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In Regards To Cassie Taylor AKA Chemical_Loverox

by JacobTheHutt 9 reviews

Important: Read if you give a fuck about my girlfriend.

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Hello fellow readers of ficwad.

This is in regards to my girlfriend Cassie Taylor aka Chemical_Loverox .

On saturday Cassie passed out. Her dad took her to A&E.
She has a bad virus and really high blood pressure.
They're keeping her in untill her blood pressure goes down. They're also worried about the baby, they're monitoring the baby's heart beat. He's strong and healthy, but they are not taking any chances.

Cassie's Blood pressure has come down but not enough for them to say the baby is safe.

If you guys could be kind enough to send her nice reviews on her story or get well soon tweets that would be great.

I need her to know she's not in this alone. She's terrified.

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