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chapter 10

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(A/N): Ugh it seems like I always forget to say things at the END of the chapters when I mean to. So I was going to say that sorry if any of the facts about labor were incorrect. And the part about her water shooting across the room actually DID happen to my aunt. I laughed so hard when she told me that I just had to put that in here. You may recognize the name Hikaru, and if you do: no, there’s no relation… unlike with Kyoya. I just liked that name. And now I’ll stop rambling.

“They’re four months old,” I informed the woman that had stopped me in the store. She was the fifth person to ask me and I had just left the house 15 minutes ago. She made funny baby noises at them for a few more seconds before giggling and leaving. I rolled my eyes once she had her back turned. It was nice to brag every once and a while but good lord, after a while it gets annoying answering the same questions again and again. I rushed to finish my shopping and get home.
“Oh there you are. Ah… I guess I won’t go to the store then,” Hatori said and hurried over to help me in the door
“You’re home early, um… do you have a second to talk?” I asked. He glanced at me for a second, it seemed like…concern crossed his face. But it was gone so fast that I couldn’t be sure.
“For you, always,” he said and took the groceries to the kitchen. I took the kids out of the stroller and settled on the couch with one lounging on each arm. For just being fraternal twins it was extraordinary how much they looked alike. Hatori came back in and eased himself on the couch next to me so he wouldn’t shake the kids awake that had just fallen asleep. I watched as he rubbed his eyes for a moment then laid his head back.
“You look so tired,” I said and he gave a little chuckle.
“So do you. Twice the baby’s, half the sleep,” he said and yawned as if to prove his point.
“Well I’m young so I can handle it,” I smirked.
“Are you calling me old?”
“Yes,” I said simply. He opened his mouth then closed it, he seemed to think for a second before shrugging.
“I honestly can’t think of a good comeback for that.”
“Ok you are going to take a nap. Right now,” I said with a small laugh.
“Well what did you want to talk about first?” he asked.
“Oh yeah. Housewives,” I said.
“Housewives?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah. I am not housewife material. I can’t do it forever, I’ll go crazy,” I explained.
“I know,” he said simply.
“You know?”
“Of course I do. I’m married to you, what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t know what would make my wife happy? So what were you thinking of doing?” he asked with a smile.
“Teacher…” I said.
“That is a great choice for you,” he said like he had known my answer all along. “Though there are a lot of different kinds…”
“Language. I think I qualify,” I chuckled.
“Ah yes. English and Japanese perfectly, Momiji has gotten your German pretty good. I don’t know about your Spanish though,” he said sounding proud.
“It was by far my best before I moved here… anyway, that would mean I would teach high school. Once the kids turn one… we’ll get a nanny or something so I can go to school…?” I trailed off awkwardly into a question. Not only would it be his money for college, I want him to be okay with the whole situation.
“That sounds perfect,” he smiled. We both jumped slightly when Summer suddenly started crying. Her wails caused Hikaru to wake up as well so the noise doubled.
“She’s been so fussy all day, and Hikaru just joins her for fun it seems,” I groaned while trying to bounce them lightly back into a calm. Hatori saw I needed a break and offered to take them so I could make dinner. After about five minutes he got them to settle down and I smiled when I heard him talking gently to them. He was an amazing father, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. I heard all three of them laughing and stuck my head into the living room to see the adorable sight.
Hatori had moved around so he was kneeling in front of the couch, he had the kids laid down side by side and was taking turns tickling their tummies. I leaned against the wall, grinning like an idiot, as he started up a nursery rhyme with their toes. I listened intently until the end and then laughed.
“What?” he asked with a warm smile.
“Nothing, it’s just that Japans nursery rhyme for toes is way better than the States’,” I explained. “Some things about pigs and markets and ‘wee, wee, wee’ that I don’t even remember anymore.”
“Wee, wee, wee?” he asked. “Sounds… like it could be fun.”
“Yeah right, stupid is more like it, anyway dinner’s almost done.” I finished dinner and we all got settled around the table. I still find it funny that not that long ago Hatori and I would curl up on the couch to eat, and now there are four of us. By the time we finished eating it was time to put the kids to bed so Hatori cleaned up the kitchen while I nursed them and changed them for bed. I laid them in their cribs just as he came back in and we each said goodnight to one and then switched to say goodnight to the other.
“You know,” he said as he closed the door a little to block out the light, “I think we have that routine down pretty good.”
