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Interlude I

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Davey has an interesting conversation with Jade.

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When Jade had asked to come over for a vegan dinner, Davey certainly was NOT anticipation this. Jade was sprawled out on his couch, his feet still in their shoes resting on the fabric, probably leaving a stain. The guitarist was shoveling down his noodles and tofu like someone was about to come and steal it from him.

Meanwhile, Davey was sitting on the armchair, bowl resting on the coffee table, as he took small, careful bites. " 'O ow's ork?" Jade managed through a mouthful of noodles. "Hmm? Oh. Work. Work is hell, the rest of the staff is composed of old douchebags who think the answer to everything is a little pill." Davey replied, unloading the stress of the last few weeks. God, it felt good to tell someone the thought that'd been bumping around his head since the time he took the job there.

"Aeetin od?" Jade asked. "Jade, it's hard to understand you with your mouth full." Davey replied. Jade nodded, gulping down the food in his mouth before repeating more coherently, "Anything good?"

"Good like what? The fact that I at least have a window in my office? That I actually have an office to myself even if it's crappy?" Davey asked. He was really feeling the stress of his job now, especially since he was finally admitting it. "No, like interesting!" Jade said, gesturing wildly with a forkful of noodles, only to send them flying, until they hit the wall and fell to the floor. "You should clean that up." He said with a wise sage's nod.

"Actually, since you're the one who threw it there, you can clean it. And depends how you qualify interesting." Davey said, glaring at the poor heap of pasta on the rug. Jade stifled a giggle with another forkful of noodles. By the time Davey had turned his attention back to Jade, the bowl was empty. "Well, I don't know, like meet anyone interesting?" Jade said.

"Do you think im desperate enough to be looking for dates in a mental hospital?" Davey asked, this timedirecting his glare towards his guitarist. "Maybe, I dunno." Jade said with a sheepish grin.

"But now that you do mention it..." Davey said. Jade leaned forward with anticipation. "Yes?" He prompted. "I did meet someone."

"Oh my gosh!"

"Not in that way. Pervert." Davey said. Jade could only roll his eyes. "Then in what way?" He asked. He was almost twitching with anticipation. He had to know the answer to this. "An old friend of ours." Davey said. "Who the hell do we know that would actually choose to work in a shithole like that? Besides you of course?" Jade asked, adding the second part quickly when Davey glared at him again.

"Not a doctor, a patient."

"Oh God. Is it Ryan Ross? Cause I haven't heard from the kid in forever. Or Mikey Way? His anxiety was getting worse I heard. Or is it-"

"Ashley Purdy."


"Ashley managed to wind himself in a looney bin for an extended stay."

Jade gasped and nearly fell off the chair. "No, you're lying to me."

"Nope, cross my heart and hope to die." Davey said, quickly drawing a cross over his heart. "What the hell hapened to him?" Jade asked, his eyes wide. "His cutting got the worst of him. He can't leave anytime soon unless someone wants to take responsibility for him."

"So why doesn't Sandra-"

"She doesn't want to, because she's worried he's never going to stop."

"What about the rest of-"


"Then why dont you-"

"Conflict of interest. They wouldn't let it happen."

"Are you asking me to-"

"If I can't get a hold of Andy."

"Davey, it's rude to keep interrupting people.
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