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February 2008 AD

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Get some incite into Harry's past... meet his friends and his enemies during year 7 of Hogwarts where Harry starts to show his own spirit and stand up for what is right!

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February 2008 AD

Harry James Potter, a name both barely known and infamous around the school for being a goody good Hufflepuff that thought Dumbledore and the Ministry were complete and utter idiots. Though to be fair, he wasn't the only one who thought this, but he was the only one who got up during an assembly last week in which the Ministry's Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge was rambling on about some crap to do with You-Know-Who (Voldemort) with Dumbledore's 'agreeable' input and told them they're total dipshits before leaving.

Though, a lot of people were angry with him for being so disrespectful of his elders they let it slide as it was only a foolish little boy who doesn't know anything about anything. Harry's grades were OK, but not the top of his year or school, but if you were to look long enough into the seventeen year olds emerald coloured eyes you would question his exam scores.

However, they would then just shrug off that feeling of dread as a figment of their imagination as it was his brother who was the star of the school, and most certainly the most powerful and talented student in the school. Though, no one outside a select few knew he was getting private lessons outside of school, which showed he had below average ability at best, but with lots of hard work and years of practice before he even started Hogwarts his magical knowledge was higher than most adults he knew.

However, knowing how to do something and doing it are two completely different things. Harry knew this as he was standing off against his brother Terry and his friends his wand held loosely between the fingers of his right hand as they had been picking on some timid and easily preyed on Slytherin first years who had strayed too far from the other Slytherin's and lost them.

Harry had come to a point in his life where he no longer wished to hide who he was, and he was certainly not going to let his foolish jerk of a brother get away with picking on innocent little kids any longer, even if it meant standing up against the world.

"Get out of the way Harry you pathetic little Hufflepuff loser," Terry spat out aiming his wand at his brother.

Harry just raised his right eyebrow as his brothers friends snickered. "No… I don't think I will, Terry," he replied, disturbed at how much fame and fortune had messed up his brother. Though he wasn't this bad before Hogwarts, he just kept getting worse. "I'm not going to step aside and let you hex some kids just because you feel like it or it makes you feel better!"

Harry glanced at the three terrified kids in question as they hid behind him, two boys and a girl before returning his attention to his brother as he shouted out the spell for a full body bind. However, Harry just batted it away without much thought where it harmlessly hit the ground, shocking the Gryffindor's and the growing crowd of spectators.

Harry found it mildly amusing that all of these spectators (well minus a few) thought their precious Boy-Who-Lived, Terry Potter, was more than a petty bully. They looked at Harry as if he was the one to start this fight, as if he should let the arrogant bastard get away with whatever he wanted.

He took note of several Slytherin's watching too. They stood apart from the rest, watching in interest with (on some) hints of amusement, (and others) curiosity as this would be the first time a non-Slytherin had stood up against the Boy-Who-Lived!

“Get lost Harry, they're just evil Slytherin filth!" Terry hissed out enraged, seeing red. "If you don't move I'll make you!"

Harry saw that the kids looked terrified, convinced he wouldn't continue protecting them, but he turned a smirk to his brother. "Well… I'm now a little curious," Harry replied with a small chuckle startling all as he wasn't scared like they 'knew' he should be. "I hope you brought your A game, because I've wanted to beat the fucking shit out of your ungrateful bullying ass for a long time now 'brother'. Maybe I can teach you a little respect for other people?"

“Why you little bastard…!" Terry hissed out in anger as he started throwing childish spells at his brother. However, Harry didn't move as he just swatted each and every single one away with a smile, deflecting them away from hitting anyone as it seemed that Terry didn't care.

Though, after a minute or so Terry was getting angrier and more desperate as he was starting to look foolish so upped his game. However, these spells weren't as easy (or relatively harmless) and they were harder to get on target. Harry had started flinging about shields to deflect these spells from the stupefied onlookers and moved from his spot.

"Terry, you should really stop or you'll hurt someone," Harry said calmly. "Do you really not care?" he asked as the spells kept coming.

"It's for the Greater Good that I teach you a lesson!" he retorted. "I'll get you for disrespecting me and protecting evil Slytherin's!"

"They are just kids, but if that's what you want then I'll stop you," he retorted but had to move as Ron Weasley started throwing spells at him too. "Wow, the Boy-Who-Lived is so pathetic as to rely on 'him' to help win a duel against me."

"You can't beat the both of us loser!" Ron cried out laughing but paled as Harry suddenly darted forward, dodging several spells and batting away others with his left hand. As he approached, he balled that hand up into a fist and smashed it into Ronald Weasley's nose with a loud crack, blood splashing around as Ron fell to the ground out cold. Harry then spun around an angrily thrown cutting curse while swishing his wand, and in a flash of red light Terry had been immobilised and hung a few inches from the ground with horror written in his expression; his wand cluttering to the floor.

"Hmm… dearest brother," Harry spoke chuckling as he took a few steps closer and the crowd moved back as his presence was now dominant rather than how Terry's had always been, this was a pull of oppressive strength weighing down on their shoulders, as if a warning to back down, which made sure they did not want to get in his way, his green eyes so cold yet mocking at the same time. "How does it feel…?

"How does it feel to hang before someone else's mercy, inferior and pathetic?" he laughed, his eyes seeming to have a red hue dead centre causing many to subconsciously move back more. "Oh dear dear brother… I believe our dear 'loving' mother had never taught you the correct places to go potty, silly little boy, big boys go on the toilet," he chuckled as the on looking students could only watch in horror. Their saviour's brother had lost it and made their saviour wet himself as pee dribbled from his robes to land on the entrance hall floor.

"Silly Terry," Harry mocked with a childish tone. "The caretakers going to be 'pissed' with you!" he laughed at his pun as he flicked his wand a translucent light spat out the end and without taking Terry's robes off a giant muggle nappy appeared on him with the words 'Daddy's little big boy' written across the front in bright multi colours.

There were admittedly a few students in the crowd that wanted to laugh and take pictures but they just couldn't. Harry's presence was quite overwhelming and sending a chill down their spines, and they wondered where the teachers are. Well, teachers that weren't watching in horror because they were weaklings like the fraudulent fortune-teller.

"So Terry, what to do with you?" he asked in mild wonder. "Because it seems I might have some time, as the capable teachers in this school always seem to mysteriously disappear when you and your butt buddies go on the hunt!" he smiled widely as Terry's horror was only just beginning. "Well, you do like to change people's hair colour don't you as 'poor' Professor Snape does have to suffer that one a lot. It obviously amuses you," he chuckled as he flicked his wand and Terry's hair grew out turning into a multitude of chatting snakes, but Terry just heard their hisses as they weren't frozen.

"ENOUGH!" boomed the raging voice as they felt Dumbledore presence though it didn't engulf Harry's as a red streams of magic blast down stairs. However, Harry moved fast, his wand creating a shield in moments gritting his teeth at the pressure on his shield. He figured there had to be an easier way of using magic as he looked through the shield and blast of red.

