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November 2012 AD

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Harry has really done it. He has handed out the means to magic for the muggles, and the magical world doesn't like that! Now he'll have to deal with bigots... The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's...

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November 2012 AD

EvansCorp, the creating company for the EVoNet system, and the greatest company on the face of the Earth… well, OK that might be pushing it and being big headed. The company was created by a banished wizard, the Evans Corporation and the Evolution Network. His grand plan. His proof that he exists as more than his powers… powers that have long since been sealed away, five years ago sometime during his seventh year of magic school.

Harry James Potter, younger twin brother to the famous Boy-Who-Lived. Though, luckily they didn't look alike at all. Harry had messy black hair that fell right into place with the proper care, and brilliant green eyes. His brother Terry on the other hand had ginger hair that just looked stupid with brown eyes full of greed. Well, the last time Harry saw him, his eyes held malice, hate, and… well, still greed.

The creation of EVoNet had started out really as a way to get his revenge on those sad excuses for human beings that were obviously jealous of his cleverness. He had an unlimited imagination and a drive to put his thoughts into action rather than just letting them rot. So EvansCorp came into being just to create his grand design.

He had great ambition that came about. You see, he had found a liking… a love even for technology, the way it worked, the way it could make life so much easier, and the way it helped him look at magic so clearly. He had decided that he would bring the magical world and scientific world together, in a great, spectacular union.

However, the more he looked into the magical world the more he wondered whether they would accept that. He noticed that wizards and witches coveted their powers so tightly. They were proud to be better than the non-magical community.

It didn't stop Harry from trying, observing, but the more he did the sicker he felt. He saw the magical community revolve around three stances. There were those who obeyed the rules of Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They could be very fanatical about what was good and what was bad, believing that only Dumbledore could truly discern this, yet Dumbledore never dissuaded them from calling someone dark and hating them unless it suited him, and he didn't ever label anyone 'light', just his 'side'.

In other words to Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix if you were not in his Order you were either evil or a selfish ministry employee. Or if you were in Slytherin House at Hogwarts, you were evil even if you were to join Dumbledore for some reason. Especially to Gryffindor's, ambition, and cunning were evil traits even though Dumbledore was a slippery cunning git.

The next group was those who worked within the law for the Ministry of Magic, although they did have lots of traitors and selfish gits out to just make money. They… well the minister and his people were just trying to protect themselves, they were wimps and weasels.

Then last, the Death Eaters. The Dark Lord Voldemort's minions… now to the Order of the Phoenix these were misguided purebloods who needed help to have a second chance whereas to an intelligent person they were highly dangerous terrorists and murderers who needed to be stopped at all costs, not 'saved'.

Harry's banishment was fixed by fate the moment Voldemort was resurrected. He had watched them, his family, Albus Dumbledore, and the Order of the Phoenix. He watched as they did nothing but watch, and talk as muggles were tortured and murdered about how they would save their world, their people. They were just getting on his last nerves so he had decided to do something about it.

They preached bull-crap about tolerance and protecting the innocent people, but all he saw was them trying to think of ways to protect the purist murderers, trying to make excuses for them at the same time making sure that Slytherin House and these purists are still hated.

However, while all of this is going on innocent people were being murdered and tortured by Death Eaters? Harry finally realised that these people of the 'light' don't care to protect the non-magical people, and that made him sick as a large majority of the Order was made up of muggle-born witches and wizards. He had to wonder whether mage arrogance had made them forget to care about their non-magical parents and families.

Though, Harry found himself caring about these perfect strangers because unlike his 'people' he could not ignore their suffering as if they were any less human than them.

Harry figured that since the mage only seemed to care so much about their magic, he would find a way to end the war and bring both worlds together by giving the muggles magical powers.

It would also be the perfect act of vengeance against his mother and father for always having ignored him for their precious Boy-Who-Lived. Though, he was pleased that they had taken at least some interest in his little sister and brother. At least they were somewhat looked after by their parents. Though, he wished that they hadn't been groomed by them to worship the Boy-Who-Lived and Dumbledore too.

Though, he'd been banished (which he had discovered wasn't that uncommon in Britain for half-bloods and muggleborns), he was smart, so he could easily keep track of the magical world.

His sister from what he had found out was engaged to be married, and Harry cringed at the thought of the groom to be. Although, he wasn't very close to his little sister, or close at all for that matter he had to resist every urge to protect her by charging into the magical world with an arsenal full of weapons and kill everyone until he'd killed him.

