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"Holy Shit!"

Shit, this is why I didn't want him to pull out the picture.

"Wait, you're Adam Gontier? But......Oh my god......" Gee continues to stutter over his words.

"Yes, and it's GONE-tee-aye. And I think I would prefer less questions, and or publicity."

"Okay, I'm just a little shocked. I'm kinda famous myself, ya know?"

"Sorry, can't say I recognize you, and I feel kinda bad since you recognize me."

"Umm, I'm Gerard Way, from My Chemical Romance.... It's okay if you haven't heard of us....."

"I have actually heard of the band, I'm just bad with names and faces. I actually really like 'The Ghost of You'"

"Oh, okay. Well, want to go get some food?"

"Ummm, yea, sure....."

And so Gee and I went to go stuff our faces on the gourmet hospital food. Yea right! Even in a mental hospital the food is shit!

But, I did get to meet quite a few people. Thank god none of them recognized me, it was bad enough that Gee knew who I was. It made me feel as though I was looked down upon. Scum, dirty, same old washed up, drug using, rock-star.


After we ate (the food was disgusting, by the way.) I had a humongous headache. Withdrawal symptom, I guess. So I told Gee I would see him later, and went back to my room.

When I got there, I sat down at the desk (White, of course) pull out a pencil and some paper, and started writing.

I didn't get much, just these lines.

The world we knew
Won't come back

The time we've lost
We can't get back

The life we had
Won't be ours again

After writing these down, I got up and sat on the bed. I promptly passed out about 5 seconds later.
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