Those bigots would have let Terry get away with beating an innocent first year near to death, but looking at how much loathing Dumbledore and his parents had for him doing what is right broke the camel's back and made a ten-mile wide crater in the process.

"NO!" Harry roared out as he pushed back blasting out a new spell that nullified Dumbledore's. The light cleared as Harry looked up to show his eyes glowing bright red before bleeding out until they were pitch black, his skin looking paler, and his aura had become far more sinister. His brother had been dropped to the floor free screaming as the snakes started biting him in their panic.

Severus Snape stood near Dumbledore and most of the teachers up the stairs after having gone on some wild hippogriff chase that he knew was to give the precious little twerp saviour the chance to free up some pent up anger on some of his Slytherin's and he could do nothing to stop it. However, seeing the Boy-Who-Lived having been defeated and tormented for his crimes by his own Hufflepuff brother was actually less surprising than it should be, as he had been slowly changing during the year and showing a few hints of what he's really capable of.

Looking down into those pitch black eyes actually made him shiver. So this is what a powerful dark wizard should be… something else entirely. Someone set apart from Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, something so different, more perhaps, and he was protecting his students from the 'light'.

"Hello Mr. Dumbledore, why what a lovely day it is," Harry spoke with an amused smile on his lips. "It's so reassuring when a teacher blasts the fuck out of you for teaching pathetic little bitches some much needed manners, and to respect innocent little kids, but if your stance is to blast first and not ask questions I suppose the lesson will be lost on him?"

"Mr. Potter this is not a game," the old man spoke trying to keep calm as the Boy-Who-Lived continued crying as snakes tore into his face from his hair.

"Oh do shut up!" Harry hissed at his brother flicking his wand at him all of his snake hair fell out leaving him bald and dissolved along with his remaining cries and whimpers being silenced before looking back up to the old man to note he looked at least a little relieved. "This is of course not a game Professor, you are correct. However, Terry seems to think it is. I'll fight you, them, and everyone because my dream is for a unified world!"

"That may be a wonderful dream Harry," the old man said relaxing a little. "However, while the magical world is so split up in their beliefs that is an impossible dream, and fighting all of us will most certainly not unify anyone."

Harry snorted rolling his pitch black eyes in amusement. "Silly old man," he said and ignored a few retorts to show some respect from a few teachers he continued. "You think too small," he said chuckling at the baffled expressions. "My dream is to unify humanity!" he said laughing as Dumbledore had actually gasped. "Someday I'll be able to walk out in the world and use my powers when I want without anyone caring."

"Then that is a foolish dream Harry, and you shall never be allowed it to come true," he retorted. "And you will be serving the rest of your schooling career in detention with Professor Snape and you are forbidden any books other than those for classes, barred from the library and I may choose to forbid you from taking your exams."

"That's OK Professor," Harry retorted laughing. "I'm hot, I'll find me a nice older woman with a wealth of money and a love for a toy boy," he laughed as near everyone blushed brightly and only still loyal Terry fan-girls denied his statement. "So, Professor Snape… it looks like we'll get to enjoy each other's company until June, when would you like me to start?"

"This evening Potter at six PM," he spat out in disgust. "And you shall not be late, and I expect you to have… done something normal with your eyes by then!"

"Aye sir," he agreed with a mocking salute. "Well, if you'll excuse me little babies. I have things to do… angry evil eyes to change back to that stunning green that makes you hunnies all want some of me… well, that and this," he laughed. He opened his robe and lifted his shirt to show off his powerful looking abs winking at the blushing girls as he laughed walking off down to the basement to the Hufflepuff dorms.


"Potter, you're late!" Severus hissed in annoyance as Harry just walked in to his classroom without even knocking.

However, Harry, now green eyed again, looked to his wristwatch then back to the teacher. "Is that some kind of natural response or something because I'm two minutes early?"

Severus looked to his pocket watch and shrugged. "They're never normally on time," he answered as he gestured for Harry to sit at a desk up front with a black quill and parchment.

"I've always wondered why we don't just have paper note books rather than a scroll of animal skin," Harry commented as he looked at it without taking a seat.

"It would be more convenient," Severus surprisingly agreed with him. "But then the world we live in is full of too many morons."

Harry shrugged, as that was actually typical of Snape before he gestured the parchment. "So what's the stupid thing that is most certainly not true that I'm being forced to write?"

"I will not belittle and brutally attack my betters while their backs are turned," Snape answered actually rolling his eyes.

"I see," he replied shrugging. "They really are that delusional. In a regular muggle school I could sue for slander."

"This isn't a regular muggle school," Severus retorted looking a little amused now. "Though, the three first year Slytherin's you protected are grateful," he said with a small nod of gratitude himself.

"It does not matter what house they were in," Harry replied shrugging. "I saw some scared kids being tormented and I did what any decent human being should have and stood up for them against the school bullies."

Severus just nodded at that before gesturing to the parchment. "They want you in here until ten," he spoke in annoyance.

"And how may I do these lines?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"However you want, I don't care!" he retorted but was startled as Harry had pulled out his wand, flicked it at the parchment, it unfurled and the quill started writing the lines in what the teacher could tell was actually his hand writing.

"It seems like a waste of parchment and ink," Harry said offhandedly. "Also, what's wrong with a pen…?"

"Nothing," Severus retorted. "But you are to do it by hand…" he trailed off as Harry smiled shaking his head.

"Nope, you've already told me I can do it how I want," he replied laughingly while the teacher scowled. "Here, maybe this will make you feel better… you can do something fucked up with it before I put it back."

Severus was shocked as he was handed a lifeless golden snitch. "Dad snogs that thing before every quiddich game my brother's in," Harry explained, amused. "It was the last snitch of his career before he went and married mum. I think he loves that thing more than her, so it would be a shame if something were to happen to it while he was suckling on it, and maybe something would happen to him too," he said shrugging nonchalant.

"You know what Potter, I don't think you're as bad as your parents' say you are," Severus said with his eyes hungrily taking in the sight of his enemies' greatest love, which was quite stupid when the jerk had someone as hot as Lily.

"Oh, and don't think about my mother like that in front of me, it's creepy," Harry was quick to say startling the teacher and causing his eyes to widen. "No I can't read your mind but I do know a lot about the people in this castle, and I can read you like a book, unfortunately. I don't need to use any mind magic to decipher a person if I study them long enough."

Severus just shrugged and turned away taking the seat behind his desk before he spoke. "Dumbledore plans on watching you more closely than he ever did," he spoke crisply. "And believe me when I tell you he watches your family very close. I am surprised you have managed to hide so much from him.

"Your younger sister had befriended a girl who went into Slytherin on the train. Dumbledore convinced her to break it off by making sure your parents were quickly made aware. That is how much control he holds, and not to mention the power he holds in the government. He will never let you give the muggles magic, which is why he's forcing four hours of detention a night, to keep you preoccupied. He's afraid you'll either succeed or completely fall into the dark and slaughter off the wizards."

