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Chapter Twenty

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Jared finds his possessor in need of the death of the men who started it all

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They stood before me wide eyed and afraid. I knew now that I no longer looked like myself but had somehow taken on the appearance of the man they had killed ten years ago. I could feel his pain, his anger, his absolute thirst for not only revenge but their blood as well. His anger wasn't only birthed from his own murder but also because of all the deaths they were responsible for. Those helpless girls who had been taken by force, tortured, raped, murdered. All of their deaths he was more than ready to avenge. I could do nothing about it. My body was merely an instrument that couldn't fight against his possession of it.

"Please, it won't happen again. We tried! We tried! We didn't know what you wanted!" One of the men shouted fearfully. No more laughing then I guess.

I went to them, reaching my hand out and grabbing one of them by the neck. This one had taken the girls, watched as the others raped the girls, killed them. He had been the one to bury them, taking pleasure in being a witness. His neck snapped in my hands, death came rather quickly.

The remaining two scrambled towards the door but it slammed shut and they were left facing me, as pale as death. I heard whispers everywhere, the crying, the need for release. They pleaded for a death that would set them free from the imprisonment of their torture.

I grabbed another throwing him roughly to the ground. He screamed out as his sins passed through his eyes. He had liked to see them bleed, liked to hear them cry out for mercy. His breathing stopped in his struggle, his death much quicker than my possessor would have liked.

The last man stood there, unable to say anything, unable to move at all. He dropped to his knees, tears falling from his eyes. He had raped the women and kneeling there now he knew what he had done. What his punishment was and why everything was happening. He didn't want to fight anymore, the hauntings, the fear, it had all been too much on his weakening soul. Still I reached out, his body flailing loosely due to the sudden strength I had. He died quicker than the others and I was standing there surrounded by four dead bodies.

I felt something quake inside of me, felt a pain erupt from deep within me. My vision blurred and weakness corrupted my previous strength. My legs gave out beneath me, I began to tremble and a scream gasped out from my throat. I fell on my stomach, consciousness overwhelming me but before I blacked out the whispers suddenly stopped. My eyes flickered as I looked beside me and there laid his body, two year decomposed, murdered and ruined. Tears built in my eyes as I tried not to think of all the other bodies no doubt buried inside the hospital. It was over, damn it I needed it to just be over.
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