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Gazing around the crowded green room, I frowned deeply to myself. Chris caught my expression and jerked his head at me, silently asking what was wrong. I sighed, shaking my head. "Where's the spider monkey?" I asked loudly, my voice cutting across the noise of the room. I smirked slightly when it dropped noticeably. "Whose turn was it to watch the kid?"

Paul and Joey avoided my eyes. I shot them a dirty look. They groaned, grabbing their masks and heading for the doors. Mick laughed, clapping a hand to my shoulder. Clown shook his head, returning to his conversation with Corey and Jim. "And the silent man commands the army. Nice work." Mick joked, resting down beside me. I saw the water bottles in his hands and moved away slightly. "You and shorty do the same thing every time you see the water bottles in my hands. It's just water."

"I don't want to get wet." I mumbled, eyes bouncing around the room.

Jim perked up, that devious look in his eyes. "That's what she said." Corey and Clown roared with laughter. Chris giggled, pulling his jumpsuit up with extra flare. Jim rolled his eyes, pushing his hair back so he could tug his mask on. "It smells like wet puss in here." he groaned.

Corey toed his destroyed mask with disdain. "I know. That thing smells like this chick I was with once. Just the thought brings back horrible memories." Clown groaned; a look of pure disgust on his face. I smiled, looking down at my own spikey mask. Mine didn't smell that bad, it just got really hot. Corey glanced over at me as I hefted it up and pulled it over my face. "How do you see without your glasses?"

I shot him a stupid look through my mask. Mick snorted, leaning forward to douse his hair with the water. "Contacts, Taylor." Jim piped up. Corey laughed at his own stupidity, shaking his long hair back to pull it into a loose ponytail. Jim shook his head, mumbling something about singers being stupid. Corey punched our tall guitarist and jumped back out of reach. I sighed, zipping my mask up.

"Put me down! I CAN WALK BY MYSELF!" Sid voice entered the room before I saw his body. I laughed when I saw Paul walk in, Sid draped over his shoulder. He was punching Paul in the ass, sweat pouring down his face. Joey followed in the rear, face hidden by his mask. I could tell by his eyes that he was enjoying the sight. Sid's head whipped up when he saw where he was. "Tell him to put me down! I was in the middle of something!"

"Where were you this time?" Mick asked, standing to fling his hair backwards. Joey and I jerked away instantaneously. The built man smirked and flicked the water from his fingers. Sid hung limply from Paul's shoulder and mumbled incoherently. Mick walked over to him, grabbed him from under the shoulders and lowered him to the floor. "Care to repeat that a little louder, Sid?"

"I was on the rafter's again." he admitted in a slightly louder voice. Now I understood why he mumbled. Mick had forbid him from climbing the rafters. The ones in the venue we were set to play in were the highest we had ever seen. The minute we had laid eyes on them, Mick had set down the law. Sid shifted around uncomfortably.

"I thought I told you to stay off those things! You could have gotten hurt!" Mick scolded loudly. The noise level dropped to dead silence. Sid didn't utter a word. Mick sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Laying a hand on Sid's shoulder, he lifted Sid's head so they locked eyes. "I don't want to yell but I don't want you to get hurt. If you had slipped from up there, you would have gotten seriously hurt. Or died! Do you know what I'm trying to say?"

Sid nodded, green eyes actually looking sincere. Mick nodded, jerking his head towards Sid's new stations. Sid sighed, walking over slowly and tugging off his shirt. I couldn't help myself, I felt bad for the kid. I hated it when he was sad. It was like someone took his fire away. Mick sighed, looking at all of us for help. Paul waved him off, bouncing over to Sid and sitting on the table near the teen. "You read y for your debut?"

"Yeah." Sid mumbled softly, rifling through his duffel bag between his feet. Paul frowned, looking up at us. Mick huffed. The teen pulled a wife beater on and bent to unlace his sneakers. My band mates cast uncertain looks at each other. Kicking his sneakers to the side, Sid undid his jeans and slid out of them. Paul handed him his boiler suit without a word. "Thanks, Paulie."

"Aw, c'mon, Sid. Don't do this to us. I just don't want you to get hurt. You know I hate yelling at you." Mick exclaimed, anguish in his voice. Joey smiled faintly, shaking his head. Mick brushed him off. Out of all of us, he was the one who protected Sid the most. Sid was the baby of the group and Mick made sure Sid was out of harm's way at all times. Walking over to the teen, he wrapped his muscular arms around Sid's shoulders. Pulling Sid's back against his chest, Mick kissed the top of his head. "I'm sorry for yelling."

