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Naomi's Call

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"Hey, Naomi, it's Adam. Did you know what the guys were planning?"

"Ummm, yea. Did, you, umm, make your desicion?"

"Yup. I'm quitting the drugs."

"Oh!!! Adam, thats great news!! I was expecting Brad to call me about it!! Ohmygod!!!! Adam!!!"

"Calm down Naomi. I never said I was happy about quitting, this is gonna be fucking hell. I have gone about an hour without my drugs, and I am already craving like hell." I wasn't lying, I needed my fix, and now.

"Oh, Adam you can do this! We'll be right by your side!" Naomi is positively delighted.

"You know, the only reason I agreed to quit was because they threatened me with you and the band. I wouldn't be able to stand losing either. So, where the hell are you guys planning to send me?"

"CAMH, I think you know where it is."

"Yeah, we drive by it everyday. God. I'm starting to rethink my agreement to this."

"Too late Adam, you're going." Neil butts in.

"Neil, shut up, I was trying to make a joke." For fucks sake, am I always this irritable?

"What'd Neil say?" Naomi chimes in through the phone.

"That it's too late for me to change my mind. I already knew that, but he couldn't help but state the obvious." I sound irritable again. How do they put up with this?"Naomi, I've got to get off the phone, I need some sleep. Love you honey, bye."

"Bye Adam."

I lay back on the bed, thinking the conversation over. God, I can be such an ass to people, but besides anger, I have practically no emotions. With this realization, I drift off into a fitful sleep.
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