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Chapter 4: A Heart Full Of Love

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Secrets come out, but not Gerard's. Whose is it? Rate and Review, Teddy Bears :)

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Mikey and Ray were showing Johanna the bus and keeping her entertained. Ray understood why Gerard used to fall for her, because she's super hot! Mikey was a little skeptical about Johanna. Why did she want to see Gerard? Was this for popularity? Was she genuinely happy to see him? It didn't seem so, Mikey assumed. Maybe he was just over-protective for his older brother. He was in emotional pain when he saw Johanna with that other man. God hope history doesn't repeat itself.

While Ray was ogling at Johanna and Mikey making sure that he didn't sexually molest her, Gerard laid in his bunk with his head buried in his pillow. He didn't want to talk to anyone, especially Frank. It was his stupid idea to get Johanna in the bus. Although he knew that deep, deep inside, he would thank Frank for inviting her. Maybe not now, but soon.

"Gerard, don't you wanna come out? Johanna's on the verge of being molested by Ray." Speak of the devil.

Gerard muffled a reply from the pillow, "No. I hate her. I'm regretting letting you and Mikey convince me to look for her."

"Gee, you gotta get rid of this stupid tough exterior. Everyone can see right through you. The only clueless one here is Johanna." Great, cover blown, Gerard thought. Now he's going to be picked that to tell Johanna how he felt forever. But, he had something to hold against Frank. Only Gerard knows, but he won't use it until the timings right.

"Now how should I put this?" Frank asked himself, "Oh yeah, you have a beautiful woman you are in love with right there in the bus and you are laying on your bed in self pity. I suggest that you get your ass out of this bed, march yourself to Johanna and make nice with her. Eventually she will fall for you and you guys can make babies and name them after me." Now Geetard! Do it now!

Not yet, let's see what else he has to say.

"Or else I'll tell her everything."

"Don't you dare, bitch!" The chatters from the other room stopped and tapping from a certain pair of shoes were coming their way, to reveal the one and only Johanna.

"What happened? Did someone die?" What with everyone and people dying these days? Johanna seemed worried, yet surprised by Gerard yelling. She has never heard him yell, not even in high school.

"No. Everything's fine, Johanna. Can you leave us alone for a sec? I gotta talk to Frank about something." Now let the blackmail begin.

"Sure, but can you hurry? Your friend Ray is creeping me out and I don't think your brother can control him any longer."

"Sure thing." And with that, Johanna left. Gerard's facial expression turned from depression to a deceiving smile used for blackmail.

Frank got the signal and started to get nervous. "Gerard, what's with the look? The look is starting to scare me. Stop with the look!"

"Oh, Frank. You're right. I should make nice with Johanna. Telling her how I feel? Now that's crazy. But I can do it, with a price."

Frank looked at him like he was crazy, "What price?"

Time for the kill. "The day I tell her how I feel will be the day you tell Mikey how you feel."

All color from Frank's face vanished. How would Gerard know? He acted just the same to Mikey as he did with everyone else. Deny.

Deny like you've never denied before, Frank panicked.

And after that, deny some more.

"Uh, what are you t-talking about? I'm straight! I don't l-love Mikey. You're cra-"

"You talk in your sleep." Gerard interrupted. Game over, he thought. Frank dropped his head down in shame. Gerard felt guilty for knowing about Frank's infatuation for Mikey. It was kind of cute when you think about it.

"Hey Frank, I'm sorry. You don't have to be ashamed of this. I bet you guys would make the cutest couple." Some color came back to Frank. Mostly red from the thought of him and Mikey as a couple. That would be a dream come true to him.

"Thanks, Gerard. I want the same thing for you and Johanna. That's why I invited her here."

"I appreciate it now. Say, how about we make a deal again? You don't say anything to Johanna and I don't say anything to Mikey. Deal?"

Frank cracked a smile. This deal was better then the last one. Mostly because he wasn't on the ground being nearly choked to death by Gerard.

"Deal. Now we should go before Ray starts to kidnap Johanna."
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