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Ready Set Go

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Tokio Hotel Fanfic featuring MCR. Four friends compete in their hometowns hoverboard race and give it all they got to win. set in the far future! WOOOOOOO Bill/OC

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A.N Yeah so this is my new fic...It’s a Tokio Hotel fic with MCR so yeah! If there is anything you wanna see in this story leave a review and I’ll see what I can do! ;)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Tokio Hotel or MCR...........BUT I REALLY WISH I DID!!! :’O
THERE’S CURSING IN THIS CHAPTER!!!...So anyway on with the first chapter.
“You ready for this, guys?” Bill asked his team with a shaky voice. He looked at the people sitting all around the stadium. Their cheering and screaming made his heart flutter, “all we do is fly around the whole track once.”

“Oh, you bet I’m ready,” Tom sounded with a confident tone. He held his board under his arm as he cracked his knuckles.

“We aren’t here to literally kick ass, you idiot,” Gustav corrected the eldest twin, “We’re here to metaphorically kick ass.”

“I’m just hoping that Toni checked our boards thoroughly,” Georg glared down at his yellow hoverboard, “what if it screws up during this race? I’m gonna die! I’m gonna pass away and- -”

“Shut up, Georg,” Bill waved his hand to silence him.

“Yeah, shut up, Georg,” Tom copied his brother.

The team looked around the stadium again before checking their boards for themselves. Beside Gustav were a few other guys and a very terrified looking Mikey Smith. His body shook yet he kept a straight face.

“Don’t worry, Michael,” a voice sounded beside him. He looked to his left to see his father place a hand on his shoulder, “you’ll be fine! It is impossible for you to lose. I was a champion at Hoverboarding when I was your age. So were your Grandfather and you Great Grandfather and your Great-Great Grandfather and...”

Mikey dazed off as his father continued. He let his gaze wander off to the side of the tracks where Toni sat with her repair kit at the ready. She was looking at all the contestants as the sun shone on her long smooth brown hair. Her dark brown eyes met his for a while causing him to look away hurriedly. Mikey was in love with this woman. He never saw his interest in her as a crush. He really did love her. The only reason he was in the competition was to impress her.
“ there’s absolutely no need to worry, Michael,” Mr. Smith shook his son by the shoulder, “you’ll be fine!”

“Ok” his shaky voice squeaked.

“HEY, TONI!” Bill’s voice sounded. Toni, who sat at the side of the track, turned her gaze to Bill who was spiking his hair with his hand, “WE BETTER NOT DIE DURING THIS RACE!!”

Toni smiled at her friend as she face-palmed herself, “You won’t! I checked them! Your boards are fine.”

“Good,” Bill put down his hand as he looked away.

“ALRIGHT, EVERYONE SETTLE DOWN!!!” The Presenter’s voice shouted to the viewers. The huge crowd stopped screaming and sat quietly in their seats, “So you all know why you’re here today! To see these dudes battle it out against eachother to claim the grand prize!!!” Everyone began to cheer at his words, “Ok, shut up!” Everyone was silent again, “Now we all know that Bill and his boys here,” he gestured to Bill and ‘his boys’, “are probably the best on the track right now so which one of you ‘Rock n Rolla’s’ think they’ll lose this round?!”

“YEAH!” A single voice roared from the crowed. With this everyone looked at the owner of the voice. There sat Frank, one of Bill’s friends, waving his hands about in a foolish fashion. Beside him were Gerard and Ray, chuckling as they pumped his fists.
As if he never noticed the interruption, the Presenter carried on, “No...They will please us like they do everyday, RIGHT?!”

The crowd began to cheer again and Mikey felt his stomach do a black flip. He looked over to his father, who sat beside Toni. He silently prayed and hoped for victory as the Presenter silenced the crowd.

“BOYS! Get ready!” The Presenter shouted. With this, the racers placed their boards on the ground and activated them by kicking the switch at the back. They stepped onto the boards as they began to hover. Bill blinked as he placed his foot on the button which had a sticker covering it saying ‘GO!’ The other racers repeated this action.

The Presenter waited a while before shouted, “GO!”
At this the racers shot forward on the boards. Just like other races, Bill was already first place and Tom was not long behind him. Surprisingly Mikey was third. Never had he gotten this far.

