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The nurse leads me to a white room. When I say white, I mean completely white, white painted walls, all the woods painted white, white sheets, white bedspread, white pillow. Everything.

"Okay Adam, your stuff is on the bed, I'll let you get settled in." The nurse leaves the room, leaving me alone.

So, what else is there to do besides put my stuff in the dresser and go to sleep on the bed.

"Ooomph!" Whatever the hell is on my stomach needs to get the hell off.

"Why hello there sleepy head. Wakey Wakey!!" Sitting above me is a cherry haired guy with bright hazel eyes staring directly into mine.

"Who the hell are you?" I mutter groggily, still half asleep.

"I'm Gerard, but you, my good sir, can call me Gee." The cherry haired man says from above me.

"So, Gee, mind getting off me? I mean, you're crushing me."

"Oops! Sorry, bud, but you never told me your name." Says Gee as he's climbing off me.

"Adam. And not to be rude or anything, but why the hell are you in my room?"

"Oh, we're practically neighbors, I live, about, two doors down the hall. And I like new people. Well, see ya Adam!!" And then he walks out the door.

Well, that was weird. So, me being me, decided to follow him. And sure enough, he turn into a room two doors down the hall.

"Well, ummm, why don't we get to know each other?" I say once I get into his room.

"Well, I'm a singer, I have an younger brother named Mikey. My parents have weirdly similar names, Donna and Donald. My best friend plays guitar. I like to draw, and I'm in here for cocaine use and attempted suicide."

"Woah, well, I'm a singer too. I play guitar, I have a sister named Kaitlyn, my wife's name is Naomi. I'm in a band, my bandmates are my best friends and are like my brothers. I'm in here alcoholism and Oxy-Contin."

"Oh, umm my wife's name is Lyndsey. I'm 28, and my brother is two years younger than I am."

"Hey, you're a year older than me, I'm 27. Wait, you like to draw? I can't draw worth a shit."

"Yea, I guess you can say I'm pretty good, want to see some of my drawings?"

"Hella yes."

So he pulls out his drawings, and amazingly enough, one is of Neil.

"Hey that's Neil Sanderson!" I say, pointing to it.

"Yea, I have the rest of Three Days Grace somewhere around here." Shit.
"Here is Barry, and Brad. Now where the hell is Adam?"

"You don't have to find it for me, I'm sure it's great."

"Stop spewing nonsense. Here it is!" He says holding it up.
"Holy shit........"
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