"But killing them all would serve no goal," Harry replied frowning with a shrug. "Anyway Professor, it seems like I have plenty of time. It is too easy to sneak in and out of this school, and I think you're going to help me."

Severus snorted rolling his eyes. "And what makes you think I'll do that?" he retorted actually amused.

"Maybe you will because…" he smirked as he leaned forward on the teacher's desk. “Dumbledore and Voldemort are fucking retards without any real goal. For Dumbledore cries the Greater Good with capital G's every time, while Voldemort cries let's get rid of the mud bloods and enslave the muggles, like he ever could, and what the fuck does Dumbledore and his groupies actually do?"

"Hmm…" Severus frowned in thought before shrugging. "I'm not sure to be honest. I see… you've made your point Potter, but I am not going to spy on both of them for you while spying on both of them for each other while secretly taking instruction from you."

"I'll pay you more," he retorted smugly.

However, Severus' eyes widened in surprise. "They don't pay me," he said actually not surprising Harry about Voldemort but Dumbledore had been getting loads of funding from his wealthy followers. Thinking on that, what does he do with the money because Harry has seen no sign of a need for such large funds?

"Then I'll pay you," he replied shrugging his shoulders. "After all, it seems only right that if I'm asking you to do something so dangerous that you be nicely compensated for your troubles."

"Pay me…?" the teacher laughed humourlessly. "What with…? The moment your parents notice…" he trailed off as Harry was smirking. "You've been robbing them for years haven't you?"

Harry just laughed rolling his eyes. "I've just been taking my fair share… well my Rosie's and Kalam's too. I placed their money away protecting it from Terry. It looks as if Dad's going to make him head of the family soon, which would leave us with nothing as that greedy bastard would not even give them a Knut. As soon as he's got the main vault they'll have to survive off of their trust vaults that our grandparents set up for us before they died, which isn't enough to get through Hogwarts."

"And you took just enough to be your shares?" Severus asked doubtful.

"Well, OK," he conceded shrugging. "I took all of the gems, platinum, books, everything but the gold coins, silver coins, and bronze coins, even the deeds to a shit load of businesses. Dad has never even gone to the vault; mum either, as they just ask for the gold from the Goblins and by the time they find out it will be too late. If they ever find out, as they might not have ever known there was more than gold."

"So what do I get?" Severus asked now more interested than ever.

Harry shrugged in thought before grinning. "You work for me Severus and I'll pay you three times what you get for working at Hogwarts, plus bonuses for the better dirt."

Severus smirked as he took Harry's hand shaking on it. "After we're through with this I'm retiring to a nice quiet island without any magical community."

"Good choice," Harry agreed smirking. "But I fear I'm going to be sealed and banished soon, whether I achieve my goal or fail. However, I'll still need your eyes and ears."

Severus frowned. "You seem pretty OK with that. If I thought for a moment I would have fled."

“Indeed," Harry agreed shrugging. "But I have back up plans; I have started preparing for that scenario over the last eighteen months."

"Why have you trusted me with this anyway?" he asked, curious and confused.

"Because, it's easier to trust the cunt that has never sucked Terry's, Dumbledore's, or Voldemort's shit pieces."

Severus could not help but burst out laughing. It was impossible to stop for a moment before he regained himself. "It seems you really can read me too well. It seems we have an ironclad agreement between two men that want to do something, especially sorting out Dumbledore. Now you've asked its going to bug me until I find a goal of some kind."

Harry just shrugged, smirking. "Find out what it is, or his fucked up motive, Professor, and that will be a very nice bonus indeed."

It had been a couple of weeks since the incident in which Harry Potter had gone 'crazy' and 'dark', nearing the end of February, and Rosette Potter was sitting at the Gryffindor table with other second years. However, she wasn't joining in the conversation as she looked over and listened in on her brother Terry and his bully-buddy Ronald as they plotted to get revenge on Harry for beating them up.

She shook her head in wonder. Harry had shown his true self and made them look like babies. So, she could only see this going badly for them. Though, during the past two years she has concluded that she doesn't care if they get hurt. They go around attacking everyone they feel like, so it's about time they get a taste of fear.

Though, she had to wonder how Terry convinced everyone that he didn't really pee himself. She just didn't get it. She saw it with her own eyes, yet even his pathetic fan-girls still wanted to date him or something. It was quite odd, she internally shrugged, confused but not concerned.

Terry had been about to pick on a girl she had made friends with on the train to school the year before. She was not allowed to be friends with her after that because of the house she was placed in. But she still considered the girl a friend even if they couldn't play games together or even talk without the Slytherin girl getting accused of trying to corrupt her or something. She couldn't be sure but she thought Harry mistook her for a first year as she was with her younger brother, probably trying to save him before Terry and gang spotted them.

It was sad how all of her delusions of how awesome Terry must be protecting everyone from the Slytherin's crumbled the moment she realised that they didn't start fights. Terry did, and not just with Slytherins either, but people from the other two houses if they happened to have Slytherin friends.

She shook her head in disappointment before she saw Harry enter the dining hall looking as if he didn't have a care in the world. She had never known before that he was stronger than Terry, and never really believed deep down that he was a Dark Wizard, but two weeks ago she saw the proof, and he was still protecting people. He didn't seem to care what house they were in.

If a dark wizard was the protector, then what did that make Terry and his light wizard friends? It was getting too complicated and jumbled up in her head. She didn't know what to think any more, as everything she had been taught seemed to be wrong somehow.

She sighed, feeling depressed as she watched Terry smirking this smile that was certainly evil as he pulled out his wand. Ron laughed as Terry flung a blue light at Harry, but grimaced as Harry had somehow just backhanded the spell (without even drawing his wand) without even looking and hitting Terry with it.

Terry cried out in shock and horror as gasps ran the length of the hall as he was thrown from his seat, crashing down to the floor with boils bubbling up from his skin as he cried in panic.

Rose heard Harry chuckling in amusement as he spoke. "Some people have no manners, or forethought to learn the counters to their spells."

"HARRY POTTER!" Dumbledore thundered from the teachers table as he stood, eyes blazing at the young man.

Harry had just lazily looked up at the headmaster with a raised eyebrow. "Yes Professor?" he asked with a smile. "My most humble apologies', you are absolutely correct," he flicked his wand as he pulled it out and blasted Ron causing him to fall next to Terry crying as boils burst out on his skin too. "Can't give one without the other, after all that's favouritism, and I don't want to be like my parents or you now do I?"

Rose was surprised as she heard a fair few people snickering, and she had to bite her lip hard not to burst out laughing. Seeing Ron getting the smackdown laid on him was amusing in anyone's book. But the way Harry just mocked Dumbledore's authority was really quite entertaining. The more she saw, the more Dumbledore seemed to be off his rocker.

