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Warning: Storms may cause fear, trust, and best-friendship

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“Why do you think my daddy’s so mean? Is it me? Did I do something? Is something wrong with me, like he says?” “No! You’re the nicest, bestest, smiley-est person I know! There’s noth...

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chapter two

“No! Daddy, please!” tears were streaming down her face.
“Stop whining, and don’t you dare cry. You’re a Crow, you don’t fucking cry!” He slapped her again.
She cowered in a corner, trying to stop the flow of tears from streaming down her face. Blow after blow was dealt to her, until her father got bored and went to go gambling with the rent again.
Before leaving, he looked at her again, and said, “Crying is weak, crying makes you weak and pathetic. You’re a Crow, you don’t fucking cry, and you don’t run away. You got that?”
Izzy nodded meekly and passed out, the agony proving too much for her young, fragile body.


When she woke up, her father was still gone, and it was dark. She moved her limbs gingerly, and concluded nothing was broken. This time. She got up, put on a new dress that wasn’t covered in blood, and began the long walk to Gee’s house. He would know how to make it better, he would keep her safe.
Finally, she got there, and knocked on his door. At first, no one answered, and she almost just sat down there on his doorstep and passed out again. But then, someone opened the door. It was Gee, looking sleepy.
“Izzy? Wha’s wrong?” His voice was groggy, but it became more alert when he saw blood soaking through her dress. “What happened? Are you otay? Come in, nows!” He held the door open as she limped inside. He helped her sit on the couch, and ran to get his mommy.

A few minutes later, he and his mom came in to see her fast asleep on the couch, cuddling the pillow like her teddy bear. His mom tended to her wounds, while Gee looked on helpless, hoping his best friend was okay.

When Izzy awoke a few hours later, she was almost scared she was back in her house, and that her father would be home soon. But instead, she was greeted with the sight of her best friend’s living room.

“What...what happened?” Gee asked her.
“My daddy happened. And..” She couldn’t speak further, she would be in enough trouble already.
“And what?” He asked.
“And...And what time is it?”
“Uhmmm.... well, you sleeped all night and all day, it’s after dinner.”
Izzy’s eyes grew wide. “I gotta go! My daddy...”

“Will he hurt you again?”
“I don’t know, GeeGee, he might cuz I was gones”

“No! Yous can’t get hurted! Yous my bestest friend!” He hugged her tight, like a teddy bear.
“GeeGee! Ow!”
“Oh, sorry..” He released her. Then he went to get her some juice to make her feel better. But when he got back, she was gone.

He was about to run to get his mommy when she walked out of the bathroom, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Seeing Gerard’s look of panic, she looked around, expecting something to be amis. When she figure out there was no danger, she was confused. “GeeGee, what’s wrong?”

He had broken into a smile, and ran to her and hugged her. “You scareded me, I thought your daddy came and took you! I thought you was gone!”

“But...I’m right here?”

“I know! That’s why it’s otay now.”
Izzy laughed and she and Gee sat on the couch and watched TV for a few hours.

Gerard’s mom made her stay the night. She and Gerard decided to sleep in the living room. They went to bed at nine, being allowed to stay up late because Izzy was over. However, at about ten that night, a really bad storm started.

As soon as the first drizzle of rain began to come down, Izzy woke up, sitting straight up on the air mattress Gee’s mom had blown up for them. She saw the storm brewing outside and she began to panic. She shook Gee, who was sleeping next to her, awake. “GeeGee!!!”

Without opening his eyes, he mumbled, “What? ‘M sleepin..”

“There’s a storm! Wake up!” She continued to shake his half-sleeping form.
After a moment he opened his eyes and sat up, opening his arms so that she would come over into them. He hugged her and the hid her face in his chest. They sat liike that for awhile, her jumping when there was thunder, and him consoling her until she felt better.

Eventually the storm passed, but they remained where they were.

Eventually, Izzy broke the silence. “Gee?”
“Why do you think my daddy’s so mean? Is it me? Did I do something? Is something wrong with me, like he says?”

“No! You’re the nicest, bestest, smiley-est person I know! There’s nothing wrong with you!”
“Then why’s he so mean?”
“Well...I dunno. Maybe his parents didn’t hug him a lot as a kid.”
“What’s a hug got to do with it?”
“Well...Sometimes, even the scariest of monsters need hugs too,”
“Yeah, now, I’m tired. Lets go to bed.”

And they slept soundly for the rest of the night. Or at least, till about 6:00 am when Izzy’s dad burst in, brandishing a baseball bat.

A/N sorry it took so long to update, I didn't have a block, I just didn't really feel like writing. I'll go over it more later, I'm sure I missed parts that I should really edit. R&Rs are appreciated. :D i wanna know what you think xD


editors note, 2019: yikes at that unprocessed trauma
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