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Davey's Report

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He tells Ashley what happened during the calls he was trying to make.

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After finally getting through the door, Davey made his way to Ashley's door. The orderly outside unlocked it for him. He found it a bit strange that they would think that they'd lock the patients in their rooms. And a bit cruel, too.

He again wondered why he was here. He certainly didn't have anything positive to tell the bassist. But on the other hand, he at least wanted the younger man to know that he hadn't given up on him. Stepping into the room, he cringed, met by the whiteness. There was no windows in it to break the solid white of the walls, and nothing besides a hospital bed in the middle of the room. The fluorescent lights gave a harsh glow to everything. Even the sheets and gown matched the walls and floor. Apparently whoever picked out the colors for this wing, or this room at least, was either color blind, or just plain blind. That, or they had a fetish for white.

"It's just me." Davey said reassuringly, catching the fear in Ashley's wide eyes. No doubt every time the door opened, it was someone else coming in to force pills down his throat, or yell insults at him and tell him that he was never getting out of here alive. The younger breathed a sigh of relief, in seeing that nobody was here to make him feel even worse than he was already feeling, but instantly tensed up again.

"Don't get your hopes up." Davey said, seeing the hopeful look held in those brown eyes, not unlike that of a dog expecting a treat. He wanted the other to know right off the bat that it wasn't going to be good news. At least, not for today. But he would at least know that he hadn't been forgotten and left to gather dust in the corner of a hospital wing for the next few months or years. "What happened?" Ashley asked. His voice was somewhat hoarse.

It was understandable, considering that he didn't really have anyone to talk to over the past 2 months. "Sandra and Jake both said that they'd told you to stop so many times before and they weren't going to bail you out this time. Jake said to let him know when you finally decide to stop. Sandra said it's nothing against you, infact, she loves you like her brother. She said she couldn't stand watching you fall apart. She said that she was worried that one day she would find out that you went too deep and died." Davey said in a rush. Sure, he had embellished what Jake had said a bit, but he knew that the other man was a fairly decent person, easily forgiving, and from what he could gather,the only reason the band didn't want much to do with Ashley, was because of his bad habits.

"What about the rest of them?"

"Well I called Jinxx. He was hungover, and he said he'd already told you that he didn't want to be a part of continuing your issues. He thinks that the moment that you're out of here, you're going to try to kill yourself again or something." Davey said. It wasn't that far from the truth. From what he could tell, everyone around Ashley felt that way, even though they weren't willing to voice it. They felt that he wouldn't stop, no matter what happened to him.

"Seriously?" Ashley asked, disbelief in his voice making him sound like a teenage girl.

"Yup. He doesn't want to eat off paper plates for the next 6 months."

"But he doesn't cook!" Ashley yelled. He would have thrown his hands in the air in frustration if not for the fact that they were currently tied to the bed.

"Ash. He's human. He eats. And he's not Jake, so he can't live off pizza alone." Davey said, chuckling at the thought of the guitarist's almost unhealthy relationship with pizza. "But lemme tell ya, CC was even worse."

"What happened?"

"You're probably going to get the hiccups laughing so hard but I'll tell you anyways. I call the fucker up, and he's so hungover it isn't funny. We're talking Slash-scale hangover. Maybe still a bit drunk, too! The minute I mentioned your name, he was all 'fuck no, if you do anything, I'll scream rape, cause I already said no!' Then he threathened to kick my ass." Davey said.

Ashley wasn't sure whether he wanted to laugh or cry about it. Laugh because a hungover and possibly drunk CC was yelling at Davey for trying to rape him and threathening to kick his ass, or cry because nobody seemed to want him around. A short, sharp laugh echoed around the small room.

"I knew that would cheer you up." Davey said, grinning.

"Hey Davey?"


"Do me a favor?"

"I'll try."

"Wipe my eyes for me?"

Davey took a tissue out of his pocket, wiping away the few tears that had slid down the other man's cheek, before giving him a quick hug, and saying, "Don't worry, there's still Andy. And if I can't convince that fucker to take you home, I'll find someone. Even if that means that you have to crash on Jade's couch for the next couple months."

Looks like he hadn't been forgotten then, and there was still someone watching out for him.
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