Thinking of that made him smile as he swivelled his big leather chair to look out of the windows of his skyscraper situated next to the Thames, but this window looked out over the city of London showing him the city. Although, not the nicest city on the planet, it held a certain charm to it.

He would then have to have kidnapped his sister and hope she eventually saw the truth of the matter, which was obvious. The magical world was full of morons who let innocent people die because they were different.

However, having to kidnap her to talk might be unneeded as it seems she may come to him. Thinking back on what he had done to get expelled made his smile widen. He had been so close… oh so very close, but Hogwarts just didn't have enough power.

Shaking the thought away he settled for a small smile as he swivelled back around, facing his office and a large group of people who hadn't been there moments before led by an old man with a white beard and hair.

In total, he counted around thirty uninvited guests with wooden sticks aimed at him including his little sister and both of his brothers, and his parents. However, only the 'great' Albus Dumbledore looked amused as the others were furious, and angry, some looking to be in near raging tempers.

"Good afternoon Mr. Evans," the old man greeted with his blue eyes twinkling as if he hadn't been a main aggressor in banishing Harry and taking his name of Potter from him, making him have to take Evans (his mother's maiden name instead). Not that he cared.

"Good afternoon Professor," he replied with a smile to match the old mans as these red, smooth rounded, stretched things parted from the walls and pulling back and opening pointing at the invaders from all sides. "I've been expecting you," he continued as the mages all looked around startled and wary.

"Harry this has to stop NOW!" his mother stepped forward with her demand.

He smiled as he stood up and walked around his desk, but kept his distance. He was wearing some black combat trousers, black shirt and boots while they all wore varying styles of robes.

"Well if it isn't my neglectful mother," he spoke pleasantly but she flinched anyway. He turned to look over the group. "Wow… Draco and Astoria Malfoy," he said, amused as he looked them over. "I believe congratulations on the wedding are in order. Would you both care for some champagne to celebrate?"

"Umm… no… thank you," Draco replied looking just as surprised as everyone else that Harry had heard of the wedding.

"And Daphne Greengrass," he added as the beautifully cold young woman stood next to her younger sister looking quite delectable even if her robes were hiding most of her. "Let's see… Death Eaters murdered your parents for wanting to stay out of their ranks. So you have little choice but to associate with these people. And Draco really cared enough about his future wife that he would betray his family."

"You know more than any banished man should," James Potter suddenly grumbled out glaring at his once son.

"I like to keep my ear to the grindstone, 'father'," he spoke the last word with such sarcasm that his father actually flinched. "Aren't you proud of what I've accomplished? I've done more than you ever could have. Don't you think it so brilliant that Wizards and Witches can't apparate into my building, and soon 'father' I shall have wards all over the UK, and then the world stopping your kind from doing whatever they want? Aren't you proud of me?"

"Never…!" James spat out hatefully. "I'll never be proud of a filthy little traitor like you!"

Harry just chuckled in amusement. "How can one betray those who betrayed first? The moment Terry was hailed as THE Boy-Who-Lived was the moment you betrayed me. You betrayed my heart. Never thinking about me! It was Terry this, Terry that, and when it wasn't about Terry it was about Dumbledore saying this or that, and then you following his orders like Death Eaters who love their master rather than fear him!"

"Enough!" Dumbledore interrupted the argument as James was about to argue back. "Mr. Evans for giving the muggles our secrets you shall spend the rest of your life in Azkaban prison while we sort out this mess!"

Harry chuckled startling them. "You think the likes of you can beat me?" he asked but awaited no response he continued. "Let me tell you what I have accomplished in my life and see whether your accomplishments come close," he laughed as he could see some of them were curious.

"In my second year at Hogwarts," he began smilingly. "I discovered what the monster in the Chamber of Secrets was. It was blindingly obvious, but no matter whom I told everyone ignored me, and then Ginny Weasley was taken. Do you honestly think my idiot of a brother could have saved her without help?" he laughed as their eyes widened.

"Oh yes," he went on as he looked to the blushing and wide eyed young woman in question. "You were barely conscious. I used some well-placed tags on the basilisk's door before you passed out and crushed it by making them go boom. Tom was pissed as I left when I heard my brother coming.

