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It's Not To Late, It's Never Too Late

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More of a Three Days Grace fanfiction, but it will have Gee in it later on, about Adam in rehab.

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"Adam." I barely hear the word through the black haze in my mind.

"Aadddaaammm." Ugh, what do they want?

"ADAM!!!!" This time it is said more forcefully, and my eyes snap open.

"Ennnnnnggg. What?" I'm already stumbling towards my little desk where I keep the pills. Then, suddenly, the figure is standing in front of me. It takes my mind a minute to figure out that it's Neil.

"We need to talk, Adam, you're relying too heavily on those pills. Face it, your addicted."

"No I'm not, Neil!! I can stop any time I want!! I just don't want to!!" God, I sound like a whiny child.

"Adam, first, you sound like a whiny child," Apparently Neil thinks so too,"and second, no you can't, if you could, then you would've already done it. You know Naomi knows, and that she wants you to quit, and you would do anything possible for you to do for her. So, umm, yea, no, you can't quit, at least not on your own."

"What the hell are you suggesting, Neil?" I can tell I sound very annoyed, I have been trying to get to the desk for the last 15 minutes, and I need my fucking pills.

"Rehab." Wait!! What!?

"Wait, rehab?! The fuck, Neil!? Are you serious?! I'm no loon!!" I'm really yelling now.

"Adam, we know you're not a loon. But we agree on one thing, and I'll let Barry tell you that." This is a new voice intoning from the door. Considering that fact that he said Barry, and Neil is right in front of me, it must be Brad. Weird, Brad doesn't speak up much.

"Wait, what do you guys agree on?" I let my eyes flick between the two dark silhouettes before me, the lights in my room are still off.

And as it so happens, that's right when Barry steps in, turns on the light, and says, "Either you get clean, or you're out of the band until you get clean. We don't want to replace you permanently, and this is mainly your band, so we will let you have the chance of getting back in, after you get clean." Yet another weird thing, Barry talking in long sentences.

Wait, out of the band?!! "Wha-what?! Out of the band?" My eyes flick between the three of them, and I'm willing to bet that my horror is visible,"You-you can't do th-that!You're making me chose? H-how the hell am I supposed to chose? N-no you can't do this! You-you just can't!" I stutter out my shock and hurt into these words.

Neil looks at me with a sad look in his eyes, "We can, and we will. Adam it's either get clean, or you're out of the band. Those are your only two choices. And, if you choose to get clean, we are taking the pills and alcohol from your desk right now."

Yet again I look between the three if them and know they are completely serious. "Fine," My voice is just barely a whisper, "I'll try."

Neil and Barry immediately go to my desk to search it, but Brad stays behind. He sits down on the bed I've fallen back onto, throws his arm around me in a bro hug, smiles and says, "you'll get through this, we'll help you through it. Now I'm going to call Naomi and tell her the good news!"

I give him a forced smile back and say, "I need to talk with her, and I'd prefer to be the one to tell her the news, good or bad. So can you skip that part?"

Brad laughs. "Yeah, sure."

And right then Barry turns around and says, "Three bottles of 20 milligram pills. Damn, Adam, how long do these last you?"

I sigh and reply "Those three bottles would've lasted me, eh, maybe two days? The 120s in there, about a quarter of a bottle lasts me about 3 days, so I'd be more worried about those."

"Wait, you have more in there?"

"Yup, here, let me get them. You can keep a close eye to make sure I don't steal any." I walk over to the desk, I'm needing my fix pretty badly right now. As I open right hand drawer, my hands instinctively find the false bottom, and grab the pills beneath it. But, before I can open one of the bottles, they're snatched out of my hands. I looked at Barry and growl, my mind already forgetting it's promise to quit, I'm craving too much.

"Whoa, Adam, calm down, you agreed to this. Remember?" Barry looks pretty shocked at my reaction.

As quickly as it came, the anger passed. "Sorry," I start tensely, "but seriously, when a druggie is craving, don't snatch the drugs from their hands."

Barry looks at me for a second, then says, "I think you need some more sleep, Adam. Neil and I can find the rest of them."

"Mmmm-kay, and if you want to get them all, check every drawer for false bottoms."

"Will do. And Adam, I can tell you're trying, otherwise you wouldn't have just told us that." Neil just spoke up for the first time in like, 30 minutes.

So, I walk back to the bed, pull out my phone, and dial Naomi's number.
I don't think this is my best work, Gee will be in it at chapter 4.
(I have it written) But please feel free to send in suggestions
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