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Chapter Two; Thinkin' About the Whole Thing

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Inspiration is rheeling through Taylor's head, and she accidently puts herself in a new situation.

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The time is 1:10 am. The only light in my room was coming from a candle on my nightstand. The moon was full tonight. It added to the feel and glow of my bedroom. I found myself in the corner on the floor; I called it my go-to writing spot. Meredith was fast asleep on the pillow next to where I was previously sleeping. My slumber was interrupted by lyrics. But most of all, him. So here I am, guitar in hand as the hook played in my head, into my arms and out to my fingertips. It was good to be home.

“I’ll forever wonder what the colors meant
as they danced in circles, around and round.
I’ll wonder if you knew..”/]

I sang softly into the silence, my phone capturing my newest creation. My heart swelled with the rush of feelings that were built up until now.
[*“I’ll forever what would happen when the hazel met the blue.”

I sighed and pressed the stop button, saving the voice memo. It will be recorded this week I’m sure. I have set up a mini studio in my Nashville home for demos. I need some songs done for when I go back to LA.
I put my guitar away and made my way back to bed, but I knew sleep wouldn’t happen anytime soon. I had adrenaline still from writing. I personally was proud of my work. My writing style is going in all different directions. I’m excited to see how things turn out.
I checked my phone. 1:30 now. It’s been a week since we met. The whole ordeal made me end my escape a little early. I needed to be in my safe haven, so my body reacted. The trip home was a big blur to me since I wrote the whole flight home. I unlocked my phone and found his number. My mind drifted.

“Hi, I’m Tay-“
“Taylor Swift”

I smiled. My heart fluttered like it did that day. Should I text him? Would that be too weird? It’s late too. I don’t know if he is in LA or somewhere else in the world. Before I knew it I had a new message box open. My fingers moved on their own.

“To: Mikey
Hey, I know it’s late, (late here in Nashville anyway), but I can’t stop thinking about the day we met. I’ve been writing here at home. I’d love to meet up and actually talk.”/]

My heart was pounding now. “I won’t send this” I think watching my thumbs tremble. My thumb brushed against the send button. I gasped. Crap. I face palm and let out a groan. I can’t believe that I just did that! I sounded pushy. So desperate. I mentally kicked myself and lashed around in my blankets until I heard a jingle and felt three vibrates.
I looked at my phone in my hand. “Mikey sent you a text message.” My eyes widened. I opened the text.

“Aha, it is late, but me and the boys are on a show high right now. We just played in Jersey, so it’s about 3 here. I’m glad you texted me. I was thinking about you too.”[/

My heart skipped a beat from his words. Jersey…as in New Jersey? I sat up and prepared my reply.

“I’m a writing high right now. :) Jersey, as in New Jersey? I used to go there in the summer when I was a little girl. Are you going to be there of a while? I’d love to see it again.”/]

I waited forever for his reply. I wondered if it was too much. I groaned and held my head in my hand. Then my phone vibrated.

“Ah, really? I grew up here. I’ll be here for a long while. You visiting soon?”[/

I smiled and thought, “well, now I am.” I giggled.

“I am, actually. Are you willing to meet up?”/]

I was giddy now, appreciating how I went “mind over matter” in this situation.

“I’d love to. It’s a date then…?”[/

My heart jumped at his question. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“I guess it is. :) I’ll inform you when I’ll be leaving.”[//]

I laid back down as we exchanged goodnight texts. I set my phone on my nightstand and blew out my candle. I settled in bed and stared up at the ceiling. I can’t believe what just happened. I held my forehead with my hand. oh god. The tired then hit me. I have a lot to plan out now.

LA was going to have to wait just a little bit.
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