The apology was what broke the levee. Sid's smile came back tenfold. I saw the expression in the mirror and shook my head. Mick smirked, easiness slipping into his blue eyes. He hated it when Sid wasn't acting right. It threw the giant off. Once Jack and the giant were back to normal, the band seemed to follow after them. Paul laughed, tugging on the shoulder of Sid's jumpsuit with a grin. "Why did you pick 0? Why not 9? We are a nine man band, dude." he asked.

Sid shrugged, reaching into his bag again to grab his can of black face paint. I rolled my eyes at the can. I hated that stuff. It was the same stuff athletes put under their eyes on sunny days. It took elbow grease to get off and left your skin feeling scratchy for days. Sid lathered it around his eyes, reminding me a lot of Corey. "I picked 0 because it felt right. Corey already had 8 and I didn't feel like going over him. So 0 just called to me."

"You're strange."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Chris sleeps with a stuff elephant named Elliot?"

"I already knew that." Sid said knowingly.

"What the hell, Paul! You said you wouldn't tell anyone!" Chris shouted, flinging one of his drumsticks at the roaring bassist. Paul smirked, moving out of the way and pulling Sid in front of him. Sid squealed in protest, wiggling out his hands and darting across the room to slide behind the big cases marked with our name on it. It would have been worthy of James Bond, if Sid wasn't wearing a jumpsuit and raccoon paint around his eyes. "And Sid, how the hell did you know that?"

Sid's head popped up from behind the crate carefully. Everyone but Chris laughed. The percussionist frowned, leaning forward to grab another drumstick. Sid dove out of view once more, laughter drifting up. Chris frowned deeply, half standing to see if he could peer over and see Sid. We all laughed when Sid raised one of white socks in the air on the end of Joey's drumstick. Even Chris smirked. "I surrender! Don't throw anything at me. Please?"

Chris chuckled, shaking his head. The long nose of his mask wagged like a dog's tail. I chuckled to myself. He shot me a glare and I smirked inside my mask. "I know you're laughing, Jones. Don't try acting all innocent just because I can't see you." I smiled more, shaking my head. My spikes moved with me. He rolled his eyes. "You can come out now Sid."

Sid's peeked out around the base of the crate carefully. When he was certain Chris wasn't going to assault him with drumsticks, he bolted to his feet and jumped around as he put his sock back on. We had nothing to say that at all. Once the sock was back on his foot, Sid straightened and beamed up at us. Chris stood and walked over to him quickly. Sid flinched and curled up slightly. "I surrendered! Don't hurt me!"

Chris shook his head, holding his hands out simply. Sid eyed them carefully before uncurling. Chris smirked. "How the heck did you know about my Elliot?" Sid shot the percussionist a serious look. It was hilarious to see it coming from the easy going teen. Chris fidgeted and I smirked at the expression on his face.

"I've slept in your bunk three times in the past week. I see you with it all the time." Sid explained slowly, the same way we explained things to him. Chris sputtered and his eyes narrowed under his mask. Corey stepped in before Chris strangled our young member. Sid smirked under the protection of Corey's arm, waving tauntingly at Chris. Pinocchio growled, throwing himself at Sid. Mick caught him by the waist and spun him around so fast his feet left the ground.

"Stop teasing him. Mick can't protect your ass on stage, ya know." Corey mumbled, shaking his head. Sid paled once more. Chris smirked cockily over Mick's shoulder, earning a slap to the head. I rolled my eyes, knowing there would be a war on the stage. Corey sighed, the sound coming out muffled under his mask. The only one with their mask on was Mick and Sid, the latter only because he didn't have his yet.

"You're not going to let him kill me right?" Sid asked quickly, zipping up his suit and stuffing his sneakers on. Corey laughed, reaching for a box tucked behind Jim's bag. The guys glanced over at it and we all smiled. Sid noticed the smiles and looked around suspiciously. His green eyes narrowed and he nervously stepped away from us. "What's with you guys?"

Corey rolled his eyes, stepping forward carefully and placing the box by Sid's feet. Sid's head turned to the side as he eyed it. I bit back my laughter. It was almost comical. The teen walked towards the box as if it were a bomb and tapped it with his toe. The deal was off, I was laughing. Sid shot me a look but there was no stopping me and I was dragging the guys down with me. They were laughing almost as much as me, if not more. Sid growled as he bent to pick up the box and move back again. He really did not trust us.

