moment, trying to collect myself, Patrick simply waited patiently and took a sip of juice. I took a breath and asked before I lost all nerve.

"Aren't you Patrick Stump?"

A smile traced Patrick's lips and for a moment I'm not quite sure if he's going to answer or not. The silence seemed to last forever.


He stared at me for a second with a straight face as though he was trying to see my response before I had even given it.

"Oh. I...uh, I", awkward pause cough,"I'm a fan. I mean, wow this is feels dumb. What I'm trying to say is that I really love 'Soul Punk', not to say that I'm not a fan of Fall Out Boy. I love Fall Out Boy, I just really loved your solo stuff. I'm sorry, I... that, that was weird. I shouldn't have. I mean, what I'm trying to say is thank you." Patrick is smiling now, obviously enjoying the crash and burn show I'm putting on.

"Oh, wait, I didn't mean thanks for the solo music, I meant for last night. I mean. oh jeeze I just wish you would stop me, I never met a celebrity before and I've definitely never spent the night with one. Not that we slept together...obviously as I woke up on the couch with my cloths on...." My mouth finally snaps shut after that comment, and I look down at my plate as though that was the cause of my verbal diarrhea.

It was quiet for about .2 seconds when Patrick started to laugh, but it wasn't one of those 'wow, you really embarrassed your self this time' laughs. It was more of a 'don't worry, I'll break the tension first' laughs. It sounded wonderful.

Pretty soon we're both sitting there laughing so hard we're crying. My head was still pounding, but shockingly the laughter really helped. It made everything feel less real. I hadn't really laughed like this, or at all, in months and it felt really good.

Slowly our laughter died down and only random chuckles and giggles replaced them until finally Patrick spoke up.

"It really was no problem." Patrick smiled and then continued with a joking smirk on his face,"well except for carrying you everywhere, driving you around, not to mention paying your tab at the bar since I couldn't find a purse of any kind lying around."

The smile dropped from my face. How horridly embarrassing.

"You did all that? I mean, obviously you had to carry me, but my bill? I'm so sorry I... I'm so embarrassed. You really didn't have to do that, I would have went back and paid. I'll pay you back immediately." I start to reach into the right pocket of my dress and remember that I only have my debit card on me.

I don't really like to take my purse with me because I'm always worried about losing it or leaving it somewhere. When I go out to a bar or somewhere where I'll be sitting and staying awhile, I usually just put whatever I need in my pockets and be on my way.

"Oh, I.."

"I didn't ...." Patrick and I started at the same time and stopped right away, allowing the other to speak.

We smiled at each other and Patrick nodded to me,"You first."

"I'm sorry, I forgot I only had my debit card with me, so I can't pay you back immediately, but if we can run down to an ATM, I will pay you back."

"It's not a big deal, I'm sorry if it seemed like I implied it to be that way. I was just joking around. I know the bartender anyway, I go there all the time right at bar close to hang out with him so really it's okay." His face was so reassuring, but I just couldn't let it go. His armor just keeps getting shinier and shinier.

"I really appreciate everything you've done, I really do and I cannot let this go. I will pay you back." I gave him by best,'I'm serious' face and thought of something else,"Also, I will be doing the dishes after breakfast, you cooked and well, did a bunch of other gentlemanly things. This is the least I can do."

"Well, I would argue with you, but I don't think I would win so okay, deal." Patrick smiled.


After I was done with the dishes I walked out into the living room where Patrick was also just walking in from the bedroom with a new shirt on.

"Listen, I totally forgot with all the commotion that I have a business lunch in an hour and its all the way across town, so I have to leave very soon. So, hey lets just call it even with the dishes and don't worry about the bill okay?" Patrick asked, still buttoning his cuffs up, and having trouble at that.

I walk over to him and gently push his left hand away and button his right cuff for him,"That's really sweet, but I just don't feel comfortable with that. Can I just give you my number or can I have your address? That way when your free next you can call me and I'll meet you somewhere or I can send it in the mail, please? I really feel horrible about the whole thing and I just want to make it as right as I can."

When I'm done buttoning his cuffs and finish my little speech, I look up into his face and noticed how close we're standing. For a beat I forget what we were talking about and that I'm me and he's Patrick and all I see are those eyes. I'll never forget those eyes.

Everything pauses, for one solid moment, and it's bliss. Then we remember, where we are, who we are, and the crazy situation that brought us here. I take a step back and the world returns so quickly that if another person had seen it, it would have just looked like a friend helping another button their cuffs.

"Y-yeacough, yea, I'll get you a piece of paper to write your number on." Patrick turns quickly and goes into the bedroom, returning a moment later with a pad and a pen.

I take it from him with a small smile and write my name and number on the paper and hand it back to him.

"Well, ready to head out then? Have everything?" He asks, looking slowly around the living room.

"Yes, ready."


Is it still called being stood up if it was never a 'date'?

2 weeks is long enough, Lucy. Forget Patrick Stump, forget the patron saint guy. Time to get along with that cat collection.

It was a Saturday night, 2 weeks since my encounter with Patrick. It seemed like a lifetime and only a minute ago at the same time. He had never called me for his money...or anything else for that matter.

I mean, it's not like I thought he would for anything else, but at least his money. I guess he's probably uber rich with fame and all. Still, it just feels like another one of my kind of dates, the ones where...well you know the tale by now.


Well that's okay, I'm doing what I like best anyway. I've got a great book in my hands and a glass of moscato wine on the end table.

I've read this page at least 10 times...


"Hey Patrick! How you been? Haven't seen you in here in awhile." Charlie waves as Patrick enters the bar.

"Actually, haven't seen you since you took that girl home." He laughs and waggles his eye brows.

"Yea, hello to you too Charlie. I've just been busy with work, I haven't seen Lucy since then either." Patrick states as he sits down at his favorite spot.

"Is that a little resentment I hear in your voice?"

"No. Yes. No, I don't know. I just feel a little like an ass, she offered to repay me, but I felt bad, like i was forcing her to. So I pretended I had an important meeting to get to so that she wouldn't have the chance but it kinda backfired and she made me take her number so that when I was free we could meet up and she could pay me back."

"Okay, so what happened?" Charlie asked as he set Pat's usual in front of him.

"Thanks, uh, well. I meant to call her actually. It obviously meant something to her to repay me, I had her number sitting on my counter for a couple days. Then I finally went to call her and I can't find her number. I just hate the thought of her waiting by her phone or something." Patrick sighed and took a long pull of his drink.

"Ya'know, I'm sure she understands. I bet she thinks that you're either being the good guy who doesn't want her to pay you back or that you're just really busy with work. I would stop worrying if I were you, I'm sure you'll probably never see her again, yea?" Charlie said, wiping down the counter.

"Yea, you're probably right." Patrick took another drink and went into thought mode. Charlie decided it was probably best to leave him be for now and went to help other costumers with last call.
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