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In My Place

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Morgan plans to cook dinner for Greg when he gets home.

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In My Place:

I decided to do something for my Greg today. Just something nice to show him how I feel about him once in a while. I have just the idea in mind.

I made my way over to the kitchen. The first step? Find a good cook book. I want to make Greg a meal that would be a standard feast to shame. Lucky that mom is busy at work this morning. Now to pick out something to make.

I ran my fingers along the dusty spines. When was the last time these books were used? I can't remember the last time that mom actually cooked from scratch. She's too busy with the magazine company. Sometimes I kind of wish that she wasn't, but I can understand why she has it. When we left dad, she wanted to have her own feet in independence.

"I want to prove that I can make it without him," she said to Judy and me. We cheered her on because it was the natural thing to do.

Since then, she's been too busy for much. Well, busy except for Duncan.

I shook my head hard. I try not to think about them. I'm happy for my mom, but no. Just... no.

Onto more... pleasant things.

My fingers came across a gold and blue spine. My eyes scanned the title. Mom's cooking from the 70's. Hm, sounds interesting enough. I pulled out the book for a better look. A curly blonde-haired lady smiled on the cover. She held up a roast beef plate for the world to see. A jaded wave came over my mind.

There is no way she could've made that, I thought. It's obviously fake. No one can make a pot roast that perfect. 70's or not. It's almost laughable really. I turned to the back and read the description. Almost sounds cheesy if ask me. This book is serious dated. But, I frowned to myself.

Oh well. This will have to do for now. I took the book with me to the table and opened it up. I took a small notepad with me as an aid. I chew on the pen as I scan through the many recipes. I can't go all fancy things tonight. I'm too busy for that. Best to go with something simple. I paused and breathed out.

Right, I can do this.

My list turned out to have four items on the notepad. Burgers, fried vegetables, fries, and a little pie. I looked over my list. Hm, easy enough for me to work with. I just have to do a little shopping/checking around the house for ingredients and get right to work. I stretched my neck a bit. Now the trick is to do it all before mom gets home. She's going to know that something is up if she ever sees me in the kitchen. I just don't feel like hearing her mouth today, you know? Plus, she's going to come straight home too? I threw back my head for a moment and looked at the ceiling. Then, I lifted it back and puffed up my cheeks. Better get started ASAP.

I rose to my feet and turned back to the kitchen. Okay, here I go! I pulled back my hair into a ponytail and carried out step two of my grand plan.

You are a Pervert
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