“THAT’S OUR BOYS! THAT’S OUR MOTHER FUCKIN’ BOYS!” The Presenter shouted as he punched the air in victory. At the side of the track, Toni and Mr. Smith cheered.

“My Michael is already doing me proud!!!” He shouted.

Bill noticed someone over take him. Fortunately it was Tom. As he passed his brother, he gave him the thumbs up. Bill laughed. Soon he stopped as he felt someone slam into him. Another person took his place. It was Lucifer. And he was a bad apple. He cared about nothing but money, status, women and power. He caused trouble for the city every once in a while. Whoever thought of the idea to let him compete?

“Sorry, William,” Lucifer mocked Bill, “But I’m gonna get my trophy one way or the other.” He shot further ahead while laughing cruelly. Bill was now third which made Mikey fourth place.
‘Oh, God!’ Mikey thought, ‘Dad’s not gonna be happy!’

Bill watched as Lucifer over took Tom then. He looked at Mikey who was trying to catch up to him, “Do you think he’s using an accelerator?!”

“But that’s cheating!” Mikey shouted. He looked carefully at Lucifer’s foot which was lightly pressing a barely visible panel on the board, “I think he is!”

Bill pushed himself onwards. He pushed his ‘GO’ button which gave him a bit of a boost. When he caught up with Bill he shouted to Lucifer, “YOU’RE A GODDAMNED CHEATER, LUCIFER!”

Lucifer only laughed at this and pressed the panel again.

“How’s he doing that?” Mr. Smith turned to Toni, “You check the boards before races, right?”

“I didn’t check his,” Toni admitted, “he refused to hand it over to me. By the looks of it, he
built that accelerator into his board himself.”

“Well, Mikey’s fourth place because of him,” Mr. Smith sounded unhappy.

“Lucifer!” Bill shouted, “You need to stop using that accelerator! You’re gonna end up hurting yourself!”

“You can’t fool me, Billy!” Lucifer shouted back as he kept his eyes straight ahead, “You also can’t claim the crown like you always do!”

“Well the point of the race is to over take eachother and win! You should know that, Lucy!” Bill mocked him.

Gustav and Georg caught up which then left Mikey in sixth place.

“DUDE, WHAT THE HELL?!” Gustav shouted towards Lucifer.

“CHEATERS OUT!” Georg joined in.






At this, Lucifer turned his body around to face Gustav and Georg. He gave them both the finger with both hands.

“Lucifer, turn around!!” Bill shouted.

“I don’t take orders from you!” He shouted back as he glared at Bill and lowered his hands.


Lucifer rolled his eyes and turned around. Before he could react, he slammed into one of the side barriers.

“OH DAMN!” The Presenter shouted as the other racers swerved around the corner.
Toni stood up and held her walkie-talkie to her mouth, “Come on, Carolyn. We got a job to do.” She lowered the walkie-talkie as she ran towards Lucifer’s injured form.

Tom nodded to Bill as they took the front of the race. Mikey pressed his boost button giving himself a little voom forward.

“You okay, Mikey?” Gustav shouted to him.

“Yeah,” he found himself fourth place and smiled with delight.

Gustav then slowed his speed. Even if he was fourth place, Bill and Tom were getting him and Georg straight into the next round. Mikey nodded to him thankfully.

Mr. Smith looked at the leadership board above his head. Mikey was third. He sighed with relief.

Mikey pressed onwards as he swerved another corner. Due to being really close to the inside edge of the turn he over took Bill. His heart pounded with glee. Bill smiled as he noticed Tom fly faster than ever as he spotted the finish line. Mikey tried desperately to catch up.

“What the hell did you think you were doin’ out there?!” Carolyn shouted at Lucifer who was lying on the ground whining in pain, “You could’ve killed yourself!!” She then smacked his head as she began to tend to his wounds.

“What the hell did you do to your board?!” Toni shouted at him as she looked at his board. She ripped the secret panel off minutes before, “this accelerator was about blow! You’re lucky you hit that wall! You would have been dead by now.”

