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Chapter 5, In this city, quitters never win

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Travis orders a drink and we move into a nearby booth. It's awkwardly quiet for a moment.

"So the bartender said someones going to call you?" Travis asks, nonchalantly taking a sip of his whiskey.

"Yea. Just a mutual friend, I owe him some money but I haven't been able to get a hold of him lately." I answer, hoping Travis doesn't ask who. I don't really think Patrick would like me slinging his name around.

"Oh, I didn't know you knew the bartender. I thought you had never been here before." He glances at Charlie suspiciously and then back at me with an accusing look in his eye. I'm taken aback slightly by his curiosity, but then remember that when we had first talked, he had asked me about bars I had been to, this one particularly.

"Well, last time I was here I spent most of the night sitting at the bar talking to Charlie, the bartender, and then a friend of mine came in, who Charlie happened to know to. It was quite a coincidence." A little white lie won't hurt too much. I just wanted to keep Patrick's identity quiet for as long as possible.

"Oh, wow. That is a coincidence." Travis said, laughing slightly, back to his happy demeanor.

I smiled and took a sip out of my glass before starting a conversation about what Travis does for a living.

We chit-chatted for a couple hours, getting to know each other and surprisingly enjoying it. The way things started out, I would be the first person to say that I was a little surprised that it was going so well. After a couple more drinks, Travis suggested heading out to get a bite to eat. He paid the bill, which I offered to split to which he refused, I said goodbye to Charlie and we left the bar. Travis walked me around the block to the parking lot and opened the passenger door for me.

"Anywhere you would like to eat?" The engine started and Travis turned to look at me. I laughed lightly, the liquor making me feel light and bubbly.

"Are you kidding, I'm barely ever up this late, I couldn't even tell you whats open right now." Travis smiled.

"Well then, if you're not too hungry, how do you feel about pretzels and hot dogs? I know a great stand on the pier that's open all night."

"That sounds perfect." He put the car in drive and pulled out onto the street, heading for the pier.

Once we got a hot pretzel with cheese for me and a hotdog with the works for Travis, we walked along the pier, enjoying the cool lake breeze.

Not long after we dropped our napkins into a trash bin, we turned around and walked slowly back towards the car in a comfortable silence. Travis, very smoothly, grabbed my hand gently. I thought for one moment, about pulling away. I don't know why I felt I wanted to do this, but I pushed that urge down and squeezed his hand lightly, smiling up at him. We walked back to his car and sat looking out at the water for a few minutes.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Travis asked, reaching over and grabbing a hold of my hand once more.


"So honey, been busy with work? You haven't called lately and you missed dinner last time."

"Yea mom, lots of stuff to do. I'm producing a new band and it's time consuming starting with a new band. You know how it is." Patrick explained to his mom, Patricia. He continued to eat his mashed potatoes when his sister spoke up.

"Oh Pat, listen, I met this girl last week -"

"Come on Megan, not again. I don't want to be set up." He stood up and grabbed his plate and silverware, making his way to the kitchen. This gets brought up every time he's home. Usually it doesn't bother him to much but he just really didn't want to hear it today.

"Patrick, stop being such a baby. You're going to be 28 this year, don't you want to meet someone and stop spending so much time at work?" Megan debated, following me into the kitchen.

"No, I love my work and I'm happy right now. I don't need some dysfunctional relationship you put me in to mess that up." He loved his sister, but right now he just wanted to leave. This is why he's been trying to skip dinners lately.

"But Pat, you won't even meet these girls that I know you would like-"

"Of course I don't want to meet them. Its always the same, 'OMG! You're Patrick Stump! OMG! I'm sorry I have to text my friend, you, like, know Pete Wentz right? She would be perfect for him, OMG! We could double date!' etcetera, I know you think you're helping but I don't need that, besides if this tip-bit of information will get you off my back, I met someone ok." He turned back to the dishes he was rinsing and then placed then in the dishwasher.

"What? Oh my god, mom! Did you hear that?" Megan ran out of the room for a moment, only to come back dragging Patrick's mother behind her.

"You're seeing someone? Is she a sweetie? What's she look like?"

"What's her name? Where does she work?" Patricia and Megan bombarded Patrick. He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

"I have to get going, I'll answer all questions at the next interview." He walked by the girls quickly, giving each a swift kiss, they were both still going on about the mystery girl as Patrick walked out the front door. He smiled, they were annoying as hell, but they were his family.


I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling.

I made a mistake. I shouldn't be here.

By the time I made this conclusion it was too late. Travis had dropped me off at home hours ago, I had told him that it was late and even though I enjoyed the evening, I was ready to go to sleep. At first, Travis thought I had meant with him, he excitedly started the car and followed directions to my apartment. When I thanked him for the evening and started to climb out, he grabbed a hold of my had with a confused look on his face.

"What? I thought I was coming with you."

"Excuse me? Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to sound like that. I don't, well, do that on a first date." I looked at him apologetically, hoping he would understand.

"Okay, um I guess I'll call you sometime then." He released my hand and sped off as soon as I shut the door.

So now, here I was, laying in bed all alone. Not that I want to be a hussy, or whatever their called now-a-days, but sometimes I do think it would be nice to have someone hold me for once. Instead here I lay.

I reach over and grab my phone from my night stand.

'I'm sorry again about the misunderstanding, want to grab dinner on Friday?' I hit send and feel better.

I will fix this next time.

With that I roll onto my side and sink into sleep.
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