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Abit more of le fic

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[Syn's POV]
Crap.. He was leaning up! What was I supposed to do? Just kiss him? But he was Matt.. My best friend.. I just watched him before hopping off him and smiling weakly. "I should get dressed.. Need Zacky to help me with a few chords.. I'll seeya later Matt okay?"I said quickly and ran into my bedroom area and just pulled clothes on as fast as lightning then left quickly, knocking on the door to Zacky and Johnnys room. Zacky opened and frowned. "Dude whats wrong?"he asked curiously seeing I looked both nervous and freaked the hell out. "Johnny in?"I asked. "Nope, hes gone to the venue to sort stuff for tonight"he told me and I nodded. "Okay good.. Need advice"I whispered and he just let me in without question. He'd never turn me away, especially in this state where I looked like I was about to burst into tears for no reason at all.
Matts POV
I just watched him get off me just as I had gotten close enough and I tried talking to him and apologizing but he was gone already. I just flopped back onto the pillows and sighed, putting my head in my hands and shaking my head. "Youre engaged to a beautiful girl. He is your best friend. Get a fuckin' hold of yourself"I growled to myself and just shook my head. "My insanely hot best friend.. Who I would gladly.."I started and then just cut myself off and opened my phone to see a picture of me and him and a picture of me and Val as my secondary screensaver after the wallpaper had faded. Even then she came second. It was a horrible thought, knowing that she was so in love with me and I was quickly losing all feelings for her.. No, that was ruthless, not all feeling.. I was just losing the spark that had once made her different from every other person.. I thought she was the one.. My dream girl.. So then why wasn't the picture of Syn bare-chested on my bed and dripping wet not leaving my head?
[Syn's POV]
Me and Zacky were just having a drink after everything I'd told him.. The blushing, Matt leaning up to me.. Zacky just put his hand over mine and smiled at me. "Dude... You're falling for Matt. Deny it all you want, youre the ladies man and all that.. But it's no big deal?"he smiled and I just rubbed my eyes after the tears. I didnt even know why this was effecting me? I was getting over a break up from the one person I seen myself having a future with.. I shouldnt be thinking about what Matt looked like naked! I looked at Zacky and sighed. "I dunno what to do.. Hes engaged..."I whispered and just looked down again. "Just.. go with your heart... It'll never lead you wrong.."he promised and poured me another glass. "Now, drink that shit and go to the venue.. I'll drag dimples out of his room"he smiled and I just nodded. "You're the best, yknow that?"I grinned. "I know.. Somebody has to be"he chuckled and I just left to join Johnny to get stuff started.
^Zacky's POV^
So he loved Matt, Matt had tried kissing him, and I was left here to pick up the pieces of Syn that he'd broken. Great. I had never had feelings for Syn really.. I just wanted to make sure he was happy because he was my best friend and I didnt like seeing him hurt. We'd had our drunken times together that were fun.. But I just.. Yeah I dont think he was for me. Id just wait for my time. I walked over and knocked on the door to Matts apartment and he just called at me that it was open. I walked in and he was on the phone to Val in tears. "I know... But I just cant do this anymore.. I'm sorry.. Its not fair on you that I'm away all the time and its not fair on me that I miss you so much"he whispered hoarsley and she was in hysterics and just hung up on him. He wiped his eyes quickly and looked at me. "Oh hey dude.. Sorry you had to see that"he told me and I smiled. "Awh Matt.. Did you just??"I asked and he just nodded. "Uh huh"he nodded and just looked back. "Why?"I asked. "How long do you have?"
Matts POV
I just told him why I had ended my relationship with Val. "I tried kissing Syn.. Im an idiot.. I just.. He was half naked! Have you seen him half naked?!"I whined and looked down. "Dude, Ive seen him fully naked.. Totally understandable"he chuckled and patted his shoulder. "We're heading out tonight after to that strip club.. You know what hes like drunk.. Drink water all night, say its vodka.. Then try it.. Hes easy as hell.. If it goes well, say youre sober.. If he refuses, just use the excuse that you were pissed.. Fool proof"he smirked and hopped up. "He already has alcohol in him.. So it shouldnt be so hard.. Just.. trust me okay?"he whispered and I nodded. "Youre the best"I grinned. "Thats the second time Ive been told that today.. Now get your ass up and shower, change.. You have a show to sing at"he grinned.
~At the venue, still Matt's pov~
I was just setting up singing when I looked over at Syn as he came over to me like the show went, and smirked at me as he played with the guitar extremely close to my leg. I grinned and just kinda sang "Almost Easy" in his face and smirked back and then he just walked off back to Zacky.. It was different this time though.. He gave me a weird look this time.. Almost.. Seductive?

Okay, Ch. 4... Sorry its short and its shit guys, abit of writers block
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