"Boy, that will be your Saturday lost!" he spat out hatefully. "It will be into the forest with you with Hagrid."

Harry just rolled his eyes shrugging. "Do I look bothered?" he asked laughingly. "Last week I wasn't killed by those 'dinky' spiders, but I did get a shit load of venom from those moronic bugs before I harvested the rest of them. So I don't think they'll bother me again, but I can only hope. After all I got shed loads of pocket money for them last time!"

Dumbledore looked to be grinding his teeth in an effort not to attack him, but Harry just went back to his meal looking nonchalant.

Across the hall at another table a blonde haired seventeen-year-old girls icy blue eyes lingered on a certain Hufflepuff as Dumbledore just grumbled under his breath and the hall became a mass of chatter while several of Terry and Rons' friends helped them out of the hall.

"What you thinking sis?"

She was startled and looked to her side where her brown haired younger sister sat smirking. "Nothing that concerns you, Astoria!" she was quick to quip.

Astoria just laughed shaking her head in amusement. "I think that… Potter… I mean Harry Potter is off limits to an evil Slytherin like you, Daphne. In fact, I think he might be a little too dark for you."

Daphne's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits aimed at her younger sister. "I have no romantic interest in him. Mother and father wouldn't be too pleased to hear I was actually pursuing a 'real' blood traitor, dark or not."

"Give it a rest Daph," she retorted, amused. "I know you don't care enough for our parent's opinion to mean crap to you. Just look at him. If I weren't going with Draco, I sure as hell wouldn't mind him. He's… what's that muggle term… oh, right… smocking hot!"

"She has a solid point, girl," interrupted the too upbeat voice of her brunette friend as she sat on Daphne's other side. "At least your parents are letting you choose partners. I'm stuck with Blaise Zabini, and he's gayer than the inventor of gaydar!"

"I take exception to that," he replied from across the table sitting with Draco, his black skin contrasting deeply with Draco's pale. "Tracey, we have made an agreement to go along with it so that they don't find out, and so you won't have to marry some ugly bastard that would…"

"Whoa…!" they all interrupted at the same time quivering, which brought a smug smirk to his lips.

"Point taken, OK," Tracey replied rolling her eyes. "This way, I can be with whoever I want, and so can you… secretly from our families."

He nodded still smirking as he looked to the Hufflepuff table licking his lips. "Well Daph, if you don't want him, I'll have…"

"Don't even think about it," she hissed at him angrily. "I'm curious is all," she continued. "He is an abnormality to our world. He is with neither Dumbledore, the Dark Lord, nor the Ministry. He has no one fighting for him, yet he dares try to fight them all. He is the only real power that has taken a stand against three groups of oppressors. He has even stood up for our house!"

"The only upside that I see," Draco commented shrugging. "Unless he can actually protect you from Dumbledore, the Ministry, and the Dark Lord I wouldn't side with him if I were you."

"Even if he is a curiosity," Tracey remarked shrugging. "Heck, even I'm curious to know him… he just… well… damn, you guys saw his freaky black eyes right?"

"Yea," said Draco while the others nodded. "We couldn't exactly miss the glowing red that turned black. It was as if his eyes sucked up any brightness. It was kind of really creepy… I've…" he lowered his voice here. "I've met the Dark Lord, and his blood red eyes never sent such a chill down my spine," he said shivering at the thought of his father's master.

"His eyes were beautiful," Daphne suddenly spoke looking back over to him so she missed all the slack jaws and wide eyes her friends and sister showed. "They were like gateways… gateways to a limitless fountain buried within him full of pure power begging to be realised on the world."

"Not if Dumbledore and the Ministry have their way," Tracey spoke quietly. "If he attacks the Boy-Who-Lived again, they might try sealing him or something even though it's clear to me who has the power and drive to actually fight and destroy the Dark Lord!"


Harry sighed as he knocked on Hagrid's front door and waited but a moment before the menacing guy pulled it open. Well, OK, the giant guy tries to be scary, but Harry can always sense his doubt and uncertainty. The guy was a gentle giant and would never lash out at him (without just cause) no matter how many times he made the threat.

Before Hagrid could even exit his house after grabbing his crossbow, and a lamp his large grey boarhound slithered out around his giant legs and had at first tried to jump up at Harry yapping happily, but one gesture and the dog stopped, looking sheepish before he happily accepted Harry stroking his head.

"How do you do that?" Hagrid demanded as he slammed his door closed.

Harry just shrugged with a giant smile. "Blah, no problem at all Mr. Hagrid," he answered politely. "It's all about image and respect even in the animal kingdom. If a creature respects you then it will listen, but if it does not then it won't."

"Nonsense!" the giant of a man boomed out heatedly as he led on, but his dog Fang walked behind by Harry's side. "Why would Fang want to respect an evil dark wizard like you?"

"Dark, possibly," Harry agreed, which startled the large man. "But evil is a very strong word, Mr. Hagrid, which your people throw around like people are born that way. Do you not agree that as a decent human being that I should protect people?"

"Why would you protect people?" he scoffed at the thought. "You're just a bully, jealous of your own brother."

"Jealous that my brother was loved while I was not?" he asked with a bitter tone that caused the giant man to flinch as he led the way through the trees into the forbidden forest. "Yet, you call me a bully for defending innocent kids incapable of defending themselves?"

"They're just Slytherin's!" the giant spoke before crying out in pain as Harry withdrew his wand and with a flick the giant man's back crashed into a large tree with vines whipping round to hold him to it as Harry wasn't smiling now.

“And your just a filthy fucking hybrid, now what difference is there. You must be evil because you have giants blood running through your veins. Should I perhaps do the world a favour and just kill you so we don't find the bones of devoured children hidden throughout the grounds?"

Hagrid for the first time in his life was cowering from a student, and Fang whimpered a little but didn't move as Harry swiped his wand and the large man fell to the ground gasping for breath and rubbing his sore wrists from the vines as Harry put his wand away.

"You condone Terry's brutal attacks on other students!" Harry hissed out in rage kicking Hagrid in the face causing him to cry out, as his nose was broken. "Yet when someone stands up to him you say 'they're only Slytherin's’, or 'they've been corrupted by Slytherin's!'. That's fucking retarded, so get a fucking clue!"

After that, Harry just shook his head in revulsion and left, gesturing Fang to stay as he was going to follow, and Harry felt like a walk by himself. Harry walked for well over an hour not sure what exactly he was supposed to be doing in the forest, but shrugged that off as unimportant when he heard some soft whimpering's of fear. He knew the sound of fear easily as when Terry and his butt-buddies went on the prowl that's what he heard from the victims of the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry ran faster than he could remember and jumped through a thicket of bushes landing with a crash in a large clearing, his eyes narrowed. He took witness of around twenty filthy looking men carrying all sorts of weapons from knives to spears, and chain. He also saw many small cages containing creatures from common pixies to forest fairies, and even a couple of weird furry creatures, two, one black, one white, spirits of some kind he didn't doubt from what he sensed from them.

