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Chapter 2: Think Of Me

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Years have moved on and Gerard is now the frontman of My Chemical Romance. He's totally forgotten about Johanna...right? Rate and Review

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Gerard had moved on from what happened on that senior year of high school. He and his friends have been successful. Traveling and doing what he loved, which is performing. He loved the adrenaline he gets from a concert and the screaming fans chanting, "MCR!"

After the concert and hours of cleaning up, the MCR gang were back on the tour bus, waiting for their next venue: Madison Square Garden. The trip looked like a winter wonderland. Nothing but snow for miles on end. Since it's the holidays, everyone was excited for Christmas.

Especially Frank.

"Everyone stop what your're doing!" Frank made Mikey and Gerard nearly dropped their coffees from his spontaneous hyper-ness.

"Damn it, Frank! What's so important that you're disrupting our coffee time?!" Coffee time is sacred to Gerard. The last time anyone interupted his coffee time, Gerard had Ray in an arm-bar yelling, "Uncle! Uncle!"

"It's almost Christmas! We. Need. To watch. Christmas cartoons!" The band all groaned in annoyance. It's great to still be a child at heart, but if they hear Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer one more time, they would break the TV and tie up Frank to a chair and duct tape his mouth. Before anyone could even breathe, Frank was at the TV changing the channel to Marry Christmas, Charlie Brown.

It was disturbing, yet somewhat cute at the same time that Frank was an adult yet he still gets so excited over childish things like cartoons. Eventually as the show went on, the whole band gathered round the TV watching the christmas special and eventually fell asleep on the sofa together.

Gerard was the first to wake up. He noticed that Frank was leaning on his left shoulder, fast asleep and Mikey on his lap. Gerard's vision was blurry from sleep, but he heard a voice that sounded familiar. A voice singing O Holy Night with a choir group in the backround. His vision became clearer and can see who the mystery singer was. Someone with long brown hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. Then it hit him.


Gerard was astonished. Shocked to see the woman that broke his heart that fateful night. No one knew about Johanna besides Mikey, and he intended on keeping that promise.

"Gee, what are you gawking at?" Crap. Frank's awake. Even worse, the whole band was starting to wake up. Better explain youself, Gerard thought.

"What's going on?" Ray asked.

"Did someone die?" Mikey concluded.

"Who's the hot chick on the TV?" Way to ruin the seriousness, Frank.

Gerard stared motionless at the siren singing on the TV. Mikey thought long why Gerard was acting so strange, then he saw it too.

"Oh, shit! Johanna Favre! Change the channel! Change the channel!" Mikey reached for the remote, but Ray beat him to it.

"Okay, what's going on? Who's Johanna Favre? And why is Gerard staring at the TV like a mindless zombie?" Mikey looked at Gerard to see if he was okay to tell them. No respose. No harm done.

"Um, okay. During senior year of high school, Gerard had a really big crush on this girl name Johanna Favre, which is the girl on the TV singing."

"Singing like an angel." Oh crap Mikey thought, he's falling for her again.

"Anyways, Gerard was gonna tell her how he felt during a choir concert they had together. But he saw her and some other guy kissing."

"That bitch!" Gerard yelled.

"A little bipolar much, Gerard?" Frank giggled a bit.

"No, because she is a bitch! I was in love with her and for what? For her to start making out with some...singing pretty boy? He was gay, he just didn't admit it yet."

"Dude, all you did that whole year was stare at her and attend her performances, all her concerts, and all that jazz. You weren't just lovestruck, you were near-stalkerish."

"Shut up, Mikey!" Gerard was about to punch Mikey in the arm, when he heard what sounded like an interview. The scenery changed from a stage with choir backround to a one-on-one interview.

"Eveyone be quiet. I wanna hear the hot girl Gerard will never get with." Not to self, Gerard thought. Kill Frank later.

The interview was something that the band have always experianced. The perky interviewer asking uninteresting questions that people already knew the answer to. At least people who follow her career knew. But there was a question that caught Gerard's attention.

"So Miss Favre, since you've decide to take a break fom Broadway, what do you plan on doing for the next year or so?" Johanna's lovely blues were looking up for an idea on what to say. Cute, but evil.

"Well I'll be stay here in New York teaching advance tap dance at the New York School Of Dance. And I also plan on catching up with some old friends from high school."

"Oh? Like who?"

"Let's just say, I know a certain fontman of a band that's preforming at Madison Square Garden in a few days."

All the band members looked at each other, especially Gerard.

"D-do you think she's talking about us?" Mikey shushed Gerard to hear the rest of the interview.

"Who is it?"

"Have you heard of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance?" Band members were shocked. Gerard quickly turned off the TV and just stood there stunned.

"Hey Gee, what are you thinking right now?" Ray asked. He didn't really know how much this Johanna chick has affected him. No one knew other than Mikey.

"Tell her off, that's what I'm thinking! I can tell her...t-that it's because of her, I hate women and now I'm gay! Frankie, you can be my boyfriend!"

"Alright," Mikey yelled out, "No one is gonna be anyone's boyfriend here. Now Gerard, when you see her, just tell her how you feel."

"That's what you said last time I saw her."

"Will just do it please!?"

"Fine!" Gerard angrily stormed to his bunk. God, Gerard can act like a spoiled teenager again, Mikey thought.

"Aw, I wanted to be Gerard's boyfriend." Frankie pouted.

Ray retaliated, "Shut up and your cartoons, Frankie."

"Oh shit, Rudolph's on!"
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