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chapter 9

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(A/N): All I have to say is…sorry. And two jobs. Ugh. And () = English.

(Inora’s POV)
“I’m just not sure…” Hatori muttered for about the hundredth time.
“You’re going, and that’s final,” I said.
“No. I don’t want to hear another word about it. You’ve been way too stressed out lately. Let them take you out,” I almost pleaded. He had been so worried about every little detail of the upcoming birth. He checks the overnight bag at least three times a day, and he hardly lets me go to the bathroom by myself. He’s nervous, it’s adorable, but he needs to relax. That’s why I asked Shigure, Ayame and Dan to take him out for some fun, and to drag him if need be. Dan had come the yesterday saying that he didn’t want to risk missing the birth.
“What if you-”
“Go into labor? You have a phone. And besides I’m not due for another week,” I sighed, that had to have been my fifth time saying that in the last half hour alone. I love him to death but right now I just want to tie him up and throw him out of the house. He still wasn’t convinced.
“Alright boys. Plan B,” I said loudly. Shigure and Ayame popped up on either side of Hatori, grabbed his arms, and started pulling him out of the front door.
“(I guess we’ll see how good my Japanese is now),” Dan laughed as he followed them. Dan had surprised us by talking in Japanese when he got here. It turned out that after he got back from the wedding he had found a tutor, another teacher at the high school. It didn’t hurt that she was quite attractive either; she had just started my senior year, Ms. Lang. Though Dan just calls her Jamie.
“(You’re getting pretty good. Call me if you need any help with translating.) Bye, have a good time!” I called from the door as the four of them walked down the path, I saw Hatori give me one last worried glance before he was pulled out of sight. I sighed as I settled into the couch to watch a movie. However, I was only about 20 minutes in before an intense pain shot through me.
“Uh oh,” I muttered after it passed. “That one’s real.” I reached for the phone and even had Hatori’s number punched in before I set it back down. There’s no reason to worry until the contractions were…eight minutes apart. Right? I think that’s what it was anyway. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I watched the movie and almost forgot about the whole thing until it hit again. 30 minutes, judging from the timer on the DVD player. Ok, I wanted him to relax but this is way too scary to be alone during. I grabbed the phone and tried to call.
Straight to voicemail. Of course. Probably have Shigure to thank for that, probably took the phone and turned it off for whatever stupid reason he came up with. I tried the others, all the same. I will kill Shigure. I dialed again and was overjoyed to hear Momiji answer.
“Hello?” came his cheerful voice. Unfortunately a contraction decided to hit again.
“Momiji…Help,” I squeaked out in between pants.
“Inora? Inora what’s wrong? Where’s Ha’ri?” he sounded panicked. The contraction passed and I took a deep breath before answering.
“I can’t get a hold of him. The baby’s coming. I need help,” I said tiredly. This. Really. Sucked.
“Hang on I’m on my way!” and he hung up. I just hoped that he thought to bring someone else with him. Judging from how long it was taking him he had thought of that. By the time I heard the door open the pain was coming about every 20 minutes. Momiji ran in followed by Hatsu and Kazuma.
“Where are Hatori and Dan?” Hatsu asked.
“Gure and Aya took them out somewhere. Everyone’s phones are off,” I said then gave a squeal as the pain hit again.
“I know that bar they like. I’ll go check there, it’s not too far,” Kazuma said then ran out of the house. I chuckled as I remembered the bar that Gure took me too the first time I met Aya.
“How far apart are they?” Hatsu asked.
“I don’t know… 20 minutes?” I shrugged.
“You haven’t been timing them? God, Momiji go get a timer!” Hatsu yelled, looking frazzled. Momiji looked scared as he took off. Maybe I should have called different people? People that could handle stress. I laughed again.
(Hatori’s POV)
“Give me the phone and I’ll consider not hurting you,” I muttered calmly to Shigure who just giggled back.
“I’ll give it to you if you take a shot,” he slurred, he held out the shot glass to me in a shaking hand. I rolled my eyes at him, he was already hopelessly drunk. He had wasted no time in loading our little table with shots and stealing my phone before starting a stupid drinking game.
“Fine,” I growled at him. I grabbed the glass and downed it with no difficulty. One wasn’t going to affect me, it was a known fact that I could hold my liquor. “Now give it to me.”
“Huh? I didn’t see you take it. I’m afraid you’ll just have to do another one,” he giggled. I was about to grab him and shake the phone away from him when a fist came from nowhere and hit Shigure right across the face. He hit the floor and, given how drunk he was, just started to doze there. I looked over to see a satisfied looking Dan.
