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A break in hearts

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Okay so I notice people arent reviewing or rating when they read the story.. Guys, I dunno how good or bad my fic is with no reviews or rating.. Can you guys start R&R'ing? Pleases? Thank you ^^
[Syns POV]
It was fun, playing around with Matt in rehearsal.. Or indeed playing Matt in rehearsal. The look of shock as I gave him a seductive look was utterly priceless. I happened to think that look got me everywhere in life. Its how I'd met Michelle actually, I met her at a bar and shot her the look.. She was mine from there out. Maybe I could work the same magic I worked on her in regards to Matt aswell. Zacky frowned at me but kept playing. He didnt like that I was messing with Matt, I could see it.
~Backstage before the concert starts,Matts POV~
"Okay guys.. Just go out there and lets rip this place a new arsehole.. Deal?"I beamed and everyone nodded and agreed. We werent religious or anything so we just asked Jimmy to make sure we had a good show and that the fans were as amazing as they always were before we went out. It was our first crowd in awhile so it was great to hear the roar of their excitement again. "ARE YOU GUYS READY TO ROCK THE FUCK OUT?!"I screamed and everyone just went crazy. I looked at the guys and grinned. "Okay boys.. Lets give the people what they want!"I shouted and the opening riff of "The Beast and the Harlot" ripped through the arena and people started getting moshpits built as we done our thing on the stage. I looked over at Syn every now and again and then Zacky. He was looking back at me with a grin. We all loved the stage. I stepped aside when Syn's solo came and let him do his thing in the middle of the stage and one particular girl lost her shit. She was like, screaming. Once the song stopped, he smiled down at her and hopped off the stage. She was crying. He looked at me and I threw him a mic. "Hey there beautiful.. Whats your name?"he asked her and her eyes just widened. "I.. Uh.. I.."she stammered and her friend cut in. "Emily"she said simply and left her to it.
[Syns POV]
I threw the mic back up to Matt and smiled at her, guesturing her closer. "Fancy coming backstage after the show? We're heading out after it aswell.. Feel free to come with us?"I winked at her and grabbed her phone, keying in my number. "Enjoy the show"I smirked and pecked her cheek as I hopped back up on stage beside Matt and smiled at him. She was bright red and like grinning. I told a security guard to let her backstage after the show. Tonight would be fun. Matt was like, pale. He wasnt happy looking at all. Zacky shot me the mother of all glares. Meh fuck it.. She was hot wasnt she?
~At the strip club afterwards, Matts POV~
I just hung back with Zack as Johnny and Syn sat at a table with a dancing girl infront of them, this Emily girl on Syns lap. He was wasted and they had been doing shots most of the night. I was still sober. I wanted to make sure I actually remembered tonight if anything happened. Zacky nudged me to make me go. I just started walking and just as I got close this Emily chick sprang at Syn and just kissed him.. And he kissed back.. He definatly kissed back. I could see his hands travelling around her. I just turned on my heels and looked at Zacky. "Matt I..."he started. I shook my head and just started walking. "FUCK HIM ZACK! I DONT GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE!"I shouted and he turned to look at me with his drunken smirk and just went back to kissing Emily. He knew he was hurting me.. And he didnt even care.. Payed no attention at all. This was the last straw. I just went back to the bus... I didnt wanna see anyone. My heart had just been like, smashed into millions of pieces.. and I didnt even know he had a hold on it till earlier. Today just got worse.
Okay, I apologize for making Syn a prick in this ch.. i also apologize for its shitty-ness. Im going through bad shit. Alex
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