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A.N Another chappy...! So I hope I get reviews...hint-hint. Yeah, so, more hover boarding for yah and a hung over Frankie ;)

“There; Drink that up darlin’,” Carolyn placed a cup of very strong coffee in front of Frank, “We ‘ave to get you sobered up.”

“Believe me, I am sober,” Frank insisted clearly still drunk. He brought the cup of coffee to his lips and took a large gulp of the substance before pulling a sour face and setting the cup down, “What the hell is that?”

“That would be coffee,” Carolyn stood with her hands on her hips looking cross at him.
“Really? Put some milk or sugar in it or something!” Frank forced the cup her way.

“Drink” Carolyn commanded dangerously as she leaned in close and pushed the cup back to him. With this, he began to drink the beverage while pulling sour faces at the table.
Carolyn turned away from the table and started towards the stairs, “come on, you lot! Get you dinner ‘fore you go to bed!”

With this the boys came down stairs and joined the table looking weary and annoyed. Tom looked at Carolyn wearily, “Do we have to eat our dinner now? It’s, like, 2.00 a.m.!”

“Tough,” Carolyn set bowls of soup down in front of them, “You should’ve came back ‘ere after that race and eat your dinner. But noooooo, I forgot that you boys like your drinks.”

Tom scoffed as he stuffed a spoon full of soup down his throat, nearly gagging. The others soon did the same.

“It’s cold,” Georg noted aloud.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Frank retorted.

“Watch your language,” Carolyn sat on the end of the table and watched the boys scoff and eat, “When dinner is ready, I expect you to eat it when it is served.”

“Yes, mum,” Frank mocked as he groaned. Before he had the chance to take another spoon full, his eyes went wide and he covered his mouth with his free hand. He quickly stood up and ran out of the room.

“He ‘ad too much beer,” Carolyn commented.


Bill lay down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling thinking about the hoverboard championships and what lay ahead of him and his team. If he won this race, his team would break the Smith’s chain of Phoami Hoverboard Championships winners. That had always been the one of the different things he wanted in life. But someone was standing in the way; Mikey. Would Mikey fall out with him if he broke the chain? Mr. Smith, everyday, was pressurizing Mikey to win and keep the crown. What would Mr. Smith think?

“God, I am exhausted!” Tom threw himself onto his bed, “Bill, can’t you believe we’re in the next round? Including this one, we only need to race two more times! And we’re, like, so amazing! We’re gonna do this!”

Bill dropped the thought of his dilemma and thought of the victory. He smiled, “Yeah! When we win that money, Frank will be begging us for cigarettes and alcohol.” He laughed.

“What will you really do with your share of the money?” Tom asked.

Bill thought for a minute, “Give it to Carolyn, maybe? She’s looked after us for years as if we were her own kids! All seven of us! She cleaned our wounds and took care of us when we hurt ourselves at practice. We haven’t even shown our appreciation to her.”

“Well, we did buy her a goldfish one year,” Tom leaned up on his elbows.

“Then Frank got drunk and thought it was dead so he cooked it…” Bill smiled and began to laugh at the memory.

“He nearly set the damn place on fire!!!” Tom laughed out loud.

Georg suddenly leaned up in his bed while taking in a deep breath. His eyes were still closed, “are you talking about the fried fish incident?”


With this, Georg nodded and fell back into his bed wearily.


“Now, boys,” Mr. Smith addressed the boys as he walked through the boarding hall, “Today I’m going to show you something a little different. Something that my father taught me when I was your age. It got me straight into the final round of the Phoami Hoverboard championships.”

Bill rubbed his head as it hurt a bit due his little drink session the night before. The others copied him as they silently groaned in pain. He then looked over to Mikey as Mr. Smith started to speak again. His head was hung long and he held it in both hands as he walked along “…isn’t that right, Michael?” Mr. Smith caught the boys’ attentions.

“W-what? Oh yeah. You’re totally right,” he pretended to be listening.

“And therefore boys…” Mr. Smith led them out into the practice area where the light wind blew and the sun shone its rays down onto the area. It was the perfect day for a practice but just not this one. Mr. Smith turned to them, “you are going to learn how to fly.”

The group gasped with excitement at the word. Their hangovers were suddenly cured.

“Well, it’s not really flying,” Mr. Smith admitted. The boys’ smiles dropped, “It’s almost as if you are flying. So it’s called flying. In the next stage of the competition, you should present tricks too. It’s not recommended to do so, but just take my advice.”

“So, how do we do this?” One of the other racers asked.

Mr. Smith turned to a steep ramp and pointed to it, “Do you see that ramp? Basically, you fly up that diagonally facing the sky and then when you’re in the air you press your accelerator.”
“Easy peasy then,” the guy stood up, dropped his board to the group, stepped onto it and began to fly towards the ramp as fast as lightning.

Mr. Smith was caught off guard as he saw the guy zoom past him, “Ummm…Brad! I wouldn’t try it just yet.”

But Brad had kept on until he reached the ramp. As soon as he left the ramp he pressed his accelerator button. Soon the board began to fall, and so did he. Fortunately he wasn’t too high off the ground.

Everyone flinched and looked away as they saw Brad connect with the floor. After he groaned he waved his hand at them as he got up on all fours, “I’m ok!”