"Then my brother came and I was thoughtful enough to have gotten a basilisk fang and left it by Tom's diary still clutched in Ginny's hands. It was simple really! He had hardly anything to do!"

"That's rubbish!" Terry cried out in anger, but it was quite obvious he was lying.

"Why?" Ginny interrupted quietly. "W-why did you save me?"

"He didn't, I did!" Terry interrupted.

"Shut up!" she hissed at him in annoyance. "Why Harry?" she asked turning back to him. "Why? My brother was never nice to you, and I know Ron was trying to bully you! So why save me?"

Harry just smiled. "You were just a sweet innocent eleven year old girl," he said shrugging. "Why shouldn't I have saved your life? I had the ability, and intellect, and to let you die would have been wrong. I had told McGonagall twice that I could show her the Chamber of Secrets… that I had found it, but she wouldn't listen to me. So I had no choice."

The woman in question grimaced as a few peopled looked to her and she nodded, remembering that he had indeed told her so.

"Nonsense, my son saved her life!" James retorted angrily.

Harry however shrugged and continued talking. "The golden shield in fourth year that saved Terry's life was my doing, as well as Ginny being saved from the lake. He would have never found you and most certainly wouldn't have come first. I then waited with the other 'captives' of the merpeople until the last champion came.

"Though, I was the one who brought Gabrielle up to the surface no one seemed to notice or care!"

"T-that's why Gabrielle l-loved you and not Terry?" his little sister Rose suddenly asked and he nodded. "S-she was devastated when you were banished!"

"Cute blonde… me likey, so send her my way and I'll rock her universe!" he laughed as many of them blushed before continuing. "Now my greatest feat happened during my last year at Hogwarts, but that was also my downfall, and your greatest error. The greatest mistake the wizarding world has ever made, and will ever make."

He chuckled as he took a breath as they all looked confounded. "The moment you sealed my powers… that was your greatest fuck up. However, to the muggle world it was to their luck and fortune.

"I couldn't create another runic system without magic to give it to the world. However, by that time I had discovered the reason behind muggleborns. You see, one or both muggle parents had been at one time or another exposed to lots of magic, be it from wards or maybe surviving a prolonged racist attack.

"This gave me an idea to study more into magic, to find out the how's and why's, and I did. Then…" he shrugged as he pulled out a dark green plastic looking wand, perfectly straight with handle and hand guard with a LCD strip running the length on both sides on standby.

The mages eyed it warily as he grinned widely. "I realised that magic isn't mystical, but rather a science that had yet to be discovered or really researched. And with computer technology, once my wands tech had produced Zero-Point-Energy, ZPE, or magic or mana to you. I just have to tell it what to do. I can even limit a wands capability, locking such types of spells as the unforgivable etc."

"You think you're clever?" Ronald Weasley suddenly demanded spitefully. "Creating these things and giving the muggles magic?" he spat out hatefully.

Harry however grinned even wider. "With my technology Weasley I have fed millions of people who would have otherwise gone hungry, as computers are so much better at conjuring than any human could hope to be. Using potions that you and your filthy people take for granted I have saved millions of lives. So yes I think that's very clever."

"Filthy muggle!" he roared out in rage, he waved his wand shooting out a red jet, but it just hit into a shield and almost hit him on the return journey. The shield was a ripple in the air separating them from Harry before it faded away. It was then they realised why Harry seemed so overly confident.

Harry laughed as they were starting to show signs of fear now. "Yes… beautiful what you can create if you have the balls and dick to screw the establishment!" he laughed some more as they blushed. "In one hundred years from now, the world will have magic coursing through its veins, and witches and wizards will be a thing of embarrassment when their descendants look back on their past!"

"Well I must admit Mr. Evans, where Voldemort," the other mages flinched. "Went on a magic superiority tangent… I had never expected a Dark Lord to rise up through muggle science."

"Dark Mr. Dumbledore?" he replied amused. "Maybe I am… but then if you and your little minions are the light why would any self-respecting good man woman or child want to be anything but dark. Is it so wrong for one man to rise up to show you… to show the world that you aren't as great as you would have them believe?"

"Don't talk to Albus Dumbledore like that!" Ron raged out looking as if he was fighting not to fire again. "He's the greatest mage to have lived!"

"Oh really…?" Harry asked mockingly while most of them nodded he continued. "So you're so thick you've never heard of Myrddin Emrys or Morgan le Fay, two of the most famous mages to have existed?"

