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Trial #4

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Greg's turn to be grilled Mrs. Bude.

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Trial #4:

Next Victim...

Bude's Interview with Greg:

"Please state your name."

"Greg Brown."

"How long have you worked at Beach Radio Magazine?"

"Seven years."

"I see." Bude jotted down some notes. Greg tried not to look at what she was writing.

Don't look at the chart. Don't look at the chart. Don't look at the chart.

Her eyes turned back to him. "Describe the work atmosphere."


"Describe the work atmosphere here."

"Oh. Good."

"How so?"

"Well... we all work together to make this place better."

"Better how?"

"Well... uh..."

"Come on, I'm pressed for time here."

Greg sat up straighter. "Tips, critiques, advice... stuff like that."

"I see." She jotted down more notes. Greg took in more heavier breathes. Stay calm. Stay calm. Don't look at her chart.

"How are things with your co-workers?"

"Great. We're like a big family here."

"I see." More notes followed. Greg laced his hands in his lap. Good so far. Just don't panic. Stay calm and be cool. You're almost home free.

Madison looked up at Greg. "Show me your portfolio."

He blinked at her. "Sorry?"

"Your work portfolio. Show it to me."

"Oh! Sure, hang on!" He reached into his bag and pulled it out. "Here you are." He handed her the binder. She took it from him.

"Thank you," she said. Mrs. Bude opened it up and looked inside. Greg held his breath. Okay, here we go. This will either build me or crush me into pieces. Don't show her that you're worried. Be cool and stay calm. Mrs. Bude glanced up at him.

"What is this right here?"

Greg looked up. "Huh?"

"These notes all over the back here."

Greg looked down at the notes with her. Panic tip-toed into his mind as he tried to put his brave face back on. "Oh! They are just little reminders from my girlfriend in case I forget something in the day."

"Reminders from your girlfriend?"

"Yes. Will that be a problem?"

Madison sat back in her chair. "You tell me."

Greg loosened his grip in his lap. "I think it's just fine to have someone you love to help you out with work when you are too busy doing it."

"You really believe that?"

Greg gave her a sharp nod. "Yes!"

A moment of silence passed. Madison kept her stoic face on the whole time. "I see." She finished up with her notes. She clicked her pen closed and set it down.

"Thank you for your time," she said. Greg blinked at her.

"That's it?" he asked.

"Yeah," Madison said with a nod. "You can go now. Bye." Greg took a moment to put the message all together in his head.

"Oh, thank you, miss," he said. Then, the man stood up, got his portfolio and left.

Damn you, Morgan!, he thought. You almost got me in trouble there! You better hope that I still have a job after this!

Back in the office, Mrs. Bude drank a bottle of water to prepare for the next interview.

I know I Won't be Leaving Here with You
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