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Chapter 3: I'll Be Seeing You

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Gerard and Johanna finally meet. What's gonna happen? Rate and Review, Loverlies! :)

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After an immense research, Gerard and the band found themselves at the New York School Of Dance. By immense research, all they did was find the address online and there they are, an hour later. The boys seemed out of place. Compared to the happy, tanned, and lively dancers, they were a bunch of depressed, pale vampires. Especially Gerard, the head of the vampire gang.

"My God, look at all these people," Frank said while giving the dancers the evil eye, "A bunch of pretencious people, is what I see. I don't know what you see in this Johanna chick. She may be hot, but now she teaching these people. She's probably the biggest bitch there is."

"That's because she is! Johanna Favre is a huge bitch! And a god damn slut too!" Gerard got the attention of the whole studio. Ballet girls, jazz boys, and waltz couples looked at the group in disgust. Somethng like, 'How dare they talk about an instructer like that! They should be condemned to hell.'

"Gerard," Mikey finally broke the awkward silence, "What did I tell you about you're bursts of anger?"

"Shut up, Mikey!" Right then, a bunch of professional looking dancers came out of a another studio. The tapping noises from their shoes were annoying the gang.

"Hey guys, I think that's the advanced tap dancing class." Gerard pointed.

"God, can you make the noises stop?" No doubt Ray hate the noises. But now he figured why Gerard seemed pretty tense.

"Hey kid," Gerard catched the attention of one of the dancers. Some boy around seventeen years old, "Is your dance teacher Johanna Favre?"

"Yeah, she's so amazing. I don't recommend talking to her right now."

"Oh, and why not?"

"Because after every lesson, she likes to start singing and dacing by herself with the accompanist. Even though her agent told her to quit Broadway, her mentality won't let go. Poor thing."

"How come she her agent told her to quit?"

The boy just shrugged, "Don't know. She always goes silent when people ask. Now...who's your friend?" The young man pointed to Frank and gave a girlish kind of wave. Frank noticed.

Everyone noticed.

"Sorry kid, he's straight."

"Well, I can change that." The gang went wide-eyed. And Mikey wanted to laugh while Frank was motionless.

"Get out of here, kid!" Gerard geve the boy a light shove before he and the others went to the door of the studio where Johanna would be.

"In all honesty, the kid was kinda cute." Frank announced.

All replied, "Shut up, Frank." Gerard entered the studio and the rest followed suit. The boy was right. Johanna was tapping away while singing to some upbeat musical tune from the piano. She was so oblivious that the boys were even there. She was in her own little place. Gerard remember those times when Johanna would sing and dance out of nowhere at school. Thinking about it now made a small flutter in his chest, but he had to have a tough exterior. Show no weakness, he thought.

Finally when the song was over, Johanna saw the men at the door. She seemed a little upset that someone has disrupted her time alone.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?" Okay then, Gerard thought, Here goes nothing.

"Um, yeah, I-I'm Gerard Way." It took a while for Johanna to figure it out, but when it did, it hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Oh my God, Gerard Way? It's been almost ten years! I was expecting to see you at the concert tomorrow night, but this was even better." Johanna practically tapped her way to hug Gerard. He had to look tough but on the inside, he wanted this physical contact for years. Nothing sexual, just a hug.

"So, aren't you gonna introduced me to the band?" Johanna snapped Gerard from his clouded mind and got him back to reality.

"Oh, yeah. Guys, this is Johanna. Johanna, that's my brother Mikey, that's Frank and that's Ray." Everyone was pretty much gawking at Johanna except Mikey. He was giving her the evil eye.

"Okay then bye!" Gerard was on the verge of sprinting for the door, but Frank and Ray were ready to tackle him down if they had to. He was having second thoughts. What if he tells her everything and she laughs at his face? He wouldn't live to see the light of day ever again.

"Hey Johanna, wanna come to our tour bus? We can have you backstage for tomorrow."

"Wow, really? Sure!" Gerard had no say in this. Ray and Mikey took Johanna to the bus, while Gerard and Frank stayed put.

"Gerard, I know you hate me now, but later on you'll thank me." Gerard swiftly got Frank in a headlock and took him to the ground.

"You better, jackass! If you say anything to her, I'll kick your ass!"

Fine! Just let go of me...can't breathe..." Gerard released Frank from the headlock and got him to breathe again.

"Remember what I said, Frankie."

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