"Who are they?" he asked thickly, a look of utter confusion on his face.

"Merlin and Morgana…" interrupted one of his friends, Hermione Granger and a very annoying girl who had always believed she knew everything, as long as it was in a book.

"But Morgana was a Dark Witch," Ron spat out smugly.

"He said greatest mage, not greatest good mage Weasley," Draco suddenly interrupted rolling his eyes in annoyance. These people were the worst kind of annoying, they were bigots.

"Shut your face Malfoy!" Ron hissed at him angrily.

"Wow, getting way off topic," Harry interrupted. "You really don't see how selfish you are, do you Ronald. How hateful you are, and how much of a bullying piece of shit you are!"

"Don't speak to my son like that!" Molly Weasley finally interrupted. "You're the bully, and even trying to take credit for what your wonderful brother has done."

"Stop it mum!" Ginny interrupted. "I'm sick of this…from what I've heard; Harry hasn't even broken the law."

"He's given the muggles magic!" her mother retorted hotly.

"He's used machines to create magic," she replied rolling her eyes. "If anything he should get an award. This is all kind of freaky just coming here into his office to arrest him for being smarter than any of us. He had his magic sealed because he had the vision of making all humans equal. But that failed and yet he changed tactics in moments and succeeded where others would have just given up."

"Ginny are you siding with him?" Molly demanded angrily causing her daughter to grimace and look worried she shook her head.

"Of course not," she disagreed. "I was just stating the obvious. Plus… as you know there is some kind of ultimate ward around this building. He let us in, so what makes any of you think he couldn't keep us here?"

The others started to look more worried at that and Harry laughed. "Oh, fear me not little people as I shan't be keeping you. You’re free to leave whenever you want. I was just oh so hoping to talk, mainly to my sweet little Rosie."

"T-to me…?" Rose asked moving a little closer before stopping as she remembered the barrier ward.

"You are so beautiful," he said causing her to blush brightly, but she did look pleased by his compliment. "So why would someone of your class level be engaged to… a filthy bastard like Ronald Weasley?" he asked with a look of disgust on his face while he was surprised Draco had burst out laughing and she blushed more.

"Watch it Evans!" Weasley hissed angrily.

"Why?" he retorted, amused. "What you going to do, bounce another stunner off my shield?" he asked causing the red head to flush red with anger and embarrassment and Draco to laugh more.

"She's been contracted to him by your brother after your 'dad' made him head of the family," Draco said after a few more chuckles. "From what I heard he asked your brother for her, and being the great friend and shit sibling agreed. She's seventeen, five years younger than him. He can't get anyone nearer his age bracket, so has to get Potter to hand over his little sister."

Harry's eyes flickered to Terry where his brother squirmed under his angry eyes. "You would give your own sister away to a knut-less whelp like him?" he hissed angrily and one of the red things on arms moved to get aim. "Maybe I should turn you into something more useful, like a smouldering puddle of goo! You will cancel the contract or I will!"

"You can't cancel it!" Terry was quick to say, smirking but moved out of sight of the thing. "It's a shame Mr. Weasley wouldn't let me have Ginny for my harem though, but…" he shrugged.

"Harem…?" Harry laughed. "You wouldn't know what to do with one girl let alone many."

"I have to build up the Potter name," he said smugly and not having a clue about the slight that he just ignored it.

"Well anyway," Harry said turning back to Rose. "Would you dear sister do me a favour if I cancel this foolish contract for you?" he asked in amusement as Ron looked ready to fire again.

"W-what would I have to do?" she asked in surprise trying to look more curious than to actually be considering it.

"Fall in love with a muggle!" was his answer, which surprised all.

"Why would she want a muggle over me?" Ronald laughed out. "Anyway, the contract is unbreakable."

Harry chuckled as he continued looking at Rose. "I want you to be happy Rosie, even though you had learnt to hate me, and love Terry and Dumbledore. I just want this one thing from you. I want you to care about me enough to be happy in the muggle world with me. Safe and loved… to fall in love with a muggle away from the shamefulness of the magical world, just once.

"I want you to be happy Rosie, and if making Terry, Lily, and James happy by marrying filth will make you happy then I shall be happy in the knowledge that you made the choice for yourself."