“Yeah we do, we could do it in our sleep,” I laughed. We both plopped down on the couch tired, I cuddled into his side as he put his arm around me.
“Maybe we should just go to bed,” he suggested.
“It’s too early,” I mumbled before yawning, I knew it was a stupid argument. He must have thought so too because I felt and heard him chuckle.
“Does it really matter when you’re tired?”
“No,” I said but neither of us made a move to get up. I felt his breathing change a little and knew he was falling asleep, and I was close behind him. We both jerked awake about 20 minutes later from a knock on the door.
“Leave it. It’s probably just Aya,” I mumbled as Hatori moved to get up. The knocking grew louder, and was accompanied by some yelling. I tried to hear what they were saying, when they both grew louder I could just make it out.
“(INORA! INORA I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!)” the voice shouted. I jumped up thinking it was Dan, no one I knew here would be shouting for me in English. I went over and threw open the door about to tell Dan off for not telling me he was coming, but my voice died in my throat. It wasn’t Dan, It was Eric. Eric with a gun pointed at my face.
“(Ah, there you are. I’ll have to thank that hyperactive blond kid for telling me where you were,)” he smirked.
“(How…how did you…)” I couldn’t get my voice to work right.
“(How did I find you? That’s what you’re worried about right now? Whatever, I guess. At the store you gave that man your name and the Sohmas are pretty big around here. Then once I got to this estate I found a kid that told me where you were. He knew I was speaking English and got your name out of what I was saying. I think he said he was Momage or something,)” he explained, obviously proud of himself.
“Momiji,” I squeaked.
“(Yeah that was it… anyway, where’s this husband of yours? I’m just dying to see him again,)” he said and gestured for me to turn around. I did and flinched when I felt the cold barrel of the gun press in between my shoulder blades. He guided me into the living room where Hatori was still sprawled out on the couch.
“Who was it?” he asked once he saw me, but then froze when he saw my expression. He jumped to his feet and froze again when Eric appeared behind me. Hatori took on a look of pure rage and started towards him.
“(Ah, ah, ah. Take one more step and you’ll be out a wife,)” Eric said with a nasty grin and moved the gun so Hatori could see it over my shoulder. He shoved me hard in the back and I stumbled forward into the room. Hatori grabbed me and pulled me to him as Eric just stood there with that same nasty grin.
“(What do you want from us?)” I spat, feeling a little more confident with Hatori next to me.
“(I want what’s mine,)” he said.
“(There is nothing here that’s yours,)” I said as fiercely as I could manage. Of course I knew what he was talking about, he wanted me.
“(Oh I disagree, but we’ll get to that later. First I’ll be needing some revenge for that broken nose your husband gave me. So just step aside Inora, don’t want to hit you on accident. I don’t like my property damaged.)” He turned the gun to Hatori and Hatori pushed me away from him.
“(NO! Eric don’t. Take me if you want but leave him alone,” I screamed. Then all three of us froze when the unmistakable sound of babies crying carried out the living room. My scream had woken them up.
“(What is…)” Eric turned and started towards their room and Hatori reacted. He lunged at Eric, trying to keep him away from our children. Eric was startled and turned quickly, I saw his finger twitch before there was a deafening bang. Everything seemed to freeze for a second before, to my horror, I saw Hatori clutch his hands to his stomach. He stood still for another second before he started stumbling backwards. He kept going until his knees hit the couch and he collapsed on it, staring wide eyed at the ceiling and holding his wound. The blood was already starting to seep through his shirt and fingers.
“Hatori!” I ran over to him and placed my hands over his, trying to stop the blood flow. I grabbed the blanket nearby and shoved a wad of it under his hands to help. His breathing was ragged and he was already sweating.
“It will be ok. I’ll call-” I cut off into a squeal as I felt arms around my waist drag me away from Hatori.
“Hatori!” I called even though I knew he couldn’t help. I was getting farther away from his bloodied, lifeless looking body. I needed him to respond, so I could know he was still alive.
“Hatori!” I grabbed onto the doorframe to the hallway as I was pulled through. Eric gave another pull and my hands slipped, I could see the bloody streaks on the frame from Hatori’s blood.
“HATORI!” I called again, it was a cry of anguish.
He never responded.

(A/N): whoo boy. That was probably the saddest thing I have ever written. And I’m still sorry for it being so long in between updates, and that those updates are so small. But I’ve been getting randomly obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist… which btw sadly I kept almost making Hatori say Roy like things. That wouldn’t have been good, sorry if that came through anyway!!!
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