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The Five Most Corrupt Cities of Equestria

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It's not a fan-fiction but it is my ideas of five corrupt cities that I placed in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic's Equestria.

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=The five corrupt cities of Equestria=

5. Competition Corner: Ponies must be competitive if they wish to live there. If they aren't competitive then they are killed. Fillies/Colts will be raised to be competitive and that have five chances to win a televised competition. If they do not win any of the five competitions they will be killed--they also must earn their cutie mark in a competition type talent.
Ponies killed: Approx. 184. Ponies moves/escaped: 70. Population (to date): 300.

4. Pegasai Utopia: The name is ironic because this place is anything but a utopia. (The commercials make it seem that way, though.) If a Pegasus does not have a reservation to vacation there than they will be killed. And if a Pegasus were to move there than they would have to pay a corrupt amount of money just to live there. If the Pegasus can't pay the first time the government will excuse the Pegasus and just ask again another time. If the Pegasus can't pay the second time, than the government will injure the Pegasus's wings as punishment. And, finally if the Pegasus cannot pay the third time of being asked than the government will kill the Pegasus unless they can somehow escape the town at last second. If a unicorn were to even enter Pegasi Utopia their horn would be shot with a deadly arrow.
Ponies killed: Approx. 345. Ponies moves/escaped: 10. Population (to date): 500.

3. Cute Mark Corp: Only ponies with cutie marks are allowed to live there. If a pony without a cutie mark is discovered then the ponies whom tell the government everything run to report them in an instant. After the government is notified of a blank flank they are sent to be executed (along with the family.) And everyone in the city is sent to watch. However since the government doesn't do the execution right away the family has a chance to escape and escape chances are very high. And most blank flanks wear cutie mark stickers so they are hard to be discovered right away, but they are found out eventually because of the secret government spy ponies that listen to conversations when ponies think they are alone...
Ponies killed: Aprrox. 445. Ponies moved/escaped: 400. Population: 1,142.

2. Magic City: A city where ponies must pay things that are vital to them if they wish to live there. Unicorns must pay 3% of their magic yearly and normal rent yearly. Pegasus have to pay with feathers. They must give one feather to start off and the feather price climbs yearly. They also must pay triple the rent. Unesis have to pay most of the three. Unesis must pay 25% of their magic yearly and ten feathers to start off with the feather price. The feather price climbs every four months. They also must pay ten times the rent. As for earth ponies they cannot live there. The second they are spotted they are killed with whatever the government feels like doing to them.
Ponies killed: Aprrox. 765. Ponies moved/escaped: 20. Population (to date): 1,478.

1. Foal City: The most corrupt city in all Equestria. Only earth ponies are allowed to live there and only earth ponies with barley any powers for that matter. Unicorns who want to live there get their horns cut off so they can't use any magic. Pegasus who want to live there get their wings cut off so they can no longer fly, and obviously unesis get their wings and horns cut off. Foal City's government hides in the shadows so they can listen for unicorns, Pegasus, and unesis who want/need to enter Foal City for whatever reason. After the unicron, Pegasus declares that they shall enter Foal City they must not fly or use magic or else they will be shocked by Foal City's electric fence that has a magic/flight sensor. Because of this most non-earth ponies are killed right on the spot. Finally, earth ponies who break the heavily enforced rules will be executed as punishment and the ponies' hooves are broken by the government so they cannot escape no matter how hard they try. This city is known for how corrupt it is.
Ponies killed: 3000+. Ponies moved/escaped: 3. Population (to date): 2,777. (changes daily.)
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