She looked down at her feet looking sad before back up to her parents and brother with tears in her eyes before looking back to Harry. "H-Harry… I don't love Ron… I don't really even like him. He's mean and selfish, and treats other people like garbage. He even treats his own sister badly and I saw him hit her once. Sure she hit him back twice as hard, but… if you can cancel the contract I'll try to find a muggle to fall in love with, to be happy," she finished off with a watery smile full of hope.

"You can't cancel it!" Ron spat out smugly. "You would have to have either me, my father, or Terry agree and cancel it as dad and Terry are heads of our family's and I'm the man so I can decide too. It's a shame that dads not here, he might have at least thought about it, being the weakling he is."

"Two million galleons says you'll think it through, and then change your mind" Harry spoke causing Ron's eyes to widen in shock and awe as he actually thought about it.

"Nonsense," Dumbledore finally interrupted as he saw Ron's greedy eyes. "Mr. Weasley will not be selling the cancellation of that contract, and this way the Weasley family, and the Potters shall be forever united since Arthur refused to let Ginevra be a part of Terry's harem since she didn't want to be! He even refused me."

Harry just smirked. "There is of course the cheaper way to get my dear little sister out of the contract… well to be honest there are many ways, but I like this one in particular."

Ron snorted while Dumbledore and a few others paled, though, Draco, Astoria and Daphne smirked a little too. "So what's this special way you have of breaking magical contracts."

"He'll just kill you," blurted out Draco unable to stop laughing. Ron's blood ran cold as he watched Harry and saw that that is exactly what he was thinking in amusement.

"Oh, but you could just take the two million," Harry suggested smugly. "But…" he shrugged laughing as Rose watched in awe as Harry is… well, she had never noticed before because of… well, stuff… but he's kind of cool.

"You would never get away with it," Dumbledore interrupted smugly. "We're all here as witnesses."

"What other ways out of the contact are there?" Hermione Granger suddenly interrupted as she was too curious to know that she couldn't keep quiet. Oh, she may not have liked it but she had always known that Harry was smarter than her, and his smarts were the sort that should frighten people like Dumbledore because they think outside of the box. In fact, Harry had already squished the box, chewed it up, ate it, and passed it out before flushing it down the loo.

"Excellent question Hermione," he said smiling at her and she had to hold back a blush as she took note of how good looking he really is. "Well, I could always just seal her powers, which in this day and age with my company isn't too much of a hassle. Or I could re-program her to realise that actually, magical contracts have NO real power over anyone. It would be her belief that would harm her, and you can ask the goblins at Gringotts if it will make you feel better.

"It's even worse when a family member makes the contract because by law, once they're legal adults any of these stupid marriage contracts are null and void under the International Confederation of Wizards as human rights violations. The only reason they stay is because you think magic keeps them, and your belief is what kills you."

"Nonsense…!" Lilly was quick to interrupt. "Rose will be marrying Ron…"

"I don't want to!" she suddenly yelled out with angry tears in her eyes. "The thought of him touching me makes me feel sick. He disgusts me, and I don't care whether it will kill me but I Rose Potter will NOT be marrying Ronald Weasley!"

"Will you look at that… nothing happened," Harry spoke laughingly. "But then I never expected anything to happen. It seems my beautiful little sister shares a little of my intellect and will after all."

"This bitch will be marrying me!" Ron roared out grabbing Rose around the neck choking her, she tried clawing at his arms in panic. "Even if she has to be fucking chained up and dragged down the aisle!"

In the next moment Ron screamed in agony as the red blaster behind him fired a yellow beam that immobilised him, causing him to drop Rose panting and sobbing to the floor, but also causing him untold pain as it held him off the ground.

"Evans, let him go!" Dumbledore hissed, enraged.

"Is this your good?" Harry hissed as a purple beam grabbed Rose and pulled her within his ward where he left her crying on the floor. "You are pathetic!" he roared out as the yellow beam on Ron flashed red and the ginger fell to the floor out cold.

"I will not let you get away with that vicious attack Evans!" the old man said angrily, his power booming for all to feel, but Harry was not impressed like Dumbledore's minions.

"That piece of shite attacked my little sister you filthy piece of shit!" Harry retorted in his rage. "Get the fuck out of my office! Get out of my building! And get the fuck out of my city you shit for brains abusive bastards. You have declared war on me this day! If I see you again Dumbledore I'll seal you and have you in a normal person jail where we don't torture our inmates, and you'll watch as I tell the world where I got the idea for ZPE! I'll out you all, and there will be nowhere you can hide. If I don't just do that anyway!