However, Harry's eyes widened as he took stock of three dead Centaur, and a fourth bleeding rapidly with a huge cut across his young chest. Though, it was the fifth that was shocking as it was female, and he has never heard of any human seeing a female before.

She was a beautiful white coloured horse with a soft pale human half with no top like he would have most likely expected, her firm and soft looking breasts were large and on display, and her dark eyes held pure fear, her brown hair crinkling at the bottom by her shoulders. He figured that if she were human, she would be considered quite the catch. Heck, he still kind of fancies her. She seemed to him to be about his age.

Harry could see one of her legs caught in a spiked trap and she was on her side, the men leering at her. He turned back to the bleeding centaur to see him looking at him, his light eyes begging him, begging Harry not to save him, but to save her, and Harry needed no begging from this creature as he had already drawn his wand in preparation.

"Hey look, it's a boy!" one of the men finally noticed him and trailing his wand on him as they all looked over in surprise.

"Drop the cages, and step away from the girl and I 'might' let you go!" Harry spoke sharply and commandingly but even both centaurs looked as if they're doomed.

Some of the men laughed as one of the men spoke out laughingly. "Girl…?" he mock asked. "All I see is a bitch pony. We'll get a lot for a real living female to study!"

Harry's eyes glowed with a hue of red as he spoke again. "Let me try this again! Put down the cages, and step away from the girl or I'll hurt you. Then, those that I don't kill I'll give to these… 'ponies'!"

"One boy, threatening all of us…? You must be on some hard shit!" one cried out before he cried in agony as Harry swiped his wand and the roots around him sprung up and grabbed him slowly squeezing the life out of him.

"Let him go!" one man demanded angrily as no matter what they tried they couldn't free him. "Who do you think you are you bastard!" he roared out as he flung several spells but Harry just batted each one back capturing several of the men in his nasty and deadly spells.

"Me…?" Harry asked with a smug smirk. "I'm the guy who doesn't like dipshit bullies!" he spoke as his eyes lit up red and bled back into pure black, the blackest black, and the poacher and his 'friends' finally realised they were messing with someone they shouldn't be.

"T-they're j-just freaks… half-breeds!" one man stuttered out throwing some pathetic spells in his panic.

"Yet to me…" Harry spoke as he just let the man's spells splash harmlessly into his shield. "You're the freaks. I would rather the friendship and kindness of another species than to associate with shit like you!"

"P-please!" one begged as he turned to run only to run straight into the solid black chest of an enraged male centaur and fall to the floor and most certainly pissing himself as more and more surrounded the clearing with spears and bows.

Harry however moved to the injured centaur and with a few whispered words and flick of his wand that the other centaurs missed, the bleeding stopped, and another flick of his wrist bandages wrapped around his torso.

Then Harry rushed over to the female. Her eyes widened in fright but Harry had lowered himself as he banished the arrows fired at him, and was quick in using his powers to free her leg. She had almost kicked him as he touched her leg, but with a brush of his wand across it, a wrapping of bandages secured her wound and she eyed him wearily as he gave her a reassuring smirk. She found herself mesmerised by the depth of his black eyes.

He reached out as stroked his fingers through her hair before standing up. The wizards having been stripped of their weapons and clothes made him grimace, and he notice the blush of the girls face as she looked away at the disgusting sight too.

"Wow," Harry spoke grimace. "I assure you, they do not represent my species," he spoke with a chuckle as he looked back to the men and the cages. "It seems you didn't quite win, poachers. You should have just stuck to poached egg!" he said as he walked towards them. The rest of the centaur watching him warily as he waved his wand and all of the cages burst open with cheering little pixies and fairies, some personally thanking Harry before flying off.

The two furry little spirits stayed for a moment longer, the white one only too happy to snuggle to Harry's neck in gratitude while the black one floated nearby watching with worry aimed at its twin before they both blinked away.

"Human child!" the black coloured centaur broke the silence after Harry had stunned the remaining poachers as they were making too much noise. "You come very close to our village," he spoke crisply and dangerously but even he could see the boy wasn't concerned.

"No man…! No creature controls my freedom!" Harry retorted glaring. "I am not here to harm you or your loved ones. I'm not actually sure where I am, but rest assured, I would never allow for innocent people to be harmed."

"Why did you save us?" the female suddenly asked as she finally managed to stand, a look of wonder in her eyes. "You could have just left us to die, but yet… why?"

"Because it would be wrong not too," he said sincerely, which just baffled them.

"A wizard… a human…" the black centaur spoke, confused. "He… you really do not…? When I look into your eyes. You see me as equal… even Hagrid does not look to us as equal."

Harry was then startled as one centaur grabbed Harry and pulled him onto his back. "Then… we shall celebrate the lives that we have lost, and the gratitude towards such a unique human for the lives that were spared, and tomorrow we shall punish our captives!" he roared out to cheers from others including the one in black as they picked up their captives and the bodies of their dead and raced through the forest.

Harry had been shown through a large village. Well, he hadn't seen much, but he had been promised a tour at some point during his stay so he was happy, and green eyed again as they gave him his own barn like wooden place where he could stay for as long as he needed.

He had decided that he needed to fit in more so he had stripped down until he just wore his trousers before transfiguring them into a pair of straw-coloured cargo shorts that hung to just above his knees. He took his shoes off choosing to go bare foot, and found he felt so much freer from confinement.

"Harry," a soft voice spoke and in walked Shardie, the female he had saved. She had a slight limp, but that would heal soon enough as she was not very badly hurt.

"Hey," he answered as he strapped his wand under his left forearm in its holster.

She blushed lightly and bowed her head. "You look… you look more the part now. I was asked to bring you with me. I… I hope that we can become friends. I am curious to know a little about human culture."

"To me… we're already friends," he answered smiling at her surprise he took her hand and led her outside.

She led him from then on pointing out things he might find interesting with other centaurs watching curious of the odd human, and soon following on after them to the town square where a large crowd gathered around a large fountain with the village elder stood in the centre.

Harry was surprised by a lot of things that night, like for one, centaurs DO drink… they probably shouldn't but they DO. They're quite the party animals with instruments and music, singing and all sorts.

Though, Harry had stayed with Shardie all night 'dancing' with her, and a few of her cute girlfriends. They seriously get more… the more he drank and got to know them, but by around two in the morning Shardie was carrying Harry slumped on her back, back to his room where she carefully lay him down on some soft hay, and lay down next to him watching him as his green eyes lingered on her, smiling.

"What are human mating rituals like?" she suddenly asked, her cheeks blushing. Though, she made certain she couldn't hear anyone nearby.

Harry was quite startled by this as he thought about it. "Umm… well to humans, we don't just mate for life for procreation benefits," he said shrugging. "Sure most of us will settle down eventually, and some will do so happily at a young age, but others will experiment with other people because… well sex is fun."

