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Chapter 5: Memory

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A little walk down memory lane and someone gets laid. Rate, review, and take a look and see who gets lucky. ;)

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After sealing the deal once more, Gerard and Frank left their bunks with weight off their shoulders, especially Frank. After approaching the rest of the group, both saw something they would never expect.

"Gah! Johanna, let go of my arm!" Ray pleaded in pain. His arm was on the verge of being twisted off by Johanna.

"Not until you promise to stop talking to my breasts!" Johanna demanded.

"Okay, Okay! Just let go!" After that, Johanna let go Ray's arm and he dropped to the floor in pain and relief at the same time. Gerard and Frank were shocked that Johanna could even fight. Mikey on the other hand, couldn't breathe because he was laughing too hard.

"Ray, you just got your ass kicked by a girl!" At that point, Mikey was on the floor next to Ray while waiting for his laughter to subside.

"We still friends?" Ray groaned.

"Fine, but you reach for my ass I'll break that arm off." Ray winced at the mere thought of losing his arm. At this point, Gerard and Frank joined in the laughter with Mikey.

"Okay guys now that no one needs to go to the hospital, can I talk to Johanna in private now?" Gerard asked his friends. Frank looked at Gerard in a 'what the hell are you gonna do?' kind of way. He replayed the deal in his mind, if Gerard tells Johanna, then he has to tell Mikey everything too. His fear of rejection was making him sweat at the thought of telling Mikey.

"That's fine, I guess. I need to talk to Mikey anyway." If he had to tell Mikey, he might as well be first. Gerard didn't hear what Frank said, he was too busy chatting away with Johanna.

"Okay then, I'm going to Starbucks, anyone want anything?" Said Ray. The mention of Starbucks made Gerard perk up in happiness.

"One coffee all black and another full of cream and sugar." Gerard declared all in one breath.

"You know what I always order at Starbucks?"

"Yeah. I remember every day, when choir starts, you were always the first to arrive with your coffee in one hand and sheet music in another." Johanna looked at Gerard in awe. How could he remember? Even she didn't remember a lot of the memories back in high school. Repetition must really get into your memories, Johanna assumed.

Gerard and Johanna were really hitting it off. He felt as if there was an actual connection besides just attractiveness. They talked about how their lives were after high school. Apparently, Johanna went to Julliard and landed her first lead role on Broadway as Christine in "The Phantom of the Opera." But there was something on the back of Gerard's min that he couldn't stop thinking about: What made Johanna stop performing on Broadway? He might as well ask her since she's right there.

"Hey, I was just wondering, if you love musical theatre so much, what made you stop performing?" She was sick of hearing that question. Her students would always ask her this question, but she would only stay silent and move on with her dance lesson. But Gerard wasn't a student, he was a friend. H deserved to know.

"Okay, then I'll tell you. Last year I was auditioning for six shows while I was performing in "Les Miserables." On the final show, I didn't eat or sleep because I was so busy with the auditions and I didn't take a break before the show. So anyway, the show went on and it was my turn to sing my solo. And in the middle of my song, I Dreamed A Dream, I fainted in front of the whole audience. The show ended and all the casting directors from my auditions heard about what happened and none of them gave me the parts. After that, every show on Broadway doesn't want me in their shows. Ever since then, I've been singing in nightclubs just to get some redemption for what happened. Now that I think about it, my life sounds awful." Johanna dramatically fell in to the sofa in shame. He couldn't believe it. Gerard always thought she had the perfect life, living her dream. But that dream was taken away because of over-working.

"Hey your life isn't awful. I think you're one of the most successful people in our class." Gerard attempted to praise Johanna.

Johanna scoffed, "Why do you think that?"

He explained, "Because you're doing something that you love for a living. Not a lot of people can say that. I bet the people in our choir aren't as successful as you. Like for example: where do you think that one bitch that kept teasing you, Emma Lockhart is?"

"Waitressing at the diner on 5th Avenue." Johanna answered with a tiny smirk knowing that Karma is taking its toll.

"Really? What about Liam Morris?"

"Mechanic." Johanna's smile grew a little bigger.

"Samantha Hall?"

"Bartender." Even bigger.

"What about the biggest bitch we had to suffer through all of senior year, Tiffany Rose?" He loved that look. Her eyes became big and her smile stretched wide.

"Stripper!" She exclaimed, "You're right, we're both successful. I lived my dream, you still have yours while Karma isn't giving them theirs. Thank you, Gerard for cheering me up." She gave him a kiss on the cheek in gratitude.

A kiss.

On the cheek.

It may not be much, but it's a start. Gerard tried so hard not to blush in front of her. He didn't want to be the first to tell Johanna how he feels. If Frank does it first, he would be more at ease to tell her.

Just then, Ray came back with four coffees in a cup holder in one hand and his own in another.

"Hey guys. I got one for Johanna, creamy and sugary sweet like yourself. And one for Gerard, black like his eyeliner."

"Oh, haha." Gerard sarcastically laughed.

"Where's Mikey and Frank? I got them their decaf and espresso. I'm kinda surprised that Frank would be the asking for the decaf."

"I think they're in their bunks. I haven't really heard from them since you left."

"Then I shall surprise them." Ray, that sneaky boy he is, tiptoed disappeared to the bunks to scare the boys.

But the boys actually scared Ray.

"Oh, my god! My eyes! My virgin eyes! They're burning! God help me! I'm blind!" Ray covered his eyes in panic. What was Ray so freaked out about?

"Ray! calm down! What's the matter? What happened?" Before Ray could give a response to Gerard, both Mikey and Frank came from the bunks out of breath.

Clothes disheveled.

Zippers were down.

Both both were giving off an 'I just had sex' vibe. The whole band can see it and they were stunned. Especially Gerard.

Johanna was the first to speak, "Mikey, you beast! I didn't know you were gay."

Mikey just gave a sly smile, "Only for Frankie." He gave Frank a tender kiss and Johanna awed on how adorable it was.

Ray finally opened his mouth, "Congradulations on your new found love and everything, but can you please, for the love of God, keep it in your pants until we go to a hotel or something? I don't wanna be blind for the rest of my life."

"Deal." Frank said, "And speaking of deal...don't you have something to say, Gerard?" This can't be happening. He thought he had more time. Gerard was wrong, it wasn't easier if Frank did it first. It was harder.

"No. Johanna, I think you should go. I'll see you tomorrow at the concert." As much of a good time she was having on the bus, Johanna didn't want to argue. She can tell Gerard was upset about something. She wanted to ask, but later seemed like a better time then now.

"Um, o-okay then. Bye, boys." In a rush, she grabbed her coffee and left. In a way he was glad for Mikey and Frank, but he was mad that he didn't have enough time.

"I can't do it, Frankie." Gerard stated. "You couldn't have waited a little bit longer!?" He didn't want to talk to anyone. He just dashed past the newly found couple to wallow in self pity.

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