"And keep away from the muggleborns; you shall no longer threaten to take them from their parents if they choose not to go to Hogwarts." He finished off with his eyes full of fury and his red blasters trained and ready to kill.

Dumbledore nodded to the others after having grabbed Ron and they all apparated, well except Rose as she continued crying, and surprisingly Draco, Astoria, and Daphne had stayed, but he sealed his ward anyway as his personal shield dropped.

"And what can I help you three with?" Harry asked Draco, his wife, and sister in law as he calmed down.

"That was awesome," Draco couldn't help but say, smirking. "And we figured we would stay, hoping that offer of champagne is still on?"

"Sure," Harry agreed chuckling as five glasses of bubbly materialised on his desk in a flash of white. "This stuff is a replicated sixty nine something or other, but my guests and myself enjoy it a lot."

Draco, Daphne, and Astoria took a glass each and took seats when comfy looking chairs materialised with one spare next to Harry. He was already on his knees comforting his sister and asking whether she wanted to see a doctor, but she calmed down and took the seat next to Harry and her drink, surprised after she finished that it refilled, and smiling a little as she brushed tears away.

"So… Draco, Daphne, Astoria, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Harry asked after a few moments.

Draco smirked as he took another sip of drink. "This is really quite a nice drink… good year I suppose," he said before taking another sip. "We want to get out of Dumbledore's pocket. As you saw he and his… people are clearly fucking nutters. We figure siding with you will help us, and to be honest… well from what little I've seen of this… science, I have to say that I think I was wrong being such a muggle hating douche if science can really create magic."

"Oh, it can Draco, it can," he replied with a wide grin. "Dumbledore and his sheep had no idea what they were doing the moment that they fucked with me. I invented the world, and even more… I invented destroying theirs, just to piss them off and succeed in my dream."

"Dumbledore won't stop you know!" Daphne interrupted with a cool glare that just slid off him. She secretly liked that. She also liked his power… the way he made Dumbledore look like a rank amateur.

"Yep, I know," he agreed smiling at the yummy young woman, his eyes hungry for her, and it pleased him that her checks tinted pink. "He won't stop attacking, even after I reveal them… the naturals… to the world he'll keep coming until he's either dead or in jail! And even then, I wonder whether the Order of Goat Shaggers will stop coming for me until I've gotten rid of them all."

"They are highly delusional," Daphne agreed after she got her blush under control. "I cannot even guess at what they'll try next. Dumbledore is more Slytherin than us."

"But not more than me," Harry replied smirking. "After all, the silly little sorting hat did believe that I should have gone into that house, but truly… what real Slytherin would go into there?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Astoria asked in confusion.

He grinned widely. "Just think… look at the facts. Neither Dumbledore nor I were in Slytherin house, because we had a choice. I chose Hufflepuff because for the most part I would be left alone, ignored, and nobody would realise my threat until it was too late."

"Because of their arrogance you win!" said Daphne smirking. "Marry me Evans, and become the new head of my family!" she demanded shocking them at her straightforward and most certainly not joking proposal.

"Daphne… I don't think that's how it's done," Astoria said looking sheepish as her sister looked at her, showing some confusion.

"And why not…?" she asked shrugging, her light blue eyes glaring coolly at her sister. "He is my age, strong, gifted, rich, good looking and more importantly not a Dumbledore groupie."

"She has a point," Rose suddenly piped in smiling embarrassedly.

"OK," Harry suddenly answered after a moment's thought startling them. It isn't like it's a real sacrifice for that extra vengeance or something, she is smoking hot even if she doesn't realise it herself. Robes were so stupid hiding her away so much, but it just made him want to unwrap her so much more to retrieve the delight hidden inside. "I'm not really all for just marrying someone for gain, but… marrying a pureblooded witch of an old family could be amusing as it will nullify my banishment, and let me have more fun. We both gain a lot from it."

"Then we both gain something out of it," she agreed with a nod. "I will gain a man who can take over as head of my family. In effect this will make a new family as I will of course take your name as I'm sure that will bug Dumbledore's worshippers and the Ministry more. Plus I will get the safety of you, and a strong child with which to carry on our blood. Then you'll get un-banished by the marriage and power politically in the magical world to piss of Dumbledore and your 'parents' further continuing your revenge."