“That one still annoys me. Don’t see why you stick with him,” Dan said slowly. He was still learning the language and he had already taken quite a few shots himself.
“I don’t either sometimes,” I said as I crouched next to Shigure to search for my phone. I had just found it when I heard Kazuma’s voice from above me.
“Hatori! There you are. You have to go, now,” Kazuma looked slightly panicked, which made me nervous.
“What is it?” I asked as I stood.
“Inora has gone into labor.” I am going to kill Shigure. The moment I’ve been waiting for, for nine months, and Inora has been alone for possibly a few hours of it.
“Aya, take care of Shigure. Dan, come on,” I said and pulled him along as I followed Kazuma out of the bar. Dan still didn’t quite get what was going on obviously. I explained it to him as we half jogged back to the estate. I opened the door to Inora yelling insults at… Hatsu of all people.
“Hormones must be kicking in…” Dan mumbled to me. I ran into the living room to see her grabbing Hatsu by his collar and squeezing her eyes shut. When she opened them again her eyes locked on me.
“Nice of you to show up. Hatsu how far apart?” she asked giving him a little shake. He glanced down at the timer he had.
“12 minutes,” he said.
“I couldn’t have been gone for more than three hours, how could you already be down to 12 minutes?” I asked. “And you’re not due for another week!”
“I’m pretty sure all of your concerns can be explained by the fact that the BABY get’s to DECIDE,” she screamed. “Now call the Doc.”
“Um, right. The number is in the kitchen,” I said unnecessarily. It was odd, being yelled at like that from her. In the time I have known her she has never yelled at me, or anyone else for that matter. Though Kyoya, the doctor, did warn me this could happen.
“Hello, Dr. Ootori speaking,” he answered.
“Kyoya, it’s Hatori, It’s starting,” I said a little awkwardly.
“How far apart are they?” he asked immediately.
“About 12 minutes.”
“When did they start?”
“Um… about two or three hours ago?”
“… frankly Hatori I am surprised you don’t have these things timed down to the second,” he said.
“Well I was out and the idiot took my phone,” I said a little defensively.
“The idiot? Ah, I assume you mean Shigure?” he asked and I paused. It was amazing how much this guy picked up on, and remembers, from our short conversations.
“Yeah,” I finally said.
“Hmm, well either way this seems to be happening rather quickly, which may be due to the false labors she has had. Go ahead and take her to the hospital, I’ll meet you there. Try to get her contractions timed better on the way,” he said.
“Right,” I agreed before hanging up. I went to the bedroom and got the overnight bag and pulled the stopwatch from a side zipper. By the time I got back to the living room she had Momiji wincing in pain as she crushed his arm in her iron grip. Once I saw her relax I started the stopwatch.
“What did he say?” she asked me.
“We are going right now. Help me get her to the car,” I told Momiji. We helped her to her feet and out the door to the car.
“Where are Gure and Aya?” Inora asked.
“Oh yeah…” Aya wasn’t in the best shape either when I left them. “Kazuma could you possibly go back and make sure they don’t get into trouble?”
“Of course,” he said kindly.
“And when you get a chance, call and let Kyo and Tohru know.”
“Already done,” he said before running down the path.
The car ride was oddly quiet. We reached the hospital in record time and no one would have guessed that Inora was in labor just from looking at her. That was until she had another contraction in the lobby while we waited for a nurse to help us. She reached out and grabbed some elderly mans shoulder that was innocently dozing in a chair she was standing next to. He would have jumped out of the chair from the shock and pain of her grasp if she hadn’t been holding him there. She finally loosened her grip and sagged against me, Momiji thankfully stepped in and turned his charm on the man.
“May I help you?” I nurse asked with an air of trying to get our group out of her waiting room.
“Yes. My wife is in labor. Our doctor is Ootori,” I explained quickly.
“Yes he called a while ago. This way please,” she said and went to the wheelchairs and sat Inora in one before hurrying us to a room.
“Get her up on the table. Dr. Ootori will be here shortly,” she said stiffly and left us all there.
“Isn’t she supposed to wear a gown?” Hatsu asked.
“She just wanted us out of there so the hospital doesn’t get a lawsuit,” I muttered and started looking for one.
“It’s not my fault his shoulder was right in front of me,” Inora said.
“Don’t worry. I had him laughing about it already,” Momiji said with a giggle.
“Thanks Momiji,” Inora and I said at the same time.
“Don’t mention it. Ah, here’s one!” he said and held up a hospital gown. I pulled the curtain and helped her change before Hatsu came around to help hoist her into the bed.
“Almost crushing an old man’s collar bone… lovely entrance,” Kyoya said as he walked in the room.