"It's not going to blow up, Sid. Just open it." Joey whined from his perch on Jim back. I eyed up at him. Whenever we had a group thing, he always jumped on someone's back. He hated being so small. It also gave him the bird's eye view of everything. Jim pressed his hand to Joey's mouth and shook his head. Joey huffed, not bothering to move the giant hand blocking his mouth.

Sid lifted the lid slowly, peeking under it before tossing it away. "Welcome to the nine."


I tossed the cover to the side before reaching inside. Withdrawing my hand, I pulled out what I knew was my other half. My dark side. I ran my fingers over it tenderly. The customized gas mask looked like a skull and it made me smile. It looked as if it was taunting me and when I put it on, I would be taunting others. It was what was inside me. I looked up at my friends, my band mates. Their masks stared back at me. "I think it fits."

"Clown and Corey designed it. But we all contributed to the idea of it. It's all you." Paul explained, trying to eat a granola bar with his mask still on. I smirked, realizing it would be easier if he just took it off. Rolling my eyes, I twisted my mask in my hands. The material felt stiff under my fingers and I knew it would take a while before I got it completely broken in. The thought of me being in the band to break in a mask made me smirk; it was my sense of belonging.

"Yo! 'knot's on in five!" someone called. I instantly felt the swarm of birds in my stomach. In the morning they were butterflies; now they had transformed into birds. I swallowed thickly, fingers fumbling with the leather straps of the mask. People's voices echoed around me but I barely heard them now. I was freaking out. Looking down, I tried to calm my racing heart and undo the straps. Instead I froze.

I caught sight of black boots in front of me and looked up bashfully. Mick smiled down from behind his mask. My words caught up in my throat. He took my mask from my trembling hands without a word. He undid the straps and placed the mask around my head. Once the mask was on and tight, he knelt down. Giant hands on my shoulder, Mick probably would have looked like a father giving his son a pre-game speech. "I'm going to mess up. I know I am." I mumbled mouth dry.

Mick squeezed my shoulders. "You're going to be fine. You know what songs you're on and when they get played. We're going to there to help you dude. Remember that. We got each other's back. You're not alone out there." I nodded, head feeling heavy with the mask on. That would take getting used to. Mick smirked, icy blue eyes sparking. Head jerking towards our band mates, he stood. "C'mon, let's do our huddle."

I could feel the anticipation of the crowd as we walked towards the backstage. I shook my hands out, making them loose. The stage dimmed, and the guys headed for their positions. Corey glanced over at me, taking his mic from a techie. I swallowed, looking at my station with awe. I had never seen anything so beautiful. The turntables were brand new and scratch free, something else for me to break in. Smiling wickedly, I stepped up station. The intro, (515), blasted from the loudspeakers above me. My heart raced, the birds flew away. It was time to play.

Corey jogged over to me quickly. Using the table as a boost, he hoisted himself up and pulled me close with one hand wrapped tightly in my suit. I jerked forward, crashing into my turntables with a grunt. He placed an awkward kiss on top my head and ran back to his spot in the middle of the stage. I shook my head, running my cool fingers over the knobs. I knew once the intro stopped and the curtain fell, People=Shit would be on. And then it would be my time to step up.

The guys looked over at me at separate times and shot me muted words of encouragement. I smirked behind my mask, fingers already testing out the unit. Somehow I knew I wouldn't mess up. I knew how to spin discs easily and I knew the songs like the back of my hand. And the songs I played on where set apart, so I could take breaks in between. I was so calm before the storm, it was unnatural. I got Clown's look last and smirked, he looked like he wanted to kill me. But that was his job. He was there to intimidate me and keep me in line.

"Sid! Get ready for it kid! Here it comes, kid!" Joey shouted; his voice barely audible over the roar of the crowd as the curtain fell. And we surged into People=Shit. It was so unreal. I had seen the show from in front of the stage and from the back, but never from it. It was so different. We played through the first two songs before I even realized what was happening. Next thing I knew, Corey was calling out my name. "Get out there, Sid!"

I jogged over to Corey, who threw an arm over my shoulders. The crowd chanted my name, the sound causing a dark blush to grow on my face and my heart to race faster. Corey squeezed my shoulder. "Alrighty, shut up. I want to introduce you to our new member. Audience this is Sid. Can you say hi Sid?"