"I likey," he agreed with a wide grin. "However, first things first… Rose?" he turned to her smiling. "I want to take care of you, so from now on, you are Rose Evans, understand. I'm sorry, but our parents are most certainly a lost cause."

"I understand. I’ve grown up since I was a silly little girl," she said sadly. "Um… Harry, I'm kind of hungry. I skipped breakfast because I was so worried coming here," she added sheepishly.

Harry laughed rolling his eyes. "So what do you want? You can have anything."

"Umm… can I get a bacon egg cheese burger?" she asked hopefully. "I had one once a while back from this muggle place and it was delicious." Then she started as a white flash left a paper carton on Harry's desk and she picked it up to find her burger. She grinned as Harry winked at her and placing her glass down before biting into her juicy burger.

"Wow," Draco muttered in awe. "I'll have some lamb chops!" he said and startled as a small plate appeared with three chops smelling delicious with a side jar of mint sauce, and a knife and fork.

"The best part is its all healthy eating even though it tastes so good," Harry said chuckling as Draco tried a bite of succulent meat looking as if he could die now, and die happy. "Be my guests and ask for anything," Harry said to the other two girls, and they both made orders.

"Now Evans… Harry," Draco said after he had finished the last of his food and the plate, remaining sauce and cutlery disappeared. "Where do I go to get one of these desks?"

Harry just rolled his eyes laughing. "It's a custom job… I could get you one, but we do sell food replicators if you want something right now."

"Score," he said nodding. "I'll take one to go," he said shaking his head in wonder. "I've never eaten something so perfectly prepared before."

"Reception, I want a food replicator brought to my office, please," Harry just spoke out, and moments later a voice replied that one will be brought up.

"How…?" Astoria asked looking around but couldn't figure it out.

"It's just a smart com-system built into the building," he answered before turning to Daphne. "I'll have all of your personal property collected from your home for you and bought to my house if you like. In the mean time I'll have some clothes picked out for you," he said as business like as he knows these old families like. Though, he smirked as he knew with a little charm he’ll have her head over heels. She nodded her head before he turned to Rose. "Sorry, but I can't get anything from 'our' 'parents' place."

"That's OK Harry, I understand," she replied with an understanding smile. "I didn't have much anyway, just clothes and a few cuddly toys. I have my wand with me, and that's the only thing I really want. I guess I don't really need it any more, but I still want it."

The door opened just then and two men came in one holding a plastic wand with screens that said levitation as a large box was floated in. The other man held a tablet and pen sized stylus and handed both to a confused Draco as the large box was placed on the floor by him.

"If you could just sign here sir, the replicator is for you, correct?" the man asked as he pointed to a box on the screen, getting a nod. "And then print your name here please." Draco just nodded as he managed to write his name on the screen and was startled as it wrote, but even more so after he finished when his messy script turned into perfect letters. Though, his signature stayed the same he noted as he handed them back with wide eyes full of wonder.

"Thank you sir," the men said before vacating the office and closing the door behind them.

"That thing was… wow…" Draco couldn't help but say. "That thing… how much writing could it store?"

"Oh," Harry said shrugging in thought. "I think that model is around one terabyte, so I think, maybe… it could hold all of Hogwarts text books a few times over, and then some music, and movies," he said getting four sets of wide eyes.

"And then I could have done homework, and school work on it too?" the bleach blonde young man asked.

"Hmm… that's a good point," he agreed nodding. "In the long run it would be cheaper, and easier to have one of them for all students, let alone Hogwarts. I'll have to look into marketing tablets like that at schools."

"Yeah… wow…" Draco nodded his agreement. "Looking at all of this… well, I have to wonder. My dad had always just dismissed it. But it's pretty cool, so I have to wonder why all the muggleborns just abandon it. It doesn't make much sense."

"Yea… I'm still trying to work that one out," Harry agreed nodding. "Also, I wonder why muggleborns fear Voldemort's name," he said ignoring the flinches. "I mean they fear it even before they know what it is. It all seems suspicious to me. I've actually started monitoring muggle born kids with their parents' permission because some of them, in fact most, don't want to go to Hogwarts, so I’m protecting them from the Ministry!"

