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"Come on Adam, get out of the van."

"No." I really don't want to do this.

"Adam, we will drag your ass out of the damn van ourselves if you don't get the hell up."

"Fine, but I'm not getting out Neil."

We are sitting in the van outside CAMH, or Centre for Addiction and Mental Health if you prefer. Well, I'm sitting in the van, the rest of the guys are trying to get me out of it. It's been a day since I've last had my drugs, and I'm really craving.

Suddenly, Neil and Barry are picking me up out of the seat by my arms and legs and throwing me to the ground.

"I told you we would." Neil says as I get up, rubbing my ass from the inpact.

"I didn't think you would be so rough. Anyway, let's just go, I want this over as quickly as possible."

We walk into the big, white building before us (AN: I have never seen CAMH, I'm American and have never been to Canada, so please excuse me if I am wrong in description.) and are immediatly greeted by a nurse with red hair and wearing a white outfit.

"You must be Mr. Gontier, I'm Sarah, your wife called ahead."

"Great, nice to meet you, but I'd prefer it if you'd call me Adam." I fake a smile as I say this, thank god for having to smile for cameras everyday.

"I'll make sure to do that. It's nice meeting you too Adam, my son is a big fan of your music." The nurse is smiling broadly, and that big, fake smile is getting on my nerves. "Let's get you signed in and to your room, so say goodbye to your friends and come with me."

I look at her for a second, then turn to my band. I throw my arms around Neil first, and just barely whisper, "I'm gonna do this, I'm going to quit. Thank you."

Next comes Brad and Barry, and by then, I'm crying. This isn't just my band, these are my brothers, we are there for eachother, and I know they will be there for me. After a couple of softly spoken goodbyes, I wipe my eyes, pick up my things, and follow the nurse.

We walked through the white halls to a door that says "Mrs. Sarah Hearey" and we sit down inside.

"Adam, I need to ask you some questions, then we can get you to your room, okay?"


"What drug have you been using?"


"What made you start using?"

"I was at a party, right before we started touring, and some guy offered me some, and I was like, yea okay. Awhile later he came back with the same stuff, and asked me again, and before I knew it, I was hooked."

"What's the highest dose you've taken?"

"Like pill size, or just amount taken at once?"


"120 mills, and like 360 mills."

"What made you want to get clean?"

"My wife, my band."

"Okay thats it!! Let's get you to your room." So we leave the office, and walk through the white halls.

It's not until then that I realized I had been crying when I said goodbye, I had shown another emotion besides anger.
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