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chapter 12

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(A/N): Ok so everyone that reviewed asked for smut. So smut you shall have! This chapter isn’t really necessary for the rest of the story so if you don’t like reading this type of thing SKIP THIS CHAPTER!!! Fair warning this will be heavily rated M. Like M x 5. I kept the rest of the story pretty clean so now I’m letting loose! WHOOO!

“Thank god. I thought they would never let me leave,” I sighed and took a second to breathe the fresh air in front of the hospital.
“You make it sound like you were in there forever,” Inora laughed.
“I was,” I grumbled.
“Only a week,” she rolled her eyes at me. We climbed into the car and I took off as soon as she closed the door. I saw her smirk out of the corner of my eye, she knew why I was so anxious to get home. Her words from earlier in the week echoed in my head again “uh…later huh?” That simple question had me waiting on pins and needles to get the hell out of there.
“Seemed like an eternity,” I muttered under my breath and another knowing smirk from her told me she heard me.
“Remember, the doctor said to take it easy for a while,” she said with a slightly amused tone.
“Oh please, doctors don’t know anything,” I said and we both burst out laughing.
“I’ve… I’ve been telling you that… for a year,” she got out in between her laughter, causing me to laugh harder. We pulled up to the house and I put the car in park before leaning against the wheel still laughing. Ever since I got her back it had been like this, our emotions were all over the place. Easy to laugh, easy to cry.
“Ha’ri,” I heard her whisper breathily in my ear. I stopped laughing and felt a shiver run down my spine. “Are you gonna come inside?” I blushed at the double meaning in the simple question. And the way she was whispering in my ear… I was pretty sure that was her intention.
“Uh, yeah,” I said and stumbled out of the car. In the back of my mind I found it amusing that she was still able to get me nervous like this. Also for some reason this time seemed a little different. Maybe it was because I had briefly thought I might not ever see her again.
“Hang on,” she said once we got in the door. She pulled some sort of black cloth out of her pocket and went to stand behind me. I was about to ask when I saw the cloth in front of my face as she pulled in over my eyes to tie around my head.
“Just go with it,” she breathed in my ear. I felt her grab my hands and lead me down the hallway, we turned and went a few more steps before she was gone and I heard a door close behind me. I figured she must have led me to the bedroom. She led me forward again and sat me on the bed.
“Don’t go anywhere,” she said playfully and I heard her move off. I was left to sit and think about what she might have in store for me. As exciting as this was… I kind of hopped that she wouldn’t leave me blind the whole time. An errant thought crept into my head, and I decided to voice it before we went further.
“Where are-” I started.
“The kids are with Kazuma. They have seemed to really bond with him, and he with them,” she said and I chuckled thinking of how different both of our mindsets were now. The kids came first, even before our own happiness.
“All night?” I asked huskily and I heard her giggle.
“Of course,” she purred. I felt her next to me and she guided me backwards on the bed until I was propped up slightly in the middle of the headboard. Hmm… I wonder if she got that idea from me being in that hospital bed for so long. I became curious when she put some pillows behind me and had me lay back.
“Comfortable?” she asked.
“Yes…” I was still trying to figure out what she was doing. She brought my hands together and it felt like my wrists were being wrapped together… then it clicked. I let out a surprised “Oh” followed by her giggling again. The bed shifted and I felt her straddle my waist.
“Remember? You were told to take it easy,” she purred and lifted my tied wrists above my head to tie them to the headboard. I was definitely right in thinking that this time was different. I felt her hands trail down my arms to rest on my shoulders for a second before she finally ripped the blindfold off. I literally gasped and let out a little whimper of need at what I saw. She had turned off the lights but had lit some candles around the room. Her hair was cascading around her shoulders and reflecting the candle light in a way that made it look like she was glowing. She was half kneeling on the bed half sitting on my waist wearing nothing but one of my white dress shirts that I love to see her in so much. She had it unbuttoned far enough so it was hanging off of one shoulder.
“Like what you see?” she asked seductively while running her hands down my chest slowly. I tried to respond but found my voice couldn’t work, so I was reduced to nodding vigorously. She looked down at me thoughtfully for a second before announcing, “You have too many clothes.”
