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Chapter Twenty One

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The end comes together with a startling revelation for Jared.

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My eyes opened and I became conscious with the sound of banging on the closed door. I laid there, trying to regain strength in feeling in my weakened body. I managed to pull myself up, the after effects of the drugs keeping my somewhat drowsy. My legs nearly gave out beneath my weight but I held onto the wall quickly. I looked about myself, my eyes laden with heaviness. Everything flooded back, the memory, what had happened. The bodies lay on the ground, lifeless, without mess. I knew Dr. Lawrence was in the adjoining room to my left and I knew he was in the same state as the rest of the men. I could see again how it had happened, how it had played out before my eyes without me being in control of anything. That's when I saw him.

His body was laying on the ground, aged and decomposed. He wasn't supposed to be here, how he was was simply beyond me. I thought of what had happened to him, of the murder that had kept his spirit going with the thirst for blood and vengeance. He had seen it through to the end, not only for himself but for all those girls who had suffered at the merciless hands at these doctors.

Another bang on the door stole my attention. I brought myself to it, the wall as my guide. I could feel my body growing weaker, almost smaller like the last cookie in the jar. I let out an exhausted gasp before I finally twisted open the door. I slid down the wall losing my willpower to stand and hung my head back.

"Jared!" The orderly shouted, his deep voice filled with worry as he rushed to me. "He's in here!" He knelt down before me, looking into my eyes. "Seems you found out what's been happening to you." He said, a hint of a smile on his nearly purple lips.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" I dragged out, my voice weaker than I imagined.

"Because I wasn't sure of any of it myself." He replied before he stood up. His eyes scanned the room and I saw him visibly swallow harshly. "Looks like they weren't either."

"I don't know how it all happened..."

"I know, Jared..." His eyes caught hold of the mans body then and he went to it. "My God." He breathed out, recognizing the man from ten years ago instantly. The state the body was in was too much for any man.

"Jared!" The woman from the other day who had asked for my transfer came running in, her worry evident all over her face.

I looked up at her, noticing only then how young she looked and realized that today was the day I was supposed to be released. "Come to rescue me?" I asked with a laugh. I wasn't sure if being the damsel really suited me. "The white horse outside? Ready to take me away?"

"There's no white horse're going home." She smiled a little as she went on her knees before me. She was checking my eyes, noting the amount of drugs I was under.

"Home?" I looked up at the orderly with knitted brows.

"Yeah, this here is my cousin, Annabeth. Educated doctor, she's been granted your release." He stated, going over to me with a proud smile. He had been trying to get me out all along.

"Sneaky bastard." I muttered trying to laugh afterwards but feeling much too drowsy to do so.

"What are you gonna tell everyone?"

"Nothing. As far as the board wants it, no one wants this out. It'll be like it didn't even happen."

I nodded slightly and then looked to the body of the man who had possessed me. The feeling had been incredibly frightening. "And the bodies? The girls?"

"Hospital's being shut down. It's over. Done with."

He helped me up and out of the room. The halls were empty, the patients were gone. They brought me into Annabeth's car and made sure I was alright before driving away from the hospital. I looked back at the building. Looked over every part of it, every piece of its foundation. It didn't look like it had once housed the sick with the intention of curing them. It only looked like some sort of death house. I wondered how it could have ended so simply, the night closing in on us drearily. I was cold suddenly, I could still feel him inside of me. He hadn't been ready to die, that was why his suicide hadn't been successful. I looked at the two people in the front seat and swallowed harshly. He didn't want to die and he wasn't quite ready to let me go. For all the sacrifices I made for the bastard he wasn't ready to let me live anymore. I looked down at my hands, felt my heart begin to race and my eyes slowly begin to close. He was still inside of me and he had gripped tightly on my foolish cause of justice. What was it they always said that I had gone against? Let the dead rest? Well the dead wasn't resting anymore.

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