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Chapter 1: You'd Be So Easy To Love

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Have you ever experienced one-sided love? Hurts, don't it? Now you know how Gerard feels. Rate and Review.

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Okay. So there's this girl. She's not just any girl. Her name's Johanna. Just her name alone sounds amazing. Her hair, her eyes, face, everything is amazing. I never talk to her, but that's because I'm just a shitless loser with no spine. Her talent is the most attractive attribute. Singer, dancer, actress...what more can this goddess do?

"Mikey! What are you doing with my sketch pad!?" Gerard snatched the pad from his brother's hand and frantically checked if it's been ruined. It took him ages to draw the sketching of Johanna and he didn't want his nosey brother to see it.

"You have a crush on Johanna Favre? She's a total theatre geek. Those kinds of girls think that they're better than everyone and that they'll be on Broadway and all that bullshit."

"Don't speak of such blasphamy! That's not how she is. Johanna's...different." Gerard sighed. He tore the paper from the pad and tucked it into his coat pocket. For safe keeping, he thought to himself.

"Why don't you just grow a pair and tell her how you feel? I know for a fact that that's the only reason you joined choir. Just to be with her." Mikey got an idea and Gerard can tell that he's not going to like it. "I'll tell you what, tomorrow night is gonna be the last choir concert. Right before the seniors do their Senior Moments. Tell her everything. She'll either reject you or you guys will live happily ever after."

"What!? I can't do it. Why would she say yes to me? I'm just that emo loser who sits in the corner like a stupid loner." Gerard always had low self-esteem issues. He's been bullied left and right, so it was pretty obvious. That's why he's so glad that he's a senior. So he doesn't have to spend another dealing with those tiny brained jerks he's forced to call his fellow classmates.

After minutes of self-loathing, Gerard made up his mind. "You know what? I think I'll do it. Go big or go home."


Gerard hated wear wearing his choir tux. This was one of the many downfalls of being in choir. The costumes were awful, the people were pretentous, and the songs lacked variety. They were either from musical theatre or classical which would put Gerard to sleep.

The routine choir songs were over and it was time for the Senior Moments. Senior Moments are when seniors get to preform a song that get to reflect their personal style. Gerard didn't audition, mostly because just his fashion sense alone scared his choir director, let alone his music choices.

The seniors who preform get to change out of their choir tuxes and dress and change into something based on their preformances. Nearly all the girls were in short, tight and shimmering dresses that can blind a person in the spotlight. But one didn't.

And that was Johanna.

Rather than a short dress, Johanna's was floor length. A classy light blue dress with a subtle high slit to show off a little leg. Gerard could stop starring. Every motion caught his eye. But for some reason, she was pacing back and forth. Like she's nervous. But she's never nervous. Gerard came up to her and asked what's wrong.

"Oh, Gerard! This is it. The moment I've been waiting since freshman year. One mistake could ruin my moment! I want nothing to go wrong. I have to finish strong!" She hugging him.

She's actually hugging him. Quick Geetard, say something before she leaves.

"Hey Johanna. Can I tell you something?" Johanna looks up at Gerard an replies, "Sure thing." God that smile was enchanting.

"Um, well I know that we don't r-really talk as much and this might kinda creep you out, b-but I-"

"Johanna!" Interjected one of the tenors, Liam. "Suzette just finish Don't Rain On My Parade. We need to get onstage now!" Liam and another girl, Samantha grabbed her hands and ran to the side of the stage waiting to be announced.

Johanna looked at Gerard with apologetic eyes and told him, "You'll tell me the rest later." Gerard simply nodded. Now his nerves were in a craze even more. He stayed at the side of the stage and listen to their song. The piano began to play and Liam started the number. His voice sound nervous and he looked as if he's doing something wrong. And then Johanna interjected. Her voice was high and melodic. A soprano, no doubt. It sounded more confident unlike Liam. Although the song sounds sweet...and kind of romantic.

It's a love song.

Samantha was began in counter-part of Liam and Johanna. The story of the song started to make sense. Johanna and Liam are supposed to be in love while Samantha sings about her one-sided love for Liam. It was sweet, Gerard had to admit, but the thought of them together made him a little sick.

But when the song was over, Gerard saw something that made them nauseous. Absolutely sick to his stomach: They kiss.

It was to real to be staged. Liam wanted Johanna and now he's got her. Gerard had seen enough and ran backstage. Hopefully no one notice the tears in his eyes as he hid to the restrooms.

I hope you guys like it. Rate and Review please. Oh, and hear is the song Gerard was listening to
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