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Song #2

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Blood is Sharp by LostAlone.

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Goood day to y’all, fellow FicWadians! :D

Wow, I’m so thrilled with the positive response this has got so far- to all of you that have participated in some way so far; writing, reading, giving feedback, thank you so much- that’s what this is all about: getting people inspired and encouraging them. You guys are brilliant.

So, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your stories and seeing your different inspirations from the same song. I’ve noticed that the theme ‘endings’ seems to run through almost all the stories- good and sad endings- which is really interesting, and I for one have also felt that while listening to the song too; like, moving-on type endings. I don’t know. I probably explain better in my story.

Right, here’s a list of all the lovely, lovely people who have participated. I’ve given links to their work and the text of my review. If you haven’t already, go check them out!

These are just in the order they were submitted:

My comment: God, that was really good. [/Really good. You interpreted the song perfectly, far better than I imagined anyone could. You seemed to understand it so well and got the message across really skillfully./]
Honestly, by the end of reading it, I had goosebumps.

My comment: I really liked this- it was very evocative and I could almost feel the rain on my skin as Gerard waited. I also loved how you made it feel so much in the moment by not explaining much about Frank or Gerard- it fitted the storyline perfectly, like, leaving their past and explanations and everything behind; it was just them, driving off to new beginnings. And this was awesome- 'thousand rainy Sundays and the best part of your favourite song'.
Really great. I loved it.

My Comment: Dude. I cried. And I don't often cry at stories- even though I might really want to. This was just so beautifully heart-wrenching, it felt right to cry. It created such a potent image in my head; one that also really fits with the image/feel I get from listening to The Kids From Yesterday. I think the flashbacks were great- they kinda brought the whole thing to life.
I also loved how you managed to make it so sad in such a peaceful way.
Beautiful stuff, honey.

My Comment: Honey, I loved it. That was great, seriously- such a strong, clear message that really struck a chord with me- and with how I think of The Kids From Yesterday. I especially liked this line: 'They mocked and taunted and jeered at
The pieces of what used to be me', and the last couple of verses wrapped it up really well, especially: 'I’m not the person you thought I was
Or the one that you wanted me to be
I’m done with this disguise
Because now, I AM ME!' It gave me goosebumps xD
You said that constructive criticism was welcome, and I can only really think of one thing- a couple times you seemed to forget to put full stops at the end of verses, which stalled the flow a little, but not noticeably. It didn't really make a big difference though- it was still a great read!
Overall, a simple but very effective piece of work. Great stuff, lovely.

My Comment: This was so moving and sad. A really good read; I loved the reminiscent feel to it, and I think the way you mixed snippets of the present and the past evoked by photographs was really effective. It also made me feel so grateful for MCR...I couldn't bear it if this really happened.

My Comment: Ahhh, I think I've died of adorableness! :'D That was so god damn cute- by the end, I had this huge, cheesy smile plastered across my face. You really cheered me up with this, thank you. Nothing like a fluffy, emotional Frerard with a happy ending to put a smile on your face! Really, really liked it :D

My Comment: God, this was so sad! I hope to god this never happens to them...I'm not surprised you almost cried writing it- I almost cried reading it D; I really liked the themes and little sayings/lyrics you kept running throughout- it linked it all together really nicely. I especially liked the bit at their last concert; when Gerard was shouting about listening to The Kids From Yesterday if you're hurting and upset and wanting to die- it gave me goosebumps. Very powerful, and totally like something I can imagine Gerard saying. Great stuff.

My Comment: This was intriguing- so simple, yet so effective, and with such an original take on things. Really good. I don't really know what else to say other than thank you very much for posting this, I really enjoyed reading it!

My Comment: That had such a strong message to it, and you said the message so well. I especially loved this bit: 'How many times do you think you can you break something, then go back to the owner and say you'll fix it?' That's so true. I think the whole email was, though- something almost anyone who's been hurt can empathize with. I also liked the fact that you were fighting back- it made it seem so much more powerful. A very honest piece of work.

My Comment: This was really good- I don't see why you want to re-write it! A very moving reminiscence of Gerard's MCR days, I really enjoyed reading it. The flashback of the fan of the end was so raw and brought the whole story together and made it seem true. I honestly got goose bumps on the last line. A great read, thank you so much for posting!

My Comment: Awww! :'D This was so touching and sweet- it really tugged at my heart. So sweet and well written- not lacking in description, but not too much either- just the right amount to create a picture in my head. I loved the bit about Frank's Mom at the end. I really enjoyed reading this- it was the perfect balance of fluff and emotion. Loved :'3

My Comment: That was so sweet and emotional in such a pure kind of way. Your description of California created a strong image in my head, and the whole thing really just made me smile like a fluffy-fanfic-loving-loser. Which I am. Great Oneshot, thanks for posting!

My Comment: I think this is a great example of 'short and sweet'- the length fitted the subject perfectly and was very effective- something so huge summed up so simply and beautifully. Great idea, I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for participating in this!

My Comment: I found myself tearing up a little at this. It's so beautiful and strong and raw, and I really just don't know what else to say other than I loved it. And the last line? Perfection. Completed the whole piece flawlessly and gave me goose bumps. A very powerful piece of writing, thank you very much for posting it!

CosmicZombie (yes, I actually managed to post something):
Comments: ...That's up to you guys xD

An awesome collection of work there- if you haven’t already done so, GO READ, RATE AND REVIEW! I found time to do that in a week with all of the stories while writing three updates, doing homework, and painting my room, so I'm sure you guys can find the time to drop the stories a review too xD Also, this is really important: I remember seeing a couple of stories on the MCR page that were for this, but you guys didn't review the last chapter with the link, so I haven't been able to read/review/rate it 'cause I can't find it. Please leave me the link and I'll do so. Oh, and If I've forgotten anyone's story, please feel free to yell at me.

And finally, to this week's song:

Blood is Sharp by LostAlone: Personally, I think they're a really talented and inspirational band that don't get the credit they deserve. Their songs are so vivid and powerful, so I thought they'd make good inspiration material.

As this is for the MCR category and it isn't an MCR song, you guys'll need to use MCR as characters- or post your work in a different category; I'll still rate and review it and stuff whatever category it's in, don't worry.

Like before, once you've written your story/poem/song/essay inspired by Blood is Sharp, review this chapter with a link to it and I'll come give you feedback. Also, like I said before, if you'd like me to give con-crit, I'll be happy to do so, but unless you ask me to, I won't- like I said, I don't want this to be about having perfect grammar and spelling- it's about being inspired. Remember to put '[For Music and Words]' in your summary/title too. I might be able to write something, but can't be certain with having to update my other stories too. I'll try my best, though :D

Deadline is midnight on Saturday 23rd of June.

So, listen, be inspired, and get writing! Thanks again to all of you that have been involved in this week's challenge, you guys are awesome- keep this up!

Love you all!

Lucy X_O

P.S Song suggestions, questions, anything, just drop me an email (:
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