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Song #4

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Novocaine by Green Day.

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Hello, gorgeous FicWaddians xD God, I’m so sorry this has taken a while. Like I said, I’ve been away the past couple weeks in Wales, which is basically why I haven’t been able to read and review all the stories soon enough. But I have now, and wow, can I just say what a spectacular bunch they were this week? I thought they were all really interesting and insightful, and was interested to see the theme of ghosts running throughout a lot of them…Great work, guys. I really enjoyed reading them, and I hope everyone else does too- if you haven’t already, go check them out, guys!

My Comment: I really liked the style you used to write this- simple, but with just the right of descriptive detail to make it come alive. I don't know whether it was intended or not, but I liked the way you kind of used more traditional language, such as 'one's own mind' instead of 'my' or 'your' mind- it was a little more rustic and old fashioned, which matched your description of the instrument perfectly- nice touch. Your description of Frank's song was great, and although the ending was sad, I liked the way you left it hanging, so the reader could finish it themselves. Great work, I enjoyed reading- thanks for posting!

My Comment: Oooh, I have chills! That was really good...Darkly beautiful and very haunting. Really liked your description of Gerard at the beginning, and the artistically unhinged way he was portrayed. The ending was great. Overall, just great, and I have to say, the fact this is 666 words is so fitting! xD Thanks so much for posting :D

My Comment: I have actual goosebumps. That was so hauntingly beautiful, and it really fitted with the piano solo in my mind...I loved the ending, and...ahhh, just all of it! It was really great, thank you so much for posting. Also, I didn’t say this in the review, but I read it again, and I love the way the rhythm of the poem is sort of floatingly fragmented- making it very ghostlike. Lovely touch.

My Comment: Holymotherfuckingmeeseshit. Okay, so I've read various stories of yours before, so I know your work is of a pretty high standard, but this was beyond that. Your use of dreamlike language fitted the mood perfectly, I loved the whole concept, the not-quite discovered and extremely thought-provoking depth to the story, and well, it's just plain fucking brilliant. I don't really know how I can do justice to it in a review.

I do love your smut stuff (I mean, who the hell doesn't? :L), but I think this might possibly be my favourite thing you've written- although that's just personal; these kinds of mysterious, compelling stories are something I particularly like. It's stunning, with so many fascinating layers and depths, but I think I've rambled and gushed about it for far too long now, so I'm just going to shut up. I hope I haven't bored you to death! :L

Thanks so much for posting this- I can tell it is something that is going to linger very potently in my mind for a long time.

My Comment: That was beautiful. Just beautiful. I loved the rhythm- it was very fluid and ghostlike and fitted the meaning and the piano solo flawlessly. You're very talented, and I really must read some more of your lyrics/songs. Thanks so much for posting!

My Comment: This is intriguing, and written in what I think is a very original style. I also think it sounds very much as though it just flowed out without much thought (not in a bad way, I mean it just came out very naturally without you having to think about it)...But I may well be talking shit. I really liked the whole poem, it was very fresh and interesting and totally fitted with the piano solo. Thank you so much for posting it!

My Comment: I liked it- the length fitted it well, and I liked the mystery and your use of language. It kind of got under my skin, if that makes sense :L Thanks so much for posting, I greatly enjoyed reading it :D

My Comment: Ohmygod. was so damn good. I loved your dark imagery and description, and the deceptive twist you gave it with Frank and Gerard's temporary closeness- this bit I found particularly effective; 'Each fine pencil stroke seemed to add to the horror and loneliness which screamed out of the drawing, and Frank felt an odd clenched feeling in his chest as he wondered if Gerard truly felt that way, if this beautiful angelic boy was hurting inside.' The end took my breath away. It was so dark and twisted, but so fucking good. Thank you so much for posting!

My Comment: Wow. I have chills. That was so creepy, but really damn good. Well written, and a good plotline...Thank you very much for posting, I really enjoyed reading this :D

There you go, that’s the list of stories that have been submitted for Victor’s Piano Solo…Hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I did- they were a fantastic bunch. Some of them I haven’t been able to rate yet- I’ll have to wait until I get more rating points, sorry.

I was thinking, if you guys want to write stuff for songs that have already been done but hadn’t been able to at the time, you’re still welcome to write something and post a review with the link- I just can’t guarantee I’ll review it.

Right, just a quick question for you guys before I announce what this week’s song is going to be: Do you think I should chose a favourite story from the submissions each week? Would that make it too competitive and less about the writing, or would it give people an incentive/confidence boost? Drop a review and let me know: I’ll do whichever the majority thinks (:

And without further ado, the song for this week is…Novocaine by Green Day. Remember, the song can inspire you in any way: Songs, poems, stories, essays…Anything. I look forward to reading your entries, so start writing, guys! Oh, and if you could please drop a review with your opinion on the whole chosing-a-favourite-story-each-week thing, too, that would be amazing. Thanks!

Lucy X_O

P.S. Anyone who reads Translations of Blood, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates…I’ll update really soon.
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