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The Incident

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Jos runs into Dorr stationside, but doesn't recognize him at first. It's a fic with Dorr in it, not much more needs to be said. Rating for subject matter, which isn't slash. Shocking, I know.

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Title: The Incident
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: Point-Earedpain
Disclaimer: I only own a copy of the book. That's all. ;.;
Summary: Point-Earedpain desired cross-dressing Dorr in payment for something .... i can't remember what ... am too lazy to go look it up ^^ So yeah. Here ya go.

To this day, Jos isn't quite sure what possessed him to go off Mac with Evan. How they had managed to end up in that particular sector with out him noticing was beyond him. He blames a restless mind and lack of sleep. It was that day that he swore to cut back on the caff.

In any case, Jos had bumped in to a tall woman as he and Evan walked down an alley. She stopped her conversation and turned, and Jos' half mumbled apology was cut off as he realized who it was.

"Sorry, miss. It was my fau-Dorr?" Jos' apathetic countenance was replaced by an incredulous look, shock driving all formalities of rank from his mind.

"'Ello. Didn't fancy I'd find you here. Well, at least not you, Evan." Dorr's smile wasn't diminished by the glare Musey shot him. Jos was still surprised by Dorr's appearance, but it was well hid behind practiced indifference. The very small par of him that had to admit that the skirt and boots suited Dorr quite nicely was quickly shut up.

Another moment or two passed before Jos just walked away, Evan quickly following after a brief good-bye.

"See ya in training, Musey! Don't want ya to slack off!"

The incident was never spoken of again, save for the times when Dorr made vague allusions while grinning and shooting Jos a sideways glance.
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