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Chapter One; Your Eyes Whisper

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"I took off my shades as well, finally making eye contact the way you should."

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The warm Los Angeles breeze flowed through my hair and made my dress flutter. Watching my feet tentively as the sun shined bright, but my eyes went unharmed from my sunglasses. They were literally glued to my face lately. Dianna likes to say it adds to my “new LA look,” but in reality, I’m hiding my tired eyes. Oh how oh so tired I was. I needed a vacation fast, and LA was my escape destination.

But there wasn’t really such a thing as an escape for a celebrity. I hate to call myself that, but what can you do? Don’t get me wrong, meeting fans is one of my favorite things to do, but I do need alone time at least once. Maybe when I get back to Nashville, I’ll lock myself in with Meredith and just write my days away. Yeah, sounds like a plan.
My thoughts were interupted by Liz’s voice telling me there were some pap’s ahead. I sighed and looked down at my feet, and staying close to Liz. I’m hoping for some nice ones today. I don’t think I can handle pushy paparazzi today.

As we walked down the street, I wished that we had gotten a cab. I say nothing to the pap’s, and look down at my oxford heels as if they are god’s gift to shoes. Liz links arms with me as comfort and whispers “We’re almost there, I promise.” I smile down to her, silently thanking her for being so understanding. It must be be hard to be out with someone in public that gets so much attention. But she says she’s used to it
Up ahead I see a couple of teenagers waiting out in front of the restarant. But from the look of it, they had someone else in mind. That made me relax a little. I love meeting fans, but I still to get nervous.

As we walked up by the fans that were waiting for whoever they were waiting for, a glimplse of purple had caught my eye. I saw one girl with the Speak Now bracelet on. I smiled and whispered to Liz, “Watch this, I love doing this.” I snuck up behind the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and her face turned to utter shock. I smiled. Oh how I loved the element of surprise. I said, “Nice Bracelet.” She hugged me and said something that sounded like “I can’t believe this is happening.” I took her camera and said “picture?” Her two other friends seemed not to be interested in my presence, plus someone had already captured their attention.

Before me and my new friend could get a picture, She turned to see what her friends squeals were about. Then I saw them. There was a man with dark brown hair with a military jacket on smiling and greeting the girls. Then I saw, him.
Bleached Blond, leopard print tank, black pants, and boots. But most of all, sunglasses hiding his eyes. Then it all suddenly clicked. The girls were wearing merch for a familiar sounding band; My Chemical Romance.

My new friend turned to me and said “Can I get a picture of all of you together?!” The I heard his voice. “Yeah sure, that’s a great idea.” I suddenly got a familiar feeling. My stomach fluttered. I smiled and obliged the girl’s request. We all huddled and smiled for the camera. I turned to the blond and said. “Hi, I’m Tay-“

“Taylor Swift.” he interrupted. He laughed awkwardly. “Yeah, I’m very aware of who you are.” Then the older man chuckled. “He’s sort of of a closet fan.” Even though I couldn’t see the blond’s eyes, I could tell he was scowling at the man. I felt my face warm up. I awkwardly giggled.

“I’m Mikey, and this is my brother Gerard.” he said, pointing to Gerard singing things for the fans. “We’re sort of in a band.” Suddenly one girl said, “Collaboration?!” We all laughed.

The fans thanked us for everything and the went on their way. Mikey and Gerard were about to walk away, when I stopped them. “Wait!” I yelled. Mikey turned and suddenly pulled his shades off.

Then it happened. A melody popped into my head in the back of my mind. Groggy sounding like I was underwater and everything was in slow motion. I stumbled on my thoughts and words. Those eyes. I took off my shades as well, finally making eye contact the way you should.
“Um, maybe a collab wouldn’t be so bad..?” I decked out my phone only to see him doing the same. We awkwardly laughed and exchanged numbers.

“I’ll surely will be calling you soon.” Mikey said, smiling and walking back to his brother. I waved to the back of his head and watched them turn the corner.
That familiar feeling. They Melody in mt head was now crystal clear. I could feel the genuine smile on my face. Liz walked up and snapped me back to reality. “What was that all about?” I stared at my feet.

I was suddenly eager for the new album. I have a lot of explaining to do. Confessions of that silent conversation I had with those eyes.

Yeah, I can’t wait to get back to Nashville.
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