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Short 150 word Niko/Jos drabble. Rating is for presence of slash.

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Title: Enough
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: Just myself. Beware rampant grammar mistakes!
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Not even a copy of the book.
Summary: Niko/Jos WAH HA HA! Finally. b'jabbers. For Point_Earedpain"> For several reasons (including threats of bodily harm), but mostly because I love her and she is continuously willing to but up with my comma errors.
Rating:PG. For vauge references o.0

It took years for Jos to finally separate Niko and Falcone. At least enough so that he could be touched without any sort of coverings. He still flinched if he wasn't paying attention, but it was no longer the same violent, near deadly, reaction it had once been.

Niko had waited patiently, content with whatever Jos allowed him. The night he had first allowed Niko to touch him completely, Niko had gone slow, constantly reassuring Jos and making sure he was okay. Finally bringing pleasure to Jos had been enough for him and Niko declined Jos' shy offer of reciprocation.

Their subsequent nights together were healing, if infrequent, and gradually Jos grew bolder. They never went further than Jos's hand on Niko, or Niko's mouth on Jos, and neither were sure they ever would. Neither complained though, it was enough. Simply being together, alone or surrounded by crew, was enough.
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