“It was not that bad,” Inora shot back. I noticed she didn’t seem surprised that he already knew. We had learned long ago that there wasn’t much he didn’t know.
“How far apart?” he asked.
“10 minutes, 20 seconds,” I answered with a smirk.
“Very good,” he pushed up his glasses. “Let’s get you all hooked up shall we?”
For the next five minutes or so he attached a monitor to her stomach and several other areas. When he brought out the epidural Inora had a mini panic attack but then had a contraction, Kyoya quickly put it in while she was distracted.
“Trust me, you’ll be glad you had that,” Kyoya said as he walked to the monitor. I swear he stared at that thing for a full minute before walking out muttering under his breath. When he came back about five minutes later he went right over and pulled up the sheet that was on top of her. He simply looked for a second before reaching forward, which caused Inora to jump and swear loudly. Ever since she had read about baby’s hearing things in the womb she had stopped swearing altogether.
“Geez Doc, you could have warned me,” she yelled.
“My apologies, I should have. This is going to go rather quickly, you’re almost fully dilated. I have a few other things to see to first, I’ll be back in a moment,” he said and left again.
“Did he just say something about this happening quickly then leave?” Dan asked.
“Yes, but he knows what he’s doing,” I said, though Kyoya had me nervous as well. He was acting…strange. He walked back in with a few nurses about ten minutes later and lifted the sheet again, this time Inora was ready.
“Ok here we go. Are you ready?” He asked Inora with a kind smile.
“I don’t really have much choice do I?” she smirked back.
“Nope, Ok give a nice big push to start us off.” Inora pushed, Kyoya dove to the side.
“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Several people screamed at once.
“Again I must apologize… I hadn’t realized your water hadn’t broken yet,” Kyoya said calmly. I almost wanted to start laughing, when Inora had pushed she forced her water to break and it shot halfway across the room. In fact I would have laughed if Inora didn’t look so humiliated. I glanced around to see that Dan looked like he might vomit, Momiji still looked startled and Hatsu seemed to be trying not to laugh as well.
“It wasn’t you fault love,” I said to her.
“Indeed it wasn’t. That was my fault,” Kyoya agreed as he wiped off his stool. He had miraculously avoided getting a single drop on him. “Ok let’s try that again.” We were about five minutes into the labor when Kyoya paused what he was doing to look at Inora with some amazement.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I was just noticing… she’s swearing in English, German, Japanese and is that… Spanish?” He asked and I laughed.
“Yes she is quite gifted with languages.” It seemed like after hours of listening to Inora scream Kyoya announced that the shoulders were through. Something seemed off though. I heard my child’s cry and I wanted to hold it but Kyoya simply cut the cord and handed the baby to a nurse then dove back under the sheet. Inora was still yelling like she hadn’t already delivered the baby.
“Very good Inora. I can see the head,” Kyoya said. Everyone but the doctor and nurses froze.
“Head?” Inora asked weakly.
“Yes the-” he paused as he took in everyone’s expressions. “Good lord. The nurse was supposed to have told you while I got things ready. She will be written up I assure you. You’re having twins.”
“How is that…I mean… ultrasound,” I couldn’t form words right.
“Ah yes. Since you had it so early one was hiding behind the other. This also explains why she had problems with her nutrition. Push Inora,” he said. And so the whole process started again. Though this time seemed to be much faster. It seemed like a dream when the second baby’s cry’s echoed through the room.
“What… are they?” Inora asked tiredly.
“Fraternal twins. You have a beautiful, healthy baby boy, and girl,” Kyoya said softly and Inora smiled before falling asleep. “Give me the names then I would suggest going out to the gathering masses outside the door,” He told me with a laugh.
“Boy or girl?!” Shigure asked as soon as I went through the door.
“What is the name?” Aya shouted.
“Can I hold it?” Tohru asked.
“How’s Inora doin?” Kyo asked. It seemed like everyone that Inora had known from Japan was here. All of them were asking variations of the same questions. Kazuma, Yuki, Haru and even Rin were here as well.
“She’s just fine, she’s sleeping. Of course you can hold them. And as for boy or girl…both,” I said and everyone blinked in confusion.
“It’s a…’it’” Kyo asked awkwardly.
“No. ‘It’ is a ‘they’. We had twins,” I grinned at them and they erupted into noise. I was passed around for hugs and Shigure finally shouted over the noise.
“What are the names?”
“The boy is Hikaru. The girl is (Summer). The English word for summer is sometimes used as a name over there. I thought it was quite lovely, and fitting.” I explained.
“Beautiful,” they all agreed with grins.
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