"HI SID!" I waved back and heard the guys chuckling behind us.

"Sid helped us out about a week ago. You guys must have heard about it. Joey's speakers went out and Sid spun some discs to save our asses. If he hadn't, we probably would have had a riot on our hands. We owed him big time." Corey explained. The crowd cheered. Corey silenced them once more. "But are you ready to kick off Sid welcoming party? Ready to get nasty?"

The rumble and pounding was our answer. I smirked, shaking my head at Corey. He shrugged and pushed me back to my stations. I reached it just as the opening notes of Left Behind filled my ears. It was turning into a good night. We went through three more songs before I found a song that my skills weren't needed. I popped out of station, eyes searching for Clown. He found me before I could find him. Actually, he tackled me before I could find him.

I hit the stage hard and I groaned under the weight of Clown. Shoving him off quickly, I pounced back on him. We rolled around the stage, narrowly avoiding Mick and Paul who were standing together. Clown grunted, throwing me off him like a rabid dog. He crouched on the stage, eyes watching me carefully. I sat on the edge of Joey's drum riser, chest heaving. Then Clown's eyes lit up and I knew under the mask he was smiling. That didn't get me to lower my guard though. Out of the nine of us, Clown was the most cunning.

Clown flew from his spot when he thought my attention wasn't on him. I caught him around the middle and we fell heavily to the stage. The wind left me for a moment but I regained it quickly. Clown was so lucky. He got back to his feet slowly. Holding up a hand, he silently asked for a truce. I bowed out and ran back to my station for my next song. Clown shook his head, walking back to his drums. It was getting good.

The rest of the show fell into a tight routine. I played on the songs I was needed. The others I would terrorize the guys. I climbed on Craig's station. Joey pushed me off his drum kit. Chris and Clown would lift their kits with me hanging on the edge. Jim would see me coming and try to run away. Paul would let me hold the strings while his strummed the chords for the songs. Mick would chase me away but I would sneak back over to him. Corey tried to intimidate me but I would taunt him behind his back, then act innocent when he spun around to catch me. I was a menace to everyone.

By the end of the concert, when we played Surfacing, I was strapped. I was spent. I was so tired I was wired. I spun those discs so smoothly it was amazing. Chris trotted over to my station, making me laugh as I watched him. He was such a clown it was hilarious. The band needed him in so many ways. He sat on the edge of my station and watched me DJ with awe in his eyes. It was weird. I had watched him once with the same look on my face, now it was my turn to get the expression. Surfacing was the perfect song to showcase my skills to everyone. Especially at the end where we changed it to all disc spinning. It was so beautiful.

"Come on, Sidney. We gotta bow to the fans." Chris called, hauling me up and over my table. I slammed my knee on the hard edge and bit back a cry of pain. That was going to bruise in the morning. Now I understood why the guys were always sore after a show. It was brutal. You bleed for Slipknot, no way around it.

We joined the guys in the center of the stage, waving and throwing shit out. I tossed out a stick Joey handed me, a smile plastered on my sweaty face. The fans cheered, my name mixed in with the lot. It was a wonderful thing to hear. I howled along with them, climbing the equipment and jumping down with laughter spilling from my lips. Mick looked like he wanted to kill me. I stayed clear from him. I was too hyped up to be brought down so easily.

"Come one, Sid. Time to get you washed up and get some food in you." Chris mumbled, wrapping his arms around my waist and jerking me from the support beams. I clutched the metal bars tightly. He pulled against my hold, groaning. I smirked, knowing I was annoying. I was not letting go. I was spider monkeying that beam. Letting go, Chris punched my leg sharply. I cried out as my leg spasm. "Mick! Get him down!"

I was rubbing my leg when I felt Mick's arms wrap around my waist. I whined in a defeated tone and hung limply in his arms. He chuckled, carrying me backstage like a sack of flour. When we reached the gated off food area, he let me down and smiled. "Chris punched me! And it hurt!" I blabbed loudly, trying to sound as childish as I could. I was going to get Pinocchio back for the leg shot.

"Chris, did you hit Sid?" Mick called out, mouth sound stuffed with food. I looked at the long nosed man smugly. He nodded. Mick just shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich with a smirk. I flung my arms out the side, looking much like Jesus. Mick just looked at me bored. "What? I told you to stay off the risers. It was a fair shot."

