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Song #5

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MUSIC AND WORDS HAS RETURNED! READ, LISTEN, BE INSPIRED...AND WRITE! Deadline is 13/10/12. [Made a mistake about the deadline- due in October. Sorry!!]

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Ohmymoose, I've not been very good at updating this, have I? I'm super sorry it's taken so long- I've been kinda caught up with school shit, and have barely had the time to update my stories, let alone do this. However, I don't wanna give it up at all, so I think I'm gunna post a song every month instead of every week. I hope that's okay- it'll give you all more time to write.

Anyhoo, moving on, here are last time's stories with my reviews- if you haven't done so already, go give them a read!

Pain by BleedingValentine:
My Comment: The way you described pain in the first several paragraphs...My God. That's exactly how I feel. You described pain just brilliantly, and despite the darkness of it, I think you made it sound almost beautiful, in a twisted sort of way. The way your protagonist didn't want people to be sympathetic or fake added to the raw, realness of the story, because that's the kind of way you do feel when you've been inflicted with that amount of pain. I think this way really, really good, and it made me quite emotional while reading it. You should be very proud of this.

Bitch-Bot's Story by Bitch-Bot:
My Comment: This is exactly one of the things I wanted the Music and Words thing to enspire- not simply stories, but feelings. For me, as someone who spent their childhood in love with horses, this was so touching and emotional. It made me really angry, but it also tugged at my heart at the tone of pure love and affection you used to talk about the horse. He's so lucky to have someone like you. This is very original and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for writing it!

Better Than Novocaine by PsychoticIsWhatsIn:
My Comment: N'AWWW! So adorable :'D Simply but well written. I think this is a great definition of 'short but sweet'. Thank you very much for writing, I greatly enjoyed reading- it put a smile on my face!

For The Last Night I Lie, Can I Lie Next To You by XxSearchAndDestroyxX:
My Comment: Aww! That was so sweet and sad. I loved the flashbacks and reminiscent tone; it really worked for the story. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you very much for posting!

Gerard's Personal Hell by ValentineRevenge:
My Comment: Wow. Dark stuff. But very well written. Morbid and disturbing. I have goosebumps. Thank you very much for writing this.

End This by BloodyAbattoir:
My Comment:Wow...That was fuckin' good. I don't really know what else to say. It gave me chills - a very powerful piece of writing. Thanks so much for posting.

I'd also like to shout out to MySuicideInSilence; you said you deleted your story and that you weren't sure writing was for you...please don't give up- give it a shot. You might surprise yourself- it's not about being the best writer, it's about enjoying it.

Well, that's them. And I don't just spend fifteen minutes putting the links and comments up for no reason, y'know- go read them! Rate, review, make the author's day.

As for the competition idea, I agree- I was worried that it would sort of interfere with being inspired and just get competitive, so I'm glad you guys think so too. Thanks for all your views on that, by the way.

Now, finally, before I give you the next song, I'm looking for an accomplice who could read and review all the fics written for this like I do...I think that it's good to have different opinions, and plus, it often takes me a while to get round to reviewing, so...yeah. If you like reviewing and would like to do this, please leave a review on this chapter or email me at:

And now for...This month's song! I've chosen 'New Perspective' by Panic! At The Disco, 'cause I know there are a lot of P!ATD fans on here, and I thought it was a really evocative song that painted a very strong image in my mind.

So c'mon, get those minds working, those thoughts inspired! The FicWad page has been a little dead lately, let's liven it up; songs, poems, thoughts, feelings, stories...whatever you want, however it inspires you! Each and every story that has been submitted for this has been awesome. You all are, okay? Please remember to review this with a link to your story, or else we'll lose all the entries. Thanks.

Looking forward to reading your submissions, and anyone who wants to do that reviewing thing with me, don't forget to drop a review/email! Thanks everyone, you're all amazing. Don't forget that.

Lucy xoxo
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