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Good times and a drunk frankie

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A.N: Well here it is chapter 2 of my super long story so far. Hope I pleased you all with the first chapter. I’m gonna try and make this one a bit shorter so you aren’t sitting waiting for like ever! So yeah
Disclaimer: I don’t own Tokio Hotel or MCR or the Time Warp...God i hate doing the disclaimer...but, meh, I have to I guess...
So here it is!!!
“...SO RAISE YOUR GLASS HIGH FOR TOMORROW WE DIE,” Bill, Tom, Georg, Gustav, Gerard, Ray and Frank all sang as the clanked their glasses high above their heads, “AND RETURN FROM THE ASHES YOU CAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!”

They all drank the alcohol in the glasses like sailors and slammed them down in unison. They all cheered eachother for a while before the bartender told them to shut up.

“So, we made it guys!” Bill praised his team, “We are just...amazing!”

“Yeah, and somehow, Mikey got in too!” Gustav smiled, “little guy’s getting another chance!”

“Speak of the devil, here he comes!!!” Frank roared in his drunken state as Mikey joined them.

“Hola!,” Mikey smiled as he took a seat. He ordered a beer from the bartender.

“So we heard you’re going through with us, buddy!” Tom slapped Mikey on the shoulder.

“I know! I hate that stupid race,” Mikey spat, “I could get hurt! I’m too sensitive!”

“LIKE ME! I’M GONNA DIE ON MY BOARD!” Georg roared with a thundering voice and wide-eyes.

The bartender passed Mikey his beer and turned to the others, “I SAID SHUT UP!”

“WHAT-EV-ER!” Frank exaggerated his drunkenness.

“Hoverboarding; It’s standing on a board...while flying!” Gerard randomly declared, “I can fly!” He began to move his arms in a flapping motion as if he was attempting to fly. He then felt someone smack the back of his head. He turned around and saw Toni standing there smirking at him. He squinted his eyes at her, “I swear to God, if you weren’t a woman- -”

“I know,” Toni went to take a seat and, fortunately for him, it was beside Mikey, “you’d want to have me soooo bad.”

Everyone laughed and smacked Gerard on the head playfully. Then Frank started to talk about a random subject. Mikey looked forward as he drank from his beer mug, while he was doing so, he glanced over at Toni. Her brown hair tumbled around her shoulders and her brown eyes were shimmering like always. She was wearing a black mini dress and red high heels. She was absolutely stunning. Mikey downed the rest of his beer and slammed the mug down on the table.
This grabbed the bartender’s attention, “more,” Mikey murmured.

The Bartender gave him a weird look but followed his command.

“Are you ok, Mikey?” Toni nudged his arm, “Can you handle this stuff?”

“Ohhhhh yeah,” he smirked.

“ anyway, I was like ‘what the fuck! This is a tattoo saloon, not a goddamn cathouse, you goddamn bitch!’” Frank continued to use his motor-mouth.

“Yeah no one cares, Frankie,” Gerard announced, “Did you guys hear? I can fly!”

“No, you can’t, Gerard,” Bill corrected him; “You think you can.”

“I see grass too!” Gerard squirmed.

“Grass doesn’t exist anymore. We live on rock and concrete,” Georg told him.

Toni, after ordering from the Bartender, turned to the other boys, “I would love to see grass. I have never seen it in my whole life!”

“I don’t think any of us have,” Ray broke his silence, “It’s kinda depressing, isn’t it?”

The group sat in silence for a while. It was depressing. The only ground they saw was rock, concrete or pavement. Sometimes they seen streams and lakes, but they never seen grass.

“Guys,” the Bartender addressed the group, “Stop being depressed and join the karaoke.”

“Is it karaoke night?” They questioned. Only now were they aware of the terrible singing coming from the background. The person singing had just finished.

“Ok, who’s next?!” The stage man shouted.

“I nominate young Frankie here!” Tom shouted aloud as he pointed to his small friend. Before he knew it, the whole bar was encouraging Frank to get up and sing. After a long fight and a few beers, he finally gave in. Bill watched as his small friend sang ‘The Time Warp’ as terrible as he could on the stage.

“He’s amazing isn’t he?” Toni appeared beside Bill. She kept her eyes on Frank as she swirled her drink in her hand.

“Yeah, very,” Bill nodded, “So what do you think Mr. Smith’s gonna say when you get Mikey home?”

“What do you mean?” Toni gave him a puzzled look.

Bill nodded towards the bar. Mikey lay drunk with his head on the counter, “Look at the state of him. I think me and you are the only sober people right now. I’m taking Frank and all the rest of those guys. Mr. Smith’s probably gonna explode when he sees Mikey in his current state.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know,” Toni laughed.

Bill noticed that Frank stopped singing for a while and took a long swig of beer whilst he was on stage, “How am I gonna get him home?”

“Who said you were to take him home? You don’t have to do everything, Bill. Just relax and have fun,” Toni encouraged him.

“Yes, Bill, you should relax!” A voice sounded from beside Toni. They both looked over to see Mr. Smith standing there with a drink in his hand.

“Oh, Mr Smith! I-I was literally about drive Mikey to your house!” Toni stuttered as she quickly stood up.

Mr. Smith then placed a hand on her shoulder, “no need to worry, girl. I told him I would get him myself. That’s why I am here.” He then squeezed her shoulder in a comforting way, “and if you need a ride home, you can just come with us.”

“I’m actually staying longer,” she insisted.

“Well, ok then,” with this, Mr. Smith walked away towards Mikey.

“That an asshole,” Bill stated. Toni shot him a look which made him continue, “He gives me the asshole vibe!”

“BOYS!” An angry familiar voice shouted. Bill looked around towards the owner of the voice and saw Carolyn standing in the entrance with her hands on her hips. She was shaking her head and looked very angry, “WHAT TIME DO YAH ‘FINK IT IS?”

“Shiiiitt! It’sh my ownerrrr,” Frank slurred as she stumbled off stage.


Bill waved goodbye to Toni, “I got to go!”

As Toni watched the boys leave, she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder which made her shudder. It was Mr. Smith, “So do you want me to drive you home, now?”

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THERE YOU HAVE IT!! VERY DRUNK MCR AND TH. Oh and yeah you guys are probably thinking Mr. Smith is a’ll find out more about him later. So yeah! BTW if there’s any questions you have just leave it in a review! So anyway, if you are confused about certain things so far let me point out this:
1 . The members of TH and MCR (except Mikey) live with Carolyn who is not only a nurse but owns a huge house for kids she brings in.
2 . Toni is a mechanic with no parents. She does not live with Bill or the others. She lives in her garage which is also her house.
3 . Mikey is not related to Gerard.
4 . Johnny Depp is Mr. Smith because sometimes Mikey way and Johnny Depp look a lot like eachother. Like father like son.
5 . There is no grass......yet!
6 . Mr. Smith is a big dirty creeeeeeeeep!
7 . Helena Bonham Carter is amazing!
Now in response your reviews:
Dearbhla- I’m glad you enjoyed it! More lovable Frankie coming soon!
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