"Big meanies. I got a booboo." I whined, stomping my feet. Mick and Chris laughed, high fiving each other and diving into a talk about video games. I huffed, walking over to Jim and leaning into him as he yanked his mask off. "Mick and Chris are being mean, Peaches."

Jim laughed, tossing his mask to the side. He pushed my head front wards and slowly undid the stiff straps. When the mask was off, I stretched my jaw a few times and ran my hands over my face. My mask went to the side with his. "They're always mean. It's their nature. Just take Elliot from Chris and sing the log song to Mick." I gave Jim a confused look. I didn't know the log song. "It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good! Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log! Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!"

I giggled, watching Mick turn his head slowly towards the two of us. His eyes look murderous. I smirked. "So that's what you do to get under his skin." I laughed. Jim nodded, humming the song as he made a plate of food for me and him. Mick growled, turning back to Chris. "It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood." I sang softly.

"Don't start, Sid." Mick warned. I smiled innocently, holding up my hands. Mick raised a finger. I stepped back from him, my singing volume rising just slightly. My voice caught the attention of the other guys and they watched us intently. Mick smirked slightly. "I will hurt you, Sid. Don't tempt me. You may be my little brother but I will kick your ass."

"You'd have to catch me first, Loggy buddy." I smirked, racing towards the exit doors that lead back into the arena. I heard Mick chasing after me and the sounds of multiple feet after that. The guys weren't going to miss this show for the world. As I ran I sang as loudly as I could; which earned me a few strange glances from the roadies. But I honestly didn't care. I was having too much fun.

"Get over here, Sid. I want to kick your ass." Mick called, voice getting closer. I swallowed roughly. I willed my tired legs to go faster. Mick wasn't as tired as I was. He could over-take me in a few good strides. I needed a place to hide and get behind him. Ceasing my song for a moment, I looked around frantically. My eyes found the stack of equipment crates, like the one I hid behind in the dressing room, and I dove for it. Mick ran by a moment later.

I sat catching my breath. I needed it. I was winded and tired. I heard clunking footsteps and knew Mick was circling back. I climbed the crates carefully. When I was just above Mick, I paused. I had the perfect aerial attack on him. "It fits on your back." I cried, as I jumped down onto his back. He grunted when I landed on him, not to roughly but enough to make him stumble a little. "It's log, log. Log." I whispered.

Mick laughed, hooking my knees and bouncing me up to a more comfortable spot on his back. I smirked, resting my chin on his head. He shook his head, walking back towards the others. Joey grinned at me from his perch on Jim's shoulders, his favorite perch to watch inner band scuffles. "I thought there was goin got be more. Sid won." he whined, lips pouting. I smiled high fiving Jim and trying to knock Joey off his shoulders. "Hey! I'll die if I fall from this height!"

"I know. It's such a fall for a midget." Mick mumbled, yawning. I chuckled, burying my head into his sweaty hair. I yawned, eyes drooping slightly. I felt someone hands under my armpits taking down and leading me to the showers. I had to wash up before I returned to the bus. It was now a full time rule for me. I sighed, grabbing my small gym bag and heading inside. I hoped the water would wake me up.

After my shower, I only felt cleaner. I was beyond tired. I shuffled out into the room, throwing my suit into the box with the others and sinking into the couch. Someone laughed and I barely heard them. I wanted to sleep. I was not used to this yet. Not at all.
"Matter, Sid? Feeling tired?" Clown teased, sounding tired himself. I flipped him off wearily. He smirked, stuffing a book inside his bag. "C'mon. It's time to get on the bus."

"Someone please carry me!" I pleaded.

Paul snorted, handing his bag to Corey. He lifted me up like a child and cradled me to his chest. I smiled contently. Craig smiled, walking out the back door. As a herd, we headed for the bus. Paul headed instantly for the bunks. Stopping just inside, he looked down at me. "Whose bunk tonight, kid? Or do you want your own?" I shook my head. I hated sleeping by myself. If I slept with someone else, my nightmare didn't come for me.

"Stick me anywhere. I want to sleep." I mumbled. Paul laughed, lifting me up and placing me inside one of the bunks. I didn't even know where he placed me. I passed out the minute my head hit the pillow. I only woke up when I felt someone crawling into the bunk a little while later. "Whosthere?"

"Just me, Sid. Go back to sleep." Clown whispered. He shifted slightly, trying to find a comfortable spot. I waited for him to stop moving before curling into him, my head resting on his arm. He laughed, kissing my temple. I smiled, body lulling itself back to sleep. "Love ya, little brother."
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