"Fun?" she asked, her cheeks even more aflame than before.

"Sure," he agreed shrugging. "We don't just do it… we do other things too, like… well… using tongues and mouths in certain, pleasurable areas too, and kissing…" he shrugged and grew a little cautious at how close she had gotten to him, her face mere inches from his he gulped.

"H-have you ever… done this before?" she asked, her voice soft and too husky.

He shook his head slowly. "W-well… o-only a couple human girls, and… I really haven't had the time f-for any kind of real relationship."

"D-do you know… what kind of… pleasant things we could do?" she asked and he could only nod as her lips touched his and he kissed her before she followed his lead. Her long tongue lashed against his and the thought of other uses made his shorts ruck up tightly.

He wrapped his fingers through her hair pulling her deeper into the kiss, his hands moving around her shoulders down her chest to squeeze her breasts and tweak her solid pink nipples causing her to groan out into his mouth.

Harry moved, kissing down from her mouth to her jaw line down her sensitive neck. He could barely believe he was going to be this beautiful centaur's first time. He soon captured each nipple between his lips sucking hard she groaned out.

He kept working on her now sensitive breasts for a while. She was breathing harshly when she carefully pushed him back, panting heavily. "W-what do… do I suck to make you feel good too?" she asked with pleading dark eyes.

Therefore, quick as a flash Harry had pulled off his shorts and boxers showing off his large human penis as it throbbed with anticipation dribbling pre-cum. She didn't even hesitate as she leaned over and took the whole thing down her throat with a hard suck, her large tongue practically wrapped around it. He came in that one suck, crying out in pleasure, his sticky sperm shooting deep into her mouth as she drank every drop, licking it clean, relishing in it.

She kept sucking even past his cum until he pushed her back panting for breath. That night, he did things… naughty things that he had never imagined doing before… well he had never read anything on female centaurs before or he might have. However, with her… and later her best friend he did on a regular basis for the next few months meeting up in the forest.

The next afternoon after giving Shardie a quick kiss goodbye Harry left the forest, but made some great allies among the centaurs. Though he had a funny feeling that they knew he and Shardie were being a bit more than friends together, they seemed not to care so he never mentioned anything about it.


He had just exited the forest to see Hagrid looking frantic with worry almost looking ready to hug him to death, but one look from Harry was all it took for the giant guy to remember himself.

"Harry, where have you been?" the half giant asked, but he awaited no answer. "I've been so worried. I tried to get Professor Dumbledore to get a search and rescue team ready but he wouldn't."

"I wouldn't have expected him too," he answered shrugging in amusement as he led the way back to the school now fully dressed in robes.

It took little time to enter the school and find the Great Hall full of students eating lunch, but they all paused in shock to see Harry unharmed. Hagrid walked to the teachers table looking relieved leaving Harry to be amused at the stares.

"The evil bastards alive!" his brother was quick to hiss out in disappointment. "It's a shame the creatures in the forest didn't eat you, you evil…"

He trailed off as in a blaze of white flames a stunning white phoenix appeared and landed on Harry's arm with her plumage plumped up smugly, her song sliding through the hall. It came as no surprise to Harry that most of Gryffindor flinched at her song. Sure, lots of Slytherin's did too, but surprisingly less than in Gryffindor.

"Wow… not as evil as you," Harry said laughingly.

"How dare you?" Terry cried out, outraged. "Give me that phoenix. I deserve it, you don't you evil Slytherin lover!"

Harry just rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't even if I could," he said shrugging as a huge black bear like dog materialised by Terry on the table scaring the life out of him.

"It's a Grim!" he roared out with his best butt-buddy Ronald Weasley running for their lives and out of the hall, but no-one other than Harry seemed able to see the beast as it prowled to him and sat by his feet looking smug beyond smug.

"Wow, seeing things," Harry chuckled in amusement as he stroked the invisible dogs head, which made people realise that Terry and Ron aren't really just 'seeing' things.

"Potter…!" Dumbledore hissed out angrily not having noticed the petting of the invisible dog. "You will hand that creature of light over immediately!"

"Say what old man?" he asked in amusement wondering where they came from. They kind of seemed familiar. "Don't you know anything…? Phoenixes aren't pets, and even if they were, do you think I would hand over any innocent creature to a nut bar old geezer like you?"

"You will do as I say Potter!" he spat out in disgust. "That bird will be Terry's as he is the definition of the light!"

Harry laughed as his wand was out fast and with a wave; four AA sized batteries appeared rolling across the Gryffindor table. "Then I suggest changing the prick's batteries because he's turned into nothing but an evil piece of shit because of you!"

"Enough boy, hand it over!" Dumbledore roared out his power booming over the hall, but it only fazed everybody but Harry. "That is a creature of the light, it must bond with a hero of the light!"

"Actually Professor you are mistaken," he answered, amused. "According to THE Merlin a phoenix is an ambassador of righteousness and protection! It has no definition of light or dark. Do you only take in your own twisted interpretation of the facts? Anyway, she's not my phoenix, and before today I've not had the pleasure," he said stroking her feathers before she flew up and blasted away in white flames, the 'dog' just blinking away after her."

"Strange, huh, Professor…?" Harry remarked as a grin stretched his lips as he realised who they were, he guessed spirits like to have fun too.

"Don't you mock me boy!" the old man hissed out angrily. "Next Saturday, you'll be helping Hagrid again in the forest!"

"Fine with me you sanctimonious dipshit…!" Harry agreed with a mocking salute as he took a seat at his house table and watched Dumbledore grumbling angrily.

However, James Potter stood from his seat. "Right Harry I've had enough of you disrespecting your betters!" he roared angrily. "You are nothing but trouble, and evil…!"

"Do you honestly not listen to yourselves?" Harry interrupted in disgust. "Are you fucking so retarded that all you can do is suck out the shit from Dumbledore's ass? Can't you see the truth for yourselves? He's a fucking racist bastard, no better… in fact worse than Voldemort." He paused for the flinches and gasps. "At least Voldemort doesn't pretend to give a shit… badly I might add!

"Me… I believe that you all need to get a fucking clue, and I don't mean Dumbledore's clue up your asses. Just give it a rest!" he then stood and walked to the Great Hall doors but paused as his father spoke with such hate.

"You are so close to being disowned!"

Harry just turned to look back at him with pity. "To hate your own child under the orders of an old man is the worst kind of betrayal. You really don't see that Terry is a bully, an idiot, and a weakling do you?"

"Terry is a thousand times greater than you'll ever be!" James spat out in hate.

"Disown me all you want father," Harry answered with a sigh rolling his eyes. "However, it doesn't change the facts that while you and mother doted everything you had into loving that spoilt brat you gave me nothing but a broken heart, and now, quite honestly I don't give a shit about a Dumbledore worshipping twat like you!" Harry then just left, leaving others in the hall to think about what they heard.