Draco snorted in humour. "Good luck with that," he said laughingly before Astoria poked him in the ribs looking annoyed.

"At least he has a job and is doing something," she said, smirking.

"I would work," he retorted. "But with the Death Eaters after me, and now this crap with Dumbledore, what the hell could I do? You could get a job too you know."

"Like you said, the Death Eaters are after us," she retorted smugly.

Harry rolled his eyes laughing. "Tell you what Draco, you can work for me. In fact, how would you like to be a team leader on one of my new mana strike forces, stopping Death Eaters? You have the knowledge, and the motive to prove you are more than your father, or father's father."

"Umm…" he looked nervous. "I'll heavily out magic them right?" he asked hopefully with a sheepish grin.

"Of course," he agreed to the other young man's relief while the three girls laughed. "I wouldn't send out my future brother in law without seriously out gunning his enemy. This is also the opportunity to find the men responsible for your in laws deaths."

"O-OK, I'll take it," he was quick to say as Astoria gave him a look that promised death if he tried to weasel himself out.

"Well, Draco… you'll need some new wards around your home," Harry commented with a nod as Draco nodded his agreement. "OK… exit my office, through reception, and enter the elevator, tell it floor six, and there'll be a few guys waiting to take you home and install ward engines, set them up and even show you how to work them to their fullest."

"Umm… thanks," he said standing up with his wife. "Well… we'll see you later…"

"Hang on," Harry said as he threw the blonde man some small slim device. "It's one of the latest cell phones, ask the engine installers to show you how it works," he said as he threw another to Astoria. "Its… well, we can speak from wherever we are in the world."

"Umm… thanks," Astoria said looking at the device in her hand in wonder before following Draco out of the office, closing the door behind them.

"Well then," Harry said standing up. "Let's take you two home," he added smilingly as they both stood too, and in a flash of white light they were in a large marble entrance hall.

Daphne and Rose stared slack jawed as Harry chuckled. "You didn't really think I would forget about teleportation did you?" he asked them smirking.

"Well, I hadn't really thought about it," Rose admitted sheepishly; as they had teleported into his office it seemed obvious. "But your way was so much more comfortable."

Harry just smirked. "Well, other than my room Rosie, you can have anyone you want, so go crazy!" he said laughing as she grinned widely and darted off up the wide stairs in front of them of the three storey home.

Shaking his head laughingly he turned to Daphne. "Well, follow me and I'll show you to our room."

"B-but we are yet not married," she said looking flustered and confused. "Until we are wed are we not supposed to sleep in different rooms?"

Harry just grinned and was inches from her before she could react he wrapped his arms around her slender waist shaking his head. "This is the new world, Daphne…" he whispered as he let his lips brush hers for a moment, which caused her to shudder, running his fingers through her dark blonde hair. "And I'm going to rock this new world and make you scream my name in a pleasure you magical people don't seem to get."

Daphne couldn't help but feel weak in the knees as his lips pressed harder into hers, kissing her, she couldn't help but kiss back before he pulled back smirking.

Harry then took her slender hand in his and she needed no coaxing to follow him up the stairs but did show confusion and curiosity. It took little to no time for Harry to lead her into his… no… their bedroom. It was huge with a giant sized bed and a few doors, wardrobe and a huge screen TV on the wall with entertainment centre underneath with stereo and surround sound.

He closed the door behind them and his lips crashed with hers again, this time more forceful, his tongue slid in before she knew it. However, she didn't stop him as he wrapped his arms around her, and hers wrapped automatically around him, their kissing deepened.

Harry had never kissed anyone with quite this much passion before, and it felt great as he let his hands start unbuttoning her robe, she let him. He then pulled back for breath sliding her robe off where it dropped to the floor; he paused while she blushed brightly with uncertainty.

"Need to get you some new… muggle underwear… from Ann Summer," he commented confusing her as she was wearing some huge white pants and bra that left too much to the imagination over her slender form. He also wondered why she wasn't wearing a skirt and top, or dress under, but figured that robes might be like that to girls, and he had never thought about it before.

"W-what do you mean?" she asked out of breath, red faced blushing as she looked down at herself feeling self-conscious that he doesn't like her body.

"Nothing," he said catching her by surprise as he squeezed her bottom tightly in his hands kissing her hungrily again. "But you have a lot to learn if you're going to be my wife," he muttered in between kisses. “But no worries. I love to teach!”

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