“Oh, he’s not lucky, Toni darlin’,” Carolyn cleaned the blood from Lucifer’s head, “he ‘as to deal with me now!”

Mr. Smith smiled as he saw Mikey coming close to the finishing line. He then turned his gaze to the leadership board. He saw Mikey had become second place and smiled.

“GUY’S WE’RE GONNA WIN THIS ROUND!!!” Tom shouted to his team who were still behind Mikey.
Soon, Tom’s board touched the finishing point. He shot forward as everyone cheered and stood up. Toni and Carolyn looked away from Lucifer and his board and looked up to the leadership board to see that Tom had won him and his team a place in the next round.

“Look, darlin’,” Carolyn told Lucifer, “They beat you again. Your team’s out.”
Toni smiled as she looked to the finishing point to see Tom spin around and dance with victory.

Minutes after Tom crossed the line, so did Mikey. As soon as his board stopped he began to drag himself over to his Father wearily.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he sighed as he sat down beside Mr. Smith.

“It’s alright,” he replied calmly.

“So, I’m out of the competition. Does this mean I don’t have to drive this board anymore,” he held up his board.

“Actually,” Mr. Smith started, “I have something up my sleeve.”

Mikey sighed frustratedly.

“WELL, LADIES AND GENTS, TOM HAS JUST WON HIS TEAM A PLACE IN THE NEXT ROUND, SHOW THEM SOME LOVE!!!” The Presenter shouted as everyone stood up and cheered.

Bill fixed his hair as he held his board under his arm and walked away from the track.
“Bill!” A voice called from behind him. He turned and saw Toni. She stopped running and began to walk beside him, “what’s up?”

“Nothing, I just won some awesome race,” he fixed his black and red race suit, “shouldn’t you be fixing that?” He gestured towards Lucifer’s board which she held.

“Nah, I don’t think Lucifer’s gonna be flying again,” she looked at the ground, “his injuries are really bad, Carolyn’s pretty pissed off. I’m just gonna throw this board away.”

“Cool,” Bill nodded, “Wait. Carolyn’s pissed off? God, I think I should stay away from her tonight then.”

“Nah, he’s going to a more professional doctor so she’ll be fine.”

“Well I’m going out for a drink tonight anyway so...if you want to come with us you can.”

Toni smiled at him, “Haven’t had a good drink with my friends in a while...why not.”


“HEY, LOOK WHO WE FOUND!” Gerard’s voice sounded from behind them. Bill found himself being jumped by his red haired friend, “THE BROTHER OF THE WINNER!!!”

“I’m so proud,” Frank smiled as Gerard removed himself from Bill, “I taught you well!” He pulled out a cigarette.

“Frank, you know nothing about boarding,” Ray commented looking down at the smaller guy.
“Yeah, imagine that,” Bill commented.

Toni turned her eyes towards Frank, “If we gave you a hoverboard you would be dangerous.”
Gerard, Bill and Ray all burst into laughter at her comment. Frank breathed out the smoke forcefully. He puffed up his chest and said, “It’s because I’m small, isn’t it?”

“Look, I have a proposition for you,” Mr. Smith whispered to the Presenter. They were outside the stadium, “Michael came second place which is very close to first. He hasn’t got a team, but if he did he probably would’ve got through. I want you to put Mikey through along with the twins, Georg and Gustav.”

“Ohhhhh, I don’t know, Jack,” the Presenter looked away, “It’s only the person who comes first place who goes through. Besides, I really don’t think he’s as good as the others. He doesn’t practice as much. I don’t think he likes Hoverboarding.”

“Please! I’ll pay you! I’ll pay you big time. I don’t want to see the chain of champions in my family break.”

“Jack, I don’t know...”

“When things don’t go my way, I get very unhappy,” Mr. Smith sounded dangerous.

The Presenter remained silent for a while as he began to walk slowly to his hovercar, “fine. But I don’t want money. I have enough of the papery green stuff already.”

A.N. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT TOOK FOREVER TO WRITE!!!! I started it at 6.07 and corrected and finished it at 10.30!!!! So I hope you leave plenty of reviews. Also if you have any questions leave it in your review. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter ladies and gents! So long and Goodnight!
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