Though, of course the Dumbledore worshippers wouldn't believe anything Harry said, but those that 'sided' with him had been given a lot to think about, and some of the students who had not started questioning Dumbledore had started doing so.

"That boy…!"

McGonagall interrupted Dumbledore as she just glared at him. "Give it a rest Albus!" she hissed in annoyance. "Maybe you are crazy," she said to his shock as she too vacated the hall.


"Get off me Ronald!" Rose hissed out the next day slapping him around the face as he had grabbed her wrist tight trying to force her on a date with him while Terry and friends just watched and cheered their mate on in the entrance hall.

"Why you little…!" Ron roared out as he raised his right hand about to slap her back.

"Don't you dare Ronald Weasley!" hissed Ginny Weasley in anger as she stormed over from where she was coming inside, her robes in quite a disarray, and makeup a little smudged around her lips, but it is a hot day, maybe she had an ice-lolly. "What the hell do you think you're doing, how dare you raise your hand to her?"

"Get lost Ginny, this doesn't concern you!" he spat out. "Terry said I can take her on a date!"

She glared at the Boy-Who-Lived. "And maybe I should tell Harry and he can beat you both up again!"

Both boys snorted. "Like that could happen. He had to jump us from behind last time!" Terry said smugly.

"We were both there," interrupted a slender blonde girl with light blue faraway eyes as she entered the hall, her robes quite crumpled and messy. "We saw it from start to finish, and he was attacked first and yet neither of you could hit him, even while together," she said it all so nonchalant that if they weren't so stupid wouldn't have thought of it as mocking. Though, it was certainly mocking.

"Shut it Loony Lovegood!" Ron hissed out smirking, though the blonde hadn't shown a sign that his name calling bothered her. She had been called that so much it really didn't bother her any more.

"Don't call Luna that, you jackass!" Ginny hissed angrily as it has always bothered her more than Luna. "You're just jealous that she has a brain in her head and can think for herself!"


The hall went quiet as all eyes turned to see Ginny had been knocked to the floor: a huge red bruise slowly forming on the side of her face as Ron stood over her looking smug with his fist clenched.

"That will teach you whose boss!" Ron said smugly before Ginny looked up at him, her brown eyes almost glowing with her rage.

Ginny was up on her feet in seconds, her right fist clenched as it crashed into Ron's nose, snapping it as he went down whimpering and crying. Then, adding insult to injury, she kicked him in the nuts causing him to emit a girlish squeal.

"Don't you ever touch me you fucking dick head!" she roared out in anger, kicking her brother in the ribs until she was blasted back by an angry Terry.

However, Luna blasted Terry across the hall to the floor where he cried, holding his ribs in pain. Terry's and Ron's 'friends' then started in. Ginny having recovered got up and she and Luna were trapped fighting them until three multiple blasts of red shot down from the stairs stunning Terry and friends.

Ginny, Luna, and Rose looked up in shock to see that Slytherins had saved them. "As long as Potter… Harry Potter is looking out for our house we own him," commented Draco Malfoy with a shrug as he and his friends were quick in leaving.

"Whoa…" Ginny said looking down at the downed morons. "I don't think they're going to mention being beaten up by two girls to anyone," she said looking around to see only a few other students unhurt, but looking very unlikely to tell a teacher so Ginny grabbed them both and quickly hurried them off.

They settled in an unused classroom and Luna was quick to get Ginny to sit down and conjured a wet towel for her bruise, dabbing it caringly. "I can't believe Ron would actually hit you," Rosette spoke, after a moment of worrying over the older girl.

"It's OK," Ginny reassured her with a smile. "I've wanted a reason to kick his ass for a long time."

Rose smiled a little here and was soon hugging both Ginny and Luna sobbing her little green eyes out about what happened and thanking them for rescuing her. They held her giving each other secretive little smiles; after all, she was such a sweet girl.

Harry had caught the last few moments of the weird little fight, but had to admit knowing Ronald got decked by his sister without magic was awesome! He walked through the hall looking down at them knowing he's going to be blamed even if he could prove otherwise and without evidence, not that he would let the real culprits suffer.

He was a little surprised to see Snape had exited the dungeon looking at him in surprise after having surveyed the situation, but he nodded at Harry's head shake.

"Potter, what do you think you're doing!" Dumbledore, as predicted, boomed out angrily as he arrived on scene.

However, Snape stepped in the way shaking his head. "Though it pains me to say it, Professor Dumbledore, the boy was with me in detention!"

"Very likely…!" James Potter roared out as he checked on his son.

"But James… I trust Severus!" Dumbledore said as he eyed the pair. "But it would help to have an extra eye witness, or I'll have to punish Harry anyway!"

"I was in detention too," interrupted a brownish-blonde haired girl in Hufflepuff robes. "I'm afraid I was party to some misbehaviour."

"Very well Miss. Bones," the old man agreed smiling his grandfatherly routine. "Well, why don't you and Mr. Potter leave so we can get this lot some medical attention?"

"Yes sir," she agreed grabbing Harry's wrist and pulling him after her out of the Entrance Hall doors into the sun outside. He just shrugged and let her lead him out, before she turned on him glaring. "You were just going to let them blame you when you not only did nothing wrong, but those jerks were attacking a second year girl!"

Harry just shrugged smirking. "Hey, no biggie Susan," he answered nonchalant. "I did notice, after all it was my sister those bastards attacked."

"How the hell did you get Snape to try bailing you out anyway?" she asked as she led him a very short distance into the forest wrapping him in a hug. "One of these days Harry you're going to push them too far and they'll do something messed up."

He sighed as he wrapped her in a hug and she melted into him. "You're getting too comfy here Sue," he said chuckling. "Remember, I'm not a relationship kind of guy."

"Yeah, yeah, it's too dangerous, now more than ever," she replied but just held on tighter. "Aunt Amelia has been harassing me about you. She says I should be careful being too openly friendly with you as it could land me into trouble with Dumbledore and his minions."

"Too true, too true," he agreed smiling as they lowered themselves to the forest floor with Harry leaning back against a large tree Susan slid comfortably onto his lap burying her face into the crock of his neck as he held her. "There really is no need to worry too much. You and I both know where Dumbledore will take this in the end."

"Yea," she agreed with a shaky breath. "Aunt Amelia's already mentioned it. But… I'll still stand by your side, even if I can't do so openly."

Harry smiled and kissed the top of her head. "That's all I can really ask from my few friends, and you especially Susie!"

The month was coming to an end and Harry was quite bored as he sat by the Black Lake looking into its darkest depths in wonder. Though, he knew some of the wonders the water held, it always held more curiosity the longer he looked into it.

"Harry," he was startled only a little as the French accent broke through his thoughts and a beautiful blonde woman sat next to him on a large rock smiling brightly.

"Fleur," he spoke in surprise before smiling. "What can I do for you? Did you come all the way here to see me?" he asked with a suggestive eye wiggle.

