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Song #3

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Victor's Piano Solo from Corpse Bride.

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Hi guys! God, I’m really sorry this is so late…I’ve had a whole load of shit going on, but I’m not gunna bore you with the details, especially as, of half an hour ago, I am FREEEEEEEE! Uhm, in other words, it’s the summer holidays :D :D I’m super excited, ‘cause I’m going down to Wales to see all my friends where I used to live, but that’s not really relevant…Sorry :L

Okay, this is important: I’m still gunna set a deadline for each song, but if I haven’t posted the next song and it’s over the deadline, then you guys can still post your work- it doesn’t seem fair that if I don’t stick to the deadline you still have to. I WILL try my hardest to do all the reviews and post the next song by the deadline, though, so if you want to make sure your story is eligible, enter it before.

Anyway, onwards to this week’s batch of stories (god, I make it sound like a cupcake factory), which were inspired by LostAlone’s ‘Blood is Sharp’. A really great collection of work, actually. I really enjoyed reading them, so I hope all you guys did. Here they are, just in the order they were submitted:

My Comment: Oooh, that was chilling! Well written, and your use of vocabulary was great. The length was perfect, and...I don't know. It's difficult to explain, but there was something about this I really liked, despite it's twisted darkness. The last few lines were brilliant; they made the perfect ending. Greatly enjoyed reading this, thanks so much for posting!

My Comment: Wow, for a first story written in English, that was great! I liked your use of the song, but the ending was so sad...Actually, the whole thing was! I felt so bad for Frankie and Gerard. Thank you very much for participating, I enjoyed reading this :D

My Comment: This actually broke my heart a little. It was so effective for a short piece, and captured the emotion really well- I loved the whole concept, even though it was so sad. I think the way you wrote this was really good, because it had enough detail to be moving, while being so brutally sharp that you were able to pull it off really well in 409 words. I could never have done that! Thanks so much for posting this, I'm sorry if my review doesn't make a lot of sense...Long story short, I thought your story was brilliant.

My Comment: Ohhh, that was good! I'm not usually a fan of self-harm type stories, but this one was so simple and so sad it just had to be effective. The ending I thought was especially good; the way you wove the lyrics into the last few sentences worked so well and fitted perfectly with the story. I don't know why, but it created a strong image in my head, especially this line: 'pale skin and jutting bones and a veil of greasy black hair'. I really liked this, good stuff. Thanks very much for posting!

Catscanflyy: (Although she says it’s the second part that’s inspired by Blood is Sharp).
My Comment: Wooooah. That was...Wow. Dark and twisted and beautifully written. This has to be one of the best horror-fics I've ever read. The way you built the tension and used language and the way the plot unfolded was simply brilliant. Amazing stuff, dude. Thank you so much for writing it! Your writing skills just seem to get better and better...I'd love to read more work of yours in this style. Once more; awesome. Just...gah. I had chills all down my spine from reading it. Dark in such a messed-up way, but such a good story. I greatly enjoyed reading it, although I have to admit, I did keep glancing over my shoulder! :L

SyraStrange: (Although apparently her friend wrote it, not her :L)
My Comment: I really liked that a whole lot. It was simple and moving, and I think you hit the perfect balance between thoughts and flashbacks. So sweet and so sad- at the end it kinda broke my heart D; Anyway, great stuff, well written. Thanks so much for posting!

My Comment: Eep. I have shivers! That was really good- poetry is such a personal thing, but I really felt this struck a chord with me. Your use of language and rhythm was great, and I especially loved this line: 'With my face carved from tears of the broken'. I wish I'd come up with that, it's brilliant! A great little thought-provoking read. Thank you very much for posting.

My Comment: Ohmygod. How the hell doesn't this have any reviews yet? It's fucking BRILLIANT. And I am in no way exaggerating. Honestly- the way you used words to evoke the right feelings and create the scene was masterful, and you drew me right into Mikey's world from the first paragraph. Your use of writing technique was amazing; your comparison of Mikey and the forest was...Wow; 'In a way, Mikey related to the forest. They had so much in common; they were both so scary but at the same time so scared of themselves that they didn’t know how to act around anyone, anything. They were both dark and uncharted, and, even though Mikey would never admit it, even to himself, they were both very, very lonely.'
Duude, that's amazing! I loved the whole thing; the dark imagery, the agony from one, simple thing. It was just...I could gush about this all day, but let me just say that this is one of the best stories I have read in a very long time.

My Comment: Um. …Give it a read? :L

Really, the stories this week were all brilliant, and I so enjoyed reading them. To everyone who wrote/rated/reviewed, thank you so much. If you haven’t done so already, GO READ THESE AWESOME STORIES! And when you do, drop a rate or review, yeah? People have obviously worked really hard on them, and it’ll only take you guys a second to leave a comment (:

Now, to this week’s song, which was suggested to me by the lovely and very talented KelseyChem. I think it was a brilliant idea, and just couldn’t resist using it, so, song number three is Victor’s Piano Solo from Corpse Bride:

The deadline will be 5/7/12 at midnight. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, so get creating! Remember, it can be anything- story, prose, poetry, song…whatever. Look forward to reading your work!

Lucy X_O

P.S. Like I said before, the songs are about variety, not personal preference- perhaps you might not especially like a song, but give it a chance and see how it inspires you- inspiration can come from everywhere. I've had a lot of song suggestions, and I won't be able to use them all straight away, but I'll try and use at least one from everyone who's given me ideas. Any song you want to be done, email me at
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