She turned and crawled to the end of the bed to quickly take off my shoes and socks. She crawled back over me slowly in a way that looked positively predatory. She undid the first button on my shirt and leaned down to kiss the newly exposed flesh. She continued unbuttoning, trailing her kisses down until the last button, I shuddered as I felt her tongue slide out and slip under the waistband of my pants briefly. She pulled her head up and leaned forward again to bring her lips close to mine. She brushed hers lightly against mine but I wouldn’t have that, I leaned my head forward to claim her lips hungrily.
Our ragged breathing meshed together as our tongues bobbed and twisted together in what seemed like a synchronized dance. I found my hands straining against the rope when all I wanted to do was hold her to me. She ignored my struggles and instead reached down to tease my nipple. I moaned into her mouth as her skillful fingers twisted and rubbed in just the way she knew would get the most reaction out of me. She rubbed her hips lightly against mine and I was surprised that I had been so distracted by everything else I hadn’t noticed I was already getting an erection. She must have noticed too as I felt her rub a little harder.
“Ah! Please,” I moaned. She sat back a little to look at me with eyes that seemed to have fire deep inside them.
“Please what? What do you want me to do to you Ha’ri?” She asked in a voice that seemed to make my toes curl. It was a voice so full of lust and seductiveness I would not be surprised if I could be brought to climax just from hearing it.
“Please…” I hesitated, not wanting to voice my desires out loud. But this is Inora, she loves me, I really have no reason to be embarrassed. “Please, put me… in your mouth…” I whispered and she gave me a small smile before leaning forward so her lips were brushing against my ear.
“As you wish,” she whispered. She kissed her way down my throat and across my chest, she paused to lick at my nipple as she worked off my belt. She undid my pants and I groaned as all of the fabric was pulled away, freeing me from the tight confines. I watched her shimmy cutely backwards until her head was positioned over my now throbbing erection. She slid my pants off the rest of the way and looked up at me to give a little smirk before flicking out her tongue to tease the tip without breaking eye contact.
“God, you drive me crazy,” I whispered. She flashed me a grin before suddenly taking the tip into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. My hips thrust upwards automatically, and I immediately felt bad as I heard her gag slightly but that thought vanished as I felt her swallow around me. She somehow managed to force more of me down as her tongue swirled crazy patterns. Somehow, through all that, I could tell she was struggling.
“Inora… I don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” I said softly. She pulled her head back and gave me another grin.
“I know baby. I wanted to give that a try though… Oh! And I also wanted to try…” She took me in again so my tip was just barely in her throat then…she started humming. I let out a cry as the vibrations moved up and down my erection. I swear I could feel my sanity pack up and leave.
“It is good huh?” she asked. All she got as a response was my panting. “Good, but I’m not done with you yet.” She crawled back up and sat on my stomach, I moaned as I felt her naked flesh on me, already wet from her own desires. She slowly reached up and started on the buttons to her shirt. One by one, agonizingly slow, they came undone until she finally slid the shirt from her shoulders and tossed it off to the side. She lifted herself up slightly and moved backwards. She brushed herself against the tip and hovered there, eyes on me and hair brushing against my chest.
“Please,” I whimpered after a second. That seemed to be the right thing to say, she promptly slammed herself down on me. I moaned and she brought herself up again and slammed down again. She moved faster and faster until she found a pace she was happy with. Her hands, which were braced against my hips, seemed like they were burning my flesh.
“Oh god, Hatori,” she moaned and tilted her head back. I struggled against my restraints again in an effort to have her in my arms. She continued to slam herself on me and soon her body began to glisten in the candle light, her hair clinging slightly to her chest, and all I could do was watch in wonder. It was one of the most magnificent sights I have ever seen.
“Inora…” I moaned. She redoubled her efforts. “I’m…almost…” She simply nodded and tossed her head back to let out a cry as she climaxed. I felt her muscles twitch around me and that was enough to drive me over the edge with a loud moan. We stayed like that for a few seconds to catch our breath then she lifted herself up again and I felt myself slide out. She leaned forward and finally untied my wrists. As soon as they were free I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her breast. She wove her fingers in my hair and kissed the top on my head.
“That…was…” I tried but I couldn’t find the words.
“I agree,” she said with a chuckle.
“God I love you,” I said softly.
“I know baby. I love you too.”
“I know,” I whispered and held her tighter.

(A/N): Whoa. Ok. Even I’m a little surprised with how that went. That was intense. AND LONG!!! For it just being smut I mean. YAY!! Please, please, please let me know what you think! I think it went pretty ok! :)
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