Mr. Smith gave him the thumbs up before turning to the others, “You also need to know how to descend.”

“Oh, now you tell me,” Brad snapped.

“To descend, basically stay on your board and you will not fall. Crouch down and hold the front of the board,” Mr. Smith paused, “you with me so far?”

They all nodded.

“Ok, so make sure you aren’t leaning back too much. It’s more or less about leaning forward towards the ground,” he continued, “so who wants to try first?”

They all sat in silence and glared at the ramp with fear. Bill looked around at the other racers including his team. Brad’s team, who were a bunch of macho men, sat in silence waiting for someone else to volunteer.

Mikey looked around at the others too. No one moved. If Toni was there, he would’ve put his hand up right away. Wait. Bill talked to Toni all the time. He would tell her about his heroic decision.

He was just about to shoot his hand into the air until he heard his father say, “Obviously you would try it, Bill.” Mikey looked around and saw Bill walking towards Mr. Smith with his red hoverboard in hand.

“You know how to do this, boy?” Mr. Smith asked Bill.

Bill dropped his board to the ground and stepped onto it. He kicked the switch at the back and the board began to levitate, “Yeah.”

“Of course you do,” Mr. Smith sighed. He stepped away from Bill, “Whenever you’re ready.”

With this, Bill pressed his foot down on the ‘GO’ button and off he went. He kept focused on the upcoming ramp. He had only used ramps during free sessions. Then it hit him. He really wasn’t brave enough to do this.

As soon as his board met the ramp, he felt his pulse flutter.

‘Next time, I will not volunteer!’ He thought.

He squeezed his eyes shut as his board left the ramp.

“BILL! YOUR ACCELERATOR!!!” Tom’s voice met his ears. He forced his eyes open and pressed his accelerator button. He knelt down as he shot high up. He looked around for a while and saw that he was nearly out of the practice area. When he felt the board lower, he leaned forward. He tried not to be distracted by the cheering from his fellow racers. He stared at the ground that awaited him. He squeezed his eyes shut and brought his arms up to guard his face as his board met the ground. Surprisingly, it started to levitate again as normal and continued forward. He pulled his arms away from his face, opened his eyes and stood up again. He looked around as the board begin to slow down. He hadn’t travelled too far from where he started. The thing that caught his attention was the way everyone was looking at him. Bill turned and flew over to where everyone stood. After a while of silence, his team, Brad’s team and Mikey circled around him.

“Dude, that was so cool!”

“I don’t think I could do that!”

“That was so awesome!”

“Such grace!”

Mr. Smith scoffed at the praise he heard the others giving Bill.

“ENOUGH!” He shouted. The swarm departed, “Now let’s see you lot try it.”

After a few attempts everyone in the practice area was close to getting the flying trick right.
“Look guys!!!” Georg shouted to everyone whilst high up in the air, “I’m doing it.” When the board began to fall, he forgot to kneel down. He panicked when he felt his feet lift from the board. He screamed as he felt himself falling slowly from the board, “I’M GONNA DIE!!! I’M GONNA PASS AWAY!!! OH GOD!!!”


With this, Georg swiped his long hair out of his face and knelt down against the board and leaned forward.

“Well, Michael, it’s your turn now,” Mr. Smith placed a hand on Mikey’s shoulder. He leaned and began to whisper something to his son and Mikey nodded while looking at the ground. This caught Bill’s attention but he decided not to question the father and son. Instead he ran over to Georg’s shaking form where Tom and Gustav were too.

“You ok, dude?” Gustav asked his long haired friend.

Georg fell and crawled away from his board, “never again…”

Mikey hated doing the trick. No matter how much he kept doing it, he hated it with a passion. But he remembered what his Dad had just told him. That kept him going.

“It’s scary shit, right, Bro?” Brad comforted Georg who was staring into space, “I mean I keep thinking about smacking into a wall and getting squashed! But just when your feet left the board I was like ‘DAAAAMN’ and you were like flying like you were some secret agent with a jet pack or something like that shit….”

Georg turned his attention to Mikey who had just landed on his feet with his board in his hand. He landed so perfectly he hadn’t even injured himself. Everyone gawked at him as he slowly stood up.

Mr. Smith started clapping slowly, “That’s my boy…”

Bill eyed him suspiciously. There was something in his voice that was so sinister.

“WOW, MIKEY!!!” Gustav cheered.

“Yeah, that was cool!”

“Where did you learn that?”

“Did you learn that yourself?”

Mr. Smith now smiled at the compliments being thrown towards his son. He glared over at Bill who stood with his board in hand. He noticed Bill’s eyes were fixed on him. Yet he simply nodded and looked away, “OK, boys! Free session for five minutes.”

“Asshole,” Bill muttered as he stepped onto his board and began to fly towards one of the smaller ramps like everyone else. While he was moving towards it, his board stopped abruptly. When he pressed the ‘GO’ button the board went at a slow pace. His arms drooped to the side and he looked up to the sky with his eyes closed, “Aw, you have got to be kidding me.”

DUN DUUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH MR. SMITH IN THAT CHAPTER? Hmmmmmmmm? And poor Bill has to visit his good friend Toni to get his board fixed!!
Like I said before if there is something you would like to see in this story leave it in a review and I will see what I can do. So yeah… :D I really hope you like that chapter. Georg makes me laugh…lol
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