She giggled rolling her stunning blue eyes. "I have not," she told him as she handed him an invitation. "However, William suggested that I hand this to you personally as he felt that you would not get the invitation should I send it through normal channels."

Harry opened it and read, a small smile lighting his lips. "Congratulations," he said giving her a hug that she was very happy to return. "But a Weasley…? I don't really know him very well, and the only Weasley I would ever be inclined to trust is Ginny."

"He is a good man," she defended with a smile. "I agree that most are out just for themselves, but he is not like that. You must come; Gabrielle is so very looking forward to seeing you again!"

"I would love to," he finally answered. "However, I may not be permitted as Dumbledore is pushing for my exile and sealing."

Her eyes widened in both shock and horror. "Then you must leave the country. My family will be only too happy to hide you…"

Harry was smiling and shaking his head. "I understand how you must feel. However, if this is to happen then so be it. I do have backups of backups that I can work well with. The more I study, the more I learn. It only breathes life to my dreams, and someday, if I succeed, sealed or not, the world will be truly whole."

"Then you are a braver man than I have known," she replied with a kiss to his forehead he smiled. "Gabrielle will be saddened to hear such news."

Harry chuckled sadly. "Yeah… well I doubt very much that Molly Weasley would have let me through the door anyway, being such a Dumblelite," he said laughing while she smiled a little.

"Yes, Bill mentions that he worries about his mother's…" she trailed off for the right word.

"Fundamentalism…?" Harry suggested.

Fleur smiled at that, nodding her head. "Yes… I believe that word fits," she agreed with a sad nod.

Harry chuckled as he hopped up from his seat and kissed Fleur's cheek. "Good bye sweet Siren… I hope you find happiness in a world so bloated by greed," he said and she just watched sadly as he headed back to the castle, his invite having been placed back in her hands: a few stray tears fell from her eyes.

He had only just stepped back into the castle when he had to weave through three different coloured spells before throwing out both hands and blocking a few more with a weak shield that collapsed after its use was up. However, he hadn't any more time as more spells flew at him, which he dodged (the more dangerous) and swatted away (the baby spells).

Harry heard frightened crying and screams as he moved, his wand now in hand deflecting spells from hitting students unable to deflect them their selves. Harry's eyes were black as he saw the Gryffindors attacking him relentlessly, his wand arm a blur of movement trying to stop their spells from hitting him or any innocent bystanders.

Flicking his wrist forward sharply Harry conjured a huge flock of origami birds, and planes to take hits bursting into flames as he finally went on the offensive. He blasted two yellow beams forward that made several Gryffindors feet sink into the floor up to their necks like quick sand.

Harry captured a few more with vines, or animating suits of armour before the Gryffindors realised that he was beating them and all they managed was to cut up his robes and score a few slices to his face, so they stopped as the last of the paper drifted to the floor.

"You bastard…!" Ronald shouted out gasping for breath, exhausted. "How dare you touch my future sister-in-law!" he demanded in rage.

"Well, she is MY friend, so get lost Weasley!" he retorted eyeing them warily. "I was just congratulating her on her engagement. Let's pray to Zeus, Buddha and any other deity that he's nothing like you!"

"I saw you kissing her!" he spat out angrily.

"On the cheek, Ronald!" the angry French girl entered the Entrance Hall with vengeance in her eyes. "He is a friend of mine, and I may allow friends of mine to kiss me on the cheek if I so please, so wait until I tell Bill of this…"

"Yeah, like he'll believe you over me," Ron couldn't help but retort smugly.

"I might," the cold voice spoke from the stairs and they turned to see a red haired man standing, his eyes glaring at his younger brother. "After all, I was about to kick your smarmy little asses myself after I witnessed this attack! You're all pathetic. You can't even beat one man twenty to one. I've never seen such pathetic bullying, it's disgraceful!"

"Bill, he's an evil Slytherin lover!" Ron called out looking scandalised.

Harry couldn't help but chuckle darkly. "Actually, me… I'm a muggle loving mud blood, blood traitor," he said laughingly. "But you don't like that do you Ronald. The fact I care not for house or ancestry… a person is a person! From a human to a… centaur, or a mermaid."

Ron just snorted. "Yeah right… next you'll be saying we should give human rights to filthy merpeople," he laughed, but trailed off in surprise at the look of anger his oldest brother showed.

However, Fleur lost herself as she screeched out fangs in her mouth, her peaceful blue eyes now a fierce yellow. "Watch your mouth Ronald," she hissed out as Harry quickly grabbed her wrist, though he knew if she wanted to get free she could. "They're cousins to my people!"

"Whatever… they don't look human," he said stupidly not realising the danger he's in.

"No… but show me to the cute ones and we'll create a tsunami together," Harry spoke up before Fleur moved and attacked shocking them all and causing many deep blushes. "What?" he asked amusedly as all eyes turned to him. "Mergirls are super cute!"

"You're sick," Ron hissed out angrily. "See… he's evil, consorting with filthy half-breeds."

"So that's what ya really think of me?" Hagrids voice interrupted as the giant man stood by Bill with other teachers including the angry visage of Albus Dumbledore glaring at Harry in hate.

"No Hagrid," he was quick to say. "I didn't mean you. Him… he just admitted to fancying Mergirls. It's sick and wrong, they're not even human!"

"So now you're calling me dear ol' dad a sicko?" Hagrid asked; his friendly demeanour non-existent and it was obvious he is upset. Ron was digging a giant hole, and Harry couldn't have been more pleased with the results if he had set this whole thing up himself.

"Bill, it seems you should have made a better choice in wife," Dumbledore was quick to interrupt as Harry was now holding Fleur around the waist her back to his chest while she was restraining her inner monster from tearing Ron apart with Harry's help and comforting and reassuring whispers in her ear. "Look how she is so comfortable consorting with that Dark Wizard."

Bill just walked down the stairs before turning to the old man. "Without him, Ron would have been incinerated by now. You really are fucking mental Dumbledore… even now you're trying to blame someone else for starting a fight based on their magic rather than who they are and what they choose to do.

"Throughout history there are Dark Witches and Wizards that had been mighty heroes. Men and women who stood up for what is right and protected innocent people from oppression by using questionable means, yet…" he trailed off shaking his head as he walked to his fiancé and Harry let her go to slid into his arms.

Bill then turned to Ron as he led Fleur out of the door. "Oh, and Ronald, touch Ginny again and I'll fucking flay you, you little turd!" he sneered out, causing Ron to flinch.

"You bastard…!" Ron screamed at Harry. "You turned my brother against me!"

"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore hissed through his teeth. "Other than punishments or school work, you are grounded!"

Harry just smirked as he walked off back outside. "I'm seventeen years old you ancient dipshit. I could always just leave," he said laughingly knowing Dumbledore wouldn't like that as it would mean possibly losing sight of him, so didn't try to stop him going outside.

Ron charged out after him screaming in rage but Harry was gone like a phantom. He seemed to have disappeared.

To Be Continued...

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