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Sometimes, The Scariest Of Monsters Need Hugs Too

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[REDACTED] old unprocessed trauma

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Izzy clutched her teddy bear as she lay curled up in her bed. It was about three in the morning, and it was storming.
“It's just a storm, it’s just a storm...” She chanted to herself over and over. She calmed down a bit, but then a large clap of thunder shook the house, and lightning lit up the sky and her pale skin, and she screamed, quickly covering it with her hand and burying her face into her bear. She hoped to god no one had heard her scream, she couldn’t deal with the repercussions. She might be only six, but she knew what would come. Thankfully, she couldn’t hear her father moving about, so he was probably still passed out. She let out a sigh of relief before another thunderclap exploded around her and she buried deeper into her bear. She missed Gerard, he always knew how to make her feel better. Plus, he let her play with his hair, twisting it into the best imitation of braids that she knew how. He would pretend to get mad and say he looked like a girl, and she’d giggle and untwist it. Sometimes, he’d give her piggy-back rides around his house, or the kindergarten. Even though he was a whole seven months and sixteen days older than her, he was her bestest friend. He would’ve protected her from the storm, but he was at his house, sleeping. She sighed, rolled over in her bed, and continued to cower and hide from the storm until morning.

At eight-o'clock, Izzy got up and got dressed before her father could wake up. She put her long, black hair up into pigtails and brushed her teeth after super-duper quietly making toast in the kitchen. She put on her buckle-up shoes and was almost out the door when she heard her father behind her.
“Where doya think yer goin?” He asked her, his speech slurred.
“Just to school, Daddy.” She said quietly, hoping not to make him mad. Her wide green eyes looked down at her shoes.
“School? Yer too young for that yet. What are ya, three?”
“I’m six, Daddy.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“No, you’re not. You’re five, tops.”
“Okay, but daddy, I have to go to school. We’re finger painting today!”
“Finger-painting? Is that what they teach in schools these days? I won’t have any daughter of mine ‘finger paintin’ instead of schoolin!”
“Yes, Daddy. I’ll tell teacher that.”
“Good, good. Go to that ‘school’ thing now.”
“Okay, daddy. Bye” She opened and ran out the door, glad he didn’t get mad and hit her again. She ran to Gerard’s house, hair flying around her while she ran as fast as she could. She was smiling when he opened the door, he was just as awake as she was.

“Hiiii!!!” he picked her up and spun her around in a hug. “Were you okay last night? It was a really bad storm.”
“I was scared, but it was okay ‘cause I had my teddy bear. Lets go to school, we get to fingerpaint today!”
They held hands and ran together to the school, and were giggling when they got there as small children do.
There they spent the day finger-painting and listening to stories from the teacher until they had to go home. Gerard walked home with Izzy, and they played in her room until he had to go. As he left, he gave her a super big hug and told her, “If you get scared, come to my house and I’ll make it okay.” Then he smiled really big, gave her another hug, and left.

A couple hours later, her father walked in the door. And this time, he was angry.

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[* editors note, 2019: wow look at all that unprocessed trauma]
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