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Jos has never beaten Niko whilst sparring and comes up with a new plan. Does contain slash. (Possible spoilers for Burdive as well)

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Title: Sparring
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: Sappho-Cried
Disclaimer: I only own a copy of the book. That's all. ;.;
Summary: For Point-Earedpain who game me this challenge: Unarmed spar. Must include verbal fighting, kissing, and (because I am random) candy.

It had taken nearly a year and a half for negotiations to come to some sort of end. It was at least to a point were the majority of the rim was more or less content. Relations between Captain S'tlian and Captain Azarcon had continued to improve, thanks in part to Mosey's interpreting. Jos had grown a little in that time, but was still on the short side. With peace talks at a halt, Niko and Jos had returned home to Aaian-na to relax. Currently they were in the inidrla-na practicing.

Sweat was beginning to show on both their brows as their movements paused, leaving them facing each other once again. They were still for but a moment before their jiis clashed. Jos had improved, despite his time away on /Macedon/, and he was able to meet Niko nearly blow for blow, sometimes managing to get in a few hits. Despite the improvements, he had never beaten Niko. Today, however, they seemed to be perfectly matched; neither could gain the upper hand. But the brief pause had allowed Jos to come up with a wicked plan. (He suspected hanging around Dorr was finally getting to him.) He just needed to get close enough. A well-executed parry granted just that.

In a completely uncharacteristic move, Jos reached up with one hand and grabbed that back on Niko's head, pulling him into a confident kiss. There was no outward hesitation as Niko joined in with equal passion and firmness. Both their blades clattered to the ground, Niko's slightly ahead of Jos'. Jos' left hand tangled itself in the dark hair as its counterpart found a place on Niko's neck. White clad arms wound their way around the back and shoulders clad in black Soljet BDUs.

The kiss continued as Niko maneuvered them to the floor, hands and mouth beginning to wander. Jos tilted his head back and Niko attacked his neck fervently. Left hand still entwined in the dark hair, and sensing that his former teacher was conveniently occupied, Jos' right hand slowly made its way over to the dropped jii. Finally reaching his goal, despite nearly getting distracted several times by Niko's insistent mouth, he grasped the blade and brought it just against the side of Niko's throat. The Warboy's movements stilled and he raised his gaze to Jos' triumphant smile.

"I win." There was a note of smug amusement in his voice.

"Indeed you have," Niko said, smiling as well, "I suppose you deserve a prize."

With that he returned to his previous ministrations. Jos sighed contentedly and placed the blade aside, focusing solely on his lover.

He made a brief mental note to send Dorr a thank you of some sort. Possibly candy.


As you can tell, I didn't stick to the original challenge very well, but hey! I got candy and Dorr into the fic. And